October 29th, 2014


HOTSHOT Official "Take A Shot" MV is released, OP cries buckets


  • Junhyuk, 22, Leader & Main Vocalist


  • Timoteo, 21, Leader & Dance

kid monster

  • Kid Monster, 21, Lead Vocal & Dance


  • Sungwoon, 20, Main Vocal


  • Yoon San, 20, Rap


  • Hojeong, 20, Lead Vocal & Dance


The anime versions of the members is base on their predebut webtoon series, which can be found here

source: CJENMUSIC OFFICIAL , Profiles from Naver Music, Image edit & translation cred to @hotshotsg

it's good, it's soooo good, i need more, so much more, say hi to your new favs #yaaasss
yoonsan slaysss /fans self
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EXO’s Chanyeol and Tao to Feature in Zhoumi’s Upcoming Solo Album

It has been reported that Super Junior-M member Zhoumi’s upcoming solo album titled “Rewind” will feature EXO’s Chanyeol and Tao.

On October 29, SM Entertainment revealed, “The title track ‘Rewind’ has a retro-soul and smooth pop feel. It’s an R&B song that features a melodical chorus, and portrays the feeling of wanting to turn back time to before a breakup.”

In order to promote both in Korea and China, Zhoumi recorded the song with two different versions—Korean and Chinese. The Korean version of “Rewind” will feature Chanyeol’s rap, while Tao’s rap will be featured in the Chinese version.

Zhoumi’s very first solo album is set to be released through online music sites on October 31, and will also be available offline on November 3.

Source: soompi
scammer oppa

SISTAR’s Soyou Says Guy Friends are No Different from Girl Friends

SISTAR’s Soyou revealed that she can hug and put her arm around guy friends.

During October 28’s broadcast of JTBC’s Children, The Life’s Greatest Blessing, one of the hottest topics of discussion was how intimate you can become with guy friends and girl friends.

Soyou said, “Can’t you do everything with guy friends? What can you not do with your friends?” and Jun Hyun Moo asked, “Does that mean you can kiss them too?”

Soyou said, “I can ask for dating advice from my guy friends too,” sharing that guy friends are no different from her same-gender friends.

When Jun Hyun Moo asked Soyou, “How far can you go with your guy friends?” asking if she can put her arm around them and Soyou answered, “I can put my arm around them and hug them too,” surprising Jun Hyun Moo and Kang Yong Suk.

do you agree omona? are guy friends no different from girl friends?

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Kray is a little gay

2014 is not over yet: Kwangyeon, Hanbyul and Kyumin to leave LEDApple

A detailed and important message about LEDApple 2014 the Last Live Tour ”Thank You, LEDAs”, to LEDAs who have always supported LEDApple.

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Source: Official LEDApple Japan, translation by applepieledapple

Crying a river right now. ;_; 2014 is ruining all my faves. I hope Kwangyeon will get better and Hanbyul slays with his vocals in a joint-album with Bruno Mars. Also, I hope everything is ok (except my faves) with the post.

Epik High Article Roundup and Born Hater Theory Confirmed

[EPIK HIGH Unrivaled: “HAPPEN ENDING” Tops Weekly Chart]
EPIK HIGH Unrivaled: “HAPPEN ENDING” Tops Weekly Chart

[마이데일리 = 전원 기자] EPIK HIGH’s “HAPPEN ENDING” topped weekly charts.
Released on Oct 21, the title track “HAPPEN ENDING” from EPIK HIGH’s newest album “SHOEBOX” topped a total of 7 weekly charts on Melon, Olleh, Bugs, Genie, Naver, Daum and Soribada.

All produced by EPIK HIGH, the songs in their 8th album were lined up on real-time charts as soon as they were released. Apart from the double title “HAPPEN ENDING” and “SPOILER,” “BORN HATER,” “WE FIGHT OURSELVES” and “RICH” are receiving very positive reviews. The album also attracted much attention for featuring top artists like Gaeoko, Beenzino, TAEYANG, Nell, Kim Jong Wan and Cho Won Sun.

