August 21st, 2014


T-ara's Ham Eunjung cast in SBS drama "Endless Love"

T-ara's Ham Eunjung will be making her return to the silver screen after 2 years since JTBC Queen Insoo on the SBS drama, Endless Love.

Endless Love, staring Hwang Jung Eum, Ryu Soo Young and Jung Kyung Ho, takes place in the 1980s and follows the life and love of In-Ae (Hwang Jung-Eum) as well as the political and economic situations of Korea.

Eunjung’s character, playing the daughter of a rich man, will primarily be interacting with the character Tae Kyung (played by Kim Joon.) Eunjung has already begun filming today and is set to make her first appearance on the episode airing next week on August 24th.

Naver - Diadem

"Which one is Girls Day’s Hyeri?" Laboum’s Solbin…100% Synchro

Solbin of rookie girl group Laboum has been receiving attention for looking like Girl’s Day Hyeri.

On the 19th her face was revealed through SNS and their homepage. Solbin, Yulhee, Haein, ZN, Soyeon, Yujeong drew attention through their teaser image which gave a cute and innocent look.

Solbin has been called ‘Little Hyeri’. Slender face shape, gentle eyes, neat impression all give off the same atmosphere as Hyeri. Especially the large eyes and nose are 100% in synch.

With the meaning of ‘party’ in French, Laboum was introduced as a project group that NH Media and Nega Network have been working on for 4 years. Their debut mini album ‘Petit Macaron’ will include tracks by Song Ji Eum known for the popular ‘Growl’ by EXO and Jung Jae Yeop who helped JYJ. Agency officials commented proudly ‘Not just their appearance but their music and performance will have a unique feeling’ and ‘They will become a big rookie group’.

Laboum will have a showcase for their first mini album on the 27th at Hongdae V-Hall in Seogyo, Seoul. The day after that their album will be availabe both on and offline.

Sources: Naver, LaboumDaily
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WINNER - Yonhap News Interview!


We thought we would be off to a good start if we could just put our name on the charts. The members and staffers watched the song being released, and we shouted in joy when we saw the ranking. I was so thrilled inside, but because I was the leader, I kept my calm by telling the members it will drop soon.” (KANG SEUNG YOON)

However, or “fortunately,” he was wrong.

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YG LIFE, yghigh
i hate sehun

Jonghyun and Jonghyun do the IBC and nominate other Jonghyuns

[Tweet Translations]
.@realjonghyun90: Thank you to my colleagues and everyone who gave me courage to be able to take action. I hope this can become a video that will not just end with laughter, but deliver the essence of the cause. Please share your interest and love with not only those diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, but the many people who suffer from illnesses.

.@realjonghyun90: 140822 SHINee JONGHYUN + CNBLUE JONGHYUN 'Ice Buc…:

When the ice water covered me, I felt a warmness more than ever before.
It's something that can be known when we do things together through action.

.@realjonghyun90: I actually wanted to tag Teacher Lee Sooman, Park Jinyoung sunbaenim, and Yang Hyunsuk sunbaenim, but...
with the hope that all the Jonghyuns in the world can do it with us,
I tag model Hong Jonghyun, Teen Top's Jonghyun (Changjo), and Nu'est's Jonghyun (JR)...
I think all Jonghyuns are nice and handsome

.@realjonghyun90: I'm really thankful to have a friend like you, Lee Jonghyun

Embedding on the YouTube video is disabled, please visit the link!

Source: realjonghyun90 1 2 3 - translation from shiningtweets 1 2 3 4
tzuyu heart shaker


Sooyoung nominated Daniel Henney, Lee Junhyuk and Shin Sekyung
SMEnt 쇼 비지니스
she has seven videos on instagram explaining the cause, increasing awareness, ways to donate, and doing the challenge. i am so damn proud of her because she is such an inspiration

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taeyeon, yuri, and sunny have also been nominated. sunny said she'll try to gather the nominated members to do it together
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Kim Tae Hyun claims his 'dog abuse story' was made up!


