July 27th, 2014


Idol A's Sex Life Blind Item

Instiz: [Sunday World] Non-celebrity killer idol A, his sex skills?

This is about a popular idol A who is known as "non-celebrity killer"

A gets recognition with his manly looks. He's talented in singing, rapping, and dancing, but he's mostly talented in treating non-celebrities. He thinks he has fantastic skills that can completely knock-off his fans, but the women he slept with say otherwise.
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Anti's Call Tao Ugly: Netizen Tao Says Thanks I'm Better Than You.

Anti: One word, ugly.
Tao: Hahaha… Thanks dude. Slightly better than you, I should thank god for that, right?

Anti: How fucking ugly
Tao: Thank you.. I think I’m quite okay.

Anti: What are the people who said he’s handsome thinking
Tao: You didn’t know sighs… Can you be more ignorant, thanks for commenting.

[More Anti & Fan Weibo Replies]

Fan: Huang Zitao, I want to wash your hair for you!
Tao: Come on, hahaha

Fan: Suddenly feel so touched, maybe it’s because you treat us all too nice on usual days, therefore I was late in noticing how great you are, some people are curious as why such mediocre pictures could go up to the headlines? I think it’s because he’s too great and doesn’t need all those accessories/make-up, uses his realest side to tell us that he lived well in the jungle, that he came back. His way of thinking and emotions are just that direct, what’s the point of those people not acknowledging that, Baby I was born this way.
Tao: My God.. It’s fine~ What do they have to do with me… As long as I have you guys, it’s enough for me. I’m really easily satisfied haha.

Fan: Why would we laugh at you, we don’t only look at your appearance, but also the positive energy you always bring to us. As a celebrity, it’s hard to become one that is loved and supported by everyone. I want to say that the first time I saw th clumsy you on Happy Camp, I’ve already started liking you, thought that you were really cute, really honest. Two years have passed by, our gege has grown up, he has grown up with us.
Tao: Gege… About growing old, seems like I’ve really grown old. Sighs, xiao mei mei men ah (little girls ah….)

Fan(?): Our Tao really didn’t get plastic surgery, the exact same as when he was predebut.
Tao: I like natural beauty more (shhh)

Fan: Missed you so much T_T Did you got bitten by bugs.
Tao: Yes… Why didn’t you guys come along to get bitten with me

Anti (fighting with another fan): Then why did you come and comment on my weibo? He really does look ugly, why can’t you just let me say the truth. How is this bashing, my teacher taught me to just say the truth, it’s not just me who’s doing it (saying the truth)
Tao: Aiyo, how obedient of you~ Good children tell the truth~ Okay, continue doing that~ Tell that to someone you should tell that to~ Good girl~

Fan: Fuck, Huang Zitao, why can’t you fucking take care of yourself. Your leg is already injured and you’re still acting strong about it, just sit there obediently during today’s concert, do you hear me!!! You’re already so old and you can’t even take care of yourself!!! And always only report to us the good news and not the bad news!!! Like this, you’ll only let HLs worry about you more, do you know that!!! Like this, how do you we’ll be relieved enough to leave you to someone else
Tao: How could you scold people

Fan: Why do I feel like you’re a little angry? Are you okay? Rest well! You were so handsome in the MV!
Tao: Angry about what! Hahaha I wanted to laugh after seeing those… What kind of people have I not met yet… I’m too bored now so I came here to play with guys for a while. My AB has been activated now hahahahaha

Fan: Don’t care about the bad comments~~~ The people who love you will always be here~~~ Of course I’m not worried that you’ll be affected by the rumors, because you are strong enough~~~
Tao: Haha, I wasn’t angry or throwing a tantrum. Just playing around.

Fan: Taozi, you’ve finally came back! We all missed you so much!
Tao: Me too baby

Fan: I don’t have that kind of life (for Tao to reply her)
Tao: How could you not have haha

Anti: Feels like I’m looking at someone from an African countryside.
Tao: The Mother Nature I went to. Thank you. You’ll never get to fly there in your whole life.

Fan: Are you not going to rest earlier tonight!!!! Really want to find someone to knock you out!!! Quickly go!!!!
Tao: Hahahaha, can you guys be worse. I really pity that person (himself)

[Original Weibo Post About LoTJ Recording]

好想念大家~们还? 我好像好久没静了~束了林法~ 真的会是我人生中最珍的回5天没有碰手机什么感知道? 罗门没有网,微博也没转发成真是sorry~ 青海 一起去吧! 哈哈 看看我34夜没洗的照片吧,不要嫌弃我啊~

[ Translation ] Really missing everyone~ Are you guys okay? I feel like I haven’t been active in a long time. I finally finished Law of the Jungle’s recording~ It really will be one of the most important memories in my life. Not touching (my) phone for 5 days, do you know that feeling? [sad] There is no internet at Solomon, and weibo did not post properly, really sorry~ Qinghai, let’s walk together! Haha showing you guys the photos of me not washing my face and hair for 3 days and 4 nights, don’t hold anything against me~

[Tao Arrives in China a Wheelchair.]

