September 12th, 2014

TEAM B(팀비) - 기다려 (Wait for me)

Last song as OT6: TEAM B(팀비) - 기다려 (Wait for me) (Digital Single"MIX & MATCH")

Team B's Wait For Me is composed by B.I, Ham Seungcheon and Kang Yookjin. Lyrics by: B.I & Bobby

The song thanks the fans for staying with and supporting them after WIN ended and YG decided to release it now just before they get remade into iKON.

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She keeps smiling on and on
As if it’s nothing, time holds onto you as it ticks away
In my dreams, I’m with you as I hold your hand
But cruelly, I say goodbye when the sun rises
As my pillow gets wet

Oh you and me (oh you and me)
We’re under the same sky but we can’t meet
But believe in me, I’ll be there for you

Wait (wait) because I’ll go to you right now
Wherever you are, I’ll go
Wait for me, hey, time is ticking faster
Wait (wait) because I’ll go to you right now
I’ll run against time and go to you
Wait for me yeah
So that my heart can reach her

Time go faster
Time go to her
So I can reach her

I can’t put anything in my head, my eyes close at the thought of you
I let out a sigh and put my hands behind my head
Everything seems the same, it’s like my life folded in half
You still look beautiful in my dreams, it’s like my heart stopped

I want to look into your face under the dazzling sunlight
And tell you, thank you for making me live as the me right now
I missed you, your voice, your face, even your soft breathing
I won’t go anywhere now, I’ll be by your side
Even until the moment the world ends

Oh you and me (oh you and me)
We’re under the same sky but we can’t meet
But believe in me, I’ll be there for you

Wait (wait) because I’ll go to you right now
Wherever you are, I’ll go
Wait for me, hey, time is ticking faster
Wait (wait) because I’ll go to you right now
I’ll run against time and go to you
Wait for me yeah
So that my heart can reach her

Time go faster
Time go to her
So I can reach her

Time passed and the spring flowers have bloomed
I’m letting go of the cold days, I remember, I’m only inside of you
I can only breathe when I’m next to you
I’m ready for this, you alone are enough for me
I ain’t gonna leave, I promise you

Wait (wait) because we’re gonna be forever now
(And I’m coming for you, baby)
Because I can’t go on without you (yeah)
Wait for me hey Time go faster
Wait because I’ll go to you right now
I’ll run against time and go to you
Wait for me yeah
So she can remember me

Time go faster

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OP Note: Mix and Match was TeamBTV until YG came and dropped off the two new trainees...awkward. When YG said it reminded him of WIN and he wanted to test BI's leadership skills with the two new members I wanted to throw something

Source: Audio: MarbleTeethMusic Chart III Performance: Team B Subbing Squad Translation: Popgasa Track 1: iKON Global


On September 12th, it was reported that Big Bang’s Seungri was involved in a car accident, which happened at around 03:30 AM.

It was stated that the Porsche Seungri was driving collided with another vehicle, described to be a Mercedes, in the next lane, causing the car to flip over after hitting the guard rails. The two individuals were transported to a nearby hospital after sustaining mild injuries. Seungri was able to go home following treatment after the accident.

The police are currently investigating the exact cause of the accident.

Seungri was last seen at the launch of YG Entertainment’s “NONA9ON” together with the rest of Big Bang.

source: koreaboo

Edit: In a short statement, Yongsan Police Station cites that Seungri was driving the car, alone, but clarifies that he wasn’t in a state of intoxication. They have explained that the cause is still unknown and are looking into the possibility of overspeeding. (source: koreaboo)
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Luhan Unable to Join EXO for Thailand Concert Stop Due to Exhaustion

EXO’s Luhan updated fans today and confirmed that he will not be joining the rest of their group for their upcoming concert in Bangkok, Thailand.

