December 16th, 2014


GOT7 Interview with Sina Entertainment

Recently, Korea’s new boy group GOT7 received an interview from Sina. The 7 members talked about music and life, and also showed an interest in coming to China promote. They ‘called’ Chinese shows to ‘let us come on your shows quickly!’, and also talked about their favourite Chinese artists. GOT7 showed that they like Jay Chou, Wilber Pan, F4 and more. They also complimented Vaness Wu’s dancing skills, and show that they would like meet him. Member Jackson also said that he also likes the male group M.I.C., and has paid attention to them since they debuted. Below is the full conversation:

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source: sina
translation: @Misxing_You

Fans discouraged and disgusted over Cube wasting #4minute in favor of #B2ST

With just barely a month of album promotion clocked in early 2014, the world has been missing 4minute as of late. A consistently successful group with an explosively successful hit last year and a mild followup this year, fans expected to see more of them in 2014. Cube Entertainment even promised on numerous occasions that the girls of 4minute would have a second comeback - instead there were three underperforming releases for BTOB and two for Beast.

Tension between fandoms has mounted though there are a chosen few who call themselves Cube stans who think everything's a-okay. But the facts glaringly show that 4nia, 4minute's fanclub, has more than a few valid reasons to feel that 4minute's everything is being squandered at Cube Entertainment:

- Season's Greetings for BTOB and BEAST. 4minute had one only in 2012 when Cube first began them.
- BTOB and Beast have had concerts, 4minute was once forced to open for Beast who are their juniors in the industry.
- Cube has sold recycled BEAST lightsticks with a paint job to look like 4minute lightsticks
- 4minute has not had an official fanclub meeting since 2010 though fans have been begging Cube for one. Beast has one each year.
- CUBEE, Cube's online shop, lists 60 BEAST goods, 17 BTOB goods while 4minute has 5, Hyuna has 3 and 2Yoon has 1.
- To top it off, 2014 was also 4minute's 5th anniversary for which they got a clip show MV for an album track. Beast got an entire album and month of promotion. 4minute member Gayoon was bashed by Beast's fanclub for covering this song later on.

With 4minute's contract expiring in 2016, fans are wondering if 4minute will stick around with the company that underuses them and in such a criminal way. 4nias are hoping that with BEAST's impending enlistment that Cube will finally put 4minute on the front burner but with Cube's second girl group debuting in 2015, will it be too little too late?

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sources | original post & translation by velvetsunglass | 4minute fancafe post (locked to public)
omo omo~


Following Raina, After School’s Lizzy will be the next member to make her solo debut, scheduled for early next year.

A Pledis Entertainment official recently revealed, “After School member Lizzy will be releasing her first solo album early next year. An idol is rarely seen releasing a trot song.”

Lizzy joined After School in 2010 as one of its new member lineup along with Nana, and has since then seen success as part of After School and the sub-unit Orange Caramel with Raina, Lizzy, and Nana.

With her quirky and ajhumma personality, Lizzy has shown to be a hit on variety shows with her cute characteristics.

Source: Koreaboo, Naver

I AM SO EXCITED!! Lizzy is always so cute when she sings trot-style songs on variety, so this is perfect for her!

Park Hyo Shin's 15th Anniversary concert tour "Happy Together" kicks off in Seoul

Park Hyo Shin's gift and sincerity of 15 years


A high school student who just wanted to sing became a singer leading 10 thousand audiences after 15 years. There were hard times in that time. But he couldn’t give up music, being a singer because of love. He handed over every hearts he have been received as a gift. With 15 years of time, his sincerity echoed through the stage.

On 12th and 13th, Park Hyo Shin 15th Anniversary Live Tour was held at Gymnastics Gymnasium in Olympic Park, Seoul. Park Hyo Shin led the concert with the title ‘NO MATTER HOW THEY ROLL THE DICE, WE WILL BE HAPPY TOGETHER’

[Report about the concert]2

He filled 210 minutes with 30 of his songs and musical numbers. For his concert, he divided it into 3 big themes. The stage of ‘His passion’, the stage of his musical experiences with the musical ‘Elisabeth’ and ‘Mozart!’, and the stage of ‘Repertoire of his hits’.

