August 6th, 2014

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Music you may have missed in July!

Congratulations, you made through another month of scandal-free Kpop. Haha just kidding, sorry F(X) and Hello Venus fans. Anyway here's a recap of music posts throughout July.

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lmao this post took forever and a day to make, I should start making them earlier and stop taking 30 min breaks in between. You guys post a lot! Thanks for keeping Omona alive everyday. I also didn't add covers since that would have been way too much for this post. RECC US NEW MUSIC! What have you been listening to lately (doesn't have to be Korean)? What was your favorite release in July? As usual, if I missed anything share it in the comments.


Kim Greem's MV for "Summer Night"

Kim Greem is back, with the perfect song for the season, “Summer Night”.

The digital single [Summer Night] is an old-school country folk song, featuring Kim Greem’s warm, sentimental voice. It’s the perfect tune for a summer night with a loved one. And Kim Greem’s signature ‘guitar’ sounds in “Summer Night” really bring out Kim Greem’s charming vocals.

“Summer Night” starts off with the sounds of the cool waves. The sweet lyrics, like “Waves are high tonight, please hug me in, on the summer beach, please shout out my name” and “I want to love you this summer night, with my dear you tonight, with the moon bright” make this a great song to listen to on a ‘summer night’ with someone close to heart.

Source: 1theK

Kim Greem is one of my top 5 k female soloists so I was looking forward to this!! It does not disappoint! It really does seem like a summer night to me, one of the better songs to come out of the seasonal genre imo

Kim Greem really seems to like the half mv/half bts videos, eg her mv last year that I highly recommend "Just the Two of Us"
[taeyeon] Laughing

TaeTiSeo Aims for September Comeback with New Album

TaeTiSeo is looking at a brilliant comeback, as earliest as September.

Girls′ Generation′s unit group, TaeTiSeo is currently working on its new album with a September comeback as its earliest goal. With August 5 being SNSD′s seventh year anniversary, TaeTiSeo promotions are expected to be quite meaningful for SNSD as well. However, although TaeTiSeo is currently preparing for its album, an exact comeback date has not been set yet.

SM Entertainment stated on August 6, "It′s true that we are working on the new album," and "No exact dates have been decided yet."

Meanwhile, TaeTiSeo began in November of 2012 with the song Twinkle and quickly gained much popularity.

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Source: Mwave, Netizenbuzz

pretty positive reactions imo
ahaha I forgot the title the first time. Is it good is it good????

Orange Caramel MV Screencaps: OP not sure if she wants to do it like they do.


On August 6, Orange Caramel (Raina, Nana, Lizzy) revealed some interesting shots from the set of their new comeback music video. Known for always trying out unique, fun, and cute concepts, the group went for a cartoon look this time around, the members posing against pastel-colored backgrounds with bananas and flamingos and what looks like cartoon eyes drawn on the members’ eyelids.

Previously, Pledis Entertainment revealed that the new release would come with more quirky, easy to follow choreography.

Orange Caramel’s “Do as I Do” drops on August 18, after which they will officially start album promotions.

Orange Caramel is a subunit group made up of After School members Raina, Nana, and Lizzy. The girls stormed the charts in March this year with the infectious track “Catallena,” from the group’s third single album release, “The Third Single Catallena.”

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source: soompi

this is scary, I'm not gonna watch the MV at night

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10ASIA Article about Block B's "Antlion-Pitfall Charms" and "Beagle-Mi"

[NEWS] 140805 Antlion Pitfall Block B ① An Authentic Manifest of Block B’s Charms


There is a word called “antlion pitfall.” According to the dictionary, this word refers to an antlion who digs a pit underneath the sand in a sunny dry area and hides there, waiting to devour ants or other insects who fall in.

It’s a chilly word for ants passing by, but for humans, it is a word that is used to describe a fatal attraction charm that can’t be forgotten after being seen once. In particular, you can see the appearance of an antlion pitfall in the idol groups who capture the hearts of their fans with a variety of different charms. Among those groups, Block B’s antlion pitfall charms stand out.

Block B is group that breaks stereotypes of idols. For some reason idol groups are expected to be reminiscent of a sparkling and fresh smile or a powerful charismatic appearance, but Block B is a little different with their sense of being neighborhood hooligans. Block B who is armed with recklessness and familiarity, we will try to explore their antlion pitfall-like charms.