The unrivalled “HAPPEN ENDING” is about consoling those who experienced a break up. Its visual effects reminds many of a French movie while the frank lyrics and Roller Coaster’s Cho Wan Sun’s somehow indifferent voice makes the song even better.

EPIK HIGH, now promoting their album in full force, appeared on Mnet’s M Countdown and SBS’s Inkigayo last week. They will make an appearance again this week to stand before the much-awaited fans. Last week AKDONG MUSICIAN’s LEE SOO HYUN joined in, and this week LEE HI will be on stage with them.

From Nov 14 to 16, EPIK HIGH will be in Seoul Blue Square Samsung Card Hall to hold their first exclusive concert in 5 years titled “Parade 2014.”

[EPIK HIGH Extols B.I, “I Envy His Talent To the Extent of Wanting to Take It Away”]EPIK HIGH Extols B.I, “I Envy His Talent To the Extent of Wanting to Take It Away”

[스타뉴스 윤성열 기자] Hip-hop group EPIK HIGH (TABLO, MITHRA JIN, and DJ TUKUTZ) extolled WIN Team B’s rapper B.I who they have recently worked with.
In an interview with Star News on the 27 at a café located in Seokyo-dong, Seoul, MITHRA JIN said, “Other rappers like Beenzino were familiar, as we have worked with them at least once in the past. B.I, BOBBY, and SONG MIN HO are young friends, so they felt fresh and I envied them.”

EPIK HIGH came back after two years of absence by releasing 8th full-length album “SHOEBOX” on the 21 at 0am. “BORN HATER”, one of the songs of the new album whose music video was released in advance, drew much attention for featuring by YG Entertainment’s B.I and BOBBY from “WIN”’s Team B, and WINNER’s SONG MIN HO, as well as by Beenzino and Verbal Jint.

MITHRA JIN put his thumbs up while talking about B.I, saying, I really envied B.I’s talent. He did it in a flash and then went out. I even feel like taking his talent away”.

TABLO said, “I thought B.I and BOBBY’s rap would not shock their fans because they have shown strong raps in ‘Show Me The Money’. But I was worried about whether SONG MIN HO was okay to do such a strong rap, as he has the gentle image as WINNER’s member”.

TABLO added, “When I asked MIN HO whether it was okay for him, he answered ‘I wanna do it right when I do hip-hop’. MIN HO worked really hard, editing every word of the lyrics. I thought, ‘idol group members also have a lot of things to express, so they are excited so much like this when they are given such an opportunity. He reminded me of EPIK HIGH’s early days when we were excited so much about rapping”.

Meanwhile, EPIK HIGH holds their first solo concert in five years, “PARADE 2014” on November 14 to 16 at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul.

2014. 10. 27.

[EPIK HIGH Says, “We Are Happiest Now in 11 Years since Our Debut” (Interview)]EPIK HIGH Says, “We Are Happiest Now in 11 Years since Our Debut” (Interview)

[마이데일리 = 최지예 기자] Hip-hop group EPIK HIGH (TABLO, MITHRA JIN, and DJ TUKUTZ) talked about happiness.

In an interview near Hongik University area in Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, on the 27 in the afternoon, EPIK HIGH said, “I think we are the only group in Korea who did not celebrate the 10 anniversary of debut. This year marks the 11th anniversary of out debut”.

About the best things in EPIK HIGH’s 11-year-long life as a musician, TABLO said, “I think you all know what the worst for us was. Because we went through that experience, a situation that may be perceived as a crisis by other groups doesn’t look like a crisis for us.”

Then, he added, “We have seen favorable responses since the release of our new album and I sent a text message to the other members that ‘It’s highly likely that this kind of situation may not come again. I’m not sure how long it will last and how long I will feel like this, but this may be our last time to be acclaimed. Let’s thank and enjoy as much as possible’.”

DJ TUKUTZ smiled and said, “In the past, I didn’t know what happiness was. I was too young and busy to enjoy happiness. Now I certainly know what happiness is like”.

