October 16th, 2014

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YG says the new girl group is coming November; no one is convinced

One of Korea's biggest entertainment company YG Ent. is debuting a new girl group very soon, a first one five years after 2NE1.

On the 16th an insider source revealed to Star News that "YG's new girl group is currently busy recording a debut song and an album," and that "they are currently in the last step of a long preparation before the debut."

The news that YG will soon begin the works for a music video for the new girl group has recently reached the industry and adds to the claim that the debut of this girl group will be very soon.

Acccording to Star News' report, the YG girl group is very likely to debut in this coming November. Because there are many songs in line, it has not yet been determined if the debut will begin with a single or an album. But given the preparation time until now, barring any unexpected incident it is very probably that the girl group will come out with a debut song in November. YG has discussed within the company that even past November the debut will definitely before the end of the year.

As this is the first girl group to debut from YG after 2009 with 2NE1 the team has already garnered heavy interest.

The talented and beautiful Kim Ji Soo (1995-er) and the 1996-er leading lady in G-Dragon's music video "That XX" Kim Jennie are confirmed members of the new YG girl group. Kim Jennie, who has made a surprise apparance in last year's Inkigayo during G-Dragon's solo activities as a featured vocalist in "Black" has already gained some attention from the public.

But as YG remains completely silent on the exact numbero of members as well as the debut time, the curiosity on the new girl group is growing and growing.

Star News

can everybody cackle with me the way YG says "everything is a secret except i'm telling the reporters what to write word from word" in news articles

SNSD+Jessica Divine Photoshoot Making Film BTS DVD (let's over analyze, shall we)

source SM@youtube

I know this is information bias but I did not see a single one of them interact with jessica. In the music                                                                       videogroup shoot tiffany sits next her but moved away during  the break and sat next to sunny,
Jessica looked so sad. througout the whole thing

141016 M! Countdown

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]
Roy Kim



'Don't Touch Me'

Digital Sales (음원 판매 점수) 4681 5000
Physical Album Sales (음반 판매 점수) 1000 60
Viewer Votes (선호도 점수) 722 901
Social Media (소셜미디어 점수) 463 431
Mnet Broadcast Points (엠넷 방송 점수) 730 946
Final Total 8596 7875

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sources: 화요일방송, bestiz 베스티즈, T-Zoo Channel, DonghaeELFSuJu

Kim Soo Hyun Reportedly Looking into Drama “Doctor Frankenstein” and Others


According to Munhwa Daily and Star News, “My Love from the Stars” actor Kim Soo Hyun is looking into the drama “Doctor Frankenstein” as well as some other works for his next screen appearance.

A source from his agency KeyEast said, “In the case of ‘Doctor Frankenstein,’ he [Kim Soo Hyun] has received the synopsis and the scripts for the first two episodes. He plans on making his final decision after receiving additional scripts later on.”

The source continued, saying that the actor is also looking at several other works, and that no decision has been made as of yet.

Doctor Frankenstein” is a drama about a talented doctor with multiple personalities. If Kim Soo Hyun takes the role, he would be playing the cold doctor who doesn’t show much emotion, but slowly changes after he meets a woman he loves.

Soompi, munhwa, naver

Is 2NE1 heading for a break-up? (Updated with YG's Statement)

This year has been terrible for K-pop, with many of the top groups losing members or just plain splitting up. It didn’t look like it could get any worse after shock exits from EXO and Girls’ Generation, but somehow it has, with one of the genre’s most popular acts, 2NE1, now on the chopping block.

[Read More]
Following news that the group’s breakout star, CL, is going to debut in America next year under Scooter Braun’s management, member Minzy has amended her social media accounts to remove all mentions of 2NE1. She took the group’s name out of her Twitter bio, and then changed her Instagram username from ‘MINZY21MZ’ to ‘_minzy_mz’.

This comes just a few days after she uploaded a cryptic photo to Instagram that read, “Things Change, People Change, Places Change, Friends Change, Careers Change, Economies Change… But God Never Changes.”

A possible 2NE1 split isn’t actually a huge shock considering that the group has been in trouble since June when member Park Bom was found to have illegally smuggled prescription drugs into Korea. The scandal destroyed her reputation and caused her to be kicked off the reality series Roommate, with many Korean netizens labelling the 30-something-year-old a “criminal” and calling for her exile from the entertainment industry.

