November 20th, 2014


M.I.B’s Kangnam to Join YB and Bobby Kim’s Concert as Guest Performer

The ‘rising variety star’ Kangnam will be attending YB and Bobby Kim’s collaboration concert Dong Si Sang Young as the special guest.

Currently appearing on JTBC’s I’m Going To School with YB’s Yoon Do Hyun, Kangnam is a member of the hip-hop group M.I.B but has revealed his past as a member of a rock band in Japan.

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BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae, Lim Hyung Jun and Kim Dong Hyun to Re-Appear on ‘Real Man’

Lim Hyung Jun, BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae and Kim Dong Hyun will be appearing on Real Man once again.

According to MBC on November 19, Lim Hyung Jun, Yook Sung Jae and Kim Dong Hyun will be participating in filming MBC’s Real Man again in December.

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kim dong hyun was amazing in that signing segment. sungjae is funny too, esp when he ate like five yogurts or when he had to train with henry who was freaking out because of bugs (bless mbc for putting subs in their clips)

141120 M! Countdown

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]

'At Gwanghwamun'


'Like A Cat'

Digital Sales (음원 판매 점수) 3101 3214
Physical Album Sales (음반 판매 점수) 1000 228
Viewer Votes (선호도 점수) 958 841
Social Media (소셜미디어 점수) 938 1000
Mnet Broadcast Points (엠넷 방송 점수) 950 1000
Final Total 7949 6740

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sources: KMusic-Live, MM Central HD60, bestiz 베스티즈, 최원영, OfficialEpikHigh, YGEntertainmentcherishari
Kota Ibushi
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Mnet to Create Female Rapper Survival Program


Having already become TV's hip-hop sensation with their “Show Me the Money” series, Mnet is planning on creating a female rapper survival game program.

Teams of 8 to 10, or perhaps individual players, will participate by guessing the producer of a song that is presented. The program is scheduled to air in December, and because the program is still in its planning stage, the format of the game may change.

The hip-hop frenzy swept over Korea's music charts since last year, yet female rappers were absent from this phenomenon.

Mnet’s goal is to begin broadcasting in December, but they have only cast only half of the contestants so Mnet plans to expedite the production of this program as soon as they find a diverse group of contestants.

Among the producers are the most popular who have the greatest influence to the hip-hip scene.

A music industry associate stated, “There are many aspiring female rappers these days who have their own distinct color. I am anticipating that a female rapper star will arise soon. I think that this new Mnet program will help encourage more female rappers.”

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ONSEN via moonROK, Netizenbuzz

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Netizen 8 is perfect


Lee Sang-Yoon, Kim So-Eun, Shin Sung-Rok, Cha Soo-Yeon, Choi Jin-Ho, Lee Si-Hoo, Choi Yoon-So Jang Seung-Jo, Kang Ho, Jo Jae-Yun

When big money is at stake, to what levels will people stoop to win it all? Because of varied circumstances, both Nam Da Jung (Kim So Eun), a naïve and honest college student, and Cha Woo Jin (Lee Sang Yoon), a former psychology professor at Seoul National University and genius swindler, become contestants on the “Liar Game” reality show, which is billed as a “psychological survival game.” Contestants are expected to lie, cheat and use whatever means possible to emerge victorious and walk away with the coveted ₩10 billion. Hosted by the devious MC, Kang Do Young (Shin Sung Rok), with the help of his trusty PD, Lee Yoon Joo (Cha Soo Yeon), the reality show pushes its participants to the edge of morality and beyond. Who will emerge to win it all?

watch here
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Fly to the Sky thanks fans for commemorating 15th debut anniversary

Fly to the Sky, Korea’s male R&B duo, commemorated its 15th debut anniversary on November 20th, and thanked fans via video left on their agency’s YouTube account.

Since their debut in 1999, Fly to the Sky been a renowned and a greatly loved R&B duo in South Korea. The band has released nine regular albums, in addition to the members’ solo activities.

Hwanhee debuted as an actor by starring in MBC Over the Rainbow in 2006, while Brian featured in a number of variety television shows including Mnet Super Star K, MBC Radio Star, and KBS Star Golden Bell, as well as MCing on MBC Music Core.

Fly to the Sky left the spotlight in 2009 taking a long rest for five years, and finally came back in May of this year releasing its 9th regular album Continuum.

Brian said, “It has been already 15 years since we debuted. It just feels like yesterday but the time flies.”

Hwanhee added and thanked their fans saying, “We did come back stages as one group after five years. We thank you guys so much for giving us the present of ranking the first on music shows.”

Hwanhee also mentioned the group’s fan meeting, which was scheduled on the day when the video was filmed, saying, “Today is actually our fan meeting day. However I heard that many of you guys cannot make it to there. Don’t be disappointed to that!”

