November 27th, 2014

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Teen Top Sues Netizens Who Spread Rumors of Album Stockpiling


Group Teen Top has sued four netizens who spread rumors of the six-member group stockpiling their own albums.

The Seoul police told the media on November 26 that Teen Top has filed charges on October 2 against four netizens, for defamation and spreading false accusations.

Previously in September, after Teen Top won the number one place on “Show Champion” and “KBS Music Bank” with their single “Missing,” posts accusing the group of stockpiling their album “Teen Top Exito” surfaced on online communities, garnering attention.

The netizens were particularly insistent on Teen Top’s stockpiling of their own albums, resulting in numerous Teen Top fans posting pictures of their purchased albums to prove that the group did not buy back their own albums.

[netizens comments]Article: [Exclusive] TEEN TOP sues four netizens for spreading false 'album sajaegi' accusations

Source: OBS via Naver

1. [+1,213, -170] But are the accusations really false

2. [+1,114, -162] They've had sajaegi accusations not only once but every single comeback. Instead of thinking to properly clarify it once and fo rall, they're filing lawsuits..

3. [+902, -140] Sounds like the company's making this all up... in the music industry nowadays, everything's made up as a part of marketing

4. [+757, -33] They better follow up with results if they're going to sue

5. [+662, -126] So it wasn't true??? There was so much accusations going around, I thought it was true;;;

6. [+165, -37] Shouldn't they be showing proof that they didn't do sajaegi before going through with lawsuits

7. [+137, -40] Weren't their sajaegi accusations undeniable? An idol group that can barely sell 100 copies in a group order somehow sold 5,000 copies in under an hour?

8. [+112, -21] Why are they filing this lawsuit now? Those accusations are so old, they could've caught them already if they wanted to..

9. [+101, -40] I bet those netizens are 2PM fans ㅋㅋㅋ

source: Soompi & Netizenbuzz


Girl group Sistar‘s Soyou has been chosen as the “Woman of the Year” by men’s lifestyle magazine GQ Korea.

For their annual “Men of the Year” December issue, GQ Korea chose nine male celebrities to be their Men of the Year, but also named Soyou the sole Woman of the Year.

Soyou has had a busy year, promoting her group’s hit singles like “Touch My Body” and “I Swear,” along with her extremely popular collaborations with Junggigo (“Some“) and Urban Zakapa (“The Space Between“).

During the interview with GQ Korea, Soyou talked about her ambition, mentioning that success has always been her goal since she was little. “I have to be successful to make my family happy, and to help my friends.” She also added, “I hate being a burden or appearing weak. I think this is why I’m able to have busy schedules even when I’m sick.”

Along with Soyou, the men chosen as GQ Korea’s Men of the Year for 2014 include Bobby of iKON, SHINee‘s Taemin, anchor Son Seok Hee, baseball player Seo Gun Chang, and actor Jung Woo Sung.

The full story on Soyou as the Woman of the Year for GQ can be found in the December issue of the magazine.

[more images from GQ Korea]

[also pictures from Cosmopolitan Dec. 2014]

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Soyou's had a fantastic year~!!

Hip-Hop Label Brand New Music to Release a Family Single


One of the best-known hip-hop labels of the industry, Brand New Music will release a family single produced by their very own Verbal Jint on December 5.

The upcoming single, “You Make Me Feel Brand New,” will be the label’s second release that features all of their artists. Their first family single was released in December 2012, when they unveiled the festive “Happy Brand New Year.”

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Soompi, 1theK (원더케이)

All of B.A.P's members are suing their company for 'Slave Contracts'

X-Sports News = Han Ingu reporter] All six members of B.A.P are filing a lawsuit to nullify their contracts with their company. According to the law offices, the B.A.P. members filed the lawsuit against TS Entertainment at the western Seoul law offices on the 26th of this month.

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source: itshysterie + xportsnews

I knew something like this was going to happen sigh
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Jessica's 'Blanc & Eclare' is opening pop-up store in Malaysia


Jessica's brand 'Blanc & Eclare' has announced that they are opening their first pop-up store in Malaysia.

Through the brand's various SNS account, a notice is posted, "BLANC & ECLARE is POPping up in Malaysia this December. #respecco" Apparently, 'Blanc & Eclare' is teaming up with another eyewear brand, to appeal to  Malaysian market.

"POP-UP Store - Exclusive event

100 limited pairs of BLANC & ECLARE with ONLY 5 pairs of sunglasses personalised signature by Founder and Head Designer, Jessica Jung. Exclusively available at the RESPEC Pop-Up Store. T&C apply."

Check out the poster for more information!

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pics: fy-jessicajung 1, 2, 3 / screencap: BLANC GROUP twitter
article: dkpopnews

I'm so glad Sica is keeping busy with B&C. I hope this pop-up store will be a HUGE success!
Also, she looks gorgeous in those pics! *______*<3
peter peter
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Loco releases his first album "Locomotive"!

01. 손바닥을 보여줘 (Hands Up ft. Crush)
02. 인상 써 (Act Serious ft. Ugly Duck , DJ Wegun)
03. 니가 모르게 (You Don't Know)
04. 자꾸 생각나 (Thinking About You ft. Jay Park)
05. 무례하게 (No Manners ft. Gray)
06. 높아 (High ft. Konsoul)
07. 좋겠어 (If I ft. Gray)
08. 적응 (Growing Up ft. Elo)
09. 감아 (Hold Me Tight ft. Crush)

source: MumbleBeatMusic 4A (Active) on Youtube

didn't listen to the full thing yet but I love the track with Elo!
side-eyeing the beginning of Act Serious. if that's really what it sounds like then...

edit: Growing Up is perfect. the whole thing is pretty great except for track two.
it briefly samples the Allah Akbar in the beginning. so unnecessary and disappointing.