March 7th, 2015


150307 Music Core

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'You From The Same Time'


'Love Equation'



Viewer Votes (시청자 위원회) 288 933 1500
Music Video Chart (동영상) 167 951 324
Digital + Physical Sales (음원 + 음반) 5000 5710 3439
Final Total 5470 9094 6751

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jaechun, only one

Live god Xia Junsu - OST Medley

Credit: iroha 1215

[The performed OSTs]
You Are So Beautiful - Scent Of A Woman (여인의 향기)

Foolish Heart (바 보가슴) - Heaven's Will (천명: 조선판 도망파)

I Love You (사랑 합니다) - Empress Ki (기황후)

In The Time That I Loved You (널 사랑한 시간에) - Mr. Baek (미스터 백)

Love Is Like A Snowflake (사랑은 눈꽃처엄) - Nice Guy (착한남자)

Revel in the utter perfection that is Kim XIA Junsu
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🌟 Kim Soo Hyun 🌟 4 FILA Korea!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Kim Soo Hyun is making sportswear elegant in his latest CF for FILA Korea. In the new commercial showcasing FILA's Heritage collection, the handsome actor take casual chic to a new level as he sports his sneakers in a sleek high-end sports car.


[FILA Spring CF MakingFilm]

[+2 more pics]

SOURCE: FILA Korea's YouTube, Esther Li & Drama Fever
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Seonam Girls High School Investigators EP 1-12 DISCUSSION POST

Bullying, abortion, suicide and the pressures of private education. The Private Investigators Club at the prestigious Seonam Girls’ High School tackle all of these tough challenges of their fellow classmates and try to solve the problems. The five members of the club – An Chae Yool (Jin Ji Hee), Lee Ye Hee (Hyeri), Yoon Mi Do (Kang Min Ah), Kim Ha Jae (Lee Min Ji) and Choi Sung Yoon (Stephanie Lee) – are tough, fearless and shrewd. But will some cases go beyond their capabilities? What will their teacher Ha Yeon Joon (Kim Min Jun) and principal (Hwang Seok Yeon) think of the girls’ amateur sleuthing activities? “Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Yeo Woon Hyeok. It is based on the 2013 novel “Seonamyeogo Tamjungdan: Banggwa Hooui Miseuteori” by Park Ha Ik.

Episode 1-2: suicide
Episode 3-4: bullying, violence, attempted suicide
Episode 5-6: guns, blood
Episode 7-8: abortion, attempted suicide, blood
Episode 9-10: (not sure, haven't watched) bullying
Episode 11-12: bullying

If I have left out any triggers, PLEASE LET ME KNOW

Watch on dramacool, dramafever, viki

if you saw the post about the lesbian kiss scene and want to just watch their eps, they're episode 11-12. i definitely thought this drama was just going to be lighthearted and funny but they've tackled so many topics i didn't think they would. i have so much respect for the producers/writers of this drama. ep 3-4 wrecked me, i cried so much. EPISODE 11 AND 12 OMG i identified with it so much. this story was so incredibly important and it was done well.[spoiler]
INTENSE LESBIAN KISS I WAS NOT EXPECTING IT TO BE INTENSE. i thought it would be like a peck or the usual awkward korean drama kisses

[debating whether to watch this? click for some gifs! (spoiler!)]

Kim Jaejoong Shares Thoughts on Entering the Military and His Plans until Then

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong shared his thoughts on the impending enlistment weeks and how he will use the remaining time.

The singer and actor, who just wrapped up the KBS 2TV mini series “Spy” yesterday, stated on an interview with Star News, “I want to create good memories before I enlist. There isn’t much time left and I think fans would be the ones most regretful. This is why with the remaining time left, I am going to meet and make time for them. My plan is to give time to my fans who have given me so much support and love.”

Kim Jaejoong shocked his fans when the specific date of his enlistment was announced. He gave a message to his fans through the same interview saying, “I will return healthily, and [fans] should not worry too much. I am very thankful to all of you for giving me so much support and love.

Kim Jaejoong will be entering the military on March 31.

Soompi, naver

Exo show their gratitude to their fans with a self-composed song and letter

The song is called Promise, Chen wrote the lyrics, Yixing composed the song and Chanyeol wrote the rap.


Lyrics of the song: [+]
[EXO] 약속 - Promise
Song composer: Yixing
Lyric writer: Jongdae
Rapper: Chanyeol

가끔 난 눈을 감고 너의 생각에 빠져
네가 본 나의 모습을 상상하곤 했어
서투른 내 모습도 좋아해준 너였지만
과분한 그 사랑을 받아도 되겠니

Sometimes, I close my eyes and fall into the thought of you
You habitually imagine of that familiar image of me
Despite my clumsiness, you still like me no matter what
But do I deserve to be loved by you?

언제나 그 자리에 기다려준 너
두 팔로 날 감싸안아준 고마운 너
절대로 잊지않을거야
행복하게 만들어줄거야
하나란 그 말처럼

You who have always been waiting for me
You who embrace me with your arms
I won't forget
I will make you happy
like the 'we are one' word I've told you.

