July 21st, 2014

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The Ark’s Jeon Min Joo and Yuna Kim Take a Strong First Step Together with “Good Bye Rain” MV

Jeon Min Joo and Yuna Kim, the first two members of new girl group The Ark, have released their debut (performance version) music video for “Good Bye Rain.” The duo is talented, indeed, the music video showcasing Yuna’s solid rapping skills and Jeon Min Joo’s powerful dance and vocals. Check out the duo’s music video.

The Ark will be a five member girl group and the name is based off of the historical Joan of Arc. Inspired by the famous heroine, The Ark aspires to be a strong yet delicate girl group that will be a leader among the other girl groups.

Yuna Kim and Jeon Min Joo have already proved their talents by releasing solo singles. Yuna Kim showed her powerful and emotional rapping skills, and Jeon Min Joo earned her nickname as “Little BoA” by dancing and singing in her single. These girls had their solo debuts to preview how multi-talented the group will be, and the agency promises that the yet-to-be-revealed members will have their own charms and skills.

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Wonder Girls sub-unit (YEBIN) speculation :O


Yesterday, they created
http://hatfelt.jype.com/ but 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. Which means someone's working on it. Sidenote: I don't recall if this was posted but Hatfelt is Yeeun's producer name, if you haven't caught on yet.


Sunmi posted this on her instagram:

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Weekly Idol hosts are ready to take over the charts

‘Producers’ Jung Hyung Don and Defconn Reveal First Idol Project Group Concept


Jung Hyung Don and Defconn, who transformed into producers ‘Brave Duble Tigers,’ revealed their first idol project group concept.

MBC Every1’s Idol Music Revolution will show Jung Hyung Don and Defconn putting together an idol unit group, as they truly become ‘producers.’

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Rain gets baptized into the Catholic Church!<3 & Ahn Sung Ki is his Godfather!

According to a music industry insider on July 21, singer and actor Rain was baptized at a cathedral in Gyeonggi-do this month, in the presence of his girlfriend, actress Kim Tae Hee, her family, as well as his close friends and family. It is well known that Kim Tae Hee is a devout Catholic, and it appears that Rain, who was previously agnostic, has been influenced by his girlfriend’s devotion to the religion.

Rain’s agency, Cube DC, told Yonhap News through a phone conversation, “Rain recently received Catholic baptism. It is something that was planned a long time ago.”

With the news of Rain’s baptism spreading in the entertainment industry, rumors of marriage between the famous couple are being raised once again.

After it was initially reported that the two were dating in January of last year, they admitted to being in a relationship, and have continued to meet well, even getting photographed at a restaurant most recently.

However, Cube DC stated, “There are no specific wedding plans yet. Please do not interpret the baptism as an impending marriage.”

Ahn Sung Ki Attends Rain’s Baptism as His Godfather

[More :)]In a development that had many people wondering if marriage was on the horizon for Kim Tae Hee and Rain, it became known earlier today that the singer-actor was baptized July 10 at a cathedral in the presence of his girlfriend, actress Kim Tae Hee, her family, as well as his close friends and family.

It was later reported that fellow actor and respected veteran of the industry Ahn Sung Ki was named Rain’s godfather for his baptism. Ahn Sung Ki was reportedly asked by Kim Tae Hee to take on the role to which he readily accepted as she is one of his cherished juniors in the industry. Ahn Sung Ki is well-known devout Catholic, as well as Kim Tae Hee.

In related news, fans of Ahn Sung Ki will soon be seeing the actor in the American blockbuster “The Last Knights” which stars Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman. Fellow Korean actor Park Si Yeon is also in the movie. “The Last Knights” is due to be out later this year.

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I am so glad to hear this<3 Also, Kim Tae Hee's influence game is strong.

Man arrested for breaking into JYP headquarters with a knife

A knife-wielding man has been arrested for creating a ruckus at the JYP Entertainment headquarters.

A 34-year-old man, surnamed Choi, passed the first-floor security gate to the JYP Entertainment building in Gangnam, Seoul, on Thursday by closely tailing a company employee, according to police reports.

Thwarting attempts by employees to block him, Choi made it all the way up to the recording room on the third floor, demanding a meeting with the company’s CEO Park Jin-young.

After his request was rejected by a secretary, he threw a 30-cm-long kitchen knife inside the room. No one was injured and the incident was soon settled as the police arrived within 10 minutes.

Choi reportedly vented his anger at JYP Entertainment after receiving no word about a job application he sent the agency.

“I sent in an application to enter JYP Entertainment two years ago, yet I didn’t receive any response or meet with Park ― therefore, I decided to come (to the agency’s building) myself,” Choi told the police.

Police officials are now carrying out an investigation into the specific motives and reasons why Choi was armed when he decided to break into the agency’s building.

Source: Korea Herald

It's pretty scary how he was able to get all the way to the 3rd floor even after people tried to stop him. Hopefully they'll step up their security after this. :/
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HRB Bae Suzy Looks Stunning in New Pictorial for Marie Claire!

miss A’s Suzy took part in a pictorial for Marie Claire magazine, in collaboration with luxury brand Cartier, to commemorate the launching of its brand new iconic jewelry collection “Amulette de Cartier.”

