September 11th, 2014

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[Marie Claire] Pretty Boys without Borders – Abnormal Summit Cast

individual pictures and interviews under spoiler cuts.

[Part One - Enes & Sam]


Enes Kaya | Turkey

When I listen to what you say, I feel like you’re the one who are the most similar to a Korean person among the cast. How did you get to know Korea?

I started college in Korea back in 2002. I had taken the college entrance exam in Turkey and was waiting for the results when my father asked me if I’d like to go to college in Korea. I said okay and I was in Korea just a week later. I did various jobs from being a translator, to play in movies and doing variety programs. I was street cast by coincidence in 2007. I worked as a model after that. Agencies contacted me. Then, I did various programs as a foreigner who can speak Korean. And I worked as a soccer team interpretor and right now, I’m doing TV activities.

It seems that your popularity is at its best nowadays. Do people recognize you?

Not a lot of people try to talk to me. However, I have 5,000 Facebook friends and I have 2,500 pending friends requests. A lot of my friends are Turkish. Thanks to the Hallyu (Korean Wave) also flowing in Turkey, there’s a lot of interest about Korea. I think that the fact I’m doing TV activities right now gets people to recognize me because my face is also seen in Turkish news.

Looking at you during the photo shoot earlier, I guess you have a good body because you’ve worked as a model.

To be honest, I do almost nothing to stay fit. I don’t exercise. I believe in eating moderately and not gain weight. However, I get a lot of sponsorship requests these days. Like for cosmetics or massage spas. To be honest, I only apply skin toner.

What do you do on your days off?

I’ve been running a trade consulting company. I almost have no day off because of my TV activities and because I’m running this business.

I know you’re married to a Korean woman. I’m curious to hear what you find charming about Korean women.

To be honest, it’s hard to answer to this kind of questions because it’s hard to compare women from different countries. I went to an all-boy boarding school in middle school and high school, so I dated when I came to Korea and Korean women are the only women I dated. My father told me that marrying a Korean woman was a great thing.

I’m curious to hear about your future plans.

First of all, I think I’ll be in Korea for a long time, so I want to leave a good image as a Turkish person. Why don’t I have something like this? Something like the “Nation’s sweetheart” title. My goal is to be called the “Nation’s brother”.


Sam Okyere │ Ghana

I was surprised during the photo shoot. I thought you were just a funny guy, but your body and face are on a model level.

It’s great to hear things like that. When I first came to Korea, people were scared. I think they thought of Black people as scary people who always have the hip-hop style. I hear more and more that I look like Will Smith now.

Good-looking people usually embellish themselves more. I think hearing such compliments will make you do the same.

I have no interest about taking care of my body or my skin, but I cannot not care now that I’m on TV. I sometimes go get a massage, but it’s the exception. Not long ago, my older sister who is in Ghana sent me make-up for my skin.

Your body does look like you take care of it.

I don’t particularly exercise. I work on my abs and do some stretching when I have time. I mostly work on my abs in the morning. I eat oatmeal, eggs and bacon and I exercise. This shows good result and that gives me energy for the day. Men in Ghana are used to do most of their own cooking, so I mostly eat what I cook for myself.

It seems that you totally became a Korean person. How long have you been in Korea?

It’s been 5 years. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d come to Korea one day. My father convinced me to apply for a scholarship. It took about a year for the result to come out. I thought I wouldn’t get it, but once the result was out, it didn’t take more than a week for me to be in Korea.

You came here as an exchange student, now you’re almost a TV personality. Did you want to do this type of activities in the beginning?

I didn’t. When I actually started doing it, it was fun and I think it can help the relationship between Korea and Ghana. I also want to do this kind of work when I’m back in Ghana later on.

This is something that was surprising because you haven’t been in Korea for a long time. It seems that you completely adjusted [to Korea].