◆ Audience got excited with him singing

Park Hyo Shin started the concert with his recently released single ‘HAPPY TOGETHER’ and played on the audience with rhythmical songs like ‘HAPPY’, ‘LOVE LOVE LOVE’, and ‘It’s gonna be rolling’. Thanks to the LED bracelet the singer presented to the audience, the concert hall soon got hotter and hotter.


The LED bracelet was controlled(color change and lights out effect) by the center system along with the performance. The entire hall was a spectacular sight with the same colors of the LED bracelets. Colors changed instantly with Park Hyo Shin’s voice and that made the audience cheer louder.

He said that “How do you like the gift? I was very concerned how to repay for fans’ love so I decided to make the bracelets. The bracelets are very expensive which is equivalent to one-time concert budget” And he laughed saying “This is a first time in Korean concert history and I was worried a little bit but this is really great. I can control the color of the bracelets and I insisted on using the bracelet even if it is too expensive because I wanted to know what it feels like to control 10 thousand people.”

◆Audience falls with his enthusiastic performances


From the start, the concert hinted unusual composition. Musical actors came up to the stage and told the audience that they can get ‘happiness’ from Park Hyo Shin. New chapter started and with the musical set appearing, highlights of the musical ‘Elisabeth’ and ‘Mozart!’ staring Park Hyo Shin as a leading role was unfolded.
Singer Park Hyo Shin was into Der Tod(Death) of ‘Elisabeth’ and Mozart of ‘Mozart!’. He flew across the stage. It was a moment everyone was fascinated by his acting.
All his activities through out the past year was shown on the stage. Musical was performed but there was also ‘singer Park Hyo Shin’. Every time when a musical number(‘The last dance’, ‘When I want to dance’ from ‘Elisabeth’ and ‘We can know each other when we love’, ‘I am I am Music’ from ‘Mozart!’) ended, the audience couldn’t stop applauding.


◆Park Hyo Shin thanks, the audience moved

Park Hyo Shin selected ‘Wild Flower’ and ‘HAPPY TOGETHER’ as well as his other hit songs which he never performed live before even though the two songs were already released. He also sang ‘Shine your light ‘, one of the songs from his 7th album which is currently prepared for the release next year. It was his sincere heart he wanted to share with his fans.

He said, “Today we gathered here to become happy. I’m happy because you let me be a singer. Gymnastics gymnasium is the biggest indoor concert hall in the country but I heard the tickets were all sold out and even I couldn’t get a ticket. I really appreciate your support.”


And also “I had a hard time the past year but I could be happy because of you. This is 15th year since I became a singer but many people don’t know that I’ve been a singer for that long time. It’s been quite a long time since I became a singer but my appearance doesn’t seems to be an old singer. I’m not saying I’m good-looking but I mean I look younger than my age. I even heard some elementary school students think I debuted with the song ‘Wild Flower’. But I totally understand them.”
“I’m really happy at this moment. Last year felt weird for me because I didn’t have a concert. This year is very happy time for me.” “Since 15 years ago when I was dreaming of becoming a singer and till now doing concert at this huge hall I can not appreciate more. It was harder than I thought becoming a singer and sometimes I even had fears whether should I pursuit this way or not.”

And lastly he said, “If it were not for you, I would have become a grown-up who just likes to sing. But as a singer Park Hyo Shin I can be here happily. Of course you guys made this place for me. I want to sing now and forever and may be it’s still a little bit far story, but I’ll sing in front of you as long as time allows.”

Starting with Seoul, Park Hyo Shin’s nationwide tour will be held on December 20th at Yeomju Gymnasium, Gwang-ju, 24th at Sajik Gymnasium, Busan, 27th at Daegu EXCO, and 31th at Samsan World Gymnasium, Incheon.

Reporter 김예나 Ent.

[A few fancams]Now treat yourselves to some fancams!

Covering "Happy" in tight leather pants

"Wild Flower" have a box of tissues or two ready for this one

Happy christmas

Snow Flower


Yearning Yearning

source: naver; trans: parkhyoshinplanet; ragyu meo; KYO DABANG; _Kim (1, 2); gom0126; granite2200

It looked like such an amazing show!
jaechun, only one

JYJ: From Osaka with Love (Image Heavy)

[JYJ Spends Unforgettable Moments with 75,000 Fans in Osaka Dome]
JYJ met with 75,000 fans over two days in Osaka Kyocera dome.

