October 27th, 2014

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SISTAR’s Dasom Reveals the Physical Traits of Her Group Members She Wishes She Had


Dasom of SISTAR recently expressed her jealousy toward her fellow group members, in terms of physical characteristics.

On the October 25 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” cameras followed the members of SISTAR to the set of their advertisement shoot, where they also sat down for a brief interview with the entertainment news program.

During the interview, the reporter asked the members, “If you could steal one body part from another member, what would it be?”

In response, Bora was the first to answer, “Dasom’s waist. Her waist is very thin.” On the other hand, Dasom replied, “For me, Soyu unni’s hips, Bora unni’s legs, and Hyorin unni’s chest. If I was born like that [with those parts], I would have already taken over the universe by now. I would’ve been ‘Dasom Who Came from the Stars,’” creating laughter on the set.

[netizens comments]Article: 'Ent Relay' Dasom "I'm jealous of Soyu's hips, Bora's legs, and Hyorin's chest"

Source: MBN via Naver

1. [+6,168, -379] And they're all jealous of your face..

2. [+3,571, -112] The most important thing's been left out. What about their faces?

3. [+2,860, -528] Dasom, you have nothing to lose. You have something they don't have.....

4. [+1,524, -76] I agree~

5. [+417, -32] You have white skin. Please don't get a sun tan, it won't suit you.

6. [+376, -14] Dasom has skin and face going for her ㅋ but she is right ㅋㅋ

7. [+365, -14] She's probably thinking to herself "but I have the prettier face..ㅎㅎ"

8. [+380, -52] I never thought Dasom as pretty but realized it when she was MCing with Goo Hara and they were both on the screen... She's really pretty and has amazing proportions ㅋㅋㅋ Definitely the prettiest in SISTAR

9. [+328, -22] Dasom has a pretty face, tall height, and white skin...

Source: Soompi & Netizenbuzz

HOTSHOT Releases Official Teaser for "Take A Shot"

[HOTSHOT to debut as "musician-centered group"]
Rookie group Hot Shot will be making their debut in the latter half of 2014, as one of the most anticipated debuts towards the year-end.

The debut of new boyband, Hot Shot, has been scheduled for October 30th. Prior to their debut, members have showed off various individual skills, such as rapping, dancing, and singing. The members also helped compose tracks and have been involved in hip-hop crews in the past.

Hot Shot plans to be a musician-centered group rather than a performance-centered group, and to reflect this, the song was produced by Zoombas, a renowned producing group known for songs such as “Growl” by EXO. (op/n! Along with Don't Go and Black Pearl, also by EXO).

The new song “Take a Shot” includes Oriental melody and riff, heavy, but sophisticated electric guitar sound, dubstep and beating bass, showing a different approach to other idols who rely heavily on electronica or ballad genre.

Hot Shot will debut on October 30th. Be prepared to watch the most anticipated idol of 2014 debut.

[Album Tracklist...]


Debut single includes tracklist: "Take A Shot" and "Take A Shot (Intrumental)". Their title single will be released on October 29th.

source: K.O. Sound, TVReport, Koreaboo, @fyhotshot 1, 2

taking it back to that 90s windows laggggg/ i'm so excited like forreal now omg :DDDD

mods, i hope i did everything right this time /crosses fingers
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Song Jae Rim, M.I.B’s Kangnam and More to Appear on “Running Man”


On October 27, a broadcast representative revealed, “Jang Dong Min, Kim Min Gyo, Kangnam, Song Jae Rim, and Park Soo Hong are currently in the middle of filming for ’Running Man’ at a location in Seoul,” according to an exclusive report by TV Report.

The upcoming episode of SBS’ variety program “Running Man” is planning a ‘nolbu’ concept featuring these guests. It is said that these stars have been filming together for the show since the early morning of October 27. Following the news that these guests will be making an appearance on the variety show, many people are already looking forward to the broadcast, especially actor Song Jae Rim and M.I.B member Kangnam, as they have recently risen as trending stars in the variety world.

Meanwhile, “Running Man’s” ‘nolbu’ special is scheduled to air on November 9.

Are you excited to watch this upcoming episode?

Source Soompi

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Not You Average Netizens: CL Stands For Culture Vulture

Except that L and V are not the same letter - eh, close enough. Regardless it's all about CL encroaching American debut which started the mother-load of 2NE1 disbandment rumors. Will CL become the Korean Iggy Azalea and which concept will we see -"Baddest Female" or "MTBD?" Also an epic rant about Epik High.

 Listen at the source.
Kitty kitty

AOA Confirms Upcoming November 11 Comeback with Six-Track Album

AOA has confirmed their upcoming comeback date for November 11.