Article: 'Radio Star' Kim Tae Hyun, "Dog abuse controversy, it was a made up story... I'm sorry"

Source: OSEN via Nate

"On a radio show I was on, the topic of conversation was about revenge. I figured I couldn't make up a story about a person so I used a puppy. It was a story about a puppy barking loudly in front of my house and throwing it away in the Han River but it coming back. I personally really like puppies. I've raised many myself as well. I'm sorry to the people it upset."

[netizens comments]-

1. [+929, -90] I understand the psychological pressure that gagmen are under to always be funny. At least he knows that it was immature of him. Just don't do it in the future... He's a gagman that has a lot of funny and witty things to say but never gets popular. What a shame.

2. [+817, -88] He didn't seem like a bad person... Gagmen often make the mistake of letting their passion for being funny get ahead of themselves.

3. [+767, -80] I feel bad because it seems he's always burdened by the pressure to be funny

4. [+72, -18] If he really likes puppies and raised many himself, he should know that a story like that is nothing to joke about;

5. [+66, -18] The fact that he could even make up a story like that is scarier

6. [+53, -27] How could he make up a story about killing a precious life like that just to be funny?

7. [+51, -5] At least it seems he's reflecting over it... Don't do it again. You can't take back words you've spit out.

8. [+46, -5] Even if it's made up, it's still a bizarre story. He tried to get revenge on his landowner by throwing her dog away in the Han River in a black plastic bag... How could anyone think that's funny?

9. [+46, -12] I think he's just saying it to fix his image... As someone who actually raises dogs, dogs are like family, not something you can just make a joke out of. I've always liked him as a gagman but after hearing about him making up stories and stuff just makes me suspect everything...

10. [+41, -27] He could be lying about it being made up too

11. [+35, -8] He can't be sane thinking that made up story could ever be funny

Source: Netizenbuzz (2)
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SM's favorite ship, greatest thing since sliced bread, I present TAEKAI

Sailing the ship of dreams~ Come in~

Mnet 4Things
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SBS Power FM
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140821 Mnet Countdown
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140821 EXO-L Board Update by Kai
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Thank you~ & Enjoy~

sources: exolivevod, starlight's gift, Gooz Gooz, dancerkai94 1, 2, namja1to4 1, 2, exo-l trans via fy-exo | gifs: mintytaemin, lulubaek, lujins
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mirrors lies

Song Hye Kyo Bows Her Head Down to Apologize for Recent Tax Evasion Issue


Song Hye Kyo opened up about her recent tax evasion controversy.

Before the press conference began for the film My Palpitating Life on August 21, Song Hye Kyo opened up to share her thoughts on the recent tax evasion issue.

Song Hye Kyo said, “I should’ve brought this up earlier but I couldn’t because I was staying overseas. I wrote down what I’m going to say on paper so that I don’t miss out on anything. I hope you understand.”

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source: mwave

Kang Ji Young Signs with Sweet Power Agency to Launch Acting Career in Japan


After leaving Kara, Kang Ji Young has decided to resume her activities in Japan as an actress.

Oricon Style reported on August 21, “After leaving Kara in April, it has been reported that Kang Ji Young will begin her acting career with the name ‘Ji Young,’ centered mostly in Japan. She signed with Sweet Power agency and her activities around Asia will also be managed by Sweet Power International.”

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source: mwave, netizenbuzz, naver 1 2

wow sweet power, good for her

SM's invested label's first artist "Play the Siren"

pic c/o naver

SM Entertainment has been recognized in the global music market as the greatest agency through idol music. The fruit of their hardships has been immense, however, on the other aspect, has its idol music suffer due to its complicated marketing structure that was made, and was not that easy to deal with.

Despite all these SM has ventured to the independent music genre scene (indie) last March, with the revamped hip-hop and band-leaning label Baljunso, and has debuted its new artist, hip-hop crew Play the Siren.