To the fans who are saddened by the fact they could not make it to the group’s fan meeting, Hwanhee announced its upcoming concert with Gummy. He also added, “We will be coming to your place to have our concerts. We hope to see you for long.”

source: koreaboo + h2media @ yt
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YGE Continues to Grow, Acquires An Advertising Agency

YG Entertainment Acquires Phoenix Holdings

YG Entertainment is set to acquire a listed advertising agency Phoenix Holdings.
On November 18, Phoenix Holdings decided to raise a 73.9-billion-won fund through third-party allocation of 16.20 million new shares. The price of newly issued shares will be 4,560 won, a 10-percent discount from the current price.

YG Entertainment and its founder and main producer Yang Hyun-Seok will spend 65 billion won to acquire the newly issued shares, emerging as the largest shareholder of Phoenix Holdings.

 YG Entertainment will have 10.5-million shares of Phoenix Holdings, followed by Yang with 2.19 million shares and CEO Yang Min-Seok with 1.09 million shares.

 YG Entertainment’s acquisition of Phoenix Holdings is interpreted as part of its strategy to use the advertising agency as a platform for new businesses.

Source: The Korea Economic Daily

SM Entertainment Patents The Name "Boys Generation"


On November 15th, netizens discovered that SM Entertainment had patented the name “Boys’ Generation” earlier this year. At first, many speculated that with so many new groups emerging every year, SM Entertainment merely wanted to hold the rights to the name to prevent another company debuting a group with a name so close to their most popular girl group. The netizen who made the discovery pointed out, however, that if SM Entertainment did not want another company utilizing a name similar to “Girls’ Generation” they would have taken measures 7 years ago with their debut. According to the original post, the patent for the name was finalized just this past June.

SM Entertainment debuted two new groups this year: Red Velvet and Beat Burger, but should we be expecting the debut of a “Boys’ Generation” from SM in the near future? Perhaps it could be the SM Rookies‘ future group name.

The company has been involved in several controversies this year, but is still holding strong. Recently, they released Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi‘s solo debut and fellow group member Kyuhyun’s first mini-album, both with great success. Despite ranking among the highest in a netizen poll on artist negligence and a drop in stock prices, perhaps SM Entertainment is on the rise once again.

What do you think about the patenting of the name”Boys’ Generation”? Do you believe the rumor that SM will be using the name for an upcoming group?

Sources: Koreaboo and Instiz
yamada ryosuke

kitty couple getting ready to take over the world - wgm latest appearance + allure scans/bts

sorim couple episode 9 (wgm episode 246) - featuring seo kangjun and two other 5urprise boys

part 1
part 2
part 3

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gif source: overochiever at tumblr
subbed video source: girlsdayfansubs
scan source: niclaudia at baidu
bts source: allure korea at instagram, at facebook
tzuyu heart shaker


Can music heal all wounds? Hyun Wook (Rain) is the president of an entertainment agency and a music producer who hold emotional scars from losing his girlfriend in an accident. When his dead girlfriend’s sister, Se Na (Krystal Jung), comes to Seoul to become a songwriter, can the two help each other achieve their dreams and heal from their shared pain? Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun), a director in Hyun Wook’s agency, is determined to be the one to stick by Hyun Wook, both professionally and personally. Meanwhile, vocal trainer Sung Jin (Alex) has his hands full trying to keep Kang Rae Hoon (Hoya), the leader of the idol group Infinite Power, in line. “She’s So Lovable” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Park Hyun Ki.

Watch at Viki or dramacool

at first i was going to post this a week or so after the finale aired so people would have enough time to finish the drama... and then i just forgot about it lol

who actually finished the drama? what did you think of it? DISCUSS
i haven't finished it yet so i don't know how it ends. from what i've seen, a number of people said[spoiler]the ending sucked and they just pretend episode 16 didn't even happen

The Metal Community Calls Pritz a "Babymetal Knockoff" and "Imposters"

Our love for Babymetal culminated with a fascinating interview with the young Japanese metal girl group last week and now it looks like they have some competition. It didn't take long for somebody to realize the formula of a capable group of metal musicians fronted by young females has money written all over it and if any scene could rival Japan's pop scene it's the Korean pop scene (K-Pop)

Fellow Babymetal enthusiasts, MetalSucks, brought our attention to a new video from the group Pritz and from the moment I hit play, something seemed off.

Maybe I was thinking too much into this, but it seems like their outfits bear a striking resemblance to Nazi outfits. Much like Nicki Minaj getting heat last week, it seems like Pritz is already facing the same backlash from news outlets. Of course, the groups management have denied these claims saying the thought never crossed their minds which seems so ludicrous. This is a big oiled machine and nobody noticed this? The Daily Mail asked the management to explain the logo and they said:

"According to Pandagram, the logo was inspired by traffic signs, with black numbers written on white circles surrounded by red.

The X-shape has arrowheads at the end to symbolise Pritz's ambitions of expanding 'without a limit in four directions,' according to the company's representative."

Some have compared the logo to the anti-semetic Hungarian Arrow Cross Party.

Perhaps a rebranding is in order before moving ahead? Even if this wasn't intentional, which I'm sure it wasn't, there is no way for the group to escape the bad press unless they change their look. Babymetal would never be accused of such a thing.

So far: Babymetal 1; Pritz 0.

Sources: Metal Injection, Metal Sucks, Daily Mail