October 2nd, 2014

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Pretty female post to brighten your day

picture heavy!

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YG to Launch Cosmetic Brand “Moonshot” with a Launching Party


YG Entertainment will be venturing into the cosmetic industry with their own makeup brand, “Moonshot.”

Showcasing their new cosmetic brand, YG will be holding a launching party titled “Moon Tanning Party” at Platoon Kunsthalle in Seoul on October 2.

The brand’s name “Moonshot” comes from men’s first landing on Moon in 1969. It holds the meaning of breaking away from the norm of the cosmetic world, and taking on new challenges.

YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk, actor Cha Seung Won, Choi Sora, and the brand model Lee Sung Kyung will be present at the brand launching party, along with numerous other fashionistas and celebrities. Epik High will be performing at the event.

Moonshot” will be releasing more than 200 items in its collection. The offline and online shop will open in mid-October.

Make up post anyone?


Gummy releases promotional poster for upcoming concert, “Fall in Fall”


Gummy has unveiled the official promotional poster for her upcoming live concert, “Fall In Fall.”

Starting on October 10th, Gummy will be holding a 2-day live concert at the Chungdam Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul, where she will give a live theater performance where it will enable her to deliver beautiful performances.

In July, Gummy performed at the COEX Auditorium, performing a small scale concert titled “Fall in Acoustic,” where she performed live a colorful arrangement of tracks.

These small theater live performances have enabled Gummy to get a closer interaction with her fans, in addition to focus on her music and performance 100%, and fans have voiced out their excitement for the upcoming concert, set to be held just within days.

Source: koreaboo, Hanguk Kyungjae TV
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Seven Hilarious Reasons to Watch “Blade Man” (Ya'll asked...)


If you’re still on the fence about starting KBS’s “Blade Man,” here are some legit (and very hilarious) reasons why you should definitely watch.

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This looks all sorts of cheesy and silly. I might actually try to watch it. IDK if I'd call these hilarious but it's sparked my interested, a little. I need a gif of his blades coming out for this post pls. /metal
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Music you may have missed in September!

NGL it was a terrible month. So terrible I'm just going to go straight into it. As usual, share it in the comments which ones I missed that don't have broken embeds.

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What were you listening to this month? Song reccs post!
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VIXX has revealed a dark moving image teaser for their upcoming 2nd mini-album!

Shared to their website, this moving image teaser shows a departure as two figures are separated from each other. The text above reads “Let me free…” perhaps insight into the mood of VIXX’s comeback.

Earlier, the group shared an equally mysterious video teaser through their website as well, generating much excitement for VIXX’s 2nd mini-album. Additionally, members Hongbin and Ravi shared their own image teasers of working hard on the production of their new tracks.

VIXX is set to make their comeback with the 2nd mini-album being dropped online on midnight (KST) of October 14th and the music video being released an hour after.

What type of songs do you want to see VIXX return with?

[Check out Moving Hongbin]

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Soooooo....tumbrl starlights are guessing Doppelganger concept.
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SM Entertainment officials have reported that Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Jessica, EXO’s Luhan, and f(x)’s Sulli will not be attending the SM Entertainment family concert SMTOWN in Japan.
The artist’s all have different reasons for not being able to attend, but nevertheless their absence is sure to be noted.

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Source: TV Report, koreaboo
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Girl’s Day to Make Comeback in October with Ballad; Coming for GG's crown

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Girl’s Day will be releasing a new ballad song in the middle of October.

Girl’s Day’s agency revealed on October 2, “Girl’s Day will be releasing a new ballad song, which they worked on with Duble Sidekick, as a digital single in the middle of October.”

Girl’s Day released a series of hits, including Something, which was released in January of 2014, and Darling, released in July, showing fantastic teamwork with Duble Sidekick.

An affiliate of the agency stated, “Having released dance title songs until now, Girl’s Day will be releasing a ballad song as the title for the first time. This song has been specially made for the fans and we worked hard to accentuate the four members’ unique charms.”

Meanwhile, the Girl’s Day members have been focusing on their individual activities in variety shows and dramas.

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Are you excited, Omona?
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netizens react to taeyeons tears


Article: Taetiseo, Taeyeon cries at Korean fan signing

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+14,610, -4,697] Wow.. they're scary... All 8 of them are the ones who agreed to booting her and yet they cry in front of the eyes of fans..

2. [+11,326, -2,802] Isn't Taeyeon an attention seeker???

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source: netizenbuzz
just my own personal opinion and interpretation but i believed seohyuns tears but this... idk..... im not saying netizens are right or that theyre wrongfully coming for her and she really is upset im just saying i love conspiracies....... 🔍👀
mirrors lies

Julien Kang's image gets better after his drunk incident

Julien Kang's official statement "I apologize for my bad behavior... I'll be careful"

1. [+1155, -9] He organized chairs at a convenience store and cleaned up the garbage on a table when he was drunk ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+994, -24] Why do I find this situation so cute? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Kim Hyun-joong's ordeal continues

Actor Kim Hyun-joong will come clean of all charges except one assault charge against his ex-girlfriend, the local police said on Monday.

Out of the four charges that were filed by the ex-girlfriend, three were dropped after the signer apologized to her. The only charge that was referred to the prosecutors’ office was the assault charge that gave the woman an injury of a 2-week recovery period.

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Estimated expenses to debut a 5 member idol group


Instiz: The expenses needed for a 5 member idol group to debut

Fixed expenses per month

- Dormitory (25 pyung) - $1,000
- Choreography practice room (30 pyung) - $1,000
- Food and snacks - $3,000
- Choreography training - $2,000
- Vocal training $2,000
- Rap training - $1,000
- Acting training - $2,000
- Beauty/plastic surgery - $10,000
- Casting director - $3,000 ($1,000~$2,000 per director / casting a trainee from another company also costs around $5,000~$10,000)
- Employee pay (per 5) - $15,000

Total = $40,000 x 6 months = $240,000

[Expenses per album release]Expenses per album release

- Song expenses (four tracks) - $12,000
- Recording mastering - $8,000
- Photographer - $3,000
- Jacket design & stylist - $4,000
- Clothing production (four outfits) - $20,000
- Music video - $50,000
- Promotion (including showcase) - $100,000
- Hair and make up - $5,000
- Choreography (two tracks) - $6,000
- Backdancers ($350 per performance) - $7,000
+ Additional expenses - $215,000

[netizens comments]-----------

"Hul.. daebak..."

"I'm sure idols make all that much back and more (upon success) right?"

"I wonder how much EXO cost then..."

"Pretty sure EXO cost even more than double that then..."

"If only five cost this much.."

"Keep in mind this doesn't have contracting fees either..."

"Pre-debut idols pretty much cost as much as a house.."

"I heard that idols need to at least win #1 on a music program to make back the expenses on their album production. INFINITE couldn't make it back until around Paradise and stayed in the reds until then.. Idols who aren't successful barely make enough performing at several off camera events."

"So I guess this is why idols say they don't make money until 2-3 years after their debut ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

"But all you really need is one thing to blow up and start rolling in the cash.. and idols like IKON nowadays make their own money with royalties and such."

"All of these expenses are up to the idols to pay back in the end, I heard.."

"I wonder where smaller agencies get all the money to produce idols with."

"It's probably different for larger agencies since they own their own practice halls and such and don't need to rent any."

"SM probably spends double that considering they use big name choreographers and the like."

Source: Netizenbuzz