On December 13 and 14, JYJ launched its first ever Japan dome tour 2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour Ichigo Ichie in Kyocera dome, carrying out its second dome concert since the Tokyo dome concert in November. A total of 75,000 audience members attended Kyocera dome concert over two days, selling out all tickets.

As soon as the concert was over, JYJ posted behind-the-scene photos from the concert on its official Facebook and wrote, “The best stage and once in a life time meeting! All thanks to you all.”

During this dome tour, JYJ presented songs from its 2010 world wide album The Beginning, the tracks from the first and second albums as well as Wake Me Tonight, presented for the first time during Tokyo dome concert, showing the history of JYJ. The fans that filled the dome cheered enthusiastically as they enjoyed the fantastic performances.

They also sang the happy birthday song for Kim Junsu along with the fans and made a promise to meet again for Christmas. The dome concert hall was filled with JYJ’s perfect live performances and the members’ sincere hope to interact with the fans, presenting fans with a once in a lifetime concert.

Having wrapped up Osaka dome concert following Tokyo dome concert, JYJ will be continuing 2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour Ichigo Ichie in Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome on December 23 and 24.

[JYJ Love in Osaka]
JaeSu at the concert in Osaka Dome Day2

YooSu at the concert in Osaka Dome Day2

JaeChunSu (the best kind of love) at the concert in Osaka Dome Day2

Junsu and JaeJoong with JaeJoong's nieces (cuteness overload)

[Celebrating the #29thXIADay with JYJ]
At the concert:

The Birthday After-Party!

Credit: Mwave, ShuShutic, Fasicha0103, xia_marii, kkjj4, Ohmyjun_com, JYJ Official Facebook Page, mayumeko, joohyejin83, kpkjyj.

Happy #29thXIADAY!!!

BtoB Ilhoon covers Beenzino

original song: Beenzino - If I Die Tomorrow

[lyrics translation (he wrote his own)]If tonight was given to me like a mast, what should I do with this

My dream is above my wounded self confidence like a ladybug

In the tranquil Cheongdam dong villa village, seven breaths crams up a in room. Filling it up

Hiding our wounded hearts behind our glamorous life, there are times where we make do with instant noodles as meals.
The legs of pretty girl groups filled with bruise marks are evidence of their practice sessions
Losing weight even when I can eat, the weight difference between my friends and I are about 20kg
Packaging my concealed wounds behind my glamorous life like a ladybug infront of nature’s enemy
I am going to say the things I’ve always wanted to, if I die tomorrow

If I die tomorrow
The regular rhythm of my heartbeat forming at my ear
If I die tomorrow
I can vaguely see the creaking rhythm

Like being forced to a set of given rap
It’s nothing wrong but I’m just saying it’s not doing something well
If I were to look back in life, the blueprint of my life now is something I wouldn’t have imagined
That’s right to show
My parents my filial side
A side of me where I have not gotten used to
Pondering if I am able to do it
There's nothing you can't express in words, just say it
The conversation of how I want to try having my own kids but do not have the confidence of being a good father
The kid who wanted to quickly turn into an adult one day so that he could understand things he couldn't
This young kid has grown old unknowingly and now wants to go back to being a young kid

If I die tomorrow
The regular rhythm of my heartbeat forming at my ear
If I die tomorrow
I can vaguely see the creaking rhythm

Lastly my eyes that are observing the night sky
Torturing myself wondering if everything’s going to end the next morning
Lastly I pray that I would be sent to the heavens
It had been burdensome breathing in this world, extremely
Dad must have heard of my news at your workplace right
Mum must be trying to awaken me, who is going to sleep forever, in the morning
Don’t cry mom and pa, let’s meet in our next lives
If I were to be reborn as a person, I’ll be your child
When I leave, I’ll be leaving first my lovely sister
And the 2 of you who were like my kids, waiting for me at home Goodbye
Even if I were to put everything down, my heart will still feel heavy
I'm always in your minds, so don’t forget me
I'm always in your minds
I'm always in your minds, so never forget me

