October 19th, 2014

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141016 MNET MIX & MATCH E06

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TEAM B.I., Donghyuk, Hongseok (feat. Lee Hi): Let it Go

TEAM JINHWAN, Yunhyeong, Jinhyeong: Deux - 나를 돌아봐 Look Back at Me

TEAM BOBBY, Junhoe, Chanwoo: Seo Taiji and Boys / 2NE1 - Come Back Home

TEAM B.I., Donghyuk, Hongseok: Park Jin Young - Honey

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141019 Inkigayo

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'Don't Touch Me'

Kim Dong Ryul

'How I Am'



Score Before Live Votes (사전합게) 7593 7951 7732
Digital Sales (음원) 4663 6000 4059
SNS 2622 1690 3500
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 308 261 173
Live Votes (생방송집계) 930 296 1000
Final Total 8523 8247 8732

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Eli of U-KISS Cast as Lead Role in Chinese Version of Hit Drama “Full House”


Drama production company Group 8 is setting out to produce a Chinese version of the hit KBS drama “Full House.”

On October 17, a representative of Group 8 revealed that it will be collaborating with China’s Asia Media Holdings to remake the drama “Full House” into a Chinese version through a Korean-Chinese co-production.

The Korean version of “Full House” was a remake of the original manga of the same name, and was broadcast in 2004. It starred singer-actor Rain and actress Song Hye Gyo as the main lead roles, earning much love and popularity with viewers, as proven by its record viewer rating of 40%. Reports of this new Chinese version are gaining attention with local media, as many are already anticipating its release.

It has also been announced that U-KISS member Eli has confirmed his casting as the lead male character, played by Rain in the Korean version. The main female role will be chosen through auditions in China, following a press conference that will be held in Shanghai on October 23.

The Korean-Chinese co-produced “Full House” is expected to officially begin filming starting in December.

Are you looking forward to this new remake?

Source: Soompi

This kissme is super excited~
look at his superior charades skills, that should translate to acting ability


Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko Talks Today’s Hip-Hop, Rapper Choiza and More

Gaeko, who was always with Choiza, decided to go solo in 15 years since his debut. Putting down the name of Dynamic Duo, he will be returning to the fans with his first solo album Redingray. Although he is often named as one of the best rappers in the hop-hop industry, he lowered himself by saying, “I feel like I’m back as a new singer.”

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