November 18th, 2014

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So far "they who cannot be sourced" have an article up, together with netizenbuzz, but the gist is that Two X has left Jtune and have signed with SG Entertainment (which also houses Nsonic and some Chinese artists from what I understand). Here is the update from their new company:

"Congratulations! South Korean girl group - Two X joined Star Gaze Entertainment Group officially, they will come to Hong Kong and meet us soon."

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Sources: netizenbuzz , naver , stargazegrp , and my research skills

So JTrash have 3 out of 5 MBLAQ members left right now? Welp.

Would you let JTune manage your career, Omona?
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Yoo Hee Yeol / Toy (ft Sung Si Kyung) releases 'Three People' MV starring Yoo Yeon Seok

Yoo Hee Yeol's one-man band Toy (ft Sung Si Kyung) releases 'Three People' MV starring Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Yoo Mi and 5urprise's Gong Myung

Yoo Hee Yeol's one-man band 'Toy' has made a comeback after 7 years and releases its 7th album 'Da Capo' on Nov. 18. The title song "Three People" is sung by Sung Si Kyung, and it is the 2014's version of 'Good People', Toy's title song from its 5th album 'Fermata' back in 2001.

Actor Yoo Yeon Seok, (former Miss Korea) actress Kim Yoo Mi and 5urprise's Gong Myung starred in the music video

source : CJENMMUSIC Official

Mamamoo, New Song ‘Piano Man’ to be Revealed Today on MTV The Show


Mamamoo will show the performance of their new song on today’s (18th) broadcast of SBS MTV ‘The Show’.

Mamamoo’s new song "Piano Man" is a work by the nation’s best hit songwriter/composer, Kim Do Hoon. He wrote the hit song of the year, Soyou X Junggigo’s “Some” with singer-songwriter, Esna. “Piano Man” is of the electric swing genre and will allow Mamamoo’s musical color to remain intact.
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T-ARA to Release Joint Project with Chopsticks Brothers

T-ARA's joint Korean-Chinese Project album “Little Apple” will be released on the 24th.

China’s biggest video sharing website YOUKU and Web TV Asia has expressed their gratitude towards T-ARA and their decision to do the Korean version of the Korean-Chinese Project album “Little Apple,” originally headed by China’s most popular group, the Chopstick Brothers. YOUKU and Web TV Asia have announced that they will begin a grand-scale promotion with T-ARA soon.

Little Apple,” a song released earlier this year by the popular group Chopstick Brothers, has been receiving love from men and women of all ages, holding the #1 spot for 16 weeks on China’s music chart, while the music video has reached over 500 million views. “Little Apple” was selected as the China’s most popular song in 2014.

Chopstick Brothers recently visited Korea, and secretly filmed the music video for “Little Apple” with the members of T-ara, before returning to China.

Chopstick Brothers stated “We are extremely happy to be collaborating with the popular girl group, T-ara, on the Korean version of ‘Little Apple’ and had a great time throughout the shoot.”


t-ara N4 comeback with queenri? i'm ready for another jeonwon diary!!!

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Initial Distributor of Lovelyz’ Seo Ji Soo Rumors Found, to Be Summoned for Questioning


It is being reported that the intial distributor of the rumors surrounding Lovelyz’ member Seo Ji Soo has been found and will be called in by the police for questioning.

In a phone interview with Newsen on November 18, a representative of the cyber investigation unit at Seoul Mapo Police Station revealed, “The netizen suspected of being the first distributor of the Seo Ji Soo rumors has been identified. We will have to complete questioning in order to confirm if [he or she] really is the source. At the earliest, we plan to summon them within this week, but nothing is certain yet.”

As a result of the malicious rumors regarding Seo Ji Soo, she was reported to have sought out psychological treatment at a hospital, forcing her to skip out on Lovelyz’ debut showcase and other official promotions. It is said that she is still resting at the hospital to regain her mental stability.

Woollim Entertainment recently refuted all rumors about Seo Ji Soo, explaining, “Those were photos that anyone could have access to if you were an acquaintance. There has not been one photo or evidence of harm. The rumors were spread solely through words and text, as well as easily obtainable photos.”

Source: Soompi
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Hope is still alive! MBLAQ Posts a maybe teaser pic?

click for close up of feet, calves and lower thighs

Although the future of idol group MBLAQ looked uncertain, with Lee Joon and Thunder‘s contracts ending, it looks like the group will be making a comeback with five members.

On November 18 at midnight KST, MBLAQ’s agency, JTUNE Camp, released a mysterious teaser through their official Twitter channel. The photo only shows the bottom half of the members and a blurry reflection, along with the words, “MBLAQ7, 2014.11.25 Release.”

Although not much information has been released, we are sure to expect more teasers and information.


