July 23rd, 2014

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💔 It's Okay, That's Love ❤ OST Part 1: Chen - 최고의 행운 The Best Luck

EXO Chen′s first solo single and first OST piece will finally be unveiled today, July 23.

Chen′s single Best Luck is the first OST to be released for the SBS drama It′s Okay, It′s Love.

The song is in the Pop R&B genre, with a 30-member string orchestra and powerful R&B rhythm and is about a man who believes meeting his lover was the best thing in his life.

It was composed by Cho Young Soo, and vocalist group 2BiC joined as background vocals.

2BiC decided to join the song as EXO member D.O., who will launch his acting career with It′s Okay, It′s Love, once said on radio that 2BiC is his favorite group.

It′s Okay, It′s Love is a romance story between the mystery novel writer Jang Jae Yeol (Zo In Sung) and psychiatrist Ji Hae Soo (Kong Hyo Jin).

It will air its first episode on July 23.

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jyj tv commercial

Boy band JYJ has unveiled a television commercial that will be used to promote the group as a “brand.” The new advertisement comes ahead of the act’s forthcoming comeback.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the group explained that the commercial aims to emphasize how much dynamism the boys have when they perform as a band. The representative said, “JYJ has been at the top of Korean entertainment, through individuals’ drama, movie and musical performances, as well as their solo work. We wanted to find a way to express the synergy they have when they are together.”

The spokesperson added, “The commercial is not intended to just promote the new JYJ album or the boys’ forthcoming tour. We wanted to boost JYJ’s brand awareness.”

source CJES@youtube, soompi

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After School Beauty Bible Ep 10

"Ep.10: It's vacation time. There's so much to do. Makeup, hair and bikini. Here are some trendy bikini choices. The 2014 trend is sexy and chic. You can get two looks with the semi-smoky makeup that doesn't smudge. You still don't know what to do with your hair? Try beach hair styling. It's really simple. Review the 4-week workout for a resilient body. Transform with the summer vacation look. "

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Music Core Producer Describes Changed Attitudes by Idols After Lip-sync Ban


In the beginning of July, MBC announced that it would ban lip-syncing on its weekly music show, “Music Core,” with the show’s chief producer (CP), Park Hyun Suk, stating, “Those who do not sing on stage do not possess the basic qualities of a singer. We will thoroughly check the MR provided by each agency and get rid of the singers who only open their mouths.”

He had commented, “Out of the idol singers, there are times when only 10-20% of them actually sing live. In many cases, they perform to a recorded live version, which deceives the public into believing they are actually singing.”

The decision was made, reportedly, so that K-pop could keep up with global standards. While focusing on creating a powerful performance is important, so is the quality of the singing.

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Source: Soompi

After School at Daegu Chimac Festival 2014

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orange caramel also performs in this festival, you can watch the fantaken videos and pics here

I miss all of them so much! all the girls looks so happy, relax, and fun on stage <33

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JYJ’s New Album to Include Song Written by Chris Brown

Famous rapper Chris Brown has participated in composing a song on JYJ‘s upcoming album.

Chris Brown’s song ‘Valentine’ will be the last track on JYJ’s second full album ‘Just Us’,” the agency said. “The recording was done in a studio in Los Angeles.”

The song is armed with an addictive melody and sexy lyrics, which will maximize the charm of JYJ’s vocals,” the agency added.

Grammy Award-winning producer Lonny Bereal coproduced the song with Chris Brown. Bereal showed great satisfaction in working with the JYJ members, saying, “To the extent that I wouldn‘t be sure if any other artist besides JYJ pull off this song, an outstanding outcome has come about.”

JYJ’s new album will be released on music sites on July 29.

By Kim Min-jin, Intern reporter (minjin103@heraldcorp.com)

Source: koreaherald

Ji Chang Wook being beautiful in Sure Magazine and talking about actor stuff

Ji Chang Wook Says He Wants To Be an Actor Who Is Sure of Himself In Recent Interview for SURE Magazine

Actor Ji Chang Wook recently posed for the fashion magazine SURE for the August issue.

After the shooting, the actor said during the interview, “Before anything else, I want to be an actor who is sure of himself. I don’t want the audience to think that there are highs and lows in my acting skills.” He continued, “I know that I can’t do whatever I want all the time, but I know that I can portray a character well by making sure to analyze it first and study the scenes. When I lose my concentration, I start to doubt myself and then I get lost in the netizens’ comments when I go online.”

On his plans for the future, Ji Chang Wook told, “There is nothing that is definite yet” and said that he wants act in movies. He added that he finds the comedy and thriller genres interesting but he still has lots to do and said, “I want to show that I am able to play a variety of characters.”

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I want to thank not only God but Jesus for Ji Chang Wook