[[Beagle-Mi Ahead]]


# Chapter 1 Block B, What Star Did You Come From?

Block B is a group that has passed 4 years since their debut on April 15, 2011. Their name Block B stands for a meaning of a box-office blockbuster. Block B’s fanclub BBC has a meaning of Block B Club. As well as leader Zico, Block B is comprised of 7 members including Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Park Kyung, and P.O. Block B has had many hit songs after their debut single “Do U Wanna B?” including Nillili Mambo, Nalina, Very Good, and Jackpot. They are currently in the midst of promotions for their recently-released track H.E.R.

Before their debut, Block B members had extraordinary histories. First of all, Zico was a rapper active in the underground. Because of Zico’s elegant and accurate rap skills, he is often referred to as a priority among representative idol rappers. Aside from formally released songs, Zico has also released more than 200 mixtape tracks. Aside from this, Zico is also a versatile member of Block B, showing the appearance of a singer-songwriter as he directly produces Block B’s albums. Additionally, Zico was active in a group called Harmonics with Park Kyung, who has been his friend since their sixth year of elementary school. The visual of the team, Jaehyo, appeared as an ulzzang on Mnet’s “Flower Boys,” and Taeil’s face began to be recognized through MBC’s “Birth of a Great Star.”

With their songs Nillili Mambo, Nalina, etc. Block B showed a freewheeling appearance and reckless stage that couldn’t be seen in existing idols. Additionally, Block B rode a rising popularity through their exciting songs, which actively showed their hooligan-like charms, and their appearance of knowing how to enjoy themselves. However, Block B have also had some trials. In 2012, there was a controversy regarding their remarks about floods in Thailand. At that time, as a sign of reflection, Zico even shaved his head. Following this, the Block B members suffered great trials during a dispute with their agency.

But Block B leapt back into action as a trend group last year with Very Good. Following this, Block B left behind their previous strong and tough image in favor of a cute, lovable side with H.E.R. If Block B’s music until now has been close to black with its stylishness and chicness, H.E.R is closer to a cute and lively hot pink. In H.E.R, rappers Park Kyung and P.O. challenge vocals rather than rap, and they ventured to hugely increase the number of vocal parts. In addition to this, Block B members have firmly overcome their challenges and aren’t afraid of change, and rather than those things is showing an enjoyable appearance as they open a new Chapter 2.


# Chapter 2 Beagle Masters Block B

“Beagle-mi” is a word that comes from the dog breed ‘beagle’ and the character ‘mi’ (美) meaning beautiful. It is a word that refers to those who, like devilish beagles, cause various accidents, but somehow manage to give off a cute charm even so. Even if you include “beagle-mi” as one of Block B’s antlion pitfall charms, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

From the early beginning of their debut Block B’s beagle-mi charms have been apparent. Even on Block B’s photo wall showing cool poses and perfect body lines, one can see many distinctive aspects. While making unique expressions and unknown poses, they cause viewers to burst into laughter. It has also been to the extent of making even their fans confused when they see Block B doing gentle poses in photos at events. Additionally, Block B members use SNS services to spread unstoppable bizarre photos, taking advantage of their good looks.

Also, reflecting their jokester personalities, the title of Block B’s reality program was ‘5 Minutes Before Chaos.’ It is an unfamiliar title among idol reality programs, but through this program Block B could publicly reveal their honest and unpretentious charms. In addition to this, although Block B members showed their fashionable but uncomplicated plainclothes fashion and their friendly personalities, one of their many charms is feeling like a close male friend.

Although they are a little strange and may cause thoughts like ‘Who are these kids?.’ the reason for the affection towards Block B’s beagle-mi is their honesty and unstoppable appearances. Many fans said that their biggest reason for feeling so much affection towards Block B is ‘healing.’ The reason is that when they have angering or pressuring problems, listening to Block B’s refreshing music or watching their stages eliminates all those difficult problems.

In Very Good there is a part that says, “I’ll make your soul go out.” It is a passage that reveals their confidence and their certainty in their own charms. Like this, honest and commanding Block B’s antlion pitfall is appealing to the hearts of many fans.


