December 12th, 2014

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"Misaeng" news

[“Misaeng” Tops Contents Power Rankings for 6th Week in a Row]“Misaeng” Tops Contents Power Rankings for 6th Week in a Row

TvN‘s hit drama “Misaeng” continues to top the Contents Power Index (CPI) rankings for the sixth week in a row.

According to rankings provided by CJ E&M on December 8, “Misaeng” topped the  rankings for the fourth week of November with 297.5 points. This makes it the sixth week for “Misaeng” at the top.

MBC‘s variety show “Infinity Challenge” followed “Misaeng” in second place with 257.7 points, and third place was claimed by KBS 2TV‘s variety show “Superman Returns” with 225.5 points.

Furthermore, SBS‘ drama “Pinocchio,” KBS 2TV’s variety show “Happy Together 3,” and tvN’s variety show “Three Meals a Day” followed in fourth, fifth, and sixth place, respectively.

CPI takes into account online news readership, direct searches, and social media mentions when determining the rankings. These latest rankings compile results from KBS, SBS, and MBC as well as CJ E&M programs from November 24 to November 30.

[“Misaeng” Releases Special Poster Parodying Original Source Material Cover]“Misaeng” Releases Special Poster Parodying Original Source Material Cover

tvN‘s hit drama “Misaeng” released a new fun poster on December 10 that parodies a cover of the original comic book series.

In the newly released poster, team 3 members Jang Geu Rae (Im Si Wan), Manager Oh (Lee Sung Min), and Section Chief Chun (Park Hae Joon) can be seen looking at the documents Assistant Manager Kim (Kim Dae Myung) is showing them.

The pose of the characters is drawn explicitly from the cover art of the sixth volume of the original “Misaeng” series.

The production staff of “Misaeng” announced, “We had the shoot on a whim on set, but we liked the result so much we decided to make it into a poster to show gratitude to our viewers.” They also added, “The drama is nearing its end. I hope you all continue to support Team 3 at One International until the very end.”

[‘Misaeng’ syndrome grips the nation]‘Misaeng’ syndrome grips the nation

Han Jeong-taek, a 30-year-old office worker, rushes home after work on Friday. He chooses to go home and watch a TV drama about the everyday lives of office workers rather than stay out with his friends. Sometimes he drinks with them after 9:30 p.m. when the drama ends.

Han is not the only one who has never missed “Misaeng (Incomplete Life),” cable TV channel tvN’s television drama based on an eponymous webtoon about the office life of a fictional trading company, One International.

“When I watch ‘Misaeng,’ I feel like I am not alone in suffering office hardships like long hours, a mountain of work and workplace politics,” said Han. “The drama is very realistic, maybe more so than reality.

“I empathize with the characters in the drama. Their struggles feel like my own.”

The 20-episode series has been climbing the ratings. It started at 1.6 percent on Oct. 17 and shot to 5.15 percent, a rare feat for a cable channel, when the seventh episode was aired on Nov. 7.

New employee Jang Geu-rae (Yim Si-wan, right) and sales manager Kim Dong-sik (Kim Dae-myung) in a scene from office drama “Misaeng.” (tvN)

What makes people nod at the down-to-earth cubicle drama? For one thing, the plot is compelling for many office workers who struggle to survive.

The story revolves around Jang Geu-rae (played by actor and singer Yim Si-wan of Korean idol group ZE:A), who failed to become a professional baduk (Go) player and ended up as an intern at a large company to make a living.

Unlike other interns contending for full-time positions, Jang is a high school graduate who has no university diploma, no impressive work experience and no ability to speak foreign languages. But thanks to his hard efforts and unmatched perseverance he acquired from playing baduk for more than 20 years, he lands a job as a two-year contract worker.

“I think the story relates with many people,” Yim said in a press conference last week at the Seoul Square building where the drama was shot. “It is a story of everyone. I hope people will know that everyone leads a hard life and that they are not alone in this.”

“This story is for people like Jang Geu-rae,” Yim added.

The highs and lows of Jang’s office life ― with more lows than highs ― illustrate his survival in a dog-eat-dog business world. As the title suggests, all characters including Oh Sang-sik (Lee Sung-min), his superior and section chief in the sales division, are flawed and have far from a complete life. Oh is a very capable and deserving leader of the division, but his callowness with workplace politics makes him an outcast and limits his promotion.