On one of his updates on Weibo today, Luhan reveals that, “I apologise to our fans in Thailand and everywhere else. Due to excessive exhaustion over a long period of time, I have been suffering from recurring headaches, sleeping problems and often feel dizzy. I was advised by my doctor to rest and take time off. I am really, really sorry as I won’t be able attend the concert in Thailand. I originally thought I could continue and finish our schedules and show our best performances, however, it seems unlikely. I hope I improve soon so I will be able to participate in our concert in Beijing. I hope everyone doesn’t worry. :(“

EXO is currently pushing through with their “Lost Planet Tour” which was launched in South Korea last May 23rd and 24th. They are set to be in Bangkok, Thailand on September 13th and 14th then head on to Beijing, China on September 20th and 21st.

Meanwhile, fans have been trending #getwellsoonluhan on Twitter to show their support.

Sources: weibo, koreaboo
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Actor Otani Ryohei to Join Roommate

Actor Otani Ryohei has been confirmed to join the cast lineup for the second season of SBS’ variety show “Roommate.”

According to broadcast officials on September 11, Otani Ryohei recently made a decision to appear on the show, which has been reorganized for the launching of a brand new season.

Earlier today, it was announced that Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, GOT7’s Jackson, and g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung have all been confirmed as new members of season two of “Roommate.” It was also reported that there are at least three other unpredictable members who are set to join, and Otani Ryohei has been revealed as one of those members.

It appears that the upcoming season of “Roommate” will be a global one, as Otani Ryohei is from Japan, Park Joon Hyung is from the US, and Jackson is from Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the first broadcast of the revamped “Roommate” with a new member lineup is scheduled to air on September 21.

Source: soompi
winner, minho, mino

This is an Abnormal Summit Cast Picture Post

x image heavy. srsly.

NYLON Korea September 2014 | 'Seoul Men'
[aussie daniel, julian, robin, guillaume]

VOGUE GIRL Korea September 2014 | 'No Matter Where You Come From'
[julian, aussie daniel, sam. forks?]

CECI September 2014 | Blooming Guys
[robin, julian, takuya with flowers]


ARENAHOMME September 2014
[aussie daniel, enes, zhangyuan looking classy af in a market]

ALLURE September 2014 |
[robin, zhang yuan, aussie daniel, tyler]

ELLE Korea September 2014 | 'I am Thirsty, too!' (lol ok)

The STAR Korea September 2014 |
[julian, robin, sam, takuya & godori]

WOMAN SENSE September 2014 |
[julian, enes, julian, takuya. colourful suits.]

some of the cast are also featured in W Korea (guillame, german daniel, enes, tyler)
each magazine feature have pretty lengthy interviews but sadly no translations

source: lifeiscoolxo,lifeiscoolxo - 2 , arenahomme, kpopynati

they are everywhere this month, i'm so proud and they look soo good
and to quote shikyung 'congrats on getting mainstream'
pcy thumbs up

Chanyeol to Leave Roommate

EXO Chanyeol to Exit ′Roommates′ Due to Scheduling Conflicts

EXO′s Chanyeol will be leaving SBS′ Roommates.

On September 12, an SBS staff told Newsen, "Due to the difficulty of fixing his schedules, Chanyeol won′t be able to come out on Roommates season 2. Realistically, he is leaving the show."

2NE1′s Park Bom, Lee So Ra, Song Ga Yeon, Shin Sung Woo, and Hong Soo Hyun have already decided to exit from Roommates. With Chanyeol leaving as well, Roommates season two will have Lee Dong Wook, Cho Sae Ho, Seo Kang Joon, Park Min Woo, and After School′s Nana remaining.

Meanwhile, Roommates season 2, will begin on September 21 with g.o.d′s Park Joon Hyung, SNSD′s Sunny, GOT7′s Jackson, and comedienne Lee Guk Ju moving in.

Roommates is a real variety program in which celebraties live under one room. It airs every Sunday.

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finally, get some good night sleep bb

Sources: mwave, soompi
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T-ara's Latest Single Accused of Plagiarism

T-ara’s Latest Single “Sugar Free” Accused of Plagiarism

Girl group T-ara‘s latest single “Sugar Free” has been accused of plagiarism.

“Sugar Free” is an electronic dance music (EDM) house track. Some house music fans, however, have found similarities between “Sugar Free” and Dvbbs‘ “Tsunami,” and also with the intro to DJ Felix da Housecat‘s track “Give Me Body.” One house fan pointed out that “House music does sound similar in multiple instances, but ‘Sugar Free’ has too many similarities.”