I’m adjusted to some things, but I have yet to adjust to the drinking culture. Alcohol is a part of Korean culture and I don’t drink alcohol. It’s for religious reasons and also to maintain my body. When you’re young, you’re okay even if you drink alcohol because your body is strong, but it ruins your body afterward. However, people in Korea always drink alcohol and they offer you to drink, so things like this are little bit hard to handle.

There’s something I’m always curious about when it comes to foreign men. What do you think of Korean women?

First of all, they’re very pretty. I think they really care about their body and they take care of it. So that’s why there seems to be a lot of women who did plastic surgery. I think you can see right away when a woman got plastic surgery. I don’t know why they do it. To me, their image before the plastic surgery and after is similar. Being pretty or not isn’t important. I think what’s important is how much self-confidence you have. No matter how pretty you are, you have no charm if you don’t have self-confidence.

Will we be able to keep seeing you on TV?

I think I’ll keep working on TV. I’m planning to study Korean even more because what I’m doing right now can be possible and opportunities come to me because I’m able to speak Korean. I want to try to write poetry later on. I have already written a couple of things, though. I like teacher Ko Un, so I want to become a poet like him.

[Part Two - Robin and Julian]Marie-Claire-Robin

Robin Deiana │ France

You’re called the French flower boy. Your face is seen a lot these days, but I heard you’ve already shot many CFs. I’m curious to know how you got to know about Korea.

I was a b-boy when I was in France. After coming to Korea for a b-boy tour, I started doing TV activities and I even shot CFs. I was already interested in Korea before I came here. I’ve liked Korean variety programs since college, so I’m used to watch them. That’s why my Korean improved a lot, and I wanted to come to Korea.

It’s fun seeing you do all these activities. You didn’t just shoot CFs, you also tried out for an audition program.

I wanted to challenge myself in different fields. This is the case for b-boying, going to the audition program. A foreigner doing trot, isn’t it unusual?

There must be a lot of people who recognize you these days.

People walk up to me in the street and ask to take a picture with me. It’s great and so fun. I feel like I’m working hard at something.

You must care a lot about your looks.

Not at first. The desire to look good on screen came to me little by little. That’s why I get massages sometimes. My focus these days is to build my body. I go to the gym and work out about 2-3 hours a day. It’s fun to get a six pack and to buil my body.

Which beauty item do you use and can’t do without?

Cologne. I’ve been using Hubo Boss’ men eau de toilette every day since middle school. I still have it with me anywhere I go and put it on.

I’ll ask about Korean women now. What do you honestly think of Korean women?

I didn’t date many French women, so it’d be hard to compare them. Korean women usually seem to be very focused on their boyfriends. They’re like kids, they contact you often and they say a lot of things that don’t make a lot of sense. That’s how I feel sometimes. This attitude isn’t romantic.

So what kind of woman do you like?

A woman who smiles/laughs a lot, with a bright personality. Someone who makes me feel good when I see her. And it’d be nice if she likes exercising and takes care of her body.

When I listen to you, I feel like you can’t show half of your charm on TV. What do you think is appealing about you?

I’m sincere with whoever I’m talking to. I’m honest and funny. I’m good at making events. I’m a really charming guy. Is it okay if I stop here?

Julian Quintart │ Belgium

I found something interesting when I looked you up. You released an album. So you were a singer at first?

Ah, it was a long time ago. It was a fun experience. I’m interested in music, but I didn’t want to be a singer. I released an album with the hyungs I did TV activities with.

You’re quite popular right now. Do you ever think about doing music again?

I got more opportunities as I’m getting more known. I’ve always been interested in music, so I DJayed sometimes. Not long ago, I was a DJ at the W hotel Woobar. I want to do more DJ activities in the future. To be honest, I have a show at the Kunsthalle today.

I saw you on TV before. How long have you been in Korea?

It’s been 10 years. I became popular early when I started working on TV. However, it didn’t go on and people forgot about me. This taught me a lesson. If I became popular, it wasn’t because I was a great person, it was because I was a foreigner who could speak Korean. That’s why I’m focusing more on the things I can do well for a long period of time and that’s why I will be doing more DJ activities.

