January 21st, 2015

2NE1's DARA Debuts as Actress by Playing Title Role!!

"Appearing as an eccentric office girl in web-drama "Dr. Mo Clinic" jointly created by Korea and China
2NE1's DARA debuts as an actress by playing the title role in web-drama "Dr. Mo Clinic" (written by Lee Aram, produced by Kwon Hyuk Chan) to be jointly created by Korea and China.
"Dr. Mo Clinic" is a story about the broken heart and healing of a man and woman who had committed themselves to love but were dumped without even saying goodbye. In the drama, DARA acts as a eccentric office girl "Lee So Dam" who hides her face with a puppet mask and her long hair when something embarrassing happens.
DARA said, "Since it's my first drama, I'll learn and grow as an actress from now on. I thought this drama is a very good opportunity for me as I can meet fans around the world on-line through this new genre of web-drama." She also expressed her resolution, saying, "The character is very interesting as she is so similar to me. Of course I feel somewhat nervous and burdened, but I will concentrate and work hard."
DARA is well-known for her bubbly character and pretty look like a Barbie doll. That is why fans have high expectations for her acting of "Lee So Dam".
"Dr. Mo Clinic" is a web-drama jointly created by Korea and China. It will be aired in Korea on NAVER TV Cast and in China on youku (the biggest video-streaming website in China) from mid March. The shooting will begin in early February. The drama is attracting all the more attention as it is directed  by Kwon Hyuk Chan who was one of the directors of drama series "Secret Garden", "A Gentleman's Dignity", "Master's Sun", etc.
Meanwhile, DARA successfully wrapped up performance for 2NE1's second full-length album and the second world tour which was the first-ever case for a girl group, last year."

Source: YGfamily

FINALLY!!  So happy for her!

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Hyolyn Feels Burdened as the First Idol on "I Am a Singer 3"

Joining I Am A Singer as the youngest member, SISTAR′s Hyolyn shared a short word of determination ahead of the competition.

On January 21, the press conference for MBC′s I Am A Singer took place at the MBC Sangam HQ Media Center, where Hyolyn shared, "Honestly for me, the fact that I′m with such great sunbaenims makes me so honored to be here."
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It is such a good opportunity for her so I'm both excited for her and anxious.

Another B.A.P update post!

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the anniversary-birthday event planned by fans has been cancelled due to some misunderstanding amongst kfans :( anyways, I'm not exactly sure what Jongup has been up to because nobody has posted about him. Hope the formatting of the post is fine! ETA Daehyun's latest update!

Interior design king T.O.P. to collaborate with Swiss furniture design company Vitra

BIGBANG’s T.O.P, who attended the Prudential Eye Award in Singapore on the 20th of January, gained recognition for artistic scene and was awarded the Visual Culture Award.

The Prudential Eye Award is the event which is prepared in order to discover the artists that Asia’s talent overflow with awards ceremony in which British luxury picture gallery and Prudential Life Insurance and parallel media group supervises.

TOP is planning to show widely his own artistic talent to the public in addition such as having the debut ahead through the collaboration with the international brand VITRA as the furniture designer this year.

TOP will be staying in Singapore until 21st of January for meeting, exhibition attendance and etc. and return to South Korea on the 22nd.

Source: YG United via Nate (kr); Vitra

Would you buy his furniture, Omona? Is it going to be all white? Was this post just an excuse to use a pic of TOP's booty?
TOP Doom Dada

King of Beer and King of Arts: T.O.P Wins Visual Culture Award

Big Bang’s T.O.P Wins Visual Culture Award from ‘Prudential Eye Awards’

Big Bang’s T.O.P has gained recognition for his artistic talents by winning the Visual Culture Award from the Prudential Eye Awards.

YG Entertainment revealed, “T.O.P received the Visual Culture Award from Prudential Eye Awards which took place on January 20 at the Sands Theatre in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.”

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PS: Pics updated on my Picasa album.
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Running Man Idol Special to Broadcast in Feb

B2ST's Dongwoon, 4minute's Sohyun, Girl's Day's Sojin, TEEN TOP's Niel, BTOB's Minhyuk, VIXX' N, and Super Junior's Ryeowook are reported to have filmed for 'Running Man's next idol special.

On January 21, a broadcast official revealed, “BEAST’s Dongwoon, VIXX’s N, and various other idol group members have completed filming for ‘Running Man’ at the Moon Rabbit Space Center, as well as the Gyeyang Museum in Ganghwa, Incheon.”

cr.: @kor_celebrities, Naver, WITHVIXX, Newsen

aww, N and his best friends 4evarrr

Edited: Removed Dongwoo because it was most likely a misreporting.

TVXQ Mini-Update!

[+ more photos of Tohoshinki x Huis Ten Bosch]

TOHOSHINKI to make a CF model contract with Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch.
Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch will provided CFs and various events.

Huis Ten Bosch's TVCM Tohoshinki appearance
Tohoshinki x Huis Ten Bosch released tomorrow (19/1)

The CM will use Tohoshinki's song I Just Can't Quit Myself.

Tohoshinki confirmed in promotions for Huistenbosch in Nagasaki, a famous sight seeing venue. TVC start airing 1/19.

Huis Ten Bosch also confirmed there's going to be another promotional activity as collaboration project with Tohoshinki in spring.

