September 5th, 2014

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Agency Denies Dating Rumor Between Lee Jong Suk and miss A’s Suzy.

Lee Jong Suk denied the dating rumors with miss A’s Suzy. On September 4, a tabloid source claimed photos capturing of Lee Jong Suk and Suzy on a date have been taken and stated through SNS, “A member named B from girl group M is currently dating actor Lee Jong Suk. An entertainment media outlet will be releasing a report on it tomorrow. Member B is Bae Suzy.”

Lee Jong Suk’s agency received numerous phone calls after the rumor spread. However, an affiliate from Lee Jong Suk’s agency spoke with Newsen and claimed, “He has never met Suzy and they never worked on the same project. They didn’t even film a commercial together. We have no idea why the rumor spread.”

[Dispatch denies dating rumors between Suzy and Lee Jong Suk]

Article: Dispatch releases statement on rumors of Suzy dating Lee Jong Suk
Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

Rumors began spreading that Dispatch would be releasing a report on Suzy dating Lee Jong Suk but Dispatch said no, they will be mourning for Eunbi and releasing behind the scenes cuts from Suzy's pictorial in the morning.


1. [+473, -51] Dispatch, those paparazzi attention seekers.. All they do is release clarification articles for criminals like Park Bom and Song Hye Gyo and act like they're so just and righteous with their media play ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Admit it, you guys are just as trash ㅋㅋㅋ Gossip tabloids and paparazzi are one and the same ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+265, -38] So are they dating or not

3. [+281, -71] What about the rumors with Sung Joon???

4. [+50, -6] Dispatch acts like they're so holier than tho when they kneel and crawl for powerhouses like YG and Song Hye Gyo and power trip against the weaker celebrities. They act like they're so much more important with all their secrets... When they're the ones who wrote that clarification article on Park Bom's scandal.

5. [+14, -5] Rumors have already been found to be groundless.

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tell me omona, how are you handling this heartbreaking news? will you ever believe in love again?

T.O.P Reflects Back on His Experience as Actor Choi Seung Hyun in Interview

It was a different T.O.P than the one we were all used to. BIGBANG’s T.O.P, who uses his real name Choi Seung Hyun as an actor, portrayed an entirely different character from the ones he had previously taken on. Instead of the dark, lonely, and sad characters from before, he could be seen portraying a guy who can send out huge hearts to a beautiful woman he sees, or grin nonchalantly as older women coo at him, or even yell “Open! Open!” as money keeps flowing in on a gambling match. His character in the new film, “Tazza 2,” is one that no one has seen him attempt before.
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Tracklist for SHINee's third Japanese album, "I'm Your Boy"


The album will be released on the 24th under Universal Music Japan sublabel EMI Records (the former Nayutawave)

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SHINee official JPN site

For me the album's single's overall musical style is a mess, but I have to officially hold all my judgement until the album comes out. And LOL SM what's with the same song titles? Somewhat smh for Boys Meet U being the last track, hoping for Everybody to be the the last though.

T-ARA donates 1,500 kg (3,300 lbs) of rice to single mothers for Chuseok

Today on the 5th; T-ara members Boram, Qri and Hyomin visited the Angel Headquarters on behalf of T-ara to make a donation of 1,500 kg (approx. 3,300 pounds) of rice.

The Angels Headquarters is a non-profit organization that seeks to aid people, adults and children, in despair through more than simply monetary donations. They seek to provide hope and warmth to people’s hearts.

T-ara’s generous gesture comes with the upcoming Korean holiday, Chuseok, on September 8th. “It seems I’ll be able to spend the holidays with T-ara’s warm donation,” a thankful parent says.

The donated rice will be delivered to the facilities that houses single mothers and their children.

We thank our girls for their charitable act and hope we can follow their example and provide hope for all those in need.

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Miss Asia Pacific World Gets Dethroned, Flees Korea with $100K Tiara

Photo Credit: Soe Zeya Tun of Reuters

Last week, Miss Asia Pacific World dethroned Myanmar’s first international beauty Queen, May
Myat Noe, for alleged dishonesty and accused her of absconding with a $100,000 tiara and free breast implants.

Noe lashed back in a press conference held in Yangon on Tuesday.

“I’m not even proud of this crown,” she said after opening a blue jewelry box and setting the tiara on the table, “I don’t want a crown from an organization with such a bad reputation.”

Noe said the South Korea-based pageant lied about her age, stating that she was 18 instead of 16. According to the pageant’s official website, the minimum required age to enter the contest is 18, but despite this restriction, Noe was somehow still allowed to compete.

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"Kim had claimed that the $10,000 tab for the surgery was picked up by sponsors in order to enhance the teen beauty queen’s budding singing career."

Correlation between boobs and singing ability = ????? anyway smh if this is true. How dare she turn down surgery and sex, what a diva! Can't say I am surprised, though. Good on her for fighting back.

Source:KoreAm Journal

[Interview] Drunk Talk with T-ARA

Will there be any girl group that fits the word ‘Love and Hate’ as much as T-ara? Having had so many hit songs after their debut in 2009, T-ara had gained a popularity that doesn’t only stop with the fandom but also the general public. The members who have it all from looks to talents, have received love from not only group activities but also from personal activities in dramas to entertainment to musicals. However, that love has turned into scary hatred.

