September 27th, 2014

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Complex Interviews Taeyang

Interview: Taeyang Talks "Rise," Individuality in K-Pop and Life After YG Entertainment

By now you've most likely heard of G-Dragon, the Korean pop juggernaut whose exploits in music and style we covered extensively last year. But if you're not a K-pop enthusiast, you are probably unaware of Taeyang—G-Dragon's best friend since childhood, YG Entertainment labelmate, and fellow member in the mega-group Big Bang. Though he isn't quite as flashy as GD, Taeyang is undoubtedly a star in his own right, with a well-earned reputation in K-pop circles as the genre's best R&B singer and dancer. (He's also a global face for Calvin Klein's new CK One campaign.) Taeyang's second solo album, RISE, has topped the iTunes album charts in 10 countries since its release in June,

Speaking with the 26-year-old singer recently, it’s clear how serious he is about his craft and artistry—two words not commonly used within the manufactured confines of K-pop. In our interview, Taeyang was characteristically candid and unguarded about his career. So why did it take him four years to release his new album? Which American artists is he listening to lately? What’s up with new music from Big Bang? And will he ever leave his record label? He answers all of these questions and more in this exclusive Complex Q&A.

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Source: Jaeki Cho @ Complex

T-ara becomes first korean girl group to sign with chinese entertainment!!!


Girl group T-ara has signed a contract worth 5 billion KRW (approx. 5 million USD) with Chinese entertainment company Longzhen Cultural Development.

Core Contents Media revealed on September 26 that the contract signing ceremony took place on September 5 in Seoul. In addition to representatives of both agencies, the members of T-ara were present at the ceremony.

Longzhen Cultural Development is known for working with major Chinese stars Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, and A-mei, among others. T-ara is the first Korean girl group to sign a deal with a major Chinese agency, and the company has expressed their high expectations for the group. The annual revenue is estimated to be up to 16.5 billion KRW (approx. 16.5 million USD).

T-ara’s official entrance to the Chinese market will take place on October 13, when a second contract signing session and a press conference are held at the Shinsegae Hotel in Beijing. Starting from October, the members will pursue activities on TV, hold concerts, and shoot commercials in China.

source: soompi

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