To add weight to the rumours of 2NE1′s disbandment, the group’s record label, YG Entertainment, is apparently set to launch a brand new girl group next month — their first since 2NE1 debuted in 2009.

However, nothing has been officially confirmed yet, so it’s still too soon to know if the group is really going to call it quits or not. There’s a lot of evidence leaning towards a split, but it could all just be a series of misunderstandings and coincidences.

This year has seen a number of K-pop groups lose members, including EXO, f(x) Girls’ Generation, Hello Venus, MBLAQ, and FIESTAR, while indie band Busker Busker and rookie group Kiss&Cry disbanded altogether.

On a more positive note, veteran girl group KARA lost two members but were still able to make a successful comeback with a new member. Perhaps 2NE1 will be able to survive by doing the same?

Update: Minzy has now added the “2NE1″ tag back to her Twitter profile. Minzy, girl…

1. [+566, -44] Yang Hyun Suk does all this media play for Psy and Epik High but look at what is happening to the artists YG purely trained like Se7en, Big Bang, and 2NE1. It's like he purposely went out looking to cast trash.

2. [+442, -31] YG remained silent even with all those scandals Big Bang caused back and forth and now that 2NE1 isn't making them any money, they worked them on tour and are throwing them out now ㅋㅋ To Yang Hyun Suk, you're only family when you make him money and you're thrown out if you don't.

3. [+357, -23] Is Park Bom the cause of an eventual disbandment

4. [+49, -0] What's Sandara Park gonna do? She's not good at anything

5. [+42, -1] I already knew they'd be on their way to disbandment with what happened to Park Druggie

6. [+42, -2] YG pays no attention to their solos. Left Gummy in the dust for years before she left. Lee Hi will probably be thrown out after her contract expires too.

7. [+42, -12] Poor 2NE1 suffering because of Park Druggie ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. [+41, -2] Can't imagine how frustrated Minzy must feel. Can't promote as a team because of that Park Druggie bitch. And it's not like Minzy's pretty or talented enough to do anything on her own, I'd be pissed too ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+40, -1] Park Bom basically trashed 2NE1's image all on her own

10. [+34, -11] Naver refuses to put up any articles about Minzy being predicted to leave 2NE1 with her SNS activities. Only media play about CL's solo and the new girl group is up on the main page. Naver is totally in the palm of YG's hand..

11. [+31, -0] So CL's still getting support... Park Bom's probably going to get kicked out because of her druggie image.. Minzy's going to leave the group.. What's going to happen to Sandara Park?

12. [+29, -5] YG always talks about family but they always throw people out once you don't make any money for them. At this rate, I'd say the people filing lawsuits over at SM have more loyalty than YG does.


1. [+538, -36] One's off doing drugs, one's got no talent... Can't imagine how frustrated CL and Minzy are trying to pull them all together.

2. [+379, -30] Got plastic surgery done and everything for some good promotions up ahead but that plastic surgery monster ruined everything and ran away.

3. [+342, -11] This is pretty much a disbandment

4. [+42, -6] Aigoo, journalist... Minzy's current Instagram account is _minzy_mz and she never got rid of 2NE1 and it's still in her profile. That account you're talking about is a fan account.. Stop writing articles on fake accounts ㅠㅠ

5. [+35, -7] It's not Minzy's ID


YG spoke to Korean news outlet "TV Daily" to say that this was simply a "coincidence":

Sources: Popdust, Nate, NetizenBuzz, Koreaboo, K-Pop Starz, Asian Junkie 1, 2, TV Daily, Reddit

Epik High - New MV Teaser for Born Hater

Album Commentary for Born Hater

Track 8 | Born Hater

“Whatever I does receive thousands of reactions. You don’t know you’re saying cruel words because it’s in your nature”

A song that conveys your tired feelings on Haters,Obstructionists, Disruptive. Epik High, Beenzino , Verbal Jint, Winner’s Song Minho, B.I,Bobby; Senior and rookie’s different perspective on ‘haters’.  Old school hiphop matched with drum and bass, together with Tukutz Dj-ing added with the rappers harmonious voices.

