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Sooyoung Cast in New JTBC Short Drama

Sooyoung has been confirmed for the lead role in an upcoming JTBC special drama titled “A Person You Could Know” . The short drama centers around how modern society looks up people on social media. It will tackle the issue of how you can know the people around you but not actually know yourself.

JTBC is preparing a series of short dramas and plans on releasing them as web dramas with 10-minute episodes first and airing them as two episodes on television afterwards. “A Person You Could Know” will be the first drama for this project. Furthermore, it will be JTBC’s first web drama. Specific broadcast dates are still in discussion.

Sources: Soompi/Naver/Nate

Bummer that it's only two episodes. I'm curious to see how this new format works out for them.
Tags: drama, jtbc, sooyoung, web drama

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