September 6th, 2014

ryu sera
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Ryu Sera posts original song called "Medicine Song"

The lyrics so confusing lol
anyways today nobody was home and I bravely moved to the living room
Hope our happiness comes from our hearts
muack !
가사는 자막으로 넣었으니 편할 거예요
행복합시다 라는말
진짜 어려운 것 같아요.
외부 환경이나 다른 사람때문이 아닌
속에서 우러나오는 행복을 느낄수있는
능력자들이 되길
그대도 나도

idk if the song is called medicine song or just medicine (i think it's medicine but w/e)
the message was nice and positive and lord knows we all could use a positive reminder to appreciate life
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Sojung Recovering After Successful Surgery, No Changes in RiSe’s Condition!


Ladies’ Code member Sojung is recovering well after a successful surgery for her injuries from the tragic car crash of September 3.

Sojung received surgery on September 5 for the facial fractures she sustained from the accident. A representative from her hospital said reported that she was recovering quickly and said, “The surgery ended well. She is currently in the recovery room.”

Sadly, as Sojung recovers from her accident she will be notified by her family and her agency, Polaris Entertainment, that fellow member EunB passed away during the accident. EunB’s funeral ended on September 5. Ashley and Zuny, who were still recovering from their less severe injuries, were seen at the funeral, mourning for their friend.

Polaris Entertainment also gave an update on RiSe’s condition, telling reporters that she was still unconscious and that there have been no great changes in her condition.

[netizens comments]
Article: Kwon RiSe still in critical state... "Remains in the ICU"

Source: Econ Today via Nate

1. [+743, -19] I hope she's never forgotten and is constantly in the news ㅠㅠ Every single day, I wonder about her news.. ㅠㅠ Wishing for a miracle

2. [+516, -16] Ah... RiSe-ya... Please win over this... I read the news every day because of you

3. [+406, -10] RiSe-ya, wake up please. I'll be waiting for you.

4. [+15, -1] Kwon RiSe, wake up please...

5. [+12, -2] My heart beats every time in case bad news come sup.. It's a group I never cared about, why am I so nervous? ㅜ I'm not even a fan but I'm just... so sad.

6. [+10, -2] I woke up after 8 days of unconsciousness after a car accident when I was younger. After a year of hospitalization and treatments, I'm healthy today. I hope RiSe-ssi wakes up soon as well.

7. [+8, -3] Did RiSe not have a seat belt on too?

8. [+6, -1] Scared of even going on the internet in case I see bad news. Praying that she wakes up.

Source: Soompi & Netizenbuzz

Defining Racism in Korea

“We apologize, but due to Ebola virus we are not accepting Africans at the moment.”

This is what a bar in Itaewon, a popular area for expats and tourists in Seoul, publicly posted in front of its property last month.

The statement triggered thousands of angry comments online, both from expats and locals ― especially after the public learned of reports that the bar admitted a white person from South Africa, while banning almost all dark-skinned individuals, regardless of their nationalities.

The incident is likely to get attention from Mutuma Ruteere, the U.N. special rapporteur on racism. Ruteere is scheduled to visit Seoul later this month to monitor the situation of racial discrimination and xenophobia in Korea and will file a report to the U.N. Human Rights Council next year.

The incident is one of the growing number of racism cases in the country ― Asia’s fourth-biggest economy, a key manufacturing powerhouse in the region, as well as the producer of hallyu.

While the nation’s immigrant population continues to rise, Korean racism ― both structural and internalized ― is becoming a growing concern to the international community.

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Source: The Korea Herald

A bit lengthy, but definitely worth a read. Lots of interesting points (and outrageous cases!) brought up.
citation needed

Ladies' Code Kwon Ri Sae passes away

Kwon Ri Sae has passed away.

On Sept. 7th Ladies' Code's agency Polaris Entertainment released an official statement that Kwon Ri Sae has passed away on September 7th 10:10AM KST at the age of 23.

The agency stated that after the accident on the 3rd, Rise, who had received a traumatic brain injury, was transported to a hospital and received all surgeries and treatmeants possible, but has unforunately passed. Her parents who flew in from Japan as well as the agency staff kept by her side until her last moment.

The location of her funeral ceremony has not yet been determined.

The agency added, "We are extremely grievous and sorry to announce another tragedy after the passing of Go Eunbi."

translated by OP

John Park releases a disturbing MV teaser for "U"

Solo artist John Park has began gearing up for his long-awaited comeback by releasing a thrilling teaser for “U“!
The clip was unveiled on September 5, a week before the single release on September 12. In addition to John Park, who has taken on a dark and vampire-like character, the teaser video shows a young man stalking an attractive woman to a creepy extent. Reminiscent of horror films, the clip features impressive effects to take the viewing experience to the next level.
For his comeback, the talented singer has went for a sound inspired by British pop. Combined with his attractive bass voice and great ability to express emotions, the song leaves a lasting impression on the listener with its addictive and unique sound. The title track “U” has been produced by Shin Hyuk, who is also the man behind hits like EXO‘s “Growl,” SHINee‘s “Dream Girl,” and VIXX‘s “Voodoo Doll,” in collaboration with a team of composers, best known for creating Justin Bieber‘s “One Less Lonely Girl.”

cr: 1theK; soompi

that was creepy... his voice tho *-*