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article by Lee Junghyuk
naver (Sports Chosun) (original Korean article)
translated by lelouchikaru

Baljunso YT

took me a whole hour to translate and format this whole article sheesh if there's any error with the translation, please do inform me :)

EDIT: added this information for those who didn't knew the news between SM and Baljunso. IDK if they're placed as an SM label or a subsidiary of SM C&C like Woollim though

K-Pop ALS Ice Bucket Challenge *~*MASTER POST*~*

The ALS ice bucket challenge exploded earlier this month when Pete Frates (who's been living with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, since 2012) uploaded a video of the challenge to different social media sites. The challenge went viral and has opened up the eyes of the world to ALS and the struggles of those suffering through it. For more information on ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease and to donate, please visit the ALS Association Website

So what is the challenge?
The challenge is that once nominated, you have 24-hours to make one of two choices:
1. Dump a bucket of ice water (preferably with lots of actual ice mixed in) over your head and donate $10 to the ALS foundation.
2. Do not dump a bucket of ice water and donate $100 to the ALS foundation

After picking one of the choices, you nominate/call out/challenge up to three other people to also take up the challenge.

The whole point of this challenge, though, is to raise awareness and money for ALS around the world, which it certainly has been doing. As of August 20th, the ALS foundation has received $31.5 million in donations, compared to $1.9 million during the same time last year (July 29 to August 20) (ALSA)

So now, to the fun part! Here are all the Korean celebrities that have participated thus far! (I found as many translations as I could possible so, sorry if there are no subs!)

First up, former basketball player/coach and ASL patient, Park Seungil

(more info about him can be found here)


[Singer Tim]
Singer Tim


[Fly To The Sky Brian Joo]
Brian Joo

[Super Junior]


Heechul and Kangin

Donghae and Eunhyuk

Ryeowook (points for most obscure sns site???)

(if the embed doesn't load, link here )

Zhou Mi

"Very honoured to accept the invitation from my good friends @missAjia @cherylyang to do the ALS ice bucket challenge, Hope that more people will really learn about the people who have the ALS disease and also understand this type of "slowly freezing up" rare disease through this movement!! Here, i want to nominate some friends to take part @Mike He @Calvin Chen @HZT-ao, sincerely hoping that this love will pass on [heart] (thanks to @missA jia for filming this)"

Link here

[Jang Woohyuk]
Jang Woohyuk

Junsu (nice robe)

"For those with Lou Gehrig’s disease, I completed this refreshing challenge after the afternoon Dracula show. Please join and donate!!! Be strong!!! The next people I choose…Eh, I don’t know! Choi Minshik Seol Kyunggu Lee Jungjae sunbaes hehe"

Jaejoong (my favorite atm)

"ALS Campaign.. Ailee-ya thank you for making me do a good thing~ The people I've selected are actor Hwang Jeongeum, Kim Gyuri and Choi Taejun-sshi"


"Challenge success!!! The three people I want to send the challenge to are!!!!!! Kim Junsu!!!!! Son Dongwoon!!!!! Seo Kyung Jong!!!!!!! Let's take part in activities for a good cause^-^~~~"


[F(x) Amber]

[Miss A]




[Ailee and Eru]
Ailee and Eru


[Huh Gak]
Huh Gak


APink (Minus Eunji lol)


[C Clown Rome]



[Jung Joonyoung]
Jung Joonyoung

[Roy Kim]
Roy Kim

[Eddy Kim]
Eddy Kim






[CNBLUE Younghwa]

[Rainbow Jae Kyung and NS Yoon G]
Jae Kyung and NS Yoon G


[Kim Jongkook]
Kim Jongkook


[Wonder Girls Yubin and Yeeun]
Yubin and Yeeun


[Block B ]
Park Kyung


(can't embed but link here)


[WINNER Kang Seungyoon]
Kang Seungyoon


[After School]