In a split-second, the fans who used to applaud for them have turned into ‘Anti’s who would fire malicious comments and vulgar curses at them. They received criticisms in the middle of controversy of losing a member and undergoing changes. They apologised and explained. They bowed their heads and pleaded but turning around the heart of the public that has once changed was not easy.

Now, T-ara no longer explains themselves continuously. They have simply chosen to shed sweat and work hard. Whether they will be able to regain their past glory is an uncertain thing to even the members, themselves. However, they won't just sink down. On the 11th, T-ara are releasing their mini-album 'SUGAR FREE' and coming back with group activities. They were sure it’s a ‘music and stage that no other girl group has tried until now’. We met with T-ara’s Soyeon, Eunjung, and Jiyeon at an open bar in Seoul. The first words of the members who went to sit down were “We might smell like sweat since we were practicing the dance just a while ago.”

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Translartion: FY! T-ARA
Magazine scan: EunChanNet (Members Only)
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Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Is Confident “My Spring Day” Can Beat Krystal’s and Shin Se Kyung’s Dra


Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung showed her confidence in her new project, “My Spring Day.”

At the production presentation of the new MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “Springtime of My Life” held at the MBC New Building on September 4, the singer-actress has expressed her faith in the upcoming drama, saying that she is confident that the drama “Springtime of My Life” will edge over its competitors: SBS’ “My Lovely Girl” and KBS 2TV’s “Iron Man.”

“There will be people who will like the story and feel of our drama. I am confident that our drama (“Springtime of My Life”) will be more loved than the other two,” said Sooyoung on the inevitable ratings war among her drama and Krystal’s “My Lovely Girl” and Shin Se Kyung’s “Iron Man.”

However, Sooyoung reveals that this “war” among them will be strictly on television ratings because she has a good relationship with the other two actresses. “I have always had a friendly relationship with Shin Se Kyung and Krystal. We send each other text messages and give each other pats on the back,” said Sooyoung.

Meanwhile, “My Spring Day” will air this coming September 10 at 10 PM (KST) on MBC. It tells the story of a terminally-ill woman, Lee Bomi (Choi Sooyoung) who gets a new leash on life after having an organ transplant. It is a melodrama that will share the warm and kind love she encounters as she meets the husband of her heart donor, Kang Dong Ha (Kang Woo Sung) and his children.

[netizens comments]Article: 'The Spring Day of My Life' Choi Sooyoung "Competing against Shin Se Kyung and Krystal? I'm confident"

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+1,243, -74] It's because of parachute castings like her that idols get hate... Her male partner is not even an idol but Kam Woosung... How does it make sense that Jang Shin Young was pushed out of the lead for her.. And there's also lots of talk about Krystal being an idol parachute.. I get that it's wrong to hate on idols for acting but you have to admit they land these roles easily.

2. [+930, -72] I don't feel like watching any of the three.......;

3. [+697, -67] Don't all three of them suck at acting anyway?

4. [+501, -32] A battle of the senior and junior labelmates

5. [+415, -36] Wow~ She claims she's confident!!!! Kam Woosung ㅠㅠ

6. [+120, -14] Both her acting and her face are the most lacking out of the three, what confidence she has ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+112, -14] Not that I'm going to watch the drama anyway but I don't get why Jang Shin Young lost the lead role to Sooyoung

8. [+100, -14] Wow, there really must be a shortage of twenty something actresses

Source: Soompi & Netizenbuzz
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Kiss&Cry "momentarily stopped activities", Haena now on SuperStar K6

(Translated excerpt from original article on Superstar K6)
Disbanded four-member girl group Kiss&Cry's member Lee Haena also took part (in the competition). A group which was actively promoting at the beginning of this year suddenly disbanded. Haena said, "I was in a dilemma because I didn't know what to do. I wanted to stand on stage again, so I knocked on the Superstar K door," explaining her participation in the show. She earnestly sang Ailee's "Singing Got Better".


EDIT: new info ((I submitted a new post, idk why it wasn't accepted instead of this? sorry for the unnecessary panic!))

according to Winning Insight's post on K&C's fancafe, the group has "momentarily stopped activities" and have not "disbanded completely", but Haena's contract has indeed ended.
[message in Korean + translation]Bwx0XsWCQAEuF_0

This is Winning Insight M.

This is a message for Kiss&Cry fans.

We have sad (actually says sorry) news for all the fans.

Kiss&Cry has momentarily stopped activities due to various internal company issues.

But this is not to say they've disbanded completely, we can only say there are various changing factors.

First of all, member issue or situation is dynamic and we want to confirm that currently one of the members Lee Haena has finished her contract and is currently appearing in Superstar K.

Our company wishes that Haena, who is on attempting something new on a new path, wish all the luck and success with unchanging love and affection from the fans.

Thank you

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okay this is slightly more of a relief after thinking they really disbanded.. except not really because wtf they let Haena go?? her voice was my fave in K&C, it's so unique T_T what is Winning Insight doing, putting together such a talented bunch of girls without the money or aptitude to manage them well?? they took down the Revenge MV, I suppose they realised what a low-budget embarrassment it was. sigh I really hope they get another chance at a comeback :( I hope Haena does well on SSK6 too! they don't even have a tag ;-; also I really love how all the members are open to adding and interacting with fans on FB, they're so sweet :(