MITHRA JIN added, “Eleven years have passed like an arrow and we have experienced a lot of things in the course. I don’t think we should focus on the number of the years. Once we think about the number, then we will come to think of a lot more things”.

EPIK HIGH has released 8th full-length album “SHOEBOX” recently, two years after their 7th album “99”. The new album’s double title track “HAPPEN ENDING” and “SPOILER” are dominating No.1 on music charts until now, and other songs of the album are also placed in top rankings on charts, enjoying high popularity.

“SPOILER” has a sound like that of a film’s original sound track, and “HAPPEN ENDING” is a song that calmly comforts the pain of breakup with honest lyrics and featuring by Roller Coaster’s Jo Won Sun.

EPIK HIGH will hold their first solo concert in five years, “PARADE 2014”, on November 14 to 16, at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul.

2014. 10. 28.

[EPIK HIGH Knocks Down Charts: “Completely Blown Away but Happy” (Interview)]EPIK HIGH Knocks Down Charts: “Completely Blown Away but Happy” (Interview)

[스타뉴스 윤성열 기자] On sweeping across all charts in Korea with their newest album “SHOEBOX,” EPIK HIGH commented that they are “so happy that they feel puzzled.”
TABLO was interviewed by Star News on Oct 27 at a café in Hongdae, where he commented, “For the last 11 years we have released a number of albums, and I’ve experienced happiness that made me smile. But this is the first time I feel, ‘What is going on?’, almost confused from happiness. A bit of a ‘mental breakdown,’ I would say.”

Released at 0 hour on Oct 21, EPIK HIGH made a comeback in 2 years. One of the double title tracks “HAPPEN ENDING” swept across all charts, and it still stands on top of 6 charts, Mnet, Naver, Bugs, Monkey 3 and Daum, in the morning of Oct 27. That’s one week in a row. Their other tracks “BORN HATER” and “SPOILER” also rank in the top range.

TABLO added, “I really didn’t expect this to happen. Neither did people around us or the agency. Not all artists experience this where more than 1 songs become popular, and I am so grateful that this is happening to us.”

He said, “When people ask us ‘What is going on,’ I answer, ‘I don’t know either.’ I don’t feel like it is actually happening. It’s a ‘mental breakdown’ for me. DJ TUKUTZ also added, “We are so happy that we smile without even noticing.”

From Nov 14 to 16, EPIK HIGH will be in Seoul Blue Square Samsung Card Hall to hold their first exclusive concert in 5 years titled “Parade 2014.”

[EPIK HIGH, “Worked Independently from YG… YANG Treated Us Like Lion Cubs”]EPIK HIGH, “Worked Independently from YG… YANG Treated Us Like Lion Cubs”

[조이뉴스24 = 이미영기자] EPIK HIGH explained YANG HYUN SUK’s way of getting involved in album production. Despite belonging to a giant agency, the way EPIK HIGH worked on their album hasn’t changed much at all. They work independently from YG.
EPIK HIGH made comments on how they feel about releasing their new album “SHOEBOX,” in an interview conducted at a café in Mapogu on Oct 27.

When asked about the changes they experienced after moving to join YG Entertainment, they said, “We are under the roof called YG, but nothing has really changed. We have the YG logo on our album but we have our independent logo, Map The Soul, as well. That’s how independent we are.”

TABLO laughed, “I thought they would do a lot for us, but that wasn’t true. Except for the fact that there are more people helping us, nothing has really changed from what we’ve been doing. I’m not sure how Mr YANG ran the company before, but he lets us do whatever we want to do.”

All the songs in EPIK HIGH’s album were recorded not at the YG’s studio but at the one where all their previous albums from “Map of the Human Soul” to TABLO’s “Fever’s End” had been recorded. Mr YANG ordered them to work in their own studio instead of using the YG studio, in a worry that EPIK HIGH’s colors could be affected by YG’s style.

TABLO Added, “It took us a year to show him what we’ve got. He told us that at least he should listen to it first. But he couldn’t really do anything more because he didn’t let us use the studio. He doubled the budget for our album and made us use our studio. Other people at the agency told us that he told them not to reach out for us when we need help. We had support right before us, but couldn’t use it.” TUKUTZ sees it this way: “He was treating us like lion cubs. But thanks to his way, we were able to showcase something that is fully our own.