Epik High is claiming Hanbin as theirs LOL. I'm also building a post with all the polaroids on Tablo's Instagram and Mitra's comments about them on Twitter...but it is taking FOREVER. I'm home sick and my mind isn't cooperating with translating Korean today Apparently Hanbin (BI) co-composed the track with Tukutz and composed the melody even though he's not old enough to actually buy it.

Source: YG Life Icarus Walks
dejavu sua

☆Spica's☆ (self-proclaimed) visual Juhyun changes name to Sihyun!

Edited with Soompi's translation ^^

SPICA member Park Juhyun has officially changed her name to Park Sihyun, according to the singer’s representatives.

A spokesperson from B2M Entertainment, SPICA’s agency, said, “She has been called Sihyun from childhood. Her parents had originally hoped to have a son, so they chose the name Juhyun in advance, and her name was officially registered as such. But now she wants to perform under her real name, Sihyun, so she has officially changed it.”

The spokesperson also added, “Since her debut three years ago, she has been known as Park Juhyun,” so her new name might be a little unfamiliar at first. She has resolved to keep trying hard at what she does. Please send her a lot of support and attention!”

[meaning of 'Sihyun']

according to her reply, 시/是 = to be (right), 현/炫 = shining/dazzling :) it's a pretty name, I like it ^^ (she also changed her instagram name from @wneoddk to @sihyun_park_)

[some eyecandy~]141013 Pops In Seoul (Star Zoom In) - SPICA.S

bless, Bbo actually got to speak lol

let's take two and a half minutes to appreciate the beauty and overwhelming attractiveness of Park Sihyun

[her back view is so asdfkjghskdjfafdkj]

btw their 1000th day anniversary is coming up on 4 Nov, and K-Mercuries have these two projects that international fans are welcome to participate in:

1. Message book
There’s no word limit, but take note that the messages will not be translated so if you’re writing in English, best to keep it short and sweet :)

2. Cover song recommendations

sauces: NewsWay, translated by @Spica_Tweets (KR-CH) & OP (CH-EN), Soompi, @p_joo, Turn Up Speaker, 단비

I like the name Sihyun but give me approx. 5 years to get used to it lol. besides Secret's Zinger/Hana, ZE:A's Junyoung/Lee Hoo, are there other idols who have changed their names? I vaguely remember another boy group member....

CL & Rita Ora for HIGH CUT

Article: Rita Ora vs CL, a battle of the fashionistas that transcend international boundaries

Collapse )

[Netizen Comments]Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,351, -189] I feel like CL would be a better designer than Jessica

2. [+974, -133] CL's hiding her face behind make up

3. [+742, -15] Rita Ora has black features but her skin is white so she gives a strange feeling every time I see her

4. [+672, -73] Hul, CL looks reserved and calm by contrast

5. [+681, -124] Sure, she looks cool and all... but I can't help but be reminded of Park Bom every time I see anyone from YG now ㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+529, -48] They have such a definite sense of style for the average man to understand...

7. [+457, -170] Seems CL's the type of Asian face that Westerners like

8. [+314, -40] I could dress well if I had the money too

Sources 1. Netizenbuzz | 2. CL Baddest Female.com

I think Ms. Lee Chaerin is going to need her own tag soon yes/yes? These netizen comments...I can't.
onew sunglasses

Sungmin caught adding his girlfriend's nickname to his autographs


[LARGE PICS ARE LARGE]natepann-1351313715 (1) natepann-1351313715 (2)

Pann: Sungmin added his girlfriend's nickname to his fan autograph

Collapse )

[Netizen Comments]1. [+312, -1] I'm a fan of another group but he went too far

2. [+278, -1] He never had any presence in the group for 10 years and he gets his name known for marriage. I feel like there will be an article titled "Sungmin becomes a father 5 months into marriage" soon.

3. [+266, -0] Hul...... why to an autograph you're giving your fans..... sigh..

4. [+108, -2] He deserves more hate than Taeyeon and Baekhyun. How dare does he give an autograph like this to a fan? All those public SNS posts for her, dating publicly on broadcast, announcing marriage a month after dating rumors ㅋㅋㅋ What a bastard

5. [+91, -1] He's trash ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Now I see why he was always the no name of Super Junior

6. [+67, -1] Sungmin-ah, you crossed the line ㅋㅋ You should never do anything that hurts your fans.

