August 17th, 2014

[shinee] Jonghyun - Bubbles



SHINee members recently gathered together in order to show their support for fellow group member Taemin’s promotions with his solo debut track “Danger.”

On August 17, member Jonghyun humorously proved to be a huge fan of Taemin, as he posted on his personal Twitter account: “Taemin-fans (tremble tremble tremble). The president of the fan club is even standing on the right side of Taemin-god (tremble tremble tremble). So lucky (tremble tremble tremble).”

Along with this amusing and hilarious expression of his love for Taemin—referring to himself as the fan club president—Jonghyun revealed a picture of four of the SHINee members surrounding the solo artist.

In the uploaded photo, Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, and Minho can be seen posing together for a friendly snapshot. They are drawing attention for their handsome looks, as well as their close friendship.

In addition to this latest tweet, Jonghyun’s past few tweets have all been written in support for Taemin’s solo promotions— even posting his teaser images and music video, and asking fans to show a lot of love for his fellow group member.

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hahahaha Jonghyun is the self-proclaimed fanclub president of Taemin. So cute. Reminds me of a scene from manga W Juliet XD
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Vote for the first round of Soompi's K-Pop Idol Rap Battle

Hip-hop has played a major role in influencing the sound of K-Pop, ranging from artists who incorporate a slight hip-hop influence in certain songs (2NE1 or Girls’ Generation) to groups that have a much heavier emphasis on hip-hop (Block B or B.A.P). Even within each idol group, there’s almost always a rapper — with so many groups these days, that’s a lot of rappers. (We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether they’re sincerely into and talented in hip-hop and rap, or they just can’t sing.)

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some of the hilarious pairings include top vs hyuna, sims vs ravi and rap monster vs CL
🎯 Red Velvet: lit

EXO’s bodyguard reportedly arrested at Nanjing airport

Reports have started to surface that EXO’s bodyguard was arrested at Nanjing Airport, on August 16th.

EXO, who are currently in Nanjing for the Samsung Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games, arrived at the airport to a huge mob. While the group is used to having fans arrive at the airport, the overwhelming numbers may have been too much for security this time.

In a video, you can see Lay in the background, yelling at the bodyguards to be stop being so aggressive with the fans and to treat them better.

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🎯 Red Velvet: lit

BEAST requests to Cube Entertainment, “Let’s release an album in the fall!”

Amidst performing in the 2nd night of their solo concert “BEAUTIFUL SHOW 2014,” BEAST’s Dongwoon and Yoseob expressed their desire to make a another album this year.

BEAST was already reported to be making a Japanese comeback this fall with a full-length album, due to be released on September 17th. However, it seems that the group wishes to promote more domestically as well, following the end of their two-night concert tour on Saturday, August 16th.

During the concert, the six members took some time to interact with their fans following their goodbye speech. During that time, Dongwoon spoke up, saying, “During our hiatus, you waited a year for a new album. Next time, we won’t make that happen.

Conjoining with his statement, Yoseob had added, “Should we do more? Our album will be coming in the fall,” suddenly raising lots of anticipation in hopes that it meant a Korean album.

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Source: TV Report via Naver + koreaboo
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Trot Lovers Ep 13-16 (finale) discussion post (spoiler warning!)

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Jang Joon-Hyun (Ji Hyun-Woo) is a talented and popular musician. He looks down upon the traditional trot music genre. Meanwhile, Choi Choon-Hee supports her family by herself and she is crazy about trot music. A romantic relationship begins between these two individuals.

source: KBS + Trot Lovers wiki

Lol sorry this is late...I didn't even watch the last episode and just read the recaps.
tzuyu heart shaker


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


Highlights include:
- predebut stuff and doing chores!!!
- unfortunate first win :((((((
- hyeri fainting after a Something performance and unnies taking care of her ;~~~~~~;
- eating and sleeping... at the same time


i learned so much about them from watching this. their road to the top has been so shaky and i am so glad they're still going. stanning my bbs so hard <333333

Ticket Prices For U-Kiss 'Scandal' Tour in Europe

Tickets will be on sale on 21th August →
VISA MASTERCARD (Some tickets will be on for UK Concert)


General Entry : 49£
Early Entry : 79£
Meet & Greet Entry : 119£
Meet & Greet + Early Entry : 149£

General Entry : 69€
Early Entry : 99€
Meet & Greet Entry : 139€
Meet & Greet + Early Entry : 169€

and for Moscow I cant find it on their site but found this on twitter
Normal 47€
VIP 87€
Super VIP 124€
Privilege VIP 207€

Sources: Azia Events Facebook, kevinkiseu
cold Yoon Shi Yoon
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Marriage, not Dating Episode 13 - 14 Discussion Post (Spoiler Warning!)