[slow deep breaths] I just hope they slay if this is their last comeback. I have acquiesced to the fact that they may not appear together as OT5 again.

Sikboy - San-E diss, Hi-Lite releases "My Team" anthem, and other hiphop/r&b releases

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Sources: HILITE Records | SIKBOY714 + HipHopKr Facebook (cached) | 니 니 | Etch Forte + Hyo Jin Song + HIPHOPPLAYA | SATBYEOL Official + Staytune Music

Sikboy's diss was dumb. Shame I couldn't find the other Speaking Trumpet tracks on youtube, but it's good.

Just when you thought it was over--Woollim releases a major update to the Seo Ji Soo case.


On November 18th, Woollim Entertainment released an official statement with an update on Jisoo‘s condition, as well as the investigation on the accusation made against her online.

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Sources: Koreaboo, Asiae, Netizenbuzz

Woollim's released multiple updates before this but they were all the same thing ("The rumors aren't true" *update on jisoo's hospital status* "the rumors aren't true" "police have no updates") so I never posted them.

Either way, I have the biggest migraine and someone, either Jisoo or the culprit, is a giant sociopath.
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VIXX puts a ‘comma’ at the end of autumn! *Super freaking long post and may make you hungry*

Hello, STARCAST family!
This is Real V! V.I.X.X! VIXX!

They have released album and achieved triple crowns! VIXX also had their 900 days for their debut on November 9th at the end of autumn while they spent time performing hard with ST☆RLIGHT without enjoying autumn which is a season of romance~ >_

VIXX members gathered at one place secretly at late night in order to get time to heal by relaxing happily eating delicious food for celebrating their 900 days for debut by forgetting about the tight schedule for a while. ^^

[More 900days celebration goodness]
VIXX is now considering hard,
‘What should we eat for the celebration of our 900 days since debut in order to get talked about? ^^’

Members that are manias of Korean food unanimously decided on to eat Korean food after a long (?) discussion! lol They friendly headed toward a near delicious Korean restaurant without hesitation~!!

Both of them are inflaming fighting spirit by exchanging glances! They are prepared to eat!

When they were heading to the restaurant~
HONGBIN and HYUK got extracted by the luxurious exterior of the restaurant~^^


The youngest members were cute even when their eyes got round, opened their mouths big, and focused. ^^

Members arrived at the restaurant which is today’s meeting place by looking forward to it like this! They started to pick a menu which is the most basic thing in order to meet delicious food.


Picking menu is finished by looking at menus one by one closely without being astonished for such various menus!

Menu fight happened on the opposite side of KEN and LEO that were picking on the menu calmly~!
Will of HYUK and RAVI toward the menu didn’t seem to die even with the mediation of the leader (?)


‘I’m not going to let go of the menu~!!!’

This is ambitious HYUK who won at fighting over the menu with RAVI! He is looking at the menu friendly with HONGBIN~
We’re curious why both of them are all surprised at~^^


‘How could there be only food that we like to eat?’
The youngest members got surprised today for several times!

They completed ordering food profitably after thinking deeply like that! They celebrated their own 900 days with a cake for a short time without forgetting the purpose why they gathered today before the food came out~!^^


They took a picture with a rice cake they prepared personally by holding cute number candles!


They blew the candles with all their strength as much as with the mind of celebrating~

Is the rice cake the appetizer of their meal today?^^ Members that like eating rice cake as much as eating rice started to inhale the rice cake even before the food came out!


Why are they eating this even when the food will come out soon? haha

The long-expected main menus appeared now! Those lucky menus that got chosen by VIXX members came in exhaustively~!


‘This menu is what I chose~ Do you want to have a look?’

We show images of VIXX eating for healing that started earnestly from now on~!!


KEN feels like he’s flying above the chimneys since food came out~!

‘Bibimbap’ represents Korean food, right? Both elder members chose Korean food’s representative, ‘Bibimbap’ as expected~! Can you feel their firm will of not losing any vegetables or even one grain of rice? ^^


Although they have the same menu, ways of eating varied! 2 members’ 2 unique ways of eating Bibimbap(?)!

Were they hungry a lot?^^ KEN is opening his mouth big~ and healing perfectly (?) by inhaling in meat~!^^


‘Munch Munch~! I’m going to eat them all~!!’

Real man, the youngest member HYUK drunk the soup toughly by holding the big bowl that was bigger than his face~!


Slurp~ Slurp~ ! Chomp~

They showed friendly images of feeding each other while they ate hard on their own. Their friendship that has lasted for 900 days since their debut outstood as expected ♥


LEO fed HONGBIN and KEN fed HYUK! They showed VIXX’s unique love toward their members!
Since it was so delicious like this~ they emptied the plates on the table one by one~ lol.


Guess whose hand this is? Mission cleared! ‘Real~ V~!’

