November 10th, 2014

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Kyuhyun keeps on teasing | Updated with tracklist etc.

New teaser images


[Second and third audio teasers]Second and third audio teasers

Kyuhyun tweeted the links to two more audio snippets.


The tracklist boasts an impressive list of collaborators including YIRUMA, Brown Eyed Soul Jung Yup's Honeydew'O and I Believe lyricist Yang Jaesun.

[Inkigayo teaser]Inkigayo teaser

[Running Man preview]Running Man preview


Kyuhyun Official Website
ChoKyuHyun @GaemGyu 1 | 2
SMTOWN 1 | 2
유히 1 | 2
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Not Your Average Netizens - Red Velvet Gets Read

In this episode of Not Your Average Netizens, Ashe has a special message for Wendy of Red Velvet. Also, did Olltii sell out, and Hello Venus's 'Sticky Sticky' leads us to the conclusion that Brave Brothers must be stopped. Timestamps below:

3:40 - Olltii's new MV
14:00 - iKon's full lineup
19:30 - Hi Suhyun
28:20 - Hello Venus
58:20 - Luhan/Exo
1:10:00 - Ashe's message to Wendy
1:32:32 - Group Discussion of Wendy Incident
1:43:29 - Close

Not Your Average Netizens at Soundcloud


Yang Hongseok and Jung Jinhyeong stay in YG


YANG HONGSEOK (20) and JUNG JINHYEONG (17), who lost in a survival audition to select the members of YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s new boy group iKON (B.I, BOBBY, KIM JINHWAN, KOO JUNHOE, SONG YUNHYEONG, JUNG CHANWOO, and KIM DONGHYUK), have confirmed their stay at YG.

According to a high-level insider of YG on the 10 in the morning, YANG HONGSEOK and JUNG JINHEYONG were interviewed by YG’s head YANG HYUN SUK and YG accepted their wish to stay at YG.

The insider said, “YANG and JUNG strongly expressed their wish to stay at YG, in a meeting with YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK. YANG thought YANG and JUNG who had not been the members of “WIN” Team B lost in “MIX & MATCH” to select the member of iKON, not because they lacked in talent but because their time of training YG was shorter. Furthermore, the two had strong wish to stay at YG, so Mr. YANG decided to give them additional opportunity”.

“YANG HONGSEOK and JUNG JINHYEONG will be provided with music and choreography training room at YG for the next one year, to further develop their talent. Whether they will make debut through YG will be decided after then, so their debut as YG artist depends on their efforts from now on”, added the insider.

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So basically, he'll keep them locked up for a year and then drop them?


Woollim Entertainment to take legal action against malicious rumors about Lovelyz member Seo Ji Soo


On November 9, Woollim Entertainment revealed its stance and plans for future action in the midst of malicious rumors surrounding soon-to-debut girl group Lovelyz member Seo Ji Soo.

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EDIT: I've edited to add NB's summarized translation of a daum cafe's post with the victims' collected proof.
If there's someone who doesn't mind translating the whole cafe post so we can get a full scope of the situation including the text messages and chats, it'd be greatly appreciated.
*hopefully editing this update in is okay mods! if it isn't, let me know and I'll take it out right away!*

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EDIT #2 and #3: Woollim released a statement yesterday + netizen reactions and Koreaboo released a full translation of everything, chat posts/texts/allegations including a statement from Jisooluv, the cafe/blog owner who's been releasing information and the victims, but I will only post the statement and link the full post in the sources so I don't clog up the entire post.

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Source: Soompi, NetizenBuzz, full Koreaboo timeline and translations

...I'm honestly speechless, but I'm glad she was called out.
To think people (including me) almost got hyped up over this rapist, abusive piece of trash.
I hope her actions won't affect the rest of the girls.