So you work on TV, you work as a DJ, you probably care a lot about your looks.

I do work out, but I don’t do it constantly. I only do it on my free time. I definitely do some stretching before going to bed. I don’t do anything in particular to take care of my skin. I just do skin cleansing at night and I only wash my face with water in the morning.

So what about what you eat? Do you eat well?

I’m interested in food a lot. I even watch documentaries about food. I like cooking too. That’s why I try to have one meal a day that I cooked myself. I want to make food with strong ingredients, so I applied for a program to receive food ingredients from a place called “gachicsa”. These are food ingredients coming straight from the producing area, so it’s organic and fresh. And it also comes randomly, so it’s fun to find out which sort of ingredient will come today. You can trust these ingredients to be very fresh.

Let’s talk about women now. You’ve been in Korea for a long time, so I’m going to ask. What do you think of Korean women?

They’re beautiful. I think they contact a lot and they’re jealous too. It can happen often that they contact you dozens times a day. When I trust someone, I’m even happier to meet her after waiting for her to the point I missed her because there’s nothing special about contacting her otherwise.

I’m curious to hear about your ideal woman.

I like when a woman has her own uniqueness. A strong woman with a bright personality in her own style. It’d be even better if she likes music. I don’t know if it’s okay for me to say this, but I like girls who kind of have a big chest.

Robin just opened a Twitter account which you can follow @deianarobin. Julian is also on Twitter @AboutJulian

[Part Three - Aussie Daniel & Zhang Yuan]

Daniel Snoeks │ Australia

t/n: I’m still not over the fact he’s just 20.

Looking at you on set. You’re definitely a model. Were you originally a model?

Indeed. I came to Korea and did many photo shoots for magazines. My original job was to be a model.

Your tattoos are the first thing that catches our attention.

I had my first tattoo when I was 14. My father and my sister, they both had tattoos, so there was no hostility against it. To be honest, you must be over 20 to get tattoos in Australia. So my first tattoo was illegal. I have so many tattoos that it may look like there’s nothing behind them, but each of them has its meaning. Like the numbers on my finger are the years of birth of my dad and mom. The tattoo on my hand is the name my grandfather gave me.

Most of your body is covered with tattoos, is there one you did yourself?

Those I have right now were made here and there. However, I started studying the tattoo procedure not long ago and I’m planning to open a tattoo shop in Hongdae with my friends next month.

You already have a lot of tattoos now, you’ll be able to get more if you can do them yourself.

Maybe. Getting a tattoo hurts, but it hurts as much as it has a meaning for me. Because it’s like telling a story on my body. Later on, I want to be a father with a story he can talk about with his kids.

You seem a bit thin. Wouldn’t a tattooed body look even better with a bit more muscle?

This is also what my father told me. He said that I have many tattoos but no muscle. I’m working out. I did taekwondo and boxing before. Whenever I have time, I go to the gym and work out.

I’m curious to hear how you get to know about Korea.

I did taekwondo when I was in Australia, but I didn’t have particular interest in Korea because all I did was coming to Korea once for a taekwondo competition in 2010. Then, I stopped by again because of my Korean friends in April last year and I’ve been here until today. I didn’t know I’d stay that long back then.

What do you think of Korea? What do you think of Korean women?

They’re cute. They have a lot of aegyo. I dated a Busan woman, she always showed me aegyo, so it was funny.

Do you like this kind of woman? What’s your ideal type?

I like when a woman is a chic but who is kind when she’s with people she likes.

Will we be able to see you around?

I think I’ll keep doing TV activities and variety programs. However, it’s more important to me to succeed as a model. And I’ll do tattoos until the day I die. I’d like to do my own tattoos and do tattoos for many other people. Creating something that will remain on a body for a very long time. Isn’t it cool?


Zhang Yuan │ China

I was surprised when I saw you here. You seemed 10 years younger compared to when I see you on TV.

