July 30th, 2014

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teaser for Clazziquai Project's "Madly", info about upcoming 10th anniversary album

The full MV for Clazziquai Project's new song, Madly, will be released August 1st, in anticipation of their 6th full album being released in late August.  The MV continues the story from Love Satellite, and features dancers from the Dancing9 tv show.

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I'm so going to be constantly refreshing yesasia until I can preorder this. :)

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SM’s Red Velvet Runs Into Name Trouble With Indie Band Red Velvet, Agreement Reached

Red Velvet, SM’s first new girl group in two years, has hit controversy ahead of the release of their debut single. It turns out Red Velvet is also the name of an indie band based around Hongik University that started performing in 2013.

Ha Hee Soo, a member of the indie band Red Velvet, posted online, “We released a single last year, performed at Hongik University, and we’re currently preparing for our next album. It took us off guard, hearing that there would be a girl group debuting with the same name.” Ha Hee Soo said, “It’s not like SM wouldn’t have searched the name before they decided to use it,” expressing the band’s disappointment. The band’s digital single “The Day After You Left” was listed on the various music sites.

The band member said, “We’re a powerless indie band. If SM’s girl group debuts, our activities and promotions are going to get difficult. We’ve just now gotten our footing, and we have a lot of affection for our name, too. Please help us keep the name Red Velvet.

Upon confirmation by Dispatch, the band has not gotten their name trademarked, and thus is unable to claim rights to the name. According to patent attorney Hwang Sung Pil, “Even if they are able to apply, if they didn’t do it first, they have no legal claim to the name.

The only thing left is an ethical perspective. A music industry official said, “SM is a major music agency. They won’t fight with an indie band. This kind of thing happens a lot in the music industry, and [in the past] even if there wasn’t any legal claim, they took an ethical stance and the issues were resolved smoothly.

Previously, in 2009, 2NE1 ran into the same issue. At the time, the group was supposed to debut as “21.” However, there was a solo artist who debuted in 2005, also called 21 (To Anyone). YG immediately apologized to the artist, and changed the group name. Yang Hyun Suk said, “We kept the name, but changed the way it was written to ‘2NE1.’ We’ll do our best to keep our activities and promotions from overlapping,” effectively resolving the issue.
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source: soompi|naver|netizenbuzz (1, 2, 3)
Music // Jiu 1

SNSD - Another Sky (subbed)

This is basically an interview SNSD did recently for NTV in celebration of their 7th Anniversary.
I've already watched it and now that I found it subbed, I thought I would share. It's quite interesting and funny!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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video credit: Jessica and Krystal Philippines (translation: ColdShadow09; subbed and uploaded: Jonald Chua)
pic/message credit: fy-girls-generation (translation: RedSunsetXIII)
gif credit: sica-jjang


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Henry Likes Lee Hyori for her 'Ugly Looks'

Henry Feels Stressed About Looking Young, Says He Likes Lee Hyori for Her Ugly Looks?

Super Junior-M’s Henry appeared as a guest on the July 29 broadcast of SBS’ talk show “Magic Eye,” to discuss the topic of ‘appearance.’

During the show, Henry shared that he doesn’t get treated like an adult due to his youthful appearance, and also confessed that he likes Lee Hyori for her ugly looks.

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Sources: soompi, mwave
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Jessica and Krystal chosen as Models for LAPALETTE’s 2014 F/W Line


Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal have been selected as models for LAPALETTE’s 2014 fall/winter line. The photoshoot that the Jung sisters participated in for the fashion brand will be featured on the ninth episode of OnStyle’s “Jessica & Krystal”, to air on July 29th.

Jessica and Krystal have also endorsed jewelry brand STONEHENgE. In addition, they have participated in several other photoshoots together, including for “1st Look“, “NYLON“, “me!“, and “Harper’s Bazaar” magazines. The two sisters will also be attending a fan meet sponsored by LI-NING, a Chinese brand Jessica is currently a model for, later this year.

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article credit: soshified (original article: CelebStyle)
picture credit: fuckyeahjungsister

YEAH! I love bags from Lapalette! I've three myself. I hope this article means, that we'll get more photoshootings with the Jung sisters in the future!!!

JYPE Responds to HyunA and BTOB Hyunsik’s Homage to g.o.d


Recently, HyunA’s “From Where and Until When” featuring BEAST’s Yang Yoseob has been under scrutiny, after many noticed that its lyrics were similar to g.o.d’s 2004 track, “The Reason Why Opposites Attract.” BTOB’s Hyunsik, who wrote the song, explained that the copied lyrics were just homage to their industry seniors, congratulating them on their comeback.

JYP Entertainment, home to Park Jin Young, who wrote and composed the original song for g.o.d, responded, “We’re thankful for the homage, but in the future, we’d like it if we were asked for permission beforehand.”

“From Where and Until When” is one of the songs from HyunA’s recently released solo album, “A Talk,” with the title track “Red.”

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source: soompi, netizenbuzz, nate

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Buzz’s Previous Agency Gives Trademark Rights To Santa Music


Buzz will be coming back for the first time in 8 years, and fortunately with the same name under a different agency.

On the 29th of July, their current agency, Santa Music, announced that “Buzz’s previous agency had the rights to the name of the band, but the copyright problem has been solved and they have kindly allowed Buzz to keep their name”.

As Buzz had been with their previous agency since their debut, they decided to fulfill both Buzz’s and their fans’ requests for Buzz to keep their name and continue as Buzz under a different agency.

Santa Music expressed that they hoped Buzz’s case of trademark rights transferral set a good example to other entertainment agencies and musicians as well.

Meanwhile, Buzz has mentioned previously that they will be reuniting some time in August this year, however nothing has yet been confirmed.
source: koreaboo, osen

SISTAR’s Dasom Says She Calls Her Boyfriend 80 Times If He Doesn’t Pick Up


SISTAR’s Dasom caught attention by sharing her obsessive dating style.