7. [+67, -1] Not a fan but I hate him already; he's worse than any other celebrity couple

8. [+64, -0] Signing the autograph like that is crossing a line

9. [+62, -2] He's more hopeless than Taeyeon. Anyone who attends these fan signings are obviously diehard fans of him and he dares to put his girlfriend's nickname in their autograph? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ And sorry but he's so nugu in Super Junior that I didn't even know he was a member at first; hopeless

10. [+39, -2] Sungmin, you crossed the line ㅋㅋ How dare you do this to us when we're the ones who brought you to this spot? ㅋㅋㅋ You're so selfish. Sorry but I refuse to support or understand your decisions. This is what you've done to yourself. You walk the path you chose to take.

11. [+36, -1] Crazy bastard ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

12. [+29, -0] I'm a crazy bitch for thinking I could even shield this piece of crap

13. [+22, -0] Baekhyun's 'kyahing' doesn't even compare to this ㅋㅋㅋ putting his girlfriend on an autograph for fans ㅋㅋㅋ does he even have a brain?

Source: Netizenbuzz

Welp...I honestly don't see the harm, or how they know that's his gf's nickname...but ok.

Girls′ Day Minah Ends Relationship with Son Heung Min

Minah and Son Heung Min have broken up.

Through a press released on October 16, Girls′ Day′s agency stated, "During the time of the dating rumors, they were just starting to have good feelings for each other, but due to the sudden outpour of attention and busy schedules, the two stopped contacting each other."

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source: netizenbuzz, naver, mwave, kpopkfans, instiz
mirrors lies

"My Secret Hotel" EP 7-16 DISCUSSION POST

secret hotel

A divorced couple meet again as the manager of a wedding department of a hotel and as a groom. A murder case takes place.
Sang-Hyo (Yoo In-Na) is the manager for the wedding department of a hotel. She is a perfectionist with a bright personality. once She divorced 7 years ago.
She meets her ex-husband Hae-Young (Jin Lee-Han) as a client at the hotel. Sang-Hyo and Hae-Young were in love and married, but they divorced less than 100 days later. Hae-Young is a famous architect.
Sung-Gyeom (Namgung Min) is the management director of the hotel and Sang-Hyo’s boss. The murder case that brings about a crisis at the hotel is related with his personal history. He is in a love triangle with Sang-Hyo and Eun-Joo (Lee Young-Eun). Eun-Joo works as public relations manager for the hotel. She is ambitious with her work career.

Yoo In-Na, Jin Lee-Han, Namgung Min, Lee Young-Eun, Uhm Soo-Jung, Kim Bo-Mi. Choi Tae-Hwan, Ko Yun-Hoo, Ha Yeon-Joo, Choi Jung-Won

watch here:


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sorry for being flop op :(

"Plus Nine Boys" EP 5-14 DISCUSSION POST

age ine boy

There’s a commonly held superstition that you will face adversity in the ninth year (or any year that ends in nine) of your life before you embark on a new decade. For four boys and men in different decades of their lives, that adage couldn’t be truer.
Koo Gwang Soo (Oh Jung Se), 39, was the star producer/director (PD) of the top live music program until an unfortunate incident on the show derailed his career. Still pining for his ex-girlfriend, Joo Da In (Yoo Da In), Kwang Soo really wants to settle down before the new decade of his life.
Brothers Kang Jin Goo (Kim Young Kwang), Kang Min Goo (Yook Sung Jae) Kang Dong Goo (Choi Ro Woon) also face unexpected challenges in their young lives.
Jin Goo, 29, is a successful tour planner for a vacation travel agency who suddenly starts to doubt his future. He also falls in love with a friend at work, Ma Se Young (Kyung Soo Jin), who doesn’t return his feelings.
Min Goo, 19, is a high school senior who lives for judo and wants to attend college on a judo scholarship. But when he keeps running into a mysterious girl, Han Soo Ah (Park Cho Rong), he becomes smitten with her but realizes she may be out of his reach.
Dong Goo, 9, is a famous child actor who made it big doing food commercials. But his young career is threatened when he loses a job to a rival new child actor for the first time. He also must keep his secret relationship with 8-year-old child actress Jang Baek Ji (Lee Chae Mi) from leaking to the media!