With the album “SHOEBOX” released on Oct 21, EPIK HIGH still stands at the top of charts. Apart from “HAPPEN ENDING” that swept across charts, other songs like “BORN HATER,” “SPOILER” and “WE FIGHT OURSELVES” still stand in the top range.

EPIK HIGH commented, “We are just happy. It feels different to when we topped charts before. It took us 2 years to complete an album but it took us 6 years to get here. It’s amazing.”

EPIK HIGH will be at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall for their exclusive concert titled “Parade 2014” from Nov 14 to 16. As the originally planned 2 performances sold out too quickly, and additional 2 were added, totaling to 4 performances during those days.

2014. 10. 27.

[Tablo's Instagram Confirming Born Hater Theories]Tablo's Instagram Confirming Born Hater Theory


A photo posted by Tablo of Epik High (@blobyblo) on

Source: YG Life 1 2 3 4 5 ㅣ Tablo's Instagram

His royal Jjongness lends his voice to the 'Birth of a Beauty' OST


Jonghyun from SHINee has recorded a song for the 'Birth of a Beauty' OST.

One broadcast representative revealed on October 29th, "Jonghyun has recorded a song for the new SBS weekend drama, 'Birth of a Beauty'. The song acts as the theme song for the male lead Joo Sang Wook."

Jonghyun previously participated in the drama OSTs for SBS 'City Hunter' and KBS 1TV 'King's Dream, with the songs 'So Goodbye' and '1 out of 100' respectively.

A lot of attention has been brought to this new soundtrack as the fans wait in eagerness to hear what kind of music the song has to offer.

The first episode of 'Birth of a Beauty' will be broadcasted on November 1st.

Source: Star News
Written by: debsayys @ shineee.net
Music // Jiu 1

‘Apple Daily’ interviews Jessica about BLANC & ECLARE


“Apple Daily”: The brand BLANC & ECLARE has been established for two months; what are you hoping for?
Jessica: I’d like to take it one step at a time, slowly developing my career. I want to do something similar to other people sharing their wardrobes; right now it’s sunglasses, and later there will be other products. I hope every woman will use the things I’ve designed.

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source: soshified (original article: Apple Daily)
translation: moonrise31@soshified
picture credit: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


New LABOUM Teaser Pic! Album Cover, Preorder info + tracklist!

ZN, Haein, & Yujeong lookin mighty cute in new teaser picture!



01. 어떡할래 (What Are You Going To Do)
02. Winter Party
03. 어떡할래(Inst.)
04. Winter Party(Inst.)
05. HD-VIDEO PACK (어떡할래, 두근두근 M/V)
06. MAKING PACK (어떡할래, 두근두근 메이킹)
07. SPECIAL PACK (셀프 카메라, 스페셜 포토)

Nega Network and NH Media’s new girl group Laboum charmed fans over in the summer with their bright and sweet “Pit-a-Pat.” Now they’re promoting a newly arranged version of “What Are You Going To Do” and releasing a Data Pack edition of Petit Macaron. Besides “What Are You Going To Do,” this release also features the dreamy new song Winter Party. Petit Macaron Data Pack comes with special video and photo content including the music videos and making of “Pit-a-Pat” and “What Are You Going to Do” plus self-camera and special photos.

The disc can only be played on a computer and NOT on regular audio, car or CD players.

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Source: Yesasia, Laboumdaily 2, OfficialLABOUM, KpopTown, KpopMart, laboumpetitmacaron


Canadian teacher facing nightmare in South Korea

t is a warning for young people going overseas to teach English, not to expect the same rights often taken for granted here.

A Canadian woman sexually assaulted in South Korea has learned she could face charges for testifying in court.

The woman — whose identity is being protected — was attacked last year.
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Reminds me of the case of the Norwegian woman in the Emirates who was arrested for adultery after reporting a rape...smdh at the police and the fact that this man is even allowed to do this