Even Ahn Young-yi (Kang So-ra), a competent new employee who stands in stark contrast to Jang in every respect as a well-educated, confident full-timer, struggles to be a smart woman in a room full of conservative male superiors.

The plotline takes credit from a webtoon of the same name by cartoonist Yoon Tae-ho, which was serially published on a Web portal from 2012-2013, enjoying a tremendous popularity. The webtoon drew over 1 billion hits apparently from office workers in their 20s and 30s. Fans have dubbed it the “salaryman’s bible” for its accurate portrayal of the trials and tribulations facing office workers.

Yoon said in an interview with The Korea Herald early this year that “Misaeng” is the result of his countless interviews with real-life people who work for corporations

Boosted by the drama, the “Misaeng” comic book series has sold over 1.5 million copies, becoming the first 1 million seller of this year, according to Wisdom House, the comic book’s publisher.

 The book topped the bestseller list at a number of bookstores here, including the largest chain Kyobo Bookstore. “Even though its genre is comic book, the book’s popularity skyrocketed,” a Kyobo Bookstore official said. “Men in their 30s and 40s account for 35.8 percent of total sales, which is the largest demographic.”

Unlike previous office-themed dramas peppered with romance and success, “Misaeng” director Kim Won-seok has shunned painting a rosy picture of office workers and highlighted the tough realities of Korean employees including contract workers and working moms.

“I wanted to make a realistic drama about ordinary people,” Kim said. “I think that’s why many anticipate watching."

Ahn Sung-mi (

[Kim Chang Wan Hand-Writes a Touching Letter for the “Misaengs” of the World]Kim Chang Wan Hand-Writes a Touching Letter for the “Misaengs” of the World

Singer-actor Kim Chang Wan has sent a very moving letter to a listener, who told him about his struggles at work. The letter particularly drew attention in light of the currently-airing, critically-acclaimed drama “Misaeng,” which also handles the subject of employees’ struggles in the workplace.

As the DJ of SBS Power FM‘s “Beautiful Morning with Kim Chang Wan,” Kim Chang Wan wrote the letter on December 4, through which he offers warm consolation to those in the world who are imperfect.

In the letter, Kim Chang Wan urges the listener not to chase after perfection too much in the workplace, and to relax a little bit.

Kim Chang Wan wrote, “Hello, this is Kim Chang Wan. When I heard that you lost weight to the point your bones are showing through, I felt for you. But I think it might be because you’re being too sensitive. Although you’re a perfectionist, things in the world don’t always fall into line like you want them to. Try to relax a bit. Now I’ll draw some circles as the space allows.”

Kim Chang Wan then drew a series of circles. He then continued, “I drew 47 circles. Of these, you could only consider the two that I marked with a v to be perfectly circular. Work is the same thing. Of 47 days, only two will be perfectly circular. Don’t try too hard to make every day perfect. Just because the circles aren’t quite perfect, would anyone ever call those squares or triangles? They’re all just imperfect circles. That goes for our everyday life, too.”

This letter from Kim Chang Wan was revealed through Producer Nam Joong Kwon‘s SNS on December 11.

[Kang So Ra and Im Si Wan from “Misaeng” Appointed Honorary Trade Ambassadors]Kang So Ra and Im Si Wan from “Misaeng” Appointed Honorary Trade Ambassadors

On December 11, Kang So Ra and Im Si Wan from “Misaeng” were appointed honorary trade ambassadors for the Korea International Trade Association.

Kang So Ra shared her feelings at a ceremony for the two actors, showing her respect for those in the industry and displaying her humor.

She stated, “I am honored that my first time being an ambassador is as a trade ambassador. I thought I would probably be an ambassador for something related to eating. There are many in the trade industry with great skills and who work very hard, so it is a respected field. I have been learning these things through filming the drama.”

“Misaeng” tells the story of employees at One International, a fictional international trading company.

[Im Siwan’s First Self-Composed Song to be Released on “Misaeng”]Im Siwan’s First Self-Composed Song to be Released on “Misaeng”

Singer-turned-actor Im Siwan is scheduled to release his first self-composed song. The track is set to air December 12 at noon on tvN’s popular drama “Misaeng.” The song’s subject matter deals with the ups and downs of the lives of the workers on the show.

A representative of the drama was cited as saying, “Im Siwan composed the entire song himself. It can only be seen on ‘Misaeng’.” The show’s official OST album, which includes all tracks that appear on the show, is scheduled for release on December 24.