[Meipai Update]

“On a rainy day, what to do, I really miss you~” Tao is singing 下雨天 by 南拳妈妈. Tao was seen with an injured leg today at Changsha Airport.

[Instagram Update]

Original: I’m in Australia airport now. Do you miss me? I miss you guys so so much! 너무오래동안못봤어요~ 보고싶다 정글잘하고왔어~ㅋㅋㅋ 다들잘친해고있죠? 너무많이걱장하지마~
Translation: I’m in Australia airport now. Do you miss me? I miss you guys so so much! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you guys~ I miss you guys. I came back after working hard at the jungle~ kekeke Everyone’s been doing well, right? Please don’t worry about me too much~

Translation Credit: tao-hua.tumblr.com [x] [x], fuckyeah-tao.tumblr.com

Typical Netizen Tao, I hope his foot injury isn't too serious.
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HyunA wants to be a brand. Netizens react.

Article: "Red is Hyuna" will the Hyuna brand work?

"I want Hyuna to become a brand. I've always liked red lipsticks and the color red itself so I wear red lipstick and manicures. I want that feeling to become a brand that represents Hyuna. (The song is also experimental in that) my name is included in the lyrics so I was worried about not a lot of people relating to it but the lyrics actually stick to you. I put my desire of becoming (as hot) into the song."

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Sources: Netizen Buzz (OSEN via Naver, Dispatch via Naver)


Miss A’s Suzy Sexually Harassed at a Public Event? JYPE Responds


On July 26, miss A’s Suzy attended the opening ceremony for the ‘Sinchon Water Gun Festival’ in Changchun-dong, in order to participate in the ‘Sprite Shower’ countdown, as the endorsement model for Sprite.

However, after fan-taken videos from the festival were uploaded onto the Internet, fans were shocked to find footage of what appears to be Suzy being inappropriately touched by a man standing next to her. They began to point out that one of the event moderators standing next to the miss A member on stage, seemed to brush his hand against Suzy’s thigh and butt two times.

Following the spread of these accusations, many of the fans stated that it was most likely an intentional action on the part of the accused and are currently demanding an explanation as well as an apology from the event coordinator.

Due to the growing controversy surrounding this event, Suzy’s agency, JYP Entertainment, stepped forward to state their position.

On July 27, a representative of JYPE told X Sports News, “The agency is understanding that this situation was not a big deal. After we assess more carefully, we will inform you of anything more that needs to be shared.” According to JYP Entertainment, as far as they know, the alleged sexual harassment seems not to have taken place.

Additionally, an official who was at the scene explained, “The moderator brushed her in the process of guiding Suzy forward.”

However, fans remain unconvinced that the actions of the man were purely an accident, due to footage capturing a moment in which Suzy’s facial expression hardens as she turns her head to look toward the MC, causing these allegations to arise. Video clips of this event are currently spreading throughout online communities and other SNS.


[netizens comments]Article: "Highly likely on purpose" suspicions of Suzy suffering sexual harassment at 'water gun festival'

Source: TV Report via Nate

Apparently the host at the Shinchon water gun festival was spotted brushing his hand against her thighs and behind twice.

1. [+382, -52] Everyone who left accounts of their experience there had nothing but swears to say. Suzy was under an umbrella covered in bodyguards and the crowd was uncontrollable. The host himself is also a mess.

2. [+268, -54] The host, crowd, and Suzy's staff were an absolute mess. What's wrong with our country tsk tsk.

3. [+212, -32] The festival's name sounds wrong too

4. [+73, -24] If you start watching at :22, the mc's eyes are on Suzy's thighs ㅋㅋ and Suzy looked frozen every time he brushed against her, that's totally sexually harassment.

5. [+60, -10] I saw the videos and it's 100% sexual harassment, especially if you look at the host's eyes. He was looking around and kept touching Suzy's thighs, causing her to turn around stone faced.

6. [+58, -18] That host should be embarrassed. His face is now out there on the internet and anyone can tell that he purposely brushed his hand against her. His hand should've never been where it was twice in those situations and you can tell from Suzy's expression that she was shocked.