That seems to be the reason people don’t recognize me. The number of my Facebook friends keeps growing, but no one recognizes me when I walk down the street. To be honest, I feel like the show made me more popular, but nothing has changed at all in my daily life.

According to the staff, you kind of look like actor Yoo Duk Hwa.

Well, it’s a bit embarrassing. To be honest, when I was in my 20’s, I was used to hear often that I was good-looking, so I thought it was the case. However, since I’m in my 30’s and I’m older, I don’t really care about my looks.

Looking at your business card, it seems that you do various jobs. You did dubbing and radio activities.

To be honest, I’m an entrance examination teacher. I’m an entrance examination Chinese teacher and teach mostly to high schoolers in their 2nd or 3 year. I teach at a private academy in the morning. In the afternoon, I either do radio programs or commercials in Chinese, or I do Chinese dubbing for animation movies.

So it’s actually the first time your face is seen on TV. You must be caring a little bit about your looks.

Not really. I only use skin lotion. And it’s a gift from school parents, so I don’t use a fixed brand. I don’t really exercise. I live alone, so I don’t really care about what I eat. I like Korean food, so I mostly eat Korean food.

I heard you were an announcer in China. I’m curious to hear your reason to give up on a good job and come to Korea.

I graduated from college in 2007 and I got hired right away at the broadcasting station in Beijing. However, it was right before the Beijing Olympic games and I was on night duty every night. After going to work at 7 AM and going home at 2 or 3 in the morning every day, my health really got bad. So I turned in my resignation and I came to Korea for vacation because I have a couple of friends who live here. I didn’t know I’d end up staying in Korea and working here that long.

How do you feel about Korea?

Korea is kind-hearted. There’s this family atmosphere. Korean people really know how to take care of others like a family. The food is delicious. My mom was against me being there at first, but she also loves Korea now.

What do you think of Korean women? Do you find them charming?

They’re very beautiful. They look good in the clothes they wear, their make-up is nice and they have a sweet personality. They have their own mind. And I think they really know how to take care of themselves.

What’s your ideal type?

When I was in my 20’s, looks were very important, but now I just like a kind-hearted woman who is sincere. Physically, I like women like Han Ga In. Women with this beautiful style that gives off this traditional vibe.

Original article: Marie Claire
Translation: (1, 2, 3)

i know i'm not the only one looking forward to this show every week so i thought omona would appreciate this :D
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Sunny, Joon Park, and Jackson to Join Season 2 of Roommate

Sunny of Girls' Generation to Join Season 2 Cast of 'Roommate'

It has just been announced that Sunny of Girls' Generation will be joining the season 2 cast of popular SBS reality show, "Roommate."

A broadcast representative stated, "Sunny will be joining the season 2 cast of 'Roommate,' and will start filming for the show next week."

The representative continued, "Sunny will be able to show her usual bright character through the show."

Audiences are anticipating the honest and bold nature of the show's cast.

Sunny is just the first of the five replacements for the cast members that recently left the show, including 2NE1's Park Bom, Lee Sora, Song Gayeon, Hong Soohyun, and Shin Sungwoo.

As of now, the remaining members of Season 1, including EXO's Chanyeol and Afterschool's Nana, will stick around for Season 2.

Are you excited to see Sunny added to the cast? Stay tuned to moonROK to find out which other cast members will be added!

Also confirmed to join: g.o.d Joon Park and Jackson!

Source: moonROK
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Fetching F.CUZ drops jacket image, to comeback on Sept 17!


Five-member boy band F.CUZ has dropped a jacket image teaser image ahead of the release of the group’s forthcoming mini album “Bargaining for Love.” The group is now poised to make a comeback with what will be its fourth mini album, following on from the single “One Love,” a hit for the boys in March this year.

The jacket image will be followed by individual teaser images as the countdown begins to the new release.