Translated by: Kari @ blockbint

I have to confess, no idea what that antlion stuff is about or why Beagles of all things. But hey, bizarre and charming kind of fits.

Kota Ibushi

WINNER and Team B are on Good Terms, Thankful To B.I and Bobby


Kang Seungyoon: 'Honestly, because of the fact that we and Team B started with the label as 'rivals', many people might think that we're not on good terms. However, that's not the case. We frequently meet and make music together. This time around, B.I and Bobby have gifted us with a song. We readily recorded the song and we're very thankful. We're so thankful because they made a song that fit exactly with Winner's colour. I hope that we'll have more opportunities to help each other out when Team B debuts later on.'

Yang Hyun Suk: 'They are not rivals rather they're family. They're friends who have been together way before WIN started. When Team B debuts in the future, WINNER can also help them out so I hope fans don't misunderstand this.'

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YG Press, Star News via Naver

Producer Reveals Why A Pink Was Chosen for Season Three of “Showtime”


PD Yoon Mi Jin, the main producer of the popular reality show “Showtime,” has revealed the reason for casting A Pink for the new season.

At a press conference of the show held on August 6, the producer began by talking about their goals for the future: “We are hoping to see ‘Showtime’ grow as a brand, and not as a reality show that is only attached to the artists.”

She continued to talk about the show’s journey so far: “Not even a year has passed [since we started], and we are already working with our third artist. We left an impression with our start, and have now secured a stable position. Having popular idols appear on the show has helped us to build a favorable image for ‘Showtime.’ To secure our growth during season three, we decided to undergo some changes, and thus we chose a girl group instead of a boy group,” and promised, “It will be a great experience to everyone that has been waiting for a girl group.”

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Source: soompi

Who else would you like to see on Showtime? I would want Crayon Pop, 4minute, or Winner after they debut.


AASJ is why all ELFs are hibernating in their rooms + 7JIB news

Super Junior recently released a 6 hour DVD+Photobook, 'All About Super Junior' with rare clips of the group throughout their career. There are LOTS of clips lol, just chose a few clips to share here
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Bonus nekkid hae for everybody
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Watching these vids have been so nostalgic! There's a clip of SJ having a healing talk which looks interesting but i haven't had the chance to watch it with Eng subs.
Also, yes! it has english subs! well done SM! FINALLY
Wondering how these ajusshis will deal with Testa's chore tbh
There have been rumours that HenHaeHyuk will be filming an MV together too, but there's no clue what for

source: Cathy Huang , REA on Vimeo.

, Cyndi0220 soompi article
gifs from donghaek

Songs by JYJ, HyunA, HA:TFELT, and Others Deemed Unfit for Broadcast by KBS

has announced the list of recently released songs that failed to satisfy the broadcast company’s criteria.

According to the results revealed on August 6, the banned songs include JYJ‘s “Just Us” and “Back Seat” from their second album, HyunA‘s “Blacklist” and “French Kiss” from her third solo album, and HA:TFELT‘s “Bond” from her first solo album. Overall, 14 tracks were deemed unsuitable for broadcast.

The lyrics of JYJ’s “Back Seat” were considered to be sexually suggestive, with the line “Put you on my back seat” referring to a possible relationship between a man and a woman. HyunA’s “French Kiss” did not make the cut due to the expression “Do it,” which could be considered risqué.

“Blacklist” by HyunA was criticized for the use of swear words and inappropriate language, and HA:TFELT (Ye Eun)’s “Bond” was banned due to the English expression “God damn.”

In addition, KBS disapproved of the lyrics included in rock band Unchained‘s songs “Paris” and “Talebearing” as well as Rose Garden‘s “You’re Not My Style.” The songs were considered harmful for the mental development of teens.

'do it'? really?


Horrifying murder of high school student shocks nation

Article: Gimhae female high school student murdered, forced into prostitution.. corpse lit on fire

Source: Nate

Three 15 year olds and a 24 year old were arrested for the murder of a 15 year old female high school student 'Yoon', along with a 25 year old, 24 year old, and another 15 year old as accomplices.

Yoon had run away from home with one of them and was forced into prostitution to make the expenses for living in a motel together. Yoon's father filed a missing person report and was able to find Yoon and bring her back home.