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[Drama Details]
Synopsis: A romantic comedy about a man who doesn't want to get married and a woman who has no luck in marriage prospect. Gong Gi Tae is a successful bachelor who keeps getting pressured by his family to settle down. He then comes up with a plan to introduce Joo Jang Mi, whom he thinks will never be approved by his family.

Title : Marriage Without Love | 연애 말고 결혼 | Yeonae Malgo Gyeolhon
Also known as : Marriage Not Dating | Anticipate Marriage
PD : Son Hyun Wook (Haeundae Lovers, Brain)
Genre : Drama | Romantic Comedy
Episodes : 16
Broadcast Network : tvN
Airing Date : July 4, 2014 - August 22, 2014
Airing Time : Friday & Saturday ; 20:40 KST

[Main Cast]

Yeon Woo Jin as Gong Gi Tae
Han Groo as Joo Jang Mi
Jung Jin Woon as Han Yeo Reum
Han Sun Hwa as Kang Se Ah
Yoon So Hee as Nam Hyun Hee
Heo Jung Min as Lee Hoon Dong

Part 1:
Song Title: Stop The Love Now
Singer: Ben
Release Date: 4 July 2014

Part 2:
Song Title: Love Lane
Singer: Mamamoo
Release Date: 18 July 2014

Part 3:
Song Title: Just One Day
Singer: Son Ho Young & Danny Ahn
Release Date: 1 August 2014

Part 4:
Song Title: 바라고 바라고
Singer: Kim Nayoung
Release Date: 8 August 2014

[BTS Videos]

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YES! Give me all the cute and sexy please!
infinite : chu~

Infinite "That Summer 2" Solo Stages Fancams and Audio!

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Definitely check them all out if you can! They're all really good. Crying that Dongwoo's stage doesn't have a proper fancam yet though. T__T

Sources: 애정의주인 1, 2 | WITHOUTNUMBER, 오매불망, nunapirit | LOEYEOL, ferriswheelwenn, Lena Jang | Place Kyu, Au Un, 明洙_LKIM via fyinfinite | LOVE LETTER 1, 2 | rhythmic328 1, 2, hotang328 1, 2 | turningpoint0408 1, 2 | vogyu
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Leo CeCi Interview


VIXX’s promotions for have ended, and now you have Lyn and Leo’s project album release coming up (The interview took place on July 31st).

The title ‘Blossom Tears’ fortells picking out petals one by one, ‘He loves me, he loves me not.” It’s a story about a man who carries a sad fate and the woman he loves, Lyn sunbae-nim personally wrote the lyrics. She explained the lyrics well, so it was a lot of help when we recorded.

What kind of story did you personally tell in the music video?

I play the role of a man who has been hurt by the woman he loves because she left him. After that, he kills the people he loves so that they can never leave him, a psychopath that wants complete ownership over them. Since there’s no script and I had to change my emotions like a rollercoaster with details, the acting was really hard but it ended well because the staff was really helpful.

I heard the keyword of the song is ‘obsession’. In real life, are you the type to be aloof or are you more of an obsessive type when dating?

I’m not the aloof type. I’m also the type to get jealous a lot. When I love, I give everything that I can. But if that person starts to give their attention elsewhere behind my back, or if there’s a situation that I can’t understand, I won’t look back. I’m the type to be sure of my beginnings and endings.

So you’re the type that thinks ‘trust’ is important in relationships.

My personality is that if there is no trust that connects us, I find it really hard to interact with them. I belive that trust is when your front and back sides are not different.

Is there one thing that you think relationships must have?

That’s also trust.

How might someone gain your trust?

I tend to be afraid of strangers, so there’s a lot of people who found me difficult at first. But I never push the other person away because it’s uncomfortable, but after we talk without walls between us, without lies, I get closer to them naturally.

Is there something that you must have with you, an object you obsess over?

It’s not an object, but my music playlist. (How often do you change it?) I almost never change it, I just add good songs among the ones already there. Recently I’ve been listening to Taeyang sunbae-nim’s songs a lot. There are a lot of songs that surprise me.

I heard you revealed your self-composed song at VIXX’s concert.

The song I revealed at the concert, ‘In the Cold Night’, was the firt song I’ve ever written. I wrote it with thoughts of singing it together with Ken someday. I imagined the stories from movies or books in my head for the lyrics.

How do you feel about showing your song to the world for the first time?

First of all, it was a relief. Because it was a gift I can give to our fans at the concert. Even though we stand on stage and work hard to repay the fans for their love, it always seems that we receive so much more than we give. I was happy to have been given the chance to give them a gift.

You must have been proud to hold your concert. Did you family come watch?

Whenever VIXX has a showcase or big performance, my parents and older sisters always come. My second eldest sister always cried, but this time she was calm. The words I heard the most was ‘You worked hard.’