Siwan is having one of the best years of his career thanks to “Misaeng.” He has reportedly signed spokesperson contracts with 8 different companies from diverse fields like clothing, cars, banking, and food products. Im’s net worth has also shot up.

Thanks to the good reviews of his movie “The Attorney” and the drama “Triangle,” Im is now worth over 2 hundred million dollars.

A member of the group ZE:A, Im’s entrance into the acting world has been successful to this point. He debuted as an actor in the 2012 MBC drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” and has subsequently received rave reviews for his roles in KBS’s “Man from the Equator,” the film “The Attorney,” and MBC’s “Triangle.”

[“Misaeng” Byun Yo Han Wins the Independent Movie Star Award Through His Movie “Socialphobia”]“Misaeng” Byun Yo Han Wins the Independent Movie Star Award Through His Movie “Socialphobia”

Actor Byun Yo Han’s popularity continued from TV to movies. At the 40th Seoul Independent Film Festival held at CGV Apgujeong, Seoul on December 5, Byun Yo Han received the Independent Movie Star Award through “Socialphobia,” in which he appeared as the main character.

The audience has shown much interest in “Socialphobia.” Throughout the film festival, all tickets were sold out immediately after sales opened. “Thank you,” said Byun Yo Han after receiving his Independent Movie Star Award.

“While participating in independent movies for such a long time, I learned how to always do my best and get back on my feet in the most difficult situations. I will take this award as a sign to continue acting with passion and diligence.”

Other than receiving the Audience Award at the Seoul Independent Film Festival, “Socialphobia” has received the NETPAC Award, which is given to the best movie of the year, and the Korean Directors Association Award at the 19th Busan International Film Festival.

In “Socialphobia” Ji Woong (Byun Yo Han) and Yong Min (Lee Joo Seung) are preparing for their police exams when they stumble upon “Lena,” a person who insulted a soldier on social media after he committed suicide, and decide to show their displeasure in person. Byun Yo Han portrays the ordinary person on the Internet while showing how he makes a gradual change psychologically. “Socialphobia” will be released in March 2015.

Byun Yo Han is currently starring as Han Seok Yul in the tvN Friday-Saturday drama “Misaeng.”

[Byun Yo Han Cheers Up His Costars on “Misaeng”]Byun Yo Han Cheers Up His Costars on “Misaeng”

Byun Yo Han Cheers Up His Costars on “Misaeng” Byun Yo Han presented a food truck serving late-night snacks to actors and staff on the set of tvN’s drama  “Misaeng.” He plays the role of Han Seok Yul, a reliable pillar of support for new employees at the firm where the drama takes place.

Byun Yo Han recently prepared a food truck for his hardworking fellow actors and staff at the drama’s shooting location, raising their spirits. His kindness has attracted attention from photos of him in front of the food truck, which is decorated with catch phrases and playful jokes in the style of his character: “On the set… as expected, a late-night snack! Han Seok Yul of Textile Team 1 is buying for everyone!”

The photos that were released show the cheerful atmosphere of the set. Byun Yo Han invigorates the actors and staff with his radiant smile and acts as a feel-good endorphin for his colleagues. In particular, the photo of Byun Yo Han with Siwan and Kang Ha Neul shows the gorgeous smiles of the three handsome One International employees, suggesting a warm and friendly set.

“Misaeng (An Incomplete Life),” written by Jeong Yun Jeong and directed by Kim Won Seok, is broadcast every week on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. on tvN. There is keen interest in how the character Han Seok Yul, whose image has already transformed once before returning to his earlier personality, will handle his duties going forward.

[Kang Ha Neul Unable to Join “Misaeng” Cast Vacation]Kang Ha Neul Unable to Join “Misaeng” Cast Vacation

Discussions are currently being held for a “Misaeng” cast vacation to Cebu from December 22-26. Though plans are not finalized, cast member Kang Ha Neul will not be able to attend, due to a previous commitment scheduled during that time for the stage play “Harold & Maude,” which is his first play in his acting career.

A rep from his agency shared that since “Misaeng” was a project with extremely good teamwork, Kang Ha Neul feels disappointed that he won’t be able to attend, but will channel that energy into putting on a good performance on stage.

Kang Ha Neul plays Jang Baek Ki on “Misaeng,” a new employee with an impressive background who struggles to prove himself.