On October 27, FNC Entertainment’s CEO, Han Sung Ho, revealed through the agency’s official website, “I am writing to share the news about AOA’s November comeback in Korea, as they have continued to receive a lot of love since early this year with ‘Miniskirt’ and ‘Short Hair.’”
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For once I'm hoping YG will be late, cause that timing is not good for them
They'll get crushed

And I don't know how I feel about blond Jimin

Kota Ibushi
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B.A.P Cancels South American Concerts

Dear BABYz,

Hello, this is TS Entertainment.

First of all, we highly appreciate your kind support on B.A.P and would like to inform you of B.A.P’s schedule.

B.A.P and TS have striven to fulfill our common goal so far; when viewing with a long-term perspective, we concluded that B.A.P deserves the sufficient time to get recharged in return for their relentless effort and endeavor and this is the time. So, we made the decision to suspend B.A.P's official schedule after Music Bank In Mexico and for them to take a rest for a while, because the artist condition is the top priority for us.

Therefore, we’re very sorry to inform you that we decided to cancel B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 South America Attack to be scheduled on November after talking with Hallyutrend in full faith who has been organized the tour. Even though we’re fully aware that lots of BABYs were waiting for B.A.P’s shows, we inevitably reached this conclusion so that B.A.P can show a better performance with a better condition in the near future; we look forward to your kind understanding.

Again, please accept our sincere apologies on worrying you who really have been caring about B.A.P and we wish your continuous support and love until B.A.P is back.

We promise that B.A.P will come back with the Best, Absolute, and Perfect stage/performance than ever within a short time.

Thank you for your kind attention and see you soon.

B.A.P Facebook

God knows they could use a break. Do you think this will quell the B.A.P rumor mill or is there more to come? This is 2014 after all.
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Sung Si-Kyung CLAIMS He Will Release a New Album in December


Sung Si Kyung’s last album called ‘First’ was released on 9th Oct, 2011. After 3 years he will release a new album, ‘Special Winter Album’.

Sung Si Kyung announced “I’m going to release a new album” in his previous concert, but this was delayed because he was really busy with his schedule. His last album was released in 2011.

Sung Si Kyung isn’t present only in the music but also in the entertainment industry which also has been loved by his fans. JTBC's "Non Summit", "Witch Hunt", and OLIVE TV's "What Shall Eat Today?" with Shin Dong Yup have received a good feedback by the audience.

But Sung Si Kyung’s principal business is that of a singer. He is also linking back [collaborating?] with another Korean artist called Shin Seung-Hoon. He showed an explosive love through “Every Moment With You” from SBS You Come From The Star and “To You” from tvN Reply 1994.

In December he won’t release an OST, Sung Si Kyung will comeback in Winter to spread his sensibilities in a new album.

sources: Daum, sungsikyungupdates
This is starting to be a bit of a YG situation ... hope he really releases the album now, winter would be a good time for him. And considering that he also has his concerts during winter ...
crayon pop
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Zhou Mi solo debut!

Now up at zhoumi.smtown.com: Rewind - the first mini album


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I don't see any actual information right now on the news/schedule/etc pages, just the pictures, and I haven't seen an announcement yet
(I was just pluggin in URLs; changmin.smtown.com does not exist.) but we can all squee at the picture, right?

Nate reports that the album will be released October 31.

source: zhoumi.smtown.com, nate
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Epik High reveal their thoughts about claims of "YG change"

Hip hop group Epik High (Tablo, Mithra, Tukutz) revealed their thoughts about the claims that they have changed after joining YG Entertainment.

Epik High released their 8th album ‘Shoebox’ on the 21st of October and made their comeback as singers 2 years after releasing their 7th album, ‘99’. The title song, Happen Ending, has been sweeping #1 for a week on several music charts including Melon. Not only that, but the other tracks have also been included in the top ten. This shows that the 2 years of waiting weren’t for nothing.

Tablo was asked in an interview with Newsen on the 27th how it was to return to the fans’ side after two years. “We’re so happy that we’re confused. As we’ve been releasing countless albums in the past 11 years, we’ve occasionally felt the kind of happiness that makes you smile by yourself. This is however the first time feeling happiness that makes us go “what is this?”. It’s a bit overwhelming”, he started.