Kim Young Kwang, Kyung Soo Jin, Oh Jung Se, Yoo Da In, Yook Sung Jae, Park Cho Rong, Choi Ro Woon, Kim Mi Kyung, Lee Chae Mi, Kim Hyun Joon, Park Minha

watch here:


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sorry for being flop op :(


Dispatch Releases Photos of Jessica Seen For The First Time Since Fired from SNSD:

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Source: lyrics.kashigasa (1) (2) , Netiz9n

So it's now out in the open that she and Tyler are dating?
Also can someone help me ID that bag, I KNOW IT!!! but forgot it and its killing me

Edit: Netizens react


Bangtan's interview with Junon magazine (July edition)!

Rap Monster
Q: What do you think your personality is like?
A: I look reliable but there are still times when I feel confused/lost.

Q: What do you collect?
A: Since I like it, I have a lot of Supreme clothes. But there’s no stores in Korea so I buy it all online from overseas.

Q: What’s the one thing you won’t lose to others?
A: My rap and voice doesn’t lose to anyone! Also, gentle personality (laughs).

Q: What’s the origin of the name “Rap Monster”?
A: Predebut I always wrote “Rap Monster” when I was writing lyrics. I don’t know how but it became my nickname so I just used it when I debut.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to become an artist?
A: I always listened to Eminem’s songs when I was in junior high. I wanted to use music to express my thoughts. The reason I wanted to rap was because I didn’t want to be bound by the melody but rather to freely express my thoughts.

Q: What’s hard about being a leader?
A: At work there may be unexpected things that happen and I have to calmly lead the members. There’s always this kind of stress.

[Jungkook's scared of microwaves]
Q: What’s the scariest thing in the world?
A: My dad. Although he’s usually very fatherly, it can get very scary when he’s angry! When I first said I wanted to become an artist, my dad greatly opposed it but now he also supports me.

Q: How do you spend your days off?
A: Sleep the entire day (laughs). I’m not good at socializing so, infact, I don’t have a lot of friends. The members are my closest friends.

Q: What’s your ideal date?
A: Go to the movie theater or a coffee shop. Or eat at home - just spending it leisurely.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to become an artist?
A: I watched the Korean Reggae Artist Stage when I was in 5th grade - I really adored it. I started composing songs from then on.

Q: What do you always carry with you?
A: In order to write songs whenever I have the inspiration, I will always carry a laptop and a small keyboard with me. Also I must also bring the camera in which we use to take pictures of the members to upload onto our blog.

Q: The first time you met the members?
A: I met Rap Monster the first. I knew back then that he writes songs and posts them online.

Q: What do you think your personality is like?
A: The leisure type, but it doesn’t match that I’m the oldest member in the group (laughs).

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: I really like dubokki! The Korean snacks made with glutinous rice is very good!

Q: What do you collect?
A: Super Mario figurines. I have about 60 of them in my old room.

Q: How do you spend your days off?
A: Watch movies. ‘Wolf Children’ and ‘Summer Wars’ are the types of Japanese anime I really like to watch.

Q: What’s your ideal date like?
A: I’m very envious when I see couples on a date. I also want to walk along the streets holding hands!

Q: What’s one thing you won’t lose to others?
A: I definitely do not sleep in late. When the members live together, I’m in charge of waking everyone up in the morning if we have a schedule.

Q: What do you like about Bangtan Boys?
A: That our relationship with each other is very good. When we just gather to chat, we can chat up to 5 hours. But everyone is just so naughty. As the leisure type, I just can’t ever find a time to jump in (laughs).

Q: What do you think your personality is like?
A: Cheerful, always smiling. Bangtan’s mood maker!

Q: How do you spend your days off?
A: Walking around and eating. Especially ramen, I really want to eat some good ramen in Japan!

Q: What’s your ideal date like?
A: Holding hands and walking down Garosu-gil in Shinsadong.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to become an artist?
A: I’ve always liked to dance. I saw Big Bang’s performance 6 years ago and I wanted to be like them, dancing so cooly.

Q: What are the charms of BTS?
A: It should be the rap that’s full of strength and the performances!

Q: What’s something in Japanese that you remember recently?
A: “Sales tax is 8%” (laughs). Even though I can slowly speak in Japanese, it’s still hard to pronounce it. I’m working hard to study it right now.

Q: What do you want to challenge from today on?
A: It is my dream to be on variety shows. I often watch Japanese variety shows.