시간이 지나도 말하지 못하고
맘 속으로 삼키는 말
미안하다고 널 사랑한다고
지금처럼 믿어달라고
널 안아줄게 두 손 잡아줄게
이 맘을 표현해 줄 수있다면
내 모든걸 바칠게

Although time passes, there is a word I cannot express,
sinking down in my heart.
'I'm sorry' 'I love you'
asking you to believe in me like this time
I will hug you and hold your hands
If I am able to express my heart,
I will devote myself to you.

항상 널

I want to protect you

좋아질거라 잊혀질거라 하는 위로조차도
너를 달래줄 수가 없기에 또 나는 불안해 해
떠나지 말라 널 붙잡고 싶어
이미 어긴 약속 때문에 믿을 수가 없다는 걸 알아
하지만 나 평생 네 곁에서 살아 숨 쉬고 싶어
처음처럼 행복하길 빌어
고마워 미안해 사랑해
네게 내 모든걸 다 줘도 모자랄 내 사랑아 평생 지켜줄게
yeah 나만 따라오면 돼

'Things will be better or it will be forgotten as time passes'
Since those consoling words might not be able to conform you, I feel uneasy again.
Don't go. I wanna hold you back.
I know that it is difficult to keep believing in me since the promise was broken once.
However, I wanna stay with you forever, living and sharing breath.
I wish we were happy like that in the beginning.
Thank you, I'm so sorry, love you.
Even if I have given my all to you, it's not gonna be enough love
I'll protect you all my life.
yeah it's okay to just follow me.

언제나 그 자리에 기다려 준 너
똑바로 ~준 고마운 너

You who always wait for me
Go straight on, thankful 'you'

절대로 잊지 않을거야
행복하게 만들어줄거야
하나란 그 말처럼

I will never forget.
I will make you happy
like the 'we are one' word I've told you.

힘들고 지쳐도 마음이 다쳐도
난 또 다시 무대 위로
다시 한번 더 난 힘을 내볼게
기다려준 너를 위해서
널 안아줄게 두 손 잡아줄게
이 맘을 표현해 줄 수 있다면
내 모든걸 바칠게

Although it might be hard and tiring,
I will go up on the stage again
once again, I will encourage myself to do it.
For you who have been waiting for me,
I will hug you and hold your hands.
If I am able to express my heart,
I will devote myself to you.

참 좋았었던 날들
너와 함께했던 내 생일날의 무대

Those joyous days
My birthday's stage, I spent with you.

너의 그 한마디가 나의 힘이 됐던 때 (고마워)
약속할게 ~
약속해줘 ~

The single word from you cheered me up
I promise~
Promise me~

많이도 아파했을 너의 맘을 내가 꼭 안아줄거야
시간이 지나도 말하지 못하고 맘 속으로 삭히는 말
미안하다고 널 사랑한다고
지금처럼 믿어달라고
널 안아줄게 두 손 잡아줄게
영원히 함께 할 수 있다면
내 모든걸 바칠게

When your heart feels terribly hurt, I will definitely embrace you.
Although time passes, there is a word I cannot express,
sinking down in my heart.
'I'm sorry' 'I love you'
asking you to believe in me like this time
I will hug you and hold your hands.
If we can stay together endlessly,
I will devote myself to you.

lyrics transcription: @Teech_Rich
Kor-Eng translation: @junmapanda

[TRANS] EXO's massage from the endind VCR in #TheEXOluXion concert: [+]
2012년 3월의 마지막 날,
마치 우리에게 봄은 아직 멀었다고
비웃기라도 하듯
매서운 겨울바람 불어댔지만
여러분을 처음 만난 뜨거웠던 그 날을,
우리 잊을 수가 없습니다

The last day of March, 2012.
For us, spring was still far away and
as if mocking us, a fierce winter wind kept howling
but that heart-warming day,
the moment we first me you guys remains unforgettable.

목청껏 외쳤던 우리의 첫 구호 WE ARE ONE!
맞춰 인사하는거 조차도 쉬지 않고
왜 카메라 앞에만 서면 모든게 백지가 되어버리는지...
온통 서툰 모습 투성이었지만
그런 모습마저도 사랑해준 여러분
그저 신기하고 또 고마웠습다.

Greeting in sync by shouting out
our first slogan 'WE ARE ONE!' at the top of our voices
was not even an easy task,
when standing in front of cameras, why we would all turn into a blank paper...
it was nothing but a complaint of clumsiness.
However, again, we would like to say thank you to you guys
who still enjoyed and adored those poor images of us

우리는 약속했습니다.
우리가 받은 사랑, 아낌없이 다시 돌려주자고..
행복하게 만들어 주자고..
돌이켜보면 기적 같은 일들을 참 많이 이루어냈습니다.
여러분 때문에 가능했습니다.

We had promised you.
All the loves we received, in order to return them to you and
make you all happy,
we had done self-reflection and achieved many wonderful things.
It was possible because of you guys.

우리가 하나라는 사실이 너무 행복했습니다.
다만 시련은 새각보다 빨리 찾아왔습니다.
혼란스러웠고 눈물이 났습니다.
화도 났습니다.