Never forget me
Though this is not a dream
Never forget me
Though I’m leaving now

If I die tomorrow
The regular rhythm of my heartbeat forming at my ear
If I die tomorrow
I can vaguely see the creaking rhythm

source: theunitedcube, lyrics translated by @_910620 at starmacarons

wow that part when's he's rapping about being underweight or growing up... def it's way better than his gd missing you cover :p

Luhan and SM Entertainment End First Mediation in 30 Minutes without Reaching Agreement "gasp"

Luhan entered the first court-referred mediation with SM Entertainment today, December 16, at 2 p.m. (KST). It was the very first round in which the two sides discussed the issue of Luhan’s contract termination with his former agency.

The lawsuit was first filed against SM Entertainment earlier this year in October, before it was forwarded to arbitration under court order last month. While Luhan nor SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min were present, each of their representative attorneys met for the first time in order to try to reach an agreement.

It is reported that the mediation (WAS IT MEDIATION OR ABRITRATION, SOOMPI?) ended after just 30 minutes, as the two sides were unable to work out a compromise, and only listened to the other side’s position. With an unsuccessful first round, the case will enter its next round, which has not yet been scheduled.

However, this was not an unexpected outcome, as Kris, who is also in the middle of his ongoing lawsuit with SM Entertainment, was unable to reach an agreement during his second mediation, which resulted in a third round that will be held next year. As both Luhan and Kris are in the same situation, it was very unlikely that Luhan would be successful in working out a compromise as well.

source: soompi

Meanwhile Luhan's been keeping busy, winning awards, playing soccer, regaining lost melanin.The usual.
ha neul oppa

"Misaeng" EP 17-18 DISCUSSION POST

Siwan, Lee Sung-Min, Kang So-Ra, Kang Ha-Neul, Byun Yo-Han, Kim Dae-Myung, Shin Eun-Jung, Park Hae-Joon

Jang Geu-Rae (later played by Siwan) played the board game go since he was a child. Playing the game was everything to him, but he failed to become a professional go player. Now he is thrown out into the real world. By an acquaintance’s recommendation, Jang Geu-Rae is able to begin to work at Wonin International as an intern.
On his first day, Jang Geu-Rae meets his boss Oh Sang-Sik (Lee Sung-Min). Jang Geu-Rae struggles to adapt working at a company.

watch here:
viki / soompi tv


sorry for the delay! i got busy with uni :(
also if you missed the reccent misaeng news on omona, you can catch them here and here :)
ha neul oppa

Kim Woo Bin Exercised Last Minute for Shower Scene in ‘The Technicians’

Kim Woo Bin shared a story behind the shower scene.

Kim Woo Bin attended the press preview for the film The Technicians on December 16 at the Lotte Cinema World Tower and said, “When I first saw the scenario, there was a shower scene. But no matter how many times I look, I don’t know why that scene comes out,” bringing out laughter.

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source: mwave
mirrors lies

After School′s Uee, Choi Woo Sik and Park Jung Min Confirmed for New tvN Drama

Choi Woo Sik, After School′s Uee and Park Jung Min will be appearing in a new drama.

On December 15, tvN′s rep told Newsen, "Choi Woo Sik, Uee, and Park Jung Min will be appearing in tvN′s A Pushover′s Romance (translated), which will follow Valid Love. Of the four main roles, the last actor has not been confirmed yet."

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source: mwave
tzuyu heart shaker

A Pink Becomes First Girl Group to Win Two Consecutive Weeks on Three Music Programs in 2014

A Pink has become the first and only girl group of 2014 to win number one on the three main public broadcast (SBS, KBS, and MBC) music programs for two consecutive weeks.

Currently, A Pink is maintaining their best record since their debut, taking first place with the group’s fifth mini album title track “LUV” for two weeks in a row on KBS’ “Music Bank,” MBC’s “Show! Music Core,” and SBS’ “Inkigayo.”

There have been many teams to win on public broadcast music programs for a number of consecutive weeks this year. However, it is not an easy feat to create an all-kill on three different music shows for two straight weeks. Throughout the year of 2014, a few male groups including Super Junior and BEAST have recorded such results, but A Pink has risen as the very first female group to do so.