The title track for “Bargaining for Love” will be entitled “CHA-GA-WA,” which (literally translated) means “cold.” The track has been produced by hit-making team Kave, collaborators with artists such as Jevice.

woo girl

D2D and Lost in Love are written by Kan & Yejun and D2D is Yejun's solo while Woo Girl is Daegun's.

Sources: soompi | effcuz

Fly to the Sky’s Brian Wants to Make a Group Out of “Hidden Singer” Contestants That Mimic Hwanhee

Preview of Hwanhee's episode on 'Hidden Singer 3' to air September 13th

During a recent recording of JTBC’s “Hidden Singer 3,” Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee appeared as the fourth guest singer on the show. On the show, Hwanhee will be competing against his imitation singers to win first place.

At the recording fellow Fly to the Sky member Brian was also present. Brian said that he’s known Hwanhee for 15 years, and claimed, “I’m the person who knows Hwanhee’s voice the best.” Brian was very confident that he would be able to find the real Hwanhee among the contestants. However, as the rounds began, Brian was shocked by the skills of the contestants.

He claimed that not only could they perfectly imitate Hwanhee, they also had their individual skills that were unbelievable. Brian commented, “People wouldn’t know if one of them replaced Hwanhee if he got sick. [Referring to Hwanhee] If your throat condition is bad or if you’re too tired just rest.”

Another guest who appeared on the show was singer Hyun Mi, who has 57 years of singing experience. She teared up and said, “Every one of them, not just Hwanhee, can sing so well it makes me tear up. I admire all of them.”

Later Brian commented, “I’m enjoying today’s episode of ‘Hidden Singer’ as an audition program. I want to produce these three into a group called H3.”

This episode will air this coming September 13 on JTBC.

source: soompi + hhnbmedia @ yt

Gong Hyo Jin Scheduled To Receive Treatment For Her Injuries


Three months after the vehicular accident that injured her arms and legs, "It's Okay, It's Love" actress Gong Hyo Jin will finally be receiving treatment.

On June 19, news portals reported that Gong Hyo Jin was involved in a car accident that resulted in a few stitches, as well as shoulder and leg injuries, but because her drama "It's Okay, It's Love" was still in its early stages, the actress opted out of an extensive treatment to focus on the production.

Collapse )
source: kdramastars

this is so wrong

Rain And Krystal Are Happy To Work Together


Before co-starring in the upcoming drama "My Lovely Girl," both Rain and f(x)'s Krystal admitted to some mutual fandom.

In a recent promotional video for the drama, Rain had kind words for his 12-year-younger co-star.

"I have recently become a fan of Krystal so I am very thankful we are able to film this drama together," said singer-actor Rain, who is also known as Jung Ji Hoon. "You will be able to see a different side of Krystal through this drama."

Collapse )
source: kdramastars

Kang Ji Young Makes First Public Appearance Since Leaving KARA


Former KARA member Kang Ji Young has officially marked her new start as an actress in Japan by making her very first public appearance since leaving the girl group earlier this year in January.

On September 6, Kang Ji Young attended “The 19th Tokyo Girls Collection” (TGC) held at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan, and walked the runway as a model.

Collapse )
source: soompi, fieldcasterjapan

Dara is using botox?


2NE1 member Sandara Park gave the presenters and audience of OnStyle show “Get It Beauty” a surprise on the latest episode of the show. The star explained that “botox” was her beauty secret, before revealing that she was actually referring to a type of massage, rather than injections.

The K-Pop star is appearing as a guest on the show, which is co-hosted by actress Yoo In Na, Rainbow leader Jaekyung, and comedienne Kim Ji Min.

Collapse )
source: soompi
put your red dress on, put your lipstick on

Kim Nam Gil joins Suzy and Ryu Seung Ryung in the movie Dorihwaga!

Actor Kim Nam Gil will join Suzy Bae and Ryu Seung Ryung in the film "Dori Artist" or "Dorihwaga." The actor will play the role of Heungseon Daewongun, who was also called Prince Gung. The Joseon-era prince, who ruled during the 19th century, was known for his reforms and his expulsion of foreigners from Korean soil.