Mix and Match Episode 9

Mix and Match: Episode 9



[III]iframe frameborder="0" width="480" height="270" src="//" allowfullscreen></iframe>

[Unreleased Clip: Pranking Junhoe and Yunhyung]Unreleased Clip: Pranking Junhoe and Yunhyung

I would say it's all over but another unreleased clip of them pranking Junhoe and Yunhyung came out yesterday. I'll update with the English sub when available. From a footage viewpoint I see why they kept Donghyuk last. When he was complimented by Taeyang, GD, and Dara my heart felt full LOL. Glad to see the YG Family also voted OT6+Jinhyeong like me

Source: iKON Global 1 2 3 iKON Malyasia

Kim Gura′s Son Kim Dong Hyun Signs with Brand New Music

After talking about wanting to be a hip-hop artist, Kim Dong Hyun has signed with Brand New Music to become a trainee.

During Brand New Music′s branding performance, Brand New Day, Brand New′s Brand New held at V-Hall in Hongdae on November 8, Kim Dong Hyun made a surprise appearance during Kanto′s stage, performing with the rapper and revealing that he has officially become a trainee under Brand New Music.

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source: mwave

jonghyun gifts us all with another self-composition

the song was released earlier today (11/11 kst) on his radio show was a second round of songs in it's songwriting corner. (the first was in july where he released three self-compostions) it's titled 종현 - 하루의 끝 (english title: the end of the day). he said on the show that he wanted to write a song as a reward to everyone for "working hard" as many listeners tune into the show while on the way home from a day's schedule. (the show airs from midnight to 2am every day.) (translation)

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source(s): blue night radio, 빈야드ㅎㅅㅎ, @squishyjinki, @cosmicsticks

iKon Leader B.I's Dad embroiled in an embezzlement scandal


B.I, leader of YG Entertainment‘s rookie boy group iKON, has garnered attention for his father Kim Jung Ju (42 years old)’s embezzlement scandal. Kim Jung Ju, who is also the former CEO of Seunghwa Freetech, has ordered to appearing court for his trial with accusations of embezzling approximately $2.4 million USD worth of funds.
According to Seoul Southern District Court, Kim Jung Ju and Mr. Kang have been arrested for illegal activities as outlined in the Capital Market Act, specifically for illegal political funds, and illegal slush funds. From June to August of 2014, the two have raised $1.81 billion (possible typo) USD funds from the investors by making fraudulent company statements. Additionally, they shared $2.4 million USD for personal expenses.

Currently, police are tracing Mr. Kang as he has gone missing. Seunghwa Freetech stocks have also been temporary halted for any trading.
With the news of Kim Jung Ju’s embezzlement, netizens are showing various responses, with some criticizing B.I for the issue and voicing strong opinions that B.I should depart from iKON. Whilst, some are empathizing and supporting B.I with the unfortunate news surfacing right before iKON’s debut in January 2015.

[Timeline of the Case]
June 10: SEUNGHWA PRETECH CO. LTD appoints Lee Jae Yeoung as chief executive officer of the company, to replace Kim Jeong Ju, effective June 10.

October 20: Seunghwa Pretech said Monday its former president faces charges for corporate fund embezzlement worth 2.4 billion won, which accounts for 10.7% of the company's equity capital. The Korea Exchange suspended trading of shares in Seunghwa Pretech.  Trade suspension remains effective until the operator determines whether the company should be subject to a review for listing eligibility.

October 28: Kim Jeong Joo (42), former CEO of Seunghwa Pretech, on trial for charges of embezzlement.  With one accomplice, Mr. Kang, charged with false disclosure of funds raking in an investment of 18.1 billion won and embezzling 2.4 billion won from the company.  Article briefly mentions that Kim Jeong Joo is the father of iKON's B.I.

November 8: Scandal blows up on forums such as Pann and Instiz after fans find out Kim Jeong Joo is B.I's father

November 9: New article released about the same information from October on Naver except using B.I's name on the headline. + Article and comments deleted from Naver.