Although it has been about three weeks since the release of “LUV,” the track has kept up its high rank on online music charts, drawing curiosity as to whether A Pink will be able to carry on the all-kill for a triple crown.


this comeback era has been so good so i hope they keep winning!

From TOP

Should We Quit TOP's Solo?

BIGBANG’s T.O.P’s Chic+Sexy  City Man Appeal despite White Hair Color… Catching the Eyes! BIGBANG member T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun) covers 2015 January issue of men’s magazine L’officiel Hommes.

T.O.P has recently dyed his hair white, for his character in a new film, to look more chic and self-confident. Plus, he shows a perfect winter look with a basic but sophisticated jacket and knit. He is also giving a free look and feel in a fashionable suit.

T.O.P’s photography was shot in partnership with Italian contemporary brand Allegri, at Imperial Palace Seoul Hotel.

The full photography will be published in the 2015 January issue of L’officiel Hommes. It will be released on December 20.

Source: donga via yg-life

We Got Married (episodes 247-250)

(episode 251 preview)

247 Soompi TV, Kshowonline
248 Soompi TV, Kshownline
249 Soompi TV, Kshowonline
250 Soompi TV, Kshowonline

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Source: Soompi TV, Kshowonline, MBCentertainment, overochiever, sartresocks, pinky-fleury, aivzthegreat, petite-blonde-and-snarky, 909194, hjj-p-q-ay

Roommate, Season 2 Episodes 8–11

Nana (Orange Caramel, After School), Youngji (KARA), Lee Guk Joo (Comedian), Seo Kang Joon (Actor), Jackson Wang (Got7), Lee Dong Wook (Actor), Jo Se Ho (Comedian), Park Min Woo (Actor), Bae Jong Ok (Actor), Sunny (SNSD), Ryohei Otani (Actor), Joon Park (g.o.d)

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sorry i'm too lazy to gif hunt to make this post extra pretty! episode 11 especially was wonderful. ryohei spent a good chunk of this episode freaking out and i kno it's bad to laugh at the suffering of others but he's so damn awkward i cant help it! also seok cheon is a plotter. ya'll think he came for kang joon but i'm 90% convinved he used kang joon as bait so he could get jackson. also gook joo's break down T___T and the fact that she had to go on later to do damage control lest ppl think her ungreateful of her well deserved success T___T

Kshowonline, Dramafever, greek-geordie, Roommate SBS
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Park Min Young reveals that Jaejoong helped her with “Hug” dance scene in “Healer”

Actress Park Min Young has revealed that she took some notes from JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong for a scene in the KBS2 series “Healer” wherein she had to sing and dance to TVXQ’s debut song, “Hug.”

At the press conference for the KBS2 Monday-Tuesday series “Healer” on December 16, Park Min Young revealed that the JYJ member, who debuted as a member of TVXQ, has helped her learn the choreography for the song “Hug.”

“The writer noted in the script that I had to cheerfully dance to ‘Hug,’” Park Min Young mentioned.

“I checked out videos on YouTube and the part that I had to dance to was one wherein I had to sit on a chair and get on with the beat. I thought that I should include a signature dance move of the male idol groups at that time so I tried to give it a group dance feel,” added Park Min Young.

“I have worked with Kim Jaejoong in my previous project and he heard from a friend (that I was doing the choreography for ‘Hug’) so he recorded the point choreography and sent it to me. But it was too hard so I wasn’t able to dance it (well),” said Park Min Young.

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Park Min Young have worked together on the series “Dr. Jin“ in 2012. Currently, Park Min Young is in the KBS2 drama “Healer” wherein she plays the role of an entertainment reporter who dreams of becoming a popular journalist. Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will star in the upcoming KBS drama “Spy” which is set to premiere in January.


[The Scene]

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A Bebop Post!

What have Bebop been up to?

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source: facebook: 비밥 - Bebop (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) olleh (KT통합브랜드), youtube: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), FREEANGEL LEE (1, 2)

sigh, nine months since debut and still no comeback. still, busking seems to be working for them and they're growing, bit by bit. i hope we get a super cover or two for christmas a la their halloween rum pum pum pum.
let me know if the dailymotion videos are failing (they were working in the post preview but i've never embedded from them before).