goshipgurl (goshipgurl) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

currently unemployed chinese member of a korean boyband - update

You know who I'm talking about. (not you, Henry)

Operation Love Teaser #3 aka watch it on mute because they dubbed his voice and it sounds horrible

TV Interview for Operation Love, he's high af

170412 weibo update: "the next time we meet shouldnt, probably, perhaps wont be too far away, i guess"

Operation Love Press Con Backstage Q&A

Q: what kind of boyfriend would you be?
Yixing: a good one (OP note: i can confirm this)

Q: what do you imagine your proposal will look like?
Yixing: if I told you now, what will I do when I actually get married

sources: youtube namja onetwofour, layshands, twitter lyuanz, layshands 1 (whole thread), 2
Tags: exo

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