[Netizen Comments]
Article: 'Seunghwa Pretech facing charges of embezzlement worth 2.4 billion won'
Source: Money Today via Naver

1. [+100, -2]  He should pay the consequences of his crimes if he has any consideration for his son at all.  B.I's debut is coming up too... what is he supposed to do now

2. [+46, -1]  Wow but if you search up B.I's father, all the comments are either blocked or have disappeared...

3. [+9, 0]  Wow what has B.I done wrong just because of his father... I feel so bad for both him and the victims...

Article: 'iKON B.I's father, former CEO of Seunghwa Pretech, caught on charges of embezzlement worth 2.4 billion won'
Source: Sports Kyung Hyang via Naver

1. [+200, -52]  It's impossible to shield this... this just isn't right... how do you expect the victims to live and see B.I's face on TV

2. [+144, -31]  They scammed 18.1 billion won, got the investment and embezzled 2.4 billion won among that.  Now they're currently on trade suspension which only harms the ones below... Everyone be careful of stock exchanges... this scandal is an example.

3. [+166, -54]  Fans, don't even think about shielding this.

4. [+148, -49]  Wow..... from the looks of it, Yang Hongseok has escaped a sinking ship ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+105, -16]  I'm a fan of B.I but it's impossible to shield this.  Just don't... you'll understand if you think of it from their perspective.

6. [+114, -44]  There's been so many controversies with iKON even before their debut so I feel like it'll be difficult for them.  They were already getting heat from the public for Mix & Match being such a biased program... and now a scandal from their leader's father... they can't even dream of being the second Big Bang with this kind of image...

7. [+79, -18]  Before you think of the assailant's son, isn't the proper thing to do to think of the victims and their families first?  I can't believe the fans who are coming out here worrying about B.I first.

8. [+71, -14]  This should be up on the main page of Naver.

Source: YG Press, TopstarNews, Koreaboo

Mess. I hope he goes to jail for this. Really sad for B.I but I think it's a sensitive issue as those who's been embezzled are the real victims here. 

LUNAFLY release first Spanish single + Teo on hiatus

LUNAFLY has released their first Spanish single, Quiero Besarte (English title: Can I Kiss You). Aside from the title track, the single also features the Spanish version of their song Super Hero/얼마나 좋을까 (How Nice Would It Be) and instrumentals of both songs. (Buy it on iTunes)


[Quiero Besarte MV]

Member Teo didn't take part in this release nor LUNAFLY's Seoul concert on November 8 as he went on hiatus. From Teo's Twitter:

안녕하세요 루나플라이 테오입니다 제가 개인적인사정에의해 팀활동을 잠정적으로 하지 못하게되었습니다 여러분들에게 정말 죄송하고 이번에 있을 공연에 참여하지못해 면목이없습니다 팬여러분들 기다려주신모든분들 죄송합니다 좋은모습으로 찾아뵙겠습니다

— 신태호 (@Sin931207) November 6, 2014

[TRANS] hello. I'm lunafly Teo. Due to personal circumstances, I will not be able to join the team activities tentatively. I'm truly sorry to everyone and I'm ashamed that I will not be able to participate in the concert that will be holding this time. I'm sorry to the fans and all the people who have waited. I will meet (everyone) again with a better image.

officialLUNAFLY YT, officialLUNAFLY Twitter, Teo's tweet, trans by lukieworldwide

It's weird seeing just two of them. I hope Teo's OK, that excuse was really vague :(
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missA’s Suzy Responds to Hater on Twitter


missA’s Suzy has shown that she is like everyone of us who can reach her tipping point and fight back when provoked.

According to TV Report on November 10, the nation’s first love Suzy has broken her silence and responded to a Twitter user who has been sending her hateful messages last month.

The Twitter user, whom TV Report chose not to name, has left hurtful tweets on Suzy’s Twitter such as “You unfortunate person… I hope you get into a car crash and die…” and “Be banished from the entertainment world! Get into a car accident and die.”

While messages like this could easily be buried by other messages from Suzy’s fans, the Twitter user must have sent Suzy a lot of messages that she was able to see some of them. On November 9, Suzy replied to this Twitter user and said, “I see, you hope that I die.”