The three, however, were afraid of getting their prostitution caught and persuaded Yoon to go back with them the next day to the motel. Yoon was then forced back into prostitution. One day, however, Yoon used the motel computer and logged into Facebook, accidentally revealing her location. The three blamed her and started physically abusing her.

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source: netizenbuzz


SHIMMixes releases a mash-up that actually sounds good

This is a mash-up with over 60 songs released from January to June.
Other SHIMMixes releases have been posted here and here.

source: SHIMMixes
ha neul oppa

Lee Kwang Soo Doesn’t Want to Caricaturize Tourette’s Syndrome


Lee Kwang Soo revealed that he took studying Tourette’s syndrome very seriously.

On August 6, actor Lee Kwang Soo participated in a press conference for the SBS drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love” at a café in Seoul. He stated, “A lot of people worried after hearing that I was going to act as a person with Tourette’s syndrome.”

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source: soompi

Singer Game Episode 3 - Cube vs 90s male soloists

[What is this show about?]

“Singer Game” is a competition between talent agencies. Three teams from the agencies will participate in the show, and they will face each other three times to find out the strongest performers. The stakes are high as the winning team will receive 10 million won (~10,000 USD). — (cr: Soompi)

This episode's competitors:
Cube Entertainment: G.NA, Sohyun (4minute), BTOB
90s soloists: Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Kyung Ho, Kim Chang Ryul

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AWOL soldier athletes, including Kim Yu-na's boyfriend, involved in car crash

Three ice hockey national team members on active military duty were discovered to have left their barracks without permission and failed to report a car crash they were involved in, the defense ministry said Wednesday.

On June 27, the three draftees -- two sergeants, surnamed Lee and Kim, and a corporal, surnamed Lee -- left their training camp in Ilsan, just north of Seoul, in a car owned by one of the sergeants, and went to a massage parlor.

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Source: koreatimes, yy182

smh, hope the Queen dumped him beforehand.

"Gag Concert" Corner Decides Not To Use The Name Muhammed

Article: [Exclusive] 'Gag Concert' corner decides not to use the name 'Muhammad'... "Out of respect for Islam"

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+290, -6] I think an American ambassador tried something similar before and got murdered

2. [+264, -11] Good decision... I think it'd also be a good idea to write up an apology and put it up as a notice. 'Gag Concert' could risk being taken off air if they rub them the wrong way.

3. [+225, -7] It's dangerous to make them mad.

4. [+32, -3] Just take it off air;;; Making excuses saying a gag is a gag doesn't matter when they could be on the brink of terrorizing our country... No use making them mad.

5. [+21, -0] Yeah, stop messing around and don't use it.

6. [+13, -7] Just take it off air. It's an honorable and valuable name to Islam, why even use it like that for the corner? Would Koreans be happy if another country made gags out of Lee Soon Shin's name? This is a matter of respect between the countries.


I made the mistake of reading the comments.... and netizenbuzz wasn't much better
[shinee] 5ever

Changmin, Kyuhyun, Minho, and Suho Chat About Their Fandoms

Label mates and friends TVXQ‘s Changmin, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, SHINee‘s Minho, and EXO‘s Suho recently had a chat about their respective fandoms.

On Augsut 6, Kyuhyun shared screenshots of their conversation on his Twitter account and wrote, “ Of course EXO-L is the best. Joonmyun is saying he’s too busy to meet up with his hyungs. I miss ELF.”

It seems that the four of them were in a group chat and Kyuhyun brought up how well EXO’s new fanclub, EXO-L, is doing. This led to Kyuhyun and Changmin thinking about their own fan clubs.

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Source: Soompi

so cheeky. I miss Kyu-line!

T-ara to Comeback as 6-Member Group in September, Former Member Ahreum Officially Terminates Contrac


It has been confirmed that girl group T-ara will be making a comeback this September!

At the beginning of next month, members Hyomin, Boram, Eunjung, Soyeon, Jiyeon, and Qri will be releasing a brand new album, marking their return to the music industry as a six-member group. The girl group is currently in the middle of preparations for the upcoming comeback, as they have already received songs from renowned songwriters.

Most recently, two members of T-ara have debuted as solo artists during the group’s resting period. Jiyeon and Hyomin have both successfully wrapped up their solo promotions with “Never Ever” and “Nice Body,” respectively.