We were blissful as, in fact, we are one.
However, hardship had hit us faster beyond our expectation.
It was such a chaos and it brought us to tears.
Also, we were upset.

무엇보다도 누구보다 마음이 아파하고 있을
여러분들 때문에 가슴이 미어졌습니다.
하지만 더 이상 아파하지 않겠습니다.
상처는 아무는 법이고
우리는 더 단단해질 테니까요.

Anyway, our hearts were torn because of
you who were getting hurt than anybody else.
But it is not going to hurt anyone again.
Getting hurt is natural,
it is only to make us become stronger.

오늘, 다시 약속하겠습니다.
우리가 받은 사랑,
모두 갚을 때까지 여러분과 함께 하겠다고
우리가 가진 열정과 재능
모두 여러분을 위해 쏟아내겠다고..
항상 묵묵히 우리를 믿어주고
기다려준 고마운 당신.
지금처럼 우리가 여러분을 볼 수 있게
언제나 그 자리에 있어주세요
EXO-L, 고맙고 사랑합니다.

Today, at this very moment, we'll again promise you.
To return all the loves we obtained from you, until that moment,
we will move forward and stay together and
put our passion and talents for you guys,
who has always been believing and waiting for us.
Like this very moment, to let us see all of you,
please stay by our sides and remain in that position as always.
EXO-L, thank you. We love you.

translated by @junmapanda

Big Bang′s G-Dragon, Park Hyo Shin and More Spend a Secret Afternoon Together for ′W′

Fashion magazine, W Korea unveiled its dark but attention-grabbing photoshoot with a wide range of artists.

The black and white pictorial, titled ′Their Secret Afternoon: Nutthin′ But A ′G′ Thang,′ was unveiled to celebrate the magazine′s 10th anniversary.

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source: mwave,
Wooyoung Blue

Wooyoung's 150307 Music Dragon Performance + IG Updates

[OP's Favorite Busanian Makes The Most Of His Days Off In Tokyo]

{Note, he changed the caption to 'Thanks My Love' on IG afterwards. Don't ask OP questions OP does not know how to answer... But he looks happy, so OP is happy.}

I never thought I would ever adore this kid as much as I do. He looked so ecstatic in that IG video, it kills me a little bit. He's off to Osaka in a few days to finish off his showcase run. Have you listened to his album? If not, check it here!

Source: Jang WooYoung ▪ 장우영 VK 1, 2 | Wooyoung's Twitter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 | 2PMAlways Twitter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

A picture of a white man allegedly getting the phone numbers of korean women sparks debate

Article: 'White man getting Korean women's numbers" cause male vs female debate...

Source: Kuki News via Nate

Article talks about how Korean men responded to the picture above with comments like, "I've always heard of Korean women going crazy for white men but I didn't think it'd actually happen", "It's because Korean women act so cheap like that that white men think easy of them", and "I saw posts going around by white men making fun of Korean women and I can see why now"

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Sources: Kuki News via Nate, Netizenbuzz, interracial relationships are a big no-no in Korea, i'm guessing?

Amber Reveals That She Gets Hurt Easily When People Mistake Her for a Boy


Girl group f(x)‘s Amber confesses her feelings about the prejudice she faces because of her style.

On the March 6 episode of MBC‘s “I Live Alone,” Amber, who is recently gaining attention for her amazing work on the variety show “Real Men,” appears as a guest.

The singer confesses that “I look strong [on the outside], but I get hurt easily,” speaking about the prejudices she faces because of her boyish style.

Amber adds, “I’m a girl, aren’t I? But people get surprised when I go to the bathroom. They say, ‘I think you’ve come into the wrong place.’ I really understand their mistake, but honestly, I can’t help but feel hurt and I don’t like it.”

She also says, “What I wish is for people to say it nicely. People tend to say it in an attacking manner.”

[netizens comments]
1. [+6,090, -279] I really hate it when elders won't think twice about asking boyish girls if they have a penis because they look so masculine... Age doesn't grant you the right to do whatever you want, so many elders don't think before they speak.

2. [+4,782, -477] She could change her style up ㅋㅋ she's actually pretty looking

3. [+3,685, -114] Aigoo, she sounds hurt ㅜ She's pretty and everything in my eyes..

4. [+3,257, -124] I like Amber, even her boyish style ㅎㅎ

5. [+463, -19] In a world where everyone gets plastic surgery to look like one another, I like it that Amber has a unique style of her own

6. [+415, -38] What's wrong with a woman who dresses masculine;; I find it great that Amber can express her own style like that

7. [+390, -35] Amber has an androgynous/handsome style like Song Ji Hyo so I think she'd look 180 degrees different if she dolled up a bit

8. [+321, -18] I like Amber's style, it's the type you never get sick of looking at

9. [+202, -51] Americans prefer strong women. Sure being sexy is important and all but you have to be sexy and strong. If you act like women do in Korea with the baby act and aegyo and high pitched nasally voices, you'll be treated like a psycho over there. You'll never see American women do all that nasally aegyo like Korean women do.

10. [+151, -13] I remember being surprised when f(x) wore hanboks and they dressed Amber in a male hanbok... why... I don't get it..

Source: Soompi & Netizenbuzz