November 3rd, 2014


YG apologizes to Winner fans


[Netizens' comments]

1. [+1144, -116]  A lot of people are interested in Winner because they don't seem like they're from YG, most of them are publicly known, and they appear a lot more approachable.  It shows with the high quality of their debut album and all of the members have great talents.  To wrap it up, the five members make such a balanced group.

2. [+848, -128]  I almost threw up my breakfast after reading the title.  Why does he keep sending out new people when he can't even properly take care of the groups he has now?  Release a Big Bang album and promote Winner in Korea more.  Even if you don't make as much money here in Korea, at least let their faces be on TV often if you're going to keep media playing about them being monster rookies.  It's such a waste that only the fans know about Winner's success.  Spread great things about them.

3. [+728, -93]  Sorry?  Stop talking about other things and let Winner promote all year round since you know, they debuted first.

4. [+639, -50]  I truly hope that YG's words are sincere.  YG's words and actions have hurt me on more than one occasion as a Winner fan ㅋ But it's a relief that at least he knows about it.    Please take care of your company's artists properly and I hope you will do well.

5. [+490, -54]  How are their promotions already over, WINNER!

6. [+199, -18]  Sucks for Winner fans ㅠㅠ  They thought they would debut right away but they ended up debuting after 10 months.  They waited for them anxiously but when they finally debuted, they focused in Japan.  Now they thought they were going to promote in Korea more often but their promotions have finished.  It really sucks for Winner and Big Bang's fans who are forever waiting for an album...

7. [+171, -19]  I feel bad for Winner...  their fans are nice and hard-working if you take a look at their gallery... I hope they do better...

8. [+147, -13]  As a group, Winner gives off a warm feeling... I wish they would promote more often.   They have a lot of fans of all ages and gender!!  Winner fighting!

9. [+ 146, -12]  Let Winner promote more!  I want to see them.  You call this a promotion after their debut?  Let them promote for a year

10. [+149, -17]  Winner is one of those rare groups among idols with great talent and visuals.   They all have good, tall figures if you look at the photoshoots they've taken.  They're all visually appealing and their live singing on stage is incredible...  they've gained a lot of fans ㅋㅋㅋ I hope they let Winner promote more.

Meh, Japan adventure was a bad idea and YG should stop mentioning dates all together

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FNC Entertainment: “We Have Recruited Our First Global Trainee”


Talent agency FNC Entertainment has announced its first female trainee to emerge at its Canada-based global training center.

The agency has announced that the star’s name is Amanda Liu. She is described as being Canadian-Chinese and 174cm tall. A speaker of both Chinese and English, FNC has announced that she is now also actively studying Korean.

A spokesperson for the agency announced, “As she has become the first trainee to emerge from our global talent hunt project, fans can expect a lot. She could turn out to be another big Korean entertainment star.”

Currently on the FNC roster are big-hitting K-pop acts such as FTISLAND, AOA, CNBLUE, and Juniel.

The company has been holding auditions in a number of locations in Korea and beyond of late, and earlier this year held auditions in Shanghai, China.

They should take proper care of the people they already have tbh

mirrors lies

Kangnam Shares What Makes Him Different from Jackson and Henry

Currently rising in popularity, M.I.B’s Kangnam was interviewed by star style magazine @star1, where he honestly answered each question with much thought.

Despite his variety program appearance giving him more attention from the public, Kangnam said the M.IB members are probably not jealous at all. “They don’t have much greed for appearing on TV, so they’re probably not jealous. More than broadcasts, they’re the type of people who’ll pour more affection towards music. I don’t see them often these days, but they’re probably not jealous.”

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source: mwave

Choi Kang Hee Returns to TV After 2 Years with ′Heart to Heart′

Choi Kang Hee is returning to TV Land after two years with Heart to Heart.

According to her agency on November 3, Choi Kang Hee confirmed her appearance in the upcoming tvN drama Heart to Heart with an acting tranformation on the way.

Directed by Coffee Prince′s PD, Lee Yoon Jung, Heart to Heart is a mental healing and romance drama about a woman with sociophobia and a mental clinic doctor.

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source: mwave
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(Vampire!Doctor) Youth Yeon Seok is in talks to star in drama 'Blood'

Actor Yoo Yeon Seok may be up for his first lead role on a major broadcasting network for the first time in his 11-year career.