Suzy flaunts her beauty in this photo shoot, as she poses with the beautiful scenery and background of Hawaii, where it took place.

Many of the cuts were taken inside a modern looking building that was lit up with natural sunlight, making the miss A member’s flawless skin and bodyline stand out even more. Although she displays her usual lovely and feminine self, she also shows off an elegant and mature appearance through her natural expressions and poses.

The pictorial’s concept was ‘fine jewelry layering style,’ which Suzy successfully pulled off, along with a natural makeup look and simple outfits that emphasize her lean figure.

It is reported that Suzy was cheerful during the shoot and very considerate of the staff members, despite the bright sun and hot weather at the location.

You can catch the full pictorial in the August issue of Marie Claire!

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her beauty never stops to amaze me.
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TvN's Three Musketeers for Vogue August Shoot.

Vogue August 2014



[Poll time!!]

Does Yonghwa look good?

Yes he looks great
Yep looking Bangtastic
Yas he can blow his musket at me anytime
Yeah he has the sexy smouldering thing going on
Op this poll is biased

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A Pink’s Eunji was revealed to have received an IV shot at the hospital due to overworking on the drama, “Trot Lovers”.
A Cube Entertainment revealed in a statement that Eunji did not faint, “but after finishing late filming yesterday [July 21] at daybreak, she was so tired that she went to the hospital and received an IV shot”.

Eunji has not only been filming for her drama, but also preparing for a solo debut sometime in 2014.

When asked about her album being related to her trot image in the drama, representatives revealed, ”While it’s true that we have received proposals to release a trot album, we have no intentions of doing so since we believe that this image will stay within the drama. We want to protect Eunji’s image as a A Pink member who is also  a pop singer. Eunji is currently preparing for her own solo debut. However, the release date has not been set it, but we are planning to debut her within this year.”

Source: koreaboo

I kind of saw this coming since her schedule has been insane and she has looked super tired lately :( I still don't know if that Eunji solo is an actual thing since none of the A Pink fan twitters have confirmed anything and I haven't seen articles anywhere else other than allkpop.


The History of K-pop, Chapter 5: H.O.T, BoA, and the Rise of the Idols

Excerpts from
The History, Development, and Future of K-pop and the Korean Music Industry
By: Hannah Waitt

Last week on "The History of K-pop," we discussed how Lee Soo Man laid the foundations of the modern idol training system after losing a great deal of time and money on his first artist, Hyun Jinyoung. As a result of this failure, Lee Soo Man founded SM Entertainment with the goal to debut artists that were not only talented, but also obedient.

To achieve his first big success, Lee looked to his target audience, teenagers, to create the biggest act in Korean pop music. Lee carried out a survey in which teenage girls described what they wanted from their idols, which, as it turns out, was relatively simple: they wanted exceptionally good-looking group members who could also sing and dance. With this seemingly obvious but then-profound knowledge, Lee Soo Man held auditions not just in Korea, but in the United States and Japan as well, combing through thousands of audition tapes in order to find the boys that would most accurately fit their future fans' idealized images of them.

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Previous Chapters:
The History of K-pop, Chapter 1: The Politics of K-pop
The History of K-pop, Chapter 2: Video Killed the Radio Star
The History of K-pop, Chapter 3: Seo Taiji and the Boys
The History of K-pop, Chapter 4: How Lee Soo Man's First Big Fail Resulted in Korea's Modern Pop Star System

sources: Article|moonROK Videos: giantspirit3 MBCkpop BoA Fan Channel
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NYAN EPISODE 5 Going Down The Farm!

We got Ashe, Kiara, Tim, and Shannon today! Today we discuss idol groups we LOVE that got shafted or don't get the attention they deserve or have poor management... Including: EVOL, GLAM, Rania, Hello Venus, Global Icon, Brave Girls, New F.O., Big Star, Apeace, Dalmatian. NYAN's obsession with UKISS continues! What's with the farm title, you ask? You're gonna have to listening to find out.

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SM Entertainment Set to Debut New Four-Member Girl Group in August

Talent agency SM Entertainment has announced it will be forming a new girl group. The act is expected to make its debut sometime in August, although the concept, and even the group’s name, remain a secret.

The group’s line up has already been finalized, according to media reports. It will be made up of four SMRookies stars: Irene, Seulgi, and Wendy, as well as one more, as-yet unnamed member. The final member is described as being an 18-year-old who bears a resemblance to actress Kim Yoo Jung. Irene, Seulgi, and Wendy have all performed previously under the name SR14G.

The group is already drawing comparisons to SM’s breakthrough girl group, S.E.S, a three-piece act which debuted in 1997 – especially as two of the new group’s members, Seulgi and Irene, have previously performed a cover version of the S.E.S hit, “Be Natural.”

An SM spokesperson said, “We will make a full announcement on the matter when everything is finalized. Please be patient, we cannot reveal any more details at this time.

source: Sports Chosun via Naver; via soompi

Sports Chosun's original title seems to be "SM to debut 4 member rookie group next month, concept between SNSD and f(x)"