It has also been reported that former T-ara member, Ahreum, is now officially withdrawn from the group, as she has terminated her contract with Core Contents Media.

Meanwhile, the group plans to continue activities with the original six members. It has been about nine months following T-ara’s last promotion cycle as a whole group, since December of last year with “Do You Know Me?”

[netizens comments]Article: T-ara to make full group comeback with a new track in September

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+9,270, -596] They're desperately trying anything and everything to survive but it just looks like they're digging themselves a deeper hole. I'm serious when I say this but T-ara's really over now. There's rarely a celebrity that the entire nation hates like them and it's not even online but offline too... When the opinions are unanimous across the board, there's no hope for them.

2. [+6,551, -275] Everyone, you worked hard clicking on this article. It's time for dinner now so I hope you enjoy your meals. The weather is cloudy over here...

3. [+6,004, -350] Determinaaaaaaaaaaaation

4. [+1,026, -78] "Their solo activities came to a successful conclusion, which raised public recognition for their team as well." What dog barking noise is this?

5. [+890, -84] I find T-ara amazing but their fans moreso ㅋㅋ Out of all the idols they can fan over, they choose kids like them. Hopeless, I tell you~

6. [+778, -70] They're like zombies... they keep coming back...

Source: Soompi & Netizenbuzz
bug eye

Jessica launching own line Blanc

SNSD Jessica is the first among Girls' Generation member to have her own fashion brand as she announces today the launching of 'BLANC'.

The announcement is made through her weibo account along with a promo picture which she is the model herself and the website link.

The website features Jessica in a classy backless dress showing her S-line along with a countdown timer for the official opening and start of pre-order. It will be opened in two days time.

Seems like Jessica is securing her future with the opening of her own business. Congratulations!
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source: dkpopnews, blancgroup
the glasses look cute!!! i dont quite get the second photo unless she's selling that dress too but im so excited i love her Looks also the website will hardly load so lots of traffic good for her!!! get that security fallback something to do post-soshi kind of plan in place im gonna get some tbqh!!
sorry mod fixed it!!!
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T-ara is coming back in September with a new jam + 5th year anniversary


After Hyomin teased us about T-ara’s impending comeback just last night, CCM has revealed today that the group will be making their return in early September with an exciting dance title track!
A CCM representative reveals they had initially planned for a comeback in August but will now move the date to September to make more time for recording. They also revealed they will be releasing another mini album this time and will be delivering some exciting dance music.
T-ara’s last promotions as a group was 8 months ago in December 2013 with Do You Know Me followed by the successful solo debuts of Jiyeon and Hyomin with 1 Min 1 Sec and Nice Body respectively.
Are you excited for T-ara’s long awaited return? No need to answer because I know you are!

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Sources: News1,T-aradiadem,T-araworld(1,2),BoRam_0322, hyominnn, melodysoyani, qtfreed,
cr: transbot, TaraHolic App

Mods, i fixed the sources!
A little late but better late than never right?
Congrats girls on your 5th anniversary! :3
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Law of The Jungle in Indian Ocean 1 - 3 Discussion Post

[Episode 1]

Translator: momoironiel, iseuli, nglkt, mcbdcj
Timer: zhennie, SOP, Danni, chunjied, min
Typesetter: SOP, Danni, chunjied, min

[Episode 2]

Translator: momoironiel, iseuli, nglkt, mcbdcj
Timer: min, chunjied, SOP, Dee
Typesetter: min, chunjied, SOP, Dee

[Episode 3]

Translator: momoironiel, iseuli, nglkt, mcbdcj
Timer: Roth, Dee, SOP, StoicBug, Min
Typesetter: Roth, Dee, SOP, StoicBug, Min

Source: kimuiesarang.wordpress, 6TOT Subs & OURSUPALUV (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14), fuckyeahuee-kimyoojin

I haven't watched the show yet, but seems like UEE is slaying.

Winner news roundup aka model oppas are finally debuting!!!!

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THIS IS REAL!! Big hug to all ICEs (idk people, can we just go by circles?), we made it and you all deserve it!

So, did you preorder your albums? I just want to thank YGE shop for making me cry today, TWICE!

ygwinner @YGIndonesia Translation by @TeamAtheWinner yg-life yg-life @onewomansubs Ro Wingsheiding