[2PM Taecyeon]

[Royal Pirates]
Royal Pirates

[Tiny G Mint]


Sooyoung (She talks about about ALS and Seungil, it's really sweet ;;)




[Eric Nam]
Eric Nam


[Park Jaejung]
Park Jaejung

N, Leo, Hongbin

[SHINee Jonghyun and CNBLUE Jonghyun]
Jonghyun and....Jonghyun lol

no embedding allowed ㅠㅠㅠ link here











Zelo and Youngjae


[Jo Insung]
Jo Insung

[Im Joohwan]
Im Joohwan

[Choi Minshik]
Choi Minshik

"Junsu-ya, I've participated in this charity event while doing promotions for Lucy!
Thank you! Challenge to help ALS patients!! The next people I'm going to select are Director Kim Hanmin, Jo Jinwoong, Ryu Seungryo, Jungjae-ya and Kyunggu-ya, let's participate!!
(I'm uploading this instead because he doesn't have a Twitter account.)"

[Seol Kyunggu]
Seol Kyunggu

"Junsu-yah~ You really challenged Minshik-ie hyung! ㅎㅎ
I hope everyone continues to share these challenges.
Next, I’m calling out Son Yejin! Yeo Jingoo! Kwak Dowon! Let’s do this together~~~~!!
(Because he doesn’t use Twitter, I am uploading this on his behalf)"

[Park Hanbyul]
Park Hanbyul

[Lee Kwangsoo]
Lee Kwangsoo

[Lee Seunggi]
Lee Seunggi


[Kim Yoojeong]
Kim Yoojeong


[Han Jimin]
Han Jimin


[Kim Woobin]
Kim Woobin


[Jeon Hyunmoo]
Jeon Hyunmoo

[Yoo Jaesuk]
Yoo Jaesuk

[Jeong Joonha]
Jeong Joonha

[Shin Bora]
Shin Bora

[Kim Junho]
Kim Junho

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While I was making this, so many new challenges popped up, so if I missed anyone, please let me know in the comments so I can edit it in ^^! UPDATED AS OF AUG 22 9PM KST (GODBIN, BAP, SNSD, Kim Woobin, etc)!
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Kevin & Kyungri (+ a Star Empire rookie) to form a new sub-unit!!!


It seems we might get Star Empire's own version of 'Trouble Maker' soon.

Star Empire revealed on August 21st, "Nine Muse' Kyungri, ZE:A's Kevin and a rookie member are currently preparing for their upcoming unit project which will come out in early September", "The rookie member is said to have an innocent yet still sexy style. Together they will present everyone an incredibly sexy stage in the near future".

Though the name and other specific details about this unit project are still under discussion, but upon this being called as another version of 'Trouble Maker', it sure has stirred up the expectation and anticipation of many fans.

source: dkpopnews

YESSSSSSSSSS but is the addition of a rookie really necessary ಥ_ಥ

Team B's new survival show "MIX&MATCH" will air next month + picture of the rumor 3 trainees

Win Team B, the group which finished as the runner-up to Winner on “WIN,” looks set to take part in another survival show, according to a news report. The show will be broadcast by Mnet, and will be entitled “Mix & Match.” The first episode is set to air on September 11, following the conclusion of “Show Me the Money 3."

According to the report, the program will involve all six members of Team B, as well as three more hopeful contestants, competing for the reward of a debut.
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[Low quality picture of the rumor 3 trainees lol]


2014 stay juicy - Han Hyo Joo's brother army scandal


Article: 'War of Words' discuss famous actress younger brother responsible for assault in the army

The younger brother of an actress bullied a soldier to the point of suicide. His family attempted to compensate the soldier's family for $6,000~usd while the army tried to write off his death as having suffered from psychological illnesses.

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source: netizenbuzz, tv daily via nate

Should Han Hyo Joo be blamed?

yes, her agency silenced the media afterall
no, it's her brother's fault