Your musical ended in June, your sense of accomplishment must have been as big as it was for the concert. What has left behind for you?

A grown Leo. I especially learned how to communicate with people. My experience on stage grew, and I was able to meet many people. (Do you still want to do musicals in the future?) Of course. Because I was really happy.

I heard you’ll be leaving the country soon. You’re steadily doing an overseas tour, but are there any countries you’re anticipating?

We’re going to the USA and Brazil soon. I’m not the type to talk a lot, so the only thing I can show and express is being on stage. The mere fact that I can perform and meet fans in any country makes me happy.

If you go overseas, will you have time for vacation?

We don’t have time for vacation, but sometimes we have a little time before we move to another country. During those times we go shopping or sightseeing, but the members are usually concentrating on preparing for the concert if it’s ahead of us.

Are you originally the type to go on vacation? Or stay at home?

I like going to quiet places on vacation. Rather than going on vacation to play with friends, I’d go on vacation to rest. Eating out after waking up, or walking on a secluded beach.

You can’t do that while you’re promoting. How do you reduce your stress?

I watch movies, read books, and listen to music. I especially get strength from writing songs.

Do you go shopping a lot?

I’m not the style to do impulse shopping. When there’s an item I like, I only buy the ones I need. However, I do look up collections by season. I also read a lot of magazines. (Is there a style you like?) I don’t stick to one style, but I like layering clothes or wearing tidy clothes.

Running without breaks, it’s hard, isn’t it?

When you do something vaguely, eventually you’ll get tired. If you just focus on what the dream in your heart is and what you want, it’s okay.

Is there anything that even you are afraid of?

Up until my 3rd year of high school, my father was very strict. I respected him the most, but he was also who I feared the most. And also myself. There were times I was tricked because I knew myself well.

On the contrary, what is the biggest happiness you dream of?

To be a good father, a good husband. When I can accomplish things myself and have thoughts of being able to take responsibilty of another person, I want to have a happy family like I do now.

There is half of your 25th year left. Is there anything you want to do?

As VIXX’s Leo, I don’t want to change and continue singing like this. (What about as Jung Taekwoon?) I want to send my parents on vacation this year.

When will we be able to see VIXX again?

Before the comeback when we release the music video first, VIXX is just as nervous and excited as the fans are. I want to feel that again. We’ll be back soon.

Bonus question! VIXX members’ invidivual activites have increased. As this goes on, you all must be busy. Does VIXX also have a group chat in Kakao Talk?

When I leave for personal schedules, I have no choice but to start missing the members. The other members are like that as well. It’s hard to personally talk to them on the phone on site, so we share with each other intersting things that happened that day on Kakao Talk.

What have you talked about recently?

The members all have bright personalities, so rather than focusing on one subject, they make even normal stories interesting. They talk about this, talk about that, it’s all chaotic but the members think that’s funny. (laugh)

Which member takes up a lot of the chat?

It’s about the same. For me, I mostly watch rather than post things. (Which member is the slowest in replying.) I’d say it’s probably me. (laugh)

Behind Scene

Coincidentally, it was the first day of the year that there were heat wave warnings. We were fighting with the heat that wasn’t there only two days ago, and on top of that Leo had to wear F/W outfits. Truthfully, it was a temperature that you couldn’t even say a word in, let alone say it was too hot to wear. However Leo, in the words of the photographer, “could have been easily frustrated, but he didn’t even scowl once,” and did his best. Thanks to the great model and staff, the long five hours of shooting and interviewing ended without incident. The moment our sorry hearts were touched, when his tall shoulders dropped down a few times to thank us, and contrarily he was the first to speak the words that we worked hard. That was when we found that he caught a cold. How can we ever forget how grateful we are. It will remain in our hearts for a long time.

Source: @TaaaeeeK1110
Translated Credit: Fyeah-Vixx

Exid To Have Their Comeback On August 27!

Girl group EXID will be making their return to the music scene with the help of big-name producers Shinsadong Tiger and Namking Nang!

The group’s new single titled “Upside Down” is scheduled to drop on August 27, marking the beginning of the members’ activities under Yedang Entertainment.

With a powerful saxophone melody and a catchy hook, the song is said to leave an impression with its memorable sound. Member LE has personally participated in writing the lyrics and producing the track, proving her talent in the area. The production has been led by hit makers Namking Nang, who is known for composing Huh Gak and Jung Eun Ji‘s duet track “Break Up to Make Up,” and Shinsadong Tiger.

For the music video, the girls were joined by Korea’s leading choreography team YAMA&HOTCHICKS and up-and-coming visual directing team Readymade, raising the expectations for the outcome. Yedang Entertainment commented, “You can expect to see work of extremely high quality.”

Stay tuned for more updates on EXID’s comeback!

Source: Soompi

Mods, can we please have an EXID tag? Thanks! ^_^