7. [+39, -8] Checked the videos out and the host totally did it on purpose ㅡㅡ He touched her thighs and caught Suzy off guard then he kept going towards her behind... Suzy was smiling and then turned stone faced.

8. [+30, -6] Saw the gifs and that dirty guy totally touched her on purpose

Article: JYP reps, "Suzy was sexually harassed? We are interpreting the situation is nothing serious"

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+272, -30] Their artist was a victim ㅋㅋ and they're really not going to do anything about it?

2. [+254, -21] For what reason would the host have to touch her shorts for? The company needs to take stronger action. Why would they not protect their own celebrity and just brush it off as something not serious? It was totally sexual harassment.

3. [+262, -32] The company should be protecting their own artist... brushing it off as nothing serious? Suzy, move companies the minute your contract ends! That host kept brushing his hand against Suzy in the video!

4. [+26, -4] Nothing serious? It's sexual harassment...

5. [+16, -8] Suzy-ya, move companies since it's nothing serious, right?

Source: Soompi & Netizenbuzz & EyeYou Fancam
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New SM Girl Group Red Velvet Releases Group Teaser

click to enlarge

Following up on their release of individual teaser images for new girl group Red Velvet, SM Entertainment has come out with a group teaser. This is ahead of the group’s official debut on August 4, when the group’s digital single “Happiness” hits online music stores.

Red Velvet is SM’s first new group since the wildly popular EXO, which debuted roughly two years ago. The group consist of members Seulgi, Irene, Wendy, and Joy, previously a part of SM’s pre-debut team SMRookies.

The name Red Velvet symbolizes the combination of sexiness and power (red) and a feminine softness (velvet).

source: red velvet + soompi

mv + photo teasers here
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Marriage, not Dating Episode 7 - 8 Discussion Post (Spoiler Warning!)

Watch on Viki / Dramafire

Synopsis: A romantic comedy about a man who doesn't want to get married and a woman who has no luck in marriage prospect. Gong Gi Tae is a successful bachelor who keeps getting pressured by his family to settle down. He then comes up with a plan to introduce Joo Jang Mi, whom he thinks will never be approved by his family.

[Drama Details]
Title : Marriage Without Love | 연애 말고 결혼 | Yeonae Malgo Gyeolhon
Also known as : Marriage Not Dating | Anticipate Marriage
PD : Son Hyun Wook (Haeundae Lovers, Brain)
Genre : Drama | Romantic Comedy
Episodes : 16
Broadcast Network : tvN
Airing Date : July 4, 2014 - August 22, 2014
Airing Time : Friday & Saturday ; 20:40 KST
[Main Cast]

Yeon Woo Jin - Gong Gi Tae, Han Groo - Joo Jang Mi

Jung Jin Woon - Han Yeo Reum

Han Sun Hwa - Kang Se Ah, Yoon So Hee - Nam Hyun Hee

Heo Jung Min - Lee Hoon Dong


Part 1;
Song Title : Stop The Love Now
Singer : Ben
Release Date : 4 July 2014

Part 2:
Song Title: Love Lane
Singer: Mamamoo
Release Date: 18 July 2014


[BTS Clips + Gifs]

[Ki Tae's real Twitter Account]

The drama created a Twitter account that Gi Tae uses in the drama. He used it during the fake-dating montage and is even following Han Yeo Reum and Lee Hoon Dong. The tweets are protected for now, because they might have posted pictures for the upcoming episode (not sure though).

Gi Tae's Twitter

Source: tvN Drama, soompi, Kpopmar, Gi Tae's twitter, caramelkane, yeonseoks, shura, babyhyeri, k-is-for-korea, anapher, 8eightinfinity, helo-moonlight, huochevan, tipani-jjang, kdramadaily

Nooo, I dislike the ending scene.

KARA Releases Teaser Images of New Member Heo Youngji!


Girl group KARA has released the first set of individual teaser images for its upcoming album release, starting with new member Heo Youngji.

On July 2, DSP Media trainee Heo Youngji was crowned the winner of the audition show “Kara Project” and became the fourth and final member of Kara. Following the withdrawal of members Nicole and Kang Ji Young in the beginning of this year, Kara put on the “Kara Project” in order to recruit one more member, and will be continuing as a four-member group.

The pictures released show Youngji in a delicate white outfit with the glowing sunlight enveloping her. The word “Day” captions the picture, foreshadowing the release of “Night” versions of teaser images for the group’s new album, “Day & Night.”

[ 1 +]heo-young-ji-kara

Source: Soompi