September 1st, 2014

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And another one bites the dust: Shin Sungwoo to Leave Roommate

sobs ;~; pls take chanyeol with you

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don't tell me bye bye, (jeonggukie is drunk)

Billboard calls Winner "K-pop's Exciting New Boy Band".

The quintet's first single was revealed less than three weeks ago and now they have a No. 1 on Billboard's World Albums chart and a Top 10 entry on Heatseekers Albums.

It's an intrinsic property of the K-pop scene that its stars go through years of training before their public introduction. But for WINNER, the just-debuted boy band that joins BIGBANG, 2NE1, PSY and more at YG Entertainment, that process was rather atypical.Collapse )
op is so so proud of these babies bc they're #winning. (also shout-out to babyonions sunbaenim for inspiring me to get into winner.) edit: i unlocked the post omg im sorry i kept thinking about how u have to be a member to comment so i locked the post lmao im sorry :(

Fly to the Sky's Hwanhee Will Not Go Public with His Relationship

As the idol of 15 years, Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee claimed that he will not be going public with his relationship.

During recent shoot for KBS 2TV’s 1 vs. 100, Hwanhee challenged 100 others to win 50 million won in prize money.

Hwanhee said, “Many idols freely go public with their relationships these days. But such a thing was unimaginable in our days. If we went public with our relationship back in the days, it caused a big problem. The company didn’t like it,” revealing that idol culture has changed to be more open in the past 15 years.

He said “If I’m not thinking of marrying my girlfriend, it would only cause damage to be revealing my relationship. It will be a difficult thing for both me and her.”

He then said that he currently doesn’t have a girlfriend but his ideal type is someone with beautiful hands.

The show is set to air on September 2.

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These Guys Making OP’s Life Difficult

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Trot Group Lady T Debuts with "Dingaling"

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This apparently came out last month but this version was posted today and another copy was 3 months ago? idk, but I didn't bother posting their other song because it was bad

Even as someone who has trot as a guilty pleasure this doesn't stand out, a couple of them have annoying voices (imo) too. I really like the camera work in the mv though!

SPEED's Taewoon releases "Zico's Hyung," raps on relationship and rivalry with younger brother Zico

Block B's Zico is pretty well known in mainstream and underground circles for his rapping and producing skills. His older brother of lesser fame, Taewoon, leader of Core Contents Media's boy group SPEED (debuted in 2011), has taken up similar pursuits, but with less success. His recent appearance on his younger brother's episode of 4 Things on Mnet has garnered some attention, especially regarding the relationship between the two brothers. Taewoon addressed his rivalry with his brother in a short track released today.

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Mods, could we get a Speed tag? Pretty please?

And here, have a pic of Taewoon with Mino!

dejavu sua

OP's not lying this time - ☆SPICA.S☆ SUB-UNIT IS HERE TO SLAY!!!!!!!

SPICA Releases Teaser Images for New Unit Group, SPICA.S

B2M Entertainment has just released teaser images for a new SPICA unit group, SPICA.S.

Consisting of members Bohyung, Jiwon, Juhyun, and Narae (in other words, every member except Boa), SPICA.S will be releasing a single for "SPICA Project" on September 12th.

One agency representative stated, "The 'S' in 'SPICA.S' stands for 'Special,' as the members will be showing a special side of themselves this time around." The representative continued, "Furthermore, Boa is currently in the midst of preparing a solo song for 'SPICA Project.'"

It looks like we'll be getting a variety of new songs and concepts from SPICA in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on "SPICA Project."




sauces: moonROK, @b2ment 1 2 3

B2M lied, the S in Spica.S doesn't stand for Special, it stands for Sexy and Slay omfg!!!!! this is the best idea B2M's come up with since Lee Hyori's X-Unnie, a sub-unit that's really just the whole group minus their leader, and then a solo for the leader? I'm sorry I ever doubted you B2M... but you better give me the mythical full album by the end of the year!!!

Juhyun looks so good I'm gonna die ♥___♥ which is your fave pic omona??

I'm a genie for your Tabi wish

T.O.P Wants to Keep Acting as Long as People Want Him To

On September 1, BIGBANG’s T.O.P, who also goes by Choi Seung Hyun, revealed his plans for his acting career in an interview with OSEN.

He said, “If there are people who want me to act, I would like to continue doing so. I want to keep going if I can do it well. But, honestly, I don’t think acting is a job that I do while expecting to succeed. I only act as an advocate for the character that I am portraying.” He continued, “It’s the same for a singer but an actor is always the latter of two parties, the audience being the former. I want to continue acting until I am sure that the audience wants me. But I don’t want to continue unless I get that confidence. I think that is one of the reasons why I haven’t done that many projects yet.

Meanwhile, T.O.P is the lead character for Tazza 2, which is set to be released this coming September 3.

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this must be a joke: South Korea's Jersey Shore aka Gangnam Boys! (ft. ☆Jiwon☆??)

South Korea has created their own version of “Jersey Shore”, out of the iconic Gangnam district in Seoul. The show, called “Gangnam Boys” will be airing soon.
In the video teaser, “Gangnam Boys” are shown to be those who are from the district of Gangnam. The first person introduced from the “Gangnam Boys” is Tommy, someone who says “wearing Abercrombie is essential”.

In the teaser, Tommy goes to pickup Korean girls in Gangnam and even comes across SPICA member Jiwon!

Check out the teaser below, subbed in English.

Jiwon appears at 1:49 (and gave my tlist a scare bc we thought this was filmed recently and we freaked out about the short hair. so this must have been filmed in what, late 2012/early 2013??)

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NYAN: Winner Takes All...of what's left of the summer

Ashe, Kiara, Noah, Shannon and Tim celebrate the end of summer by counting down their top ten Korean songs of the hot season! Also, will South Koreans go extinct before we as a human race blow ourselves off the planet? ELFs, which Super Junior member would like to call you Mamacita? And why can't everybody LEAVE SULLI ALONE! Also, Shannon comes back after a short hiatus and completely blows the show off the rails. Thanks, Shannon.
Gong Yoo | Reading

Bicycle MV :: Jung In & Gary

Jung In and Gary, who created a sensation with their first duet ‘Your Scent’, are coming back this fall 2014 for another warm, sentimental duet.

Their second digital single, ‘Bicycle’ is about a typical autumn day date – two, in love, biking together in the breeze, under the sun. Jung In and Gary invite you to share the sentiments of this away-from-stress time with a loved one. With Jung In’s unique, amazing voice combined with Gary’s sweet rap, the song is sure to give us some tingling warmth inside.

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Girl’s Day Hyeri’s Aegyo Makes Their Official Site Crash!


Girl’s Day is more popularly known these days with their sexy concept, however youngest member Hyeri showed her youthful side with unintentional aegyo during their last day in the special version of MBC “Real Men“. Her much-talked about aegyo was most possibly the reason that caused Girl’s Day’s official homepage to shut down due to the huge number of people visiting it.

On the ending ceremony of the show, the commanders bid goodbye to the female members, and with the emotional words, the members began tearing up. One of the members who became emotional was Hyeri, and in bidding her farewell to her commander, she cutely whined which made the strict commander smile.

The Girl’s Day member’s aegyo became popular online, topping search portals everywhere and the probable cause of the Girl’s Day website crash.

[Check out Hyeri’s aegyo on the video below starting at 3:00:]Check out Hyeri’s aegyo on the video below starting at 3:00:

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