The actor is currently in talks to star in the upcoming KBS drama, “Blood.” He has been offered the role of the male lead, Park Ji Sang, a vampire who is a surgeon at a cancer center. He is described as a hero that struggles to preserve the nobility and justice of the lives of terminally ill patients. His only fault is his desire and hunger for blood, something he struggles to surpress. He is a “dark hero” that doesn’t regard his fate as a curse, but uses his superhuman abilities to help others.

“Blood” will be directed by Ki Min Soo who also directed “Ojakkyo Brothers” and “Good Doctor.” The series will be written by Park Jae Bum who also penned “God’s Quiz” and “Good Doctor.” It is slated to premiere in February of next year.

Source : Soompi

Hot mess or not, I'll be watching it for sure because my thirst to see him in a new drama will be quenched, yessss.
Yesung U

Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Narsha, Jung In and Others to Appear on “Running Man”

Singers Jung In, Kim Kyung Ho, Bobby Kim, Kim Yeon Woo, Narsha and Super Junior members Leeteuk and Kyuhyun will be in an upcoming episode of “Running Man.”

According to Star News on November 3, the above mentioned singers participated in a recording of “Running Man.” A spokesman from the show said, “The concept of today’s filming is ‘Local Event Race’. The guests will promote and compete missions through their own song events.”

Jung In worked with regular cast member Gary to promote their duets, “Your Scent” and “Bicycle.” However, the other sings were not to be outdone as they brought their special points to the missions.

This episode of “Running Man” is still filming.

source: soompi
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Not Your Average Netizens: K-pop Halloween Spooktacular

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween? Then, sit back, munch through your candy haul and join us at NYAN as we count down our top ten Halloween-esque MVs voted on by us and the opinionated folks at Omona They Didn't! Our first video podcast with more to come in the future.....?

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Not Your Average Netizens Youtube
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MC Mong's 6th Album 'Miss Me or Diss Me'

[ tracklist ]
Album: Miss Me or Diss Me
Artist: MC Mong
Release Date: 2014.11.03

01 내 생애 가장 행복한 시간 Greatest Time (feat. Huh Gak)
02 내가 그리웠니 Miss Me Or Diss Me (feat. Jin Sil of Mad Soul Child)
03 마음 단단히 먹어 Be Strong (feat. Ailee)
04 New York (feat. Baek Ji Young)
05 도망가자 Run Away (feat. Lyn)
06 고장난 선풍기 Broken Fan (feat. Gary of Leessang, Hyolyn of Sistar)
07 What Could I Do (ft. Bumkey)
08 격정적인 열애설 Scandal (feat. The Channels)
09 0904
10 죽을만큼 아파서 Sick Enough to Die Part.2 (feat. Sweden Laundry)
11 Whatever (feat. Minah of Girl's Day)
12 My Love (feat. Sung Yoo Jin)
13 E.R (feat. The Channels)

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this has been topping melon, much to knetz's dismay, mess

Today, is a blessed day


It's still the 3rd here, which means: RYO DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
But it's already the 4rth in Korea, which means: TOP DAYYYYYYYYYY

Share your favorite TOP picture, video, story in the comment
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dejavu sua

B2M release another ☆Spica☆ Ghost pic teaser without warning

teaser 2
(click for larger) love this even more than the first pic!! second MV teaser will be released at noon on 4 Nov and the full MV on 5 Nov :D (first teaser here)

Boa singing Gaeko's No Makeup

bts pics from the set
[+ guess who got bangs~]all from instagram but not embedding bc for some reason the new embed codes don't work for me?? :/

ghost boa
ghost bbo
ghost narae
ghost sh1
ghost sh2
ghost sh3
ghost boa2

now 3/5 of Spica have see-through bangs (Narae and Bbo)! there were three comments saying she looks like Sooyoung lolll
ghost jiwon

++ my bias being beautiful and dumb

with a 1000th day anniversary gift from K-Mercuries! :D
141103 boa 1
141103 boa 2

@B2M_SPICA, ryeon1009, @spickimboa 1 2 3, @bohyungkim, @park.narae.77, @sihyun_park_ 1 2, @younmichoi 1 2, @wldnjs62

I've been replaying the first MV teaser ;o; JUST GIMME THE SONG ALREADY