[click to read more!]20141110_1415580006_89491400_1

At a guesting on the KBS 2TV show “The Human Condition” in December last year, Suzy mentioned that she looks at everything positively, including hateful messages. “However, when I get stressed, I scream and run by the Han River,” Suzy revealed how she gets over hateful messages. (Maybe running by the Han River didn’t work this time?)

Meanwhile, Suzy will be seen next in the upcoming movie “Dori Artist” wherein she stars alongside Ryu Seung Ryong, Kim Nam Gil, and Song Sae Byeok.


JYP Entertainment has stated to the media that it will handle this as it does in any other cases of hateful comments- the agency’s legal team will look into the situation and report to the police if need be.

[netizens comments]Article: Suzy responds to hateful commenter... "You wish I was dead" sad

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate [2]

1. [+463, -33] I want hateful commenters to die in a car accident

2. [+275, -12] What's wrong with him... Sure you can hate someone but you should never tell someone that you hope they die

3. [+165, -7] Suzy deleted her reply. So many crazy people on SNS, I'd rather she not have an SNS at all.

4. [+129, -9] Suzy's usually not the type of kid to reply to something like that but she must've been really hurt this time... It must've triggered something in her. Ignore them, Suzy. You avoid stepping on poop because you don't want it on you.

5. [+34, -10] I'm glad no one's telling her that it's all part of the job. This is about being a basic human being and having the basic amount of respect for someone.

6. [+28, -4] Ah.. I feel so bad for her... She obviously replied because it crossed a limit with her. I hope she realizes the more popular she becomes, this will also happen as well but these people are just the minority. There are more people who love and support you so find strength Suzy-ya.

7. [+22, -7] People who leave hate for no reason should just die

8. [+20, -7] Can't imagine what her face must've looked like as she read that tweet asking her to die... I hope she didn't cry.. Makes me worried.

9. [+12, -1] Aigoo.. there are some things you should just never say. Poor Suzy but her parents must hurt even more... Just ignore crazy people like that.

Source: Soompi & Netizenbuzz
dat ass

So you want to be a KPop Idol?

Secrets of KPop Incubating System

This is actually a couple of months old, but I never saw it until last week, when Arirang played it, like, twice a day. I thought it was pretty interesting. I took notes, because I am that kind of fucking nerd.

- How auditions work.
- An inside look into Cube Entertainment. We meet a 16 year old Thai trainee, Sorn, who was been with Cube for 2 years. She's adorable, and I heart her already. We follow her through her day starting with vocal lessons, dance lessons, and recording sessions. A little chat with one of the vocal instructors.
- Meet the "New Talent Training" dude, and learn that trainees are there from 1pm-10pm, if they don't have school, or 6pm-10pm if they do. They have acting, voice, dance, foreign language, and rap lessons.
- Talks about monthly evaluations work.
- How Cube chooses which trainees to debut and how to debut them.
- How producers pick songs for the artists.
- Talk with Cube's choreographer about artists' preformance and picking dances.
- Cube's "Visual Production Director" and "Art Team and Web Design". Basically, how the albums are designed, and how they do the MVs and MV teasers.
- A visit to the Cube Coffee Shop and SM Pop Up Store. Chats with some fans. One chick uses the word "Oriental". Really?
- A look at Rainbowbridge Agency and how they work spreading the KPop training ways throughout Asia.
- Backstage with AOA. We meet their stylist and makeup artists, and learn how they pick concepts for the group.
- A visit with U-Kiss. Some highlights: Jun is adorable. Is he legal yet? I want to squish him, he's so cute. Eli tells us that we should try to become KPop idols at least once in our lives LOL idiot (I never got the Eli=pigeon until this moment. Holy shit, twinsies). And Kevin is Kevin, all humble and shit.
- Fun fact, in 2008, only 10 idol groups debuted. In 2012, there were 36 debuts.