August 24th, 2014


4Ten Teaser Photos and Member Profiles

The group name 4TEN is an abbreviation of 'Potential'. Hidden in the word is the meaning of being a surprise bomb full of ambition and aspirations in the midst of a fierce competition between the many up-and-coming groups.

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Stage Name: TEM (탬)
Korean Name: Taem Gong Ju (탬공주)
English Name: Esther Tham
Position: Rap
Date of Birth: February 13th, 1990
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: listening to music, watching movies, cooking, cleaning the house, writing lyrics
Specialities: Making Diet Food, Weight Training

- Born in California
- Korean Chinese American
- Featured in M.I.B's 'M.I.B is Coming 2' and 'Celebrate (Dubstep Remix)'


Stage Name: 혜지 (HYEJI)
Real Name: 정혜지 (Jeong Hye Ji)
Position: Vocal
Date of Birth: April 2nd, 1992
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: cooking, listening to music, snowboarding, bungee jumping, writing lyrics
Specialities: cooking, watching movies, singing, flexible

- Also known as 하임 (HIME/Ha Im)
- Featured in M.I.B's 'Before Biting a Cigarette'


Name: 유진 (EUJIN) (Pronounced as YooJin)
Position: Rap
Date of Birth: December 3rd, 1993
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: exercising, cleaning, listening to music, shopping
Specialities: exercising without getting tired, cooking a simple dish


Name: 혜진 (HYEJIN)
Position: Vocal
Date of Birth: November 21st, 1996
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: dancing, listening to music, eating good food
Specialities: dancing, jumping rope, good laugh


and they also released "Who's That" a 30 second TEM rap solo directed by M.I.B's Cream with lyrics by him and TEM.

via 4TEN Facebook, fy4ten, and 4TEN
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Beenzino was on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook Recently!

Performing 'Up All Night'

On a recent episode of Yoo Hee Yeol's Beenzino appeared! He performed two broadcast-safe versions of his songs with Mayson the Soul--Dali, Van, Picasso and Up All Night. He also had a small interview as well.

via Conpia

It was fun! The episode should be up on the KBS Youtube channel with subs sometime soon--maybe next week? I'm not sure of the amount of time they take to upload things. Zino is having fun and his interview didn't seem awkward at all (he had shades on at first and then I think he got asked to take them off, lmao); he made everyone laugh. He came near the end of the episode and closed the show. I'll update again with the other performance and interview if I see subtitles for it. For now, enjoy Zino's TV-safe bop, lol.
brotp. TK.

Introducing HOTSHOT! Vol Teasers

Since they are close to debuting, holding their first fan meeting next week, I'm here to introduce my fellow Omona citizens to HOTSHOT! Consist of 7 members, HOTSHOT is made up of Hojung, Sungwoon, Moonkyu, Junhyuk, San, Byungwoon, & Taehyun! Ages range from '92 to '94, all legal! They are a hip-hop group produce by K.O. Sound and Oscar Entertainment. In a upcoming post, I shall comply all their profiles, for now, enjoy their volume teasers and please anticipate.

[VOL 1....]

[VOL 2.....]

[VOL 3.....]

[VOL 4....]

[VOL 5....]
아침 좋은_ (Good Morning)_ Composed/Sung by Junhyuk with Moonkyu and Hojung

[Teaser pics from VOL 2...]10491978_305024456348613_3891270641642532129_n

source: K.O. Sound 1, 2, 3, 4 | Hotshot official Facebook | fyhotshot | VOL.5 reup by me

(/screams internally that her last baby, moonkyu, is set to debut soon and everything will be right in her world)
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The TaeTiSeo Previews

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On 1, On 2, On 3, On 4, On Style@Facebook, taengsion

i finally finished watching jessica and krystal, which i loved, so really looking forward to this

question for mods: can i request a taetiseo tag since they're going to be actively promoting as a subunit? just asking since orange caramel has one :)
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Return of Superman, E38

Somebody get Minguk a permanent helmet omg he falls like every 2 out of 3 episodes and climbing the window is so dangerous

I sooooo want to see the current families meet up! At least the twins and triplets because of the havoc that would ensue. Maybe for the one-year anniversary of the show? :3

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A Pink's pink lightsticks receive criticism for being identical to Girls' Generation

A Pink has recently come under fire for due to their lightstick being almost identical to more senior group, Girls’ Generation.

Netizens began posting their disapproval of the new lightsticks when an image was posted of A Pink and Girls’ Generations lightsticks side by side.

Comments read, “So tired of A Pink copying Soshi…”, “I really don’t understand… They said they wouldn’t use it, why use it again? Just because A Pink has the word pink in it?” and more.

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Source: koreaboo

LOL. Sones are always coming after A Pink so hard. Hopefully they make it a different shade of pink.

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"KCON 2014: The convention we got, and the convention we could have"

By Kay Thompson

As a resident of the rural American Midwest, I’ve logged some experience as one of thousands of people attending a festive gathering that puts culture on display. No, I’ve never been to ComicCon – but I have been to the state fair. I commented to my friend as we departed Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena after a hot, exhausting day at KCON 2014, that KCON bore a lot of resemblance to the state fair. “It’s only missing the animals,” I said (although, after hours spent in queues, I felt like I’d become part sheep). KCON presented attendees with the spectacle of a culture that many of us had only imagined rather than experienced firsthand. We could imitate dance moves and makeup routines, hear about K-pop blogging, and watch Korea’s super stars perform – live and in person! I attended KCON to find out: What does engagement with Korean popular culture look like, “live and in person”? And to what extent is that engagement meaningful? Here, I reflect on how KCON addressed those questions, from the mechanics of attendance to the bigger picture –and what KCON could do better in the future to build on the promise of the Korean Wave.

KCON, now in its third year, is organized by the television channel MNET America and its parent company, CJ E&M. The entire convention is held in downtown LA near the campus of the University of Southern California and the California Science Center, ensuring easy access by public transportation. This year’s convention was arranged entirely outdoors, around the perimeter of the stadium beneath tents; on the south side of the arena, a separate area had been designated as the “Market” and housed food trucks, merchandise vendors, sponsor booths (CJ, Viki, Asiana, Verizon, and more), and a small stage for daytime performances.

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What would it look like for KCON to create a cross-cultural encounter that brings us closer to this kind of learning and transformation? Click on the source below to find out!

Beyond Hallyu

MOD NOTE: I got permission to post half of the article from the Beyond Hallyu mods as per our agreement. I took the most compelling sections and shared it with yall, I thought at least some of you would appreciate a critical eye, especially from Kay Thompson who is a fantastic writer. READ THE FULL ARTICLE ON THEIR WEBSITE!