Every member finished eating their meals with N at the last~ We could feel the fullness of possessing the whole world from the facial expression of him who held a clear empty bowl. lol


HYUK “But who is going to buy the meal? Shall we play a game?”

The game made members’ eyes that got drowsy after eating meal shine suddenly. They suddenly started the Ladder Game for betting on buying the meal with the youngest HYUK’s word! Although it lasted short, guess who turned out as the glorious loser of the intense game? It was~~~ leader N!!


♬ I want to cry~ I want to cry~ My mind~ ♬

This is N’s lonely side image that sharply contrasts to the images of members cheering loudly~~


‘I cannot acknowledge the result~ I’m going to do it again~’

The youngest HYUK conveyed gratitude with a very polite and formal bow to N who bought the delicious meal~ Our youngest is really polite as expected, right? lol


‘N~ I’ve eaten it really really well~!! V’

Today’s meal ended well heartwarmingly with the payment of leader N who is loved by members as a promise~^^


How can he have such mood only by signing?

Here’s a bonus~! For those, who would be curious of VIXX members playing ‘Ladder Game betted on buying meals’ that made tension instantly at the restaurant they visited for healing, we prepared full video of the whole process of it~! You may check ‘the person who escaped as the first of all’ through the video below~^^

It will be too sad to end the special time of VIXX members that healed fully with delicious food and Ladder Game that was full of tension, right? So they found a near park at late night in order to end their real healing by breathing in good air~!!


This is the great height of VIXX members that make the park road to a runway at dark night!

KEN posed an atmospheric posture as if he was shooting F/W shoot by staying still at a place for a moment while he was heading to the park~!


Autumn guy, KEN has sexy chin line and sharp nose!

Singer LEO is listening to a song with mood by sitting on a bench at one side of the park right after they arrived at the park in night~


LEO’s sensitive charm explodes at intimate autumn night!

RAVI slightly lay down on the bench as if it was like the bed in the accommodation~^^


We exclusively caught the scene of VIXX’s charismatic rapper, RAVI on the bench at night!

N innocently flew the autumn leaves that were here and there~!


We release boy-like sensitivity of N!

Then members’ earnest P.T started! HYUK challenged to handstand ambitiously. He lifted up HONGBIN with his back too ^^ Manner-hand of HONGBIN who worries about the exposure of the brother who stood on his hands is a bonus!


HONGBIN & HYUK made a unit at a moonlit night?!

Members that felt happy suddenly at the outdoor excursion in a long time started to sing strange ‘Ganggangsulae (traditional Korean circle dance play)’ by standing in a circle >_< Why are they doing this? lol


PT at a moonlit night (?) 6 males are healing themselves with Ganggangsulae!

They cannot leave out taking pictures since it is a healing time in a long time, right? They treasured today’s feeling in a picture by taking a photo with a mobile phone~^^


HONGBIN, I’m the only photographer of VIXX today!


♬ Selfie not like a selfie, but a selfie~ ♬

Leave (?) VIXX that performed hard~! Although they didn’t leave to a faraway country, VIXX members could spend happy time by eating delicious food with members that are happy when they are altogether and forgetting about their busy and tired daily lives for a while~ ^^


‘We’ll be back….!’

Wouldn’t spending time with good people be the real healing time~?♥ I hope you guys would also have your own healing time during your normal daily lives~ Then please look forward to the 6th episode of VIXX’s STARCAST which will become a healing and a tonic for you guys^^ Let’s meet at the next episode~~ Goodbye~~~!


THANK GOD ITS DONE *faints from insanely long post*

Which K-Drama Stars Are The Smartest?

Im Si Wan plays worker Jang Geu Rae on the drama "Misaeng." He plays a worker with only a GED but he's no dummy. His character's ability to strategize had him on track to become a professional baduk player. And those strategizing skills come in handy at the office.

It's fitting that ZE:A's Im Si Wan should play someone smart as he studied mechanical engineering at Busan University. There he was considered a gifted student and received plenty of academic awards. His fellow ZE:A members even voted him the smartest in the group.

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source: kdramastars
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How long does it take to recover from a scandal?

This year two k-drama actors faced major scandals. One of those actors, Kim Hyun Joong, has stepped back from the public eye. Accused of hitting his girlfriend, the actor still faces a police investigation, even though the charges were dropped. The other, Lee Byung Hun, is focusing on his work in the U.S., having lost many advertising deals in Korea. Lee Byung Hun was the victim of a blackmail attempt. While he is the victim in this case, he has apologized for any of his own actions that might have led him to be so vulnerable.

Both actors sustained damage to their careers. But how long will the effects of the scandal last? The only way to guess is to examine past scandals and see how long the negative effects lasted.

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source: kdramastars