Sources: Soompi 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, koreaherald

5 Things to Know About CL Before 2015


Words by Alexis Hodoyan-Gastelum

It seems like so much is written about 2NE1’s fierce leader CL nowadays, especially after she announced her much anticipated upcoming US solo debut. Whether we’re gawking at her most recent crazy fashions or rejoicing in the greatness of her latest releases with her group or other artists, it’s not just K-pop fans who’re falling for the Baddest Female anymore and craving to know more about her. But while Blackjacks (2NE1’s fandom name) might know Chaerin (CL’s real name) down to her blood type and favorite colors, others might not be so well acquainted with her.

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Source : mtviggy
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Jessica Chooses Victoria Beckham as Her Role Model


Jessica revealed that she hopes to be both a singer and an actress according to the Taiwanese media outlet “Taiwan China King.”

According to the report, Jessica said to a number of media outlets that she would like to “attempt a number of different fields. Personally I like to sing, and I think I would enjoy acting as well.” She added, “(If I get the chance,) I would like to balance my activities between the two fields.”

She also mentioned Victoria Beckham as her role model and praised her, saying, “She always perfectly plays her roles in her works. She’s amazing.”

Meanwhile, Jessica left Girls’ Generation on September 30 and is now working as a designer with her brand, ‘BLANC & ECLARE.’

[netizens comments]
1. [+1,115, -18] Talk about a joke...

2. [+857, -28] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ How can she be so shameless ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+771, -27] Ironically, she's been dressing worse since becoming a chief designer

4. [+49, -3] But Jessica, the thing is that Beckham didn't become a fashion designer until after her promotions with the Spice Girls and after she studied up on business. Your problem is that you didn't have anything prepared but still wanted to pursue both SNSD and your fashion business. Fully knowing that SM has three more years of SNSD activities scheduled to the brim, you chose to ignore all of that and stubbornly claim that you can run a business on top of it all. But look at what you've been doing since running out on your own? You're not even studying business or fashion, you're running around calling Victoria Beckham your role model without knowing that you're on the brink of losing your friends and all the money you've suffered so hard to make so far.

5. [+49, -5] But with the way she's acting, she's no Victoria but Ginger, the member that backstabbed the Spice Girls and ruined the group

6. [+38, -12] Is being a designer not enough for her.. ㅎㅎ

7. [+34, -12] Jessica? Acting? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Can you please just stick to your fashion business? And don't you dare talk about Victoria Beckham like that. Do you even know how many years it took for her to prepare her designs? She's on a completely different level from someone like you who's trying to use her Soshi title for her own gains. Whether you're going to sing or act, do whatever you want as long as you stay in that beloved China of yours ^^ Don't come back to Korea if you have any shame at all.

8. [+32, -10] Stick to one and do it well

9. [+26, -2] No wonder SNSD agreed to her being kicked out... her private life's a mess, her boyfriend's a mess, she's stubborn and only cares about herself...

10. [+25, -6] She seems to still think that she's a beloved SNSD member

Source: Soompi & Netizenbuzz
Taec 애교

After School Beauty Bible F/W 2014 Ep 10

Ep.10 - Prepare for winter!

4:15 - Eric Nam comes by for a visit. Some advice for those with dry skin.
12:30 - Moisture advice - layering tips for skin care
24:02 - Estrogen make-up for a feminine look
40:00 - Editors' picks for beauty items - body butter
47:41 - True or False with Dr. Gu Yongsu!

source: KBS World

Tips for winter? My hands can get really dry at work, but I like Trader Joe's pomegranate body butter (....cuz I work there >.>)

141212 Music Bank

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]
A Pink



'My Heart Is Beating'

Digital Sales (디지덜 음원 점수) 4244 929
Viewers Choice (시청자 전호도 점수) 863 0
Broadcast Score (방송 점수) 1504 1504
Physical Album Sales (음반 점수) 1410 3245
Final Total 8021 5678

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sources: KBSKpop, 최원영

SNSD's Seohyun To Fill In For S.E.S' Eugene On "Infinity Challenge"

Girls' Generation's Seohyun will perform with S.E.S members at MBC's 'Infinity Challenge - Saturday, Saturday is for Singers' concert.

On December 12th, a rep from SM Entertainment revealed that Seohyun will replace Eugeun's spot in S.E.S due to her pregnancy to stand on stage with Shoo and Bada at 'Infinity Challenge' year-end concert.

It was said that Seohyun has been practicing S.E.S' hit songs such as 'I Love You' and more with Shoo and Bada, which has stirred up the anticipation of many people towards the upcoming concert.