During recent recording for MBC’s Radio Star’s ‘stalker’ special, the MCs asked Dasom, “Is it true that you go crazy if your boyfriend doesn’t pick up your phone call?” and she answered, “It makes me go crazy. So I keep calling 7-80 times.”

Dasom also revealed that she has to know exactly where and what he is doing even after he picks up the call.

Kim Gook Jin reportedly shook his head saying, “We have the perfect guests for this ‘stalker’ episode.”

Stay tuned for the episode airing on July 30!
source: mwave

Shim Eun Kyung Confirmed as Lead of Drama ‘Nodame Cantabile’


Shim Eun Kyung has been confirmed as the lead actress of the Korean version of the drama Nodame Cantabile (title undecided).

Group Eight, the production company, released an official statement on July 29 announcing Shim Eun Kyung’s cast in the drama. It has been reported that Shim Eun Kyung was the first actress to receive the casting offer for the role but had previously turned it down due to her movie schedules.

Due to the popularity of the original comic series of the same name, there′s been much attention focused on the casting for the role of ‘Nodame,’ with unconfirmed rumors sparking yet more interest.

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source: mwave, netizenbuzz, naver
Wet Gyul



Gyuri’s teaser photos for KARA’s upcoming 6th mini album, “DAY & NIGHT” have been released!

On July 29, DSP Media released the teaser images through KARA’s official Twitter page for their 6th mini album, “DAY & NIGHT.” Gyuri is the second KARA member to have her images released after new member Youngji’s.

For their new concept, Gyuri pulls off an innocent yet sexy look with a lace bandeau strap top and silky matching skirt while posing on a mattress with a pillow hugged close to her chest. The second image teaser photo catches a close up of Gyuri’s pretty features and wavy hairstyle

KARA plans to release their sixth mini album, “DAY & NIGHT” on August 18. KARA will also be holding a large scale show case to reveal their newly re-assembled group for their first official public appearance.

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This post was brought to you by Gyuri's infinite narcissism

Source: Soompi, Gyuri's Twitter 1 2, Gyuri's Instagram 1 2

Singer Game Episode 2 - JYP vs Starship

Artist Introduction

[What is this show about?]

“Singer Game” is a competition between talent agencies. Three teams from the agencies will participate in the show, and they will face each other three times to find out the strongest performers. The stakes are high as the winning team will receive 10 million won (~10,000 USD). — (cr: Soompi)

This episode's competitors:
JYP Entertainment: Yeeun (Wonder Girls), Min & Fei (miss A), 15&, GOT7
Starship Entertainment: K.Will, Junggigo, Mad Clown, Joo Young

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Oppa/Noona 5 Years Ago: Kpop Releases July '09

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Sources: :D, FaceErika, 1theK [x] [x], niniiminda, MiDeCo86 [x] [x] [x], engglass44's channel, Sanghee Constance, elizabeth 동방신기, SHINeeYAZZ, Fluxus Music, MBCKpop [x] [x], K-POP, 2NE1, FTISLAND, Karallove.

Back again with some jams and a badly photoshoped poster.
What are your jams from this month?

Jellyfish Ent. Announces VIXX Member will Duet with Lyn...BUT WHO IS IT???

The mystery Jellyfish Entertainment artist that will be dueting with singer Lyn turned out to be a member of VIXX.

The agency still has much to tease with, however, as it hasn′t revealed who the member will be.

On July 30, the agency dropped a hint in the form of a teaser image with captions reading, ′Lyn X Who? of VIXX′.


Fans showed their excitement for the collaboration by swarming to the site, resulting in their taking down Jellyfish Entertainment′s servers.

VIXX is known for its unique, dark concepts. It recently held its first exclusive concert with 11,000 fans.



Source: Yahoo Philippines, RealVixx
Translation Credit: FYeah-Vixx

We got 3 out of 3 to choose from...though judging from the silhouette pic....its Leo :D, but then again we can be surprised and it be someone else...but its probably leo :D...Is my bias showing?
mirrors lies

Who wore it better? Bra edition!

Prada Embellished Bra Top, price on request
bra top

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Who wore it better?

Lee Ho Jung

[fixed poll]
Who wore it better?
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Who wore it better? Another floral edition!

MSGM floral embellished vest, $1,280.27 $896.19

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Who wore it better?

both work it!
burn it and give me the money!

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KARA’s Goo Hara Displays an Innocent Charm in “Day & Night” Individual Teaser


Goo Hara is the last KARA member to reveal individual teaser images for the group’s upcoming sixth mini album, “DAY & NIGHT.”

In the two photos released today, Goo Hara can be seen in two youthful braids, donning a white dress with lacy stockings, exuding an innocent charm. Goo Hara wraps up the official “Day” teaser images for the group, following the teaser images of Gyuri, Younji, and Seungyeon.

“DAY & NIGHT” will be released on August 18.

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Beenzino for Freshness Mag! American Media Debut?


Long known for its incessant depictions of improbable love affair and saccharine lifestyle, fissures are appearing in the once insular world of Korean popular music/culture (commonly categorized as K-Pop). One of the few that dares to deviate from the norm is Lim Sungbin, a star in the small but increasingly popular music genre of K-Hip Hop. Best known by his stage name Beenzino, Lim spent much of his childhood in New Zealand, where he picked up his love of American hip-hop. By the time he moved back to Korea for middle school, Lim was already developing his hip hop persona, one that subsequently became Beenzino, a name Lim derived from his admiration of American rapper Benzino.

by Poe. Read the rest of the article at source.

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via Freshness Mag for article // Cheonbong Ko for photos

*More photos at the source!

Go, Zino, go!