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Translation vivi@icaruswalks.com
Source : icaruswalks / newsen

The part talking about the claims isn't really anything new to what they've said before.
I think it was nice how they chose songs for Shoebox. RIP all the 100+ songs we'll never hear :(

Teen Top Changjo cast as male lead in upcoming drama "Sweden Laundromat"

Idol group Teen Top member Changjo has been cast as the male lead in the drama “Sweden Laundromat.”
Teen Top’s Changjo will be joining the MBC Every1 and MBC DramaNet produced “Sweden Laundromat” (director: Jung Hwanseok) as the lead male character, Yong Soocheol, taking the role of main cast in his first drama production. “Sweden Laundromat” is a comic fantasy drama depicting various episodes that take place around a laundromat run by a young female manager who has the psychic ability to see what people’s worries are.
In this drama, Changjo takes on the part of Yong Soocheol, who’s careless and often makes mistakes, but stays quiet and keeps running after his dreams, and will have a sweet romance with female lead Song Hayoon.
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source : naver , english translation by oursupaluv

sweden laudromat though....but changjo!!!

Hwang Jung Eum And Kim Yong Jun Break Up And Make Up

A relationship in which you break up and make up a lot may seem appropriate for an actress who is known as the "Queen of Melodrama." In a recent magazine Hwang Jung Eum, the star of "Endless Love" and "Secrets," says that her nine-year relationship with SG Wannabee singer Kim Yong Jun has not been entirely smooth sailing.

They have broken up and made up several times.

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source: kdramastars

Yoon Eun Hye Cast in Park Shi Hoo's Comeback Film

Actress Yoon Eun Hye is apparently not afraid of a little controversy. The actress, who recently appeared in the film "Chronicles of a Blood Merchant" with Ha Ji Won and Ha Jung Woo, next plans to star in a romantic melodrama titled "After Love." The subject matter of the film is not controversial but there will be plenty of comments about her choice of co-star, actor Park Shi Hoo.

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source: kdramastars

Ko Ah Sung Signs with Uma Thurman and Ashton Kutcher’s Agency in the US

After showcasing her acting skills through the movie Snowpiercer, Ko Ah Sung took the next step, signing under an entertainment agency in the US.

According to 4 Doors Entertainment, Ko Ah Sung recently signed with Untitled Entertainment, which houses top global stars, such as Uma Thurman, Ashton Kutcher, Kate Hudson, Demi Moore, and more.

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source: mwave

Let The Fan Wars Begin: MAMA 2014 Voting Begins

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Kahi Reacts to Park Hyung Sik’s Statement That He Didn’t Feel Anything During Their On-Stage Kiss fo


In a previous interview with Park Hyung Sik, the singer-actor mentioned that he didn’t feel anything when he kissed Kahi for the musical “Bonnie & Clyde.”

While it took Kahi a few months to respond to this, the singer-actress was finally able to comment on the statement through an interview on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay” which aired on October 26. On this episode, the show caught up with the singer-actress together with her co-stars in the musical “All Shook Up” while they were shooting the musical’s poster.

“As expected, it’s the same for me,” said Kahi, eliciting laughter from the interviewer.

During Park Hyung Sik’s interview, he mentioned that during his kissing scene with Kahi, “I wasn’t thinking about kissing or doing whatever (during the scene) and I was busy just thinking about my feelings that I didn’t have time to think of anything else. I just tried my best.”

[“I didn’t feel anything too. Just what should I feel?,”]

Kahi commented on Park Hyung Sik’s statement, “I didn’t feel anything too. Just what should I feel?,” and added, “I don’t feel bad at all,” saying that she totally understood what her co-actor felt during their scene.

Kim Dong Jun, Park Hyung Sik’s band mate, defended his co-ZE:A member and explained what he actually meant.

“Because Kahi noona got to work together with Park Hyung Sik, I asked him about her and he said ‘She’s really attractive’ and that we will ‘Fall for her when we work with her,’” said Kim Dong Jun.

Meanwhile, Kahi will appear in a new musical, “All Shook Up” together with g.o.d’s Son Ho Young, ZE:A’s Dongjun, B1A4′s Sandeul, and actress Kim Ye Won.

Source: Soompi (2)
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Not Your Average Netizens: K-pop Halloween Spooktacular

Hey everyone! Since all of us at NYAN are of the celebratory sort, we have decided to ring in Halloween 2014 with our very own K-pop Halloween Spooktacular. We are counting down our top ten Halloween/horror - themed K-pop MVs - and we want to hear from the Omona community as to who you think belongs on our list. You can also explain your pick and reasoning in the comments and if you do, we'll read it on the air. And yes, if there is someone major that you feel we are missing, we are accepting write-in candidates. Vote as much as you want, as many times as you want. Highest vote-getters will be highest ranked!

Look out for it soon, it's going to be a very special episode!

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