'Infinity Challenge - Saturday, Saturday is for Singers' will gather the popular artists from the 90s to create a remiscent special concert. Kim Gun Mo, Turbo, Jinusean, Cool, Kim Hyun Jung, S.E.S, Jo Sung Mo, So Chan Hwi have been confirmed up until now. Seo Taiji is still expected to join in the concert.

The concert will be held on December 18th at MBC Dream Center Open Hall.

[Netizen Comments]1. [+636, -104] I don't know what people are expecting, for Eugene to come out and perform even while pregnant? She needs to be careful and I'm sure Eugene's just as upset about it too. Fans should stop being so stubborn;;

2. [+507, -114] SES was under SM and Seohyun's a labelmate and a musical co-worker with Bada so she was probably offered the TOTOGA spot

3. [+452, -105] Eugene probably asked because she's a closer junior. Not like she can perform while pregnant ㅠㅠ There shouldn't be any problems since Eugene doesn't have many lines anyway and Seohyun's a junior labelmate.

4. [+48, -33] Throw in more and more idols and the point of the festival will be ruined.

5. [+47, -7] Will they be called SSS then

1. [+11,534, -603] ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's random but I hope she works her hardest~ A lot of people are looking forward to TOTOGA

2. [+10,760, -1,223] I'm sad Eugene can't make it but it seems like a good idea having juniors take place of seniors who can't

3. [+9,908, -757] I knew SM would find their way in

4. [+7,262, -266] I'm so sad, I wanted to see a group reunification~~~

5. [+6,119, -2,481] Sad about Eugene but I like Seohyun ㅎㅎ

6. [+1,198, -217] Can't they just stick to singers from the nineties... At this rate, they're going to invite Seo Taiji and stick two idols behind him too. Nooo..

7. [+983, -173] As long as Seohyun doesn't act like she's the main act, it doesn't seem like a bad idea having juniors take the place of seniors

8. [+906, -195] Seems Bada asked while practicing their musical together. Looking forward to it ㅠㅠ

Sources: Daily K-Pop News, MWave, Netizenbuzz
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Sohu Fashion interviews Jessica + new pics from Jessica for SOUP


Sohu Fashion: Hey, Jessica. First let’s say hello to all of our Sohu Fashion friends.
Jessica: Hello friends of Sohu Fashion, I’m Jessica.

Sohu Fashion: Is this your first time in Shanghai? What do you think of this city?
Jessica: I’ve been to Shanghai before, but last time I didn’t have the opportunity to walk and look around. This time, I did have the opportunity to explore, and I love this city—I love the food, the buildings, the historical structures: they’re all so amazing. I’d like to come to Shanghai more often if possible.

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source: soshified (translated by: moonrise31@soshified)
pics: fy-girls-generation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

It makes me so happy how many new pics and news come out of Sica each day. You keep busy, girl! Get these promotions and endorsements!!!


Pinocchio Ep 9-10 Discussion Post


Can 20-something rookie broadcast reporters make their mark covering the bustling news of a busy metropolitan city? The idealistic Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) has her work cut out for her when she becomes a broadcast journalist, especially when she suffers from a condition known as “Pinocchio syndrome,” which makes her break out into hiccups whenever she tells a lie.

Her rookie colleagues include Choi Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk), whose shabby appearance masks his true eloquence and sharp memory; Seo Bum Jo (Kim Young Kwang), a wealthy heir who has had everything handed to him in life; and Yoon Yu Rae (Lee Yu Bi), whose fangirl knowledge comes in handy in covering the news. Can the newbie reporters pursue justice as they try to discover themselves in the process? “Pinocchio” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Jo Soo Won. x

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Watch here:


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SB Projects hints on the release of “Dirty Vibe” MV ft. Skrillex, Diplo, CL and some other

SB Projects, the management agency founded by Scooter Braun, announces the release of “Dirty Vibe” by Skrillex which features Diplo, CL and G-Dragon.

On December 13th, SB Projects hinted on the possible video release on their official Twitter account as they posted a photo of CL from a recent shoot. The update further came with a statement confirming the release on December 15th.

“Dirty Vibe” is a track by Skrillex which was included in the release of his first studio album Recess back in March. It was a collaboration between Diplo and Korean artists CL and G-Dragon.

Meanwhile, SB Project is the management agency handling CL’s upcoming debut in the United States and also manages international artists such as PSY, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Martin Garrix and more.

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