Some are also accusing the album art for “Sugar Free” to be plagiarizing the album artwork of Justice, a famous electronic music duo.

On these issues, T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media commented that they have “not heard of these issues.”

“Sugar Free” is composed by Shinsadong Tiger and Bumee & Nangee.

Source: soompi
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☆Spica.S(exy Office Ladies)☆ Give Your Love MV!


haven't seen so many negative opinions on a Spica song since... I'll Be There? lol dammit Basic Brothers. but OP loves the song anyway!! and hopes it'll grow on you too!! meanwhile OP will just distract you with a (s)pic(a)spam from yesterday's MCD perf and this morning at MuBank prerec ^~^

[LOOK AT JIWON x HYOSUNG :DDD]jiwon hyosung 2
jiwon hyosung 3
jiwon hyosung 1
jiwon jieun
nr bbo

[Music Bank prerec]bbo1

like a mom taking her kid on an outing :D
bbo jh

sauces: b2ment, spica-france 1 2 3 4 5, news1

best scene in all of spica's mvs tbh

G.Na to Release Duet Project Single ‘Us’ Featuring Kim Tae Woo


G.Na and Kim Tae Woo will be releasing a duet song.

Following her collaboration with Rain and Wheesung, G.Na will be collaborating with Kim Tae Woo in a duet project single Us to be released on September 18.

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source: mwave

yay! shame that her duets and collabs are way better than the title tracks cube gives her... i wonder when her chinese debut is going to happen though

Omona's fave doesn't know shit about fashion


B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang pointed out 4Minute Heo Ga Yoon’s lack of fashion sense.

During September 12’s broadcast of On Style’s Style Log, Lee Gi Kwang, Heo Ga Yoon and Do Sang Woo, who became new partners, participated in various activities to find more about each other’s fashion styles.

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source: mwave

stfu, gayoon is a fashion queen
why isnt junhyung or dongwoon there instead of kikwang...
mirrors lies

Kim So Eun, Lee Sang Yoon and Shin Sung Rok Confirmed for Drama ‘Liar Game’


Kim So Eun, Lee Sang Yoon and Shin Sung Rok will be co-starring in tvN’s upcoming drama Liar Game.

According to tvN, Kim So Eun, Lee Sang Yoon and Shin Sung Rok have been confirmed to star in tvN’s new drama Liar Game based on the original Japanese comic series of the same title by Shinobu Kaitani.

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source: mwave

im not sure abt lee sang yoon... i dropped angel eyes halfway and honestly isnt he a bit too old?
mirrors lies

Actor Lee Jong Suk Confirmed to Star in “Pinocchio” Alongside Park Shin Hye

It has been confirmed that actor Lee Jong Suk will be starring in “Pinocchio” as the lead male role alongside actress Park Shin Hye, who also announced her casting in the drama last week.

The actor will be taking on the character of Choi Dal Po in the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama scheduled to begin airing in November. Lee Jong Suk is prepared to display his sincere acting by transforming into his role as a social affairs reporter.

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source: soompi

KHJ Ex-girlfriend releases official statement

Article: [Exclusive] Kim Hyun Joong victim's reps, "He first needs to admit to multiple accounts of assault and apologize"

Source: TV Report via Naver

"Our current stance is that he needs to firstly admit to multiple accounts of assault, reflect, and apologize for his actions. Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration. We will take action as needed. Our biggest goal is to reveal the truth, and for that to happen, he must admit, apologize, and reflect."
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source: Netizenbuzz
It seems like she's willing to pursue this to the end. Yes girl!
the gang

Surplus Princess EP 5-6 discussion post (spoiler warning!)

Watch on Viki/Good Drama/Dramabay


Ha-Ni (Jo Bo-Ah) is a mermaid. For a man she is in love with, she becomes a human being and begins to live at the Ingyeo House. The house is for people who are preparing to land their first jobs. To permanently become a human being, Ha-Ni must make the man love her within 100 days.

source: tvN + AsianWiki


Sorry I missed last week's post! Episode 6 :c