[More about his character and the movie under the spoiler cut]The film tells the story of Sin Jae Hyo, a master singer or myungchang of pansori. He established a pansori school known as the Donggrijungsa and he was one of the first singing teachers to have female students. Pansori is a Korean genre of musical storytelling that is accompanied by a singer and a drummer.

His favorite student was a poor young woman known as Jin Chae Seon. He encouraged her career and was responsible for her performing at court. Before Jin Chae Seon, no female pansori singers had ever performed at court. Ryu Seung Ryung, who was last seen in the film "The Target," plays Sin Jae Hyo. Miss A's Suzy Bae, last seen in the drama "Gu Family Book," plays Jin Chae Seon.

History says that Heungseon Daewonggun, the father of King Gojong, held a banquet to celebrate the building of a pavilion at the Geyongbok Palace. He wanted a singer to perform at the event and Sin Jae Hyo presented Jin Chae Seon. Jin Chae Seon became a star after her performance and inspired other female singers of pansori to follow her example. But after seeing her in court the prince also fell in love with her.

Sin Jae Hyo was also in love with Jin Chae Seon and wrote about a song comparing her beauty to peach blossoms and plum flowers. Although the prince falls for Jin Chae Seon she is loyal to her teacher, setting up a dangerous love triangle.

Prince Gung won't be Kim Nam Gil's first historical role. He visited the Joseon era for his last film "Pirates." But his character in that film, the bandit Jang Sa Jung, had less of a pedigree. Before that Kim Nam Gil appeared as a man driven to revenge in the melodrama "Shark."

But it was Kim Nam Gil's supporting role in a historical drama that first made him a star. He played a minor character named Bidam in the drama "Queen Seonduk." The character was so popular with audiences that history was rewritten and his role was extended.

Lee Jong Pil will direct "Dori Artist." He previously worked with Kim Nam Gil on the documentary "Ensemble."

» kdramastars
i admit, at first i was cautiously optimistic about the movie, but didn't really have any hopes, and now i really can't wait for it and i feel like it will be one great movie and that has high chances of doing really well, especially because of the careful casting. suzy is surrounded by incredibly talented actors in this production.


Prior to the tragic deaths of Ladies’ Code members RiSe and EunB, the girl group had pre-recorded a stage performance together for the upcoming episode of KBS’s “Open Concert”.
Not knowing that this would become their final performance together as a whole, Ladies’ Code attended the pre-recording of KBS’s “Open Concert” in Daegu last week on the 2nd.

Collapse )

Koreaboo, Star News, kkao0
dejavu sua


140911 Spica.S - Give Your Love @ M! Countdown

Juhyun's individual teaser B-cut

backstage at M! Countdown

Juhyun at the cafe outside (?) the broadcast station


Jiwon's hair porn *_*




Eunjung also posted this pic with the caption: "A college colleague of mine, my roommate while living together whom I consider as my family and tell all my secrets to, and my friend of 7 years, Jiwon! We even share the same choreography team and are making a comeback on the same day" cute friendship is cute ^_^



leash training her bearded dragon Brad Pitt and saying that if he does well "noona will buy [you] a nicer string" SMH

sauces: K-MusicLive, @p_joo, @MnetMcountdown, @Spica_Tweets 1 2, @wldnjs62 1 2 3 4 5, @wneoddk 1 2 3 4, @park.narae.77 1 2, @bohyungkim89 1 2, Koreaboo

YAAAAS/meh/hate it omona?? it's surprisingly not as basic as I expected from a Boring Brothers song! CHAIR DANCE FLOOR DANCE NO RAP JUHYUN SINGING NARAE SOUNDING SO GOOD THIS IS EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED IN LIFE. Give Your Love MV drops tomorrow (12 Sep) at noon KST!!!