[METAOLOZ Showreel 2015; BoA's bro directs T1ST0RY Clips + a bunch of SM and Non-SM People]

DIRECTOR_Soonwook Kwon
PRODUCER_Jungkook Lim,
PRODUCER_Hyungahn Lee,Hyungjoon Park
A.D_ JaeHyun Ahn,Bora Sung

[Tohoshinki's message on the back of WITH Tour Pamphlet + Photos of brochure and goods]

[Yunho cut in Ode to My Father]

[Heestagram update with Henry, Changmin and Lee Jinho]

[Tohoshinki vs Sukkiri: Bowling and Table Tennis Battle]

[TVXQ! 2015 Season's Greetings DVD]

[Tohoshinki Mission Card 39]

[Tohoshinki on King's Brunch 150110]

Sources: HUIS TEN BOSCH Official, DBSKnights (1, 2, 3), METAOLOZ, ekwjdekwjd, Heechul, ecaismevy subs (1, 2, 3, 4), mh Love and War

I haven't seen any of these posted yet, so here you go! Also, I love those HoMin couple mugs. And Eiji Wentz does NOT age at all. Plus, that King's Brunch episode is more proof that Changmin shouldn't be left alone in a toy store lmao.
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Investigations show missing Korean student in Turkey likely to be involved with IS

screenshot-news.naver.com 2015-01-21 13-51-45

Article: [Exclusive] Student 'Kim', note saying he plans to join the IS found in his room

Source: YTN via Naver

Investigations found:

- Kim was in contact with an IS member named Hassan through 'Sure Spot'. Two phone calls to the man were recorded once he arrived in Turkey.

- 65 websites and news articles related to Turkey and the IS were found in his Internet bookmarks.

- He posted to two friends on Facebook that he wanted to leave his family and country to join the IS.

- Out of his 3,020 internet searches on the week before his leave, 517 of them were related to IS, Turkey, Syria, and Islam.

- 47 pictures of Muslim women were also saved in his computer.


[netizens comments]
1. [+22,035, -748] I'm against bringing him back to Korea. He can commit acts of terrorism in our own country, why bring him back? I'm sorry to his family but I think they need to give up on their son at this point.

2. [+17,540, -467] He's no longer a Korean citizen, he's just a terrorist.

3. [+13,189, -1,656] Wow... I feel so bad for his family.

4. [+11,253, -351] Unfortunate that he made such a decision

5. [+2,055, -61] He's obviously a psycho. With that psycho mentality, I hope he succeeds in slitting the throat of whoever's leading him.

6. [+2,118, -276] His parents are partially at blame here. The kid obviously has a lot more problems than this is letting on. They catered to his every whim, no wonder he knew he could get his way. He didn't want to go to school anymore so they pull him out to homeschool him right away ㅋㅋ He obviously grew up with no social skills. Read in another article that he even threatened to commit suicide if they didn't let him go to Turkey. The parents aren't even complying with investigations because they still believe their son is innocent and that he'd never join a terrorist organization. The police need a recording of his phone call with his younger brother but his parents are refusing. Tsk tsk.

7. [+1,495, -74] So he dropped out of junior high... and learned English on his own and somehow managed to join a terrorist organization. If he only used his smarts to do something better with his life, he would've been so successful. tsk tsk.

8. [+987, -25] Shouldn't they release his face at this point. He might sneak back into the country, who knows when he'll commit acts of terrorism.

9. [+677, -24] Let me just bring attention to the fact that he had 47 pictures of Muslim women saved. Well there's our reason for him joining the IS. He wanted to get married over there.

10. [+639, -13] He left his family and country looking to start a new life as a meat shield.


Source: Naver

1. [+1,288, -32] Does he have no consideration for his family at all? If it's true that he joined the IS, please don't let him back to Korea.

2. [+1,210, -27] Heard that the IS recently killed 100 foreigners who tried to escape the IS... I wonder if he can even return at this point. How immature of him.

3. [+1,030, -23] He has no chance of coming back anymore. The IS would never let him go easily.

4. [+914, -29] He gives up his life to bring shame to his family and become a terrorist. What did your parents do to deserve this?

5. [+835, -78] If you're going to come back to Korea, come back dead. It will be upsetting for your parents but it's for the safety of the country and the last good thing you can do for your parents.

Source: Netizenbuzz (naver)
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Arrest Warrants for B1A4 Muslim Fans Dropped


JAWI (Federal Territories Islamic Department) decided to drop the arrest warrants against the Muslim fan girls who joined the stage with B1A4 during a performance in Malaysia.

JAWI had told the fan girls they would be imprisoned and/or fined up to 1,000 RM if they failed to show up to the office and give statements about their behavior on stage. In the end, however, the department decided not to charge the girls with arrest warrants.

“Rather than penalizing them, we must counsel these young fan girls,” advocated Ahmad Syaberi, Minister of Communications. “Followers of the Muslim faith are leaders, not judges to punish people.”

The re-enactment of scenes from the drama, “The Heirs,” during a fan meeting with B1A4, showed fan girls being hugged and kissed on the forehead by the idol group. The fan meeting stirred a huge controversy among the Muslim faith because the kiss to the forehead was on her hijab, a sacred piece of their religion.

An official from the WM Entertainment told Star News, “The fan girls were specifically told what would happen on stage, and they had agreed to those terms. We are sorry to see how events unfolded through this incident, and we will do our utmost to see that fans aren’t negatively affected by this incident.”

[~ video ~]

Source: Soompi (naver) (1) & RAJALAWAK.COM