Q: Besides work, what do you do with the members?
A: At home we would cook together. The best cook is Jin hyung. I’m in charge if eating and cleaning the dishes (laughs).

Q: What food do you like?
A: Takoyaki! Last year when we were in Japan for a performance, we ate it once at Harujuku and it was delicious. I want to eat sushi this time in Japan.

Q: What’s the scariest thing in the world?
A: I’m terrified of heights so I definitely don’t want to try bungee jumping.

Q: What’s your ideal date like?
A: A date at a bustling amusement park.

Q: What’s one thing you won’t lose to others?
A: I’m actually the member that can tame V the most (laughs). Although we fight often, we actually have a very good relationship.

Q: Please let our fans know a never-before-heard secret of Jimin.
A: If you look closely, my right eye is a bit swollen. I hit the toilet when I was young and had to get 8 stitches.

Q: When was the moment you wanted to become an artist?
A: Although I originally liked to dance, I saw Rain sunbae-nim’s performance when I was in 2nd grade of junior high and wanted to become an artist.

Q: What are you addicted to recently?
A: Lifting weights! Jungkook and Jin are also lifting weights/dumbbells in the room.

Q: What do you think your personality is like?
A: Although the members all think I’m a weird person, I’m actually a very gentle guy!

Q: What’s the scariest thing in the world?
A: Bangtan Boys’ PD. We often get yelled at…..

Q: How do you spend your days off?
A: Go out with friends, buy things, and sleep. By the way, I only wear my underwear when I sleep (laughs). It’s just so comfortable sleeping with only your underwear.

Q: What’s your ideal date?
A: Going to Japan’s Harujuku, Disney and Universal Studios!

Q: What’s one thing you won’t lose to others?
A: Singing and comedy talent! I really like to talk so I want to go on a variety show. Among the members, my Japanese level should be considered in the better half, although it’s not as good as Rap Monster hyung.

Q: What do you like about Japan?
A: Fashion sense. The Japanese are very fashionable. I also want to try this type of fashion sense.

Q: Is there something recently that makes you so happy that you want to show a V pose?
A: The support from everyone was great when we performed last year.

Q: What’s the scariest thing in the world?
A: Microwave. I’m constantly worried that it was explode.

Q: How do you spend your days off?
A: Play games and practice dancing. I just started high school so I still need to go to school.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to become an artist?
A: Because I really like Big Bang’s G-Dragon sunbae-nim. When we were at a music broadcast in Korea a few days ago, we greeted each other. I was so excited my heart was pounding (laughs).

Q: What are Bangtan’s charms?
A: Our looks are more handsome than any other group, right?! (laughs)

Q: What must you do everyday?
A: Practice guitar. I just starting learning recently so I want to grasp it quickly.

Q: What’s your weak point?
A: When I’m speaking, my voice will gradually and unconsciously get quieter. I’m from Busan so sometimes I end up speaking in dialect - I’m concerned about this.

Q: If you’re a girl, which member would you want as a boyfriend?
A: Of course it’s myself! Since I live with the members, I know exactly what they are like in the dorms (laughs). I’m interesting, serious, and will cooperate with my girlfriend’s hobbies!

source: jellystore + trans by yoogamin

FTISLAND review "All About" track-by-track with Billboard

The K-pop/rock group recall fans, ex-girlfriends and 'dark periods' while writing their latest LP.

After sharpening their skills on the touring circuit playing festivals and arena shows in Japan this year, F.T. Island made their long-awaited comeback in Korea with the release of the compilation album All About. For the first time in the eight years since their debut, the band members were able to flaunt their musicality by adding self-penned and -composed tracks including "Morning Coffee" (crafted by bassist Lee Jae Jin), "Last Love Song" (guitarist/keyboardist Choi Jong Hoon) and "Orange Sky" (vocalist Lee Hong Gi).

Comprised of highlights from the band's previously released Japanese singles, All About is a lavish production of both aching and uplifting tracks drenched in the quintet's signature elements of expansive guitars, driving drums, moody bass strums and explosive vocals.

Billboard met with members Lee Jae Jin, Choi Jong Hoon, Song Seung Hyun and Choi Min Hwan at FNC Entertainment HQ in Seoul for an exclusive video track-by-track interview, in which they discussed their creative process and influences behind each track.