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Swings blames ignorance on current events for recent video controversy


Article: Swings makes official apology over 'video controversy "A result of my ignorance on current events"

Source: TV Report via Naver

Said the video was a spontaneous thing they did for fun and claimed the scene was inspired by the noir movie genre and is a highly cliche scene that can be seen in any noir movie. Blamed his ignorance on current events for not recognizing that it could be seen in relation to the recent ISIS terrors and apologized for the misunderstanding it brought about.

[netizens comments]
1. [+1,332, -181] Just don't bother coming out again. Had you tried this overseas, there'd be a gun to your head already.

2. [+1,266, -165] Just admit, "I was stupid and I'm sorry"

3. [+1,023, -107] Where else would that stupid head of yours be

4. [+894, -78] Well I hope he brushes up on his current events then

5. [+598, -27] I never saw the IS video either but Swings' video is distasteful even without relation to it. It's vulgar to think that a clip of someone slaughtering another human being is funny in any way.


Source: Nate

1. [+275, -14] How does he not watch the news often enough to not know about the IS terror? Rappers are known for their criticism of society... they've been criticizing it all along without even watching the news?

2. [+267, -17] Fatty tryhard

3. [+206, -7] They say the dumbest are the bravest;;

Source: Netizenbuzz
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miss A's acting news roundup!

[miss A's Fei cameo in the SBS drama “Temptation”]
[CUT] 140714 Jenny (missA's Fei) sad story por afeifacts

» afeifacts @dailymotion

[2AM’s Jo Kwon and missA’s Fei Sing a Duet for “Temptation” OST]

Singer Jo Kwon, who is a part of the boy group 2AM, and Fei, a member of the girl group miss A, participated in the OST for SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Temptation.”

On July 14, Jo Kwon uploaded a picture of himself and Fei on his Instagram. Along with the picture, he added a message that said, “I sang ‘One Summer Night’ with Fei for SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Temptation.”

After “Stairway to Heaven,” it has been 11 years since actors Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo worked together. “Temptation” is a story about a man who is at his limits. He accepts a tempting offer and makes a decision he cannot take back. The drama focuses on four characters that try to find the true meaning of love. The first episode was aired on July 14.

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon is currently playing the main character Adam, in the musical, “Priscilla.”

» soompi » Kpopwars Channel OST @youtube » Kpopwars Channel OST @youtube

[miss A’s Jia will make screen debut in movie “The Third Love”]

miss A’s Jia was cast in Korea-China joint movie “The Third Love” and is now in Shanghai, China, according to China entertainment media on Wednesday, July 30.

Jia made debut as an actress in Chinese TV drama “One And a Half Summer,” where 2PM’s Nichkhun played the lead role.

Meanwhile, the movie will be starred by Korean actor Song Seung-hun and Chinese actress Liu Yifei, and will be directed by Korean director Lee Jae-han. The movie is based on China bestselling novel “The Third Type of Love.” It will be released in 2015.

» kpop buddy

[miss A′s Min Cast in ′Dream Knight′ with GOT7 and Song Ha Yoon]

miss A's Min has been cast in the drama Dream Knight.

Dream Knight is a co-production between JYP Pictures and Youku Tudou and is an online drama. So far, GOT7 and Song Ha Yoon have already been casted as the main male characters and female character, Joo In Hyung. Min has been chosen to play In Hyung's best friend, who will help set up conflicts between GOT7, In Hyung, and the other characters.

Dream Knight, which will star Min, GOT7, and Song Ha Yoon, is a production about music and dance, revolving around a girl with a lot of pain, who later begins to grow her dreams, love, and friendship with a group of mysterious boys. The drama will begin airing at the end of 2014 through Youku Tudou.

Meanwhie, Min is currently active as a miss A member and is set to perform at the 2014 JYP Nation - One Mic concert in Tokyo from September 5 to 7. With her natural sense of variety, she is an MC for variety programs, and began her career as an actress in 2011 through the movie Countdown.

» mwave
most of these news are kinda old, but i just noticed that they were never posted so i to do so.