March 9th, 2015

Gong Hyo Jin and IU Confirmed for New KBS Drama “Producer”

Of course, knowing Korean news media, this might be refuted 10 minutes later, but for now, local news outlet Star News is reporting that actresses Gong Hyo Jin and IU have been confirmed for the new KBS drama “Producer” (working title). Star News cites a related source at KBS.

In the new drama, Gong Hyo Jin will play a PD and IU will play a top songstress.

Actor Cha Tae Hyun has already been confirmed for this drama. “Producer” is set in the world of the variety entertainment department of a television network. The writer is Park Ji Eun, who also wrote “My Love from the Stars”and “Queen of Reversals,” and the director will be Seo Soo Min, a variety show PD who has led “Gag Concert” and “1 Night 2 Days.”

The weekend drama is scheduled to premiere on April 17.


More sources confirm this news, citing the “Producer” production team. Additionally, Kim Soo Hyun is still said to be in final talks.

Soompi, Star News, Osen
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MR.MR Preparing for New Mini Album with 2? New Members

MR.MR has posted two new videos announcing an impending comeback. The first is a greeting from Jin at the site of their profile picture photoshoot:

In the video he mentions new members are also preparing along with them and that "I wanted to see everyone a lot, but couldn't because we were busy getting ready for the comeback. And there have been some issues as well."

The second video features the group with two new members, Jaemin and Sanghyun, in the practice room:

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No word on exact dates.

Sources: MR.MR Facebook and 위닝엠 Official YouTube (1,2)

I think I feel like punching something. =(

Cube Entertainment’s Upcoming Girl Group CLC Releases Teaser Image


Cube Entertainment‘s newest girl group CLC has released a teaser image for their impending debut.

Cube Entertainment, home to other artists like 4Minute, Beast, and G.NA, revealed the group’s debut date and the first teaser image through the newly created Facebook page for CLC.

CLC, which stands for “CrystaL Clear,” announced that they will be debuting on March 19 with their first mini album. In the teaser image, the five members of the group can be seen with their faces hidden behind balloons.

The group consists of four Korean members and one Thai member. They are aiming to become a “global girl group” to represent the next generation of idols. All the members have trained for two to four years.


Jung Yong Hwa Sits on Top of Gaon Weibo Chart for 16 Weeks Straight


CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa has been on the top of Gaon Weibo’s chart for 16 weeks straight.

According to China’s largest SNS business group Weibo, Jung Yong Hwa has been first place on Gaon Weibo’s chart from the week of November 17 to 23, 2014 to March 2 to 8, 2015. It is evident that his popularity in China is yet to die down.
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YG says Big Bang's comeback will not happen in April, OP weeps

Sorry VIPs, YG Entertainment has shot down rumours of an April comeback for BIGBANG after reports emerged earlier today (Mar 9) that the quintet will kick off a month of Korean promotions before embarking on a world tour.

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Source: Xinmsn, Netizenbuzz, Naver (kr)

At least this will give me more time to save up before I inevitably blow all my money on this comeback OTL

Ji Chang Wook in talks to Take His First Lead Role in New Movie

According to affiliates of the movie industry, Ji Chang Wook has decided to appear in director Park Kwang Hyun′s new project, Modified City (translated) and is going into the contract negotiation phase.

[Read More]One affiliate told Newsen on March 9, "Ji Chang Wook currently has the contract for Modified City right in front of him. The details are going through final tuning."

Modified City is a project which was known by its previous title, Sculptured Man. With the postponement of Martial Arts (translated), Park Kwang Hyun will begin filming for Modified City first. Park Kwang Hyun is known for his previous works, Welcome to Dongmakgol and No Comment Family.

In this movie, Ji Chang Wook will star as the character Nam Oh, who is a jobless game addict, who somehow gets entangled in a statutory rape case.

If Ji Chang Wook is confirmed for this movie, it will be his first lead role in a commercial film. He has starred in various dramas, such as My Too Perfect Sons, Warrior Baek Dong-Soo, Hero, Smile Again, Bachelor′s Vegetable Store, Empress Ki and the recently concluded Healer.

Ji Chang Wook has appeared briefly in the films Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp, Sleeping Beauty, and How to Use Guys with Secret Tips as supporting roles and special cameo appearances. Modified City may be the stepping stone to lead roles in the film industry.

Modified City is searching for supporting actors to begin filming in the first half of 2015.


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Collaboration of the year: XIA Junsu and Tablo FLOWER Live Performance

JYJ′s Kim Junsu Wraps Up Seoul Concert with Epik High′s Tablo as Guest Performer

Epik High’s Tablo joined JYJ’s Kim Junsu for his Seoul concert.

C-JeS Entertainment revealed on March 9, “Kim Junsu and Tablo performed on stage together for the 2015 Xia 3rd Asia Tour Concert in Seoul ‘Flower’ concert, which took place on March 8 at Jamsil Gymnasium. Tablo, who featured in Kim Junsu’s third solo album title song Flower presented a fantastic collaboration stage with Kim Junsu.”

Having participated in writing the rap and featuring in the song, Tablo and Kim Junsu’s collaboration stage was incomparable to any other. Once the surprise guest Tablo showed up on stage, the fans started shouting ‘Tablo’ in unison.

After performing Flower, Kim Junsu said, “The ‘poet of rapping,’ Tablo graced the stage today. He is the first guest to perform at my solo concert, apart from the ballad & musical concerts. Like how I felt when he featured in the title song Flower, he is really the best rapper and I’m so grateful for his performance today." Tablo also responded by raising his thumb up for Junsu.

A staff member, who was at the concert shared, “Tablo not only participated in the album but he also performed as the special guest at the Seoul concert, proving their friendship. The performance of Flower featuring Kim Junsu’s voice and Tablo’s rapping brought the concert to its climax and the two artists’ fantastic collaboration performance embroidered the night in Jamsil.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu captivated 14,000 fans over two days on March 7 and 8. He performed the songs from his new album Flower and his old solo albums, on top of a medley of the drama OSTs. He also held the ‘Genie Time’ event, during which he fulfilled the fans’ wishes, dancing to a medley of his hit songs wearing a garland that the fans made.

Kim Junsu said, “Like I always say, I’m so grateful, and I think I exist thanks to the loving fans who are always by my side. I will stay an artist that you can all be proud of and sing for a long time. I will return after finishing the rest of the tour." He then performed the encore songs as wrapped up the Seoul concert.

Having completed the Seoul concert, Kim Junsu will continue the 2015 Xia 3rd Asia Tour Concert ‘Flower’ in Shanghai on March 14.

Full Performance

Tablo and Junsu joint segment

[More photos]

[Haru & co at the concert]

At one point during the concert, Junsu suggested for everyone to call 'Haru yah~' but Haru covered her ears since she knew it would be loud (see video below).

[JaeChun trolled Junsu once again]
Jaejoong & Yuchun sent a flower wreath to Junsu’s 3rd Asia Tour Concert ‘FLOWER’ in Seoul

Jaejoong and Yuchun
Junsu over Flower !

Source: Mwave, KPOPFighting, lejxiah, iroha 1215, tabloisdad, 1004bomjjang, JYJ3

Starlights write an open letter to Jellyfish Entertainment concerning comments about N's skin colour

Open Letter to Jellyfish Entertainment

To: Jellyfish Entertainment and VIXX

We are international Starlights. VIXX is a group that is part of the Hallyu Wave. Because of this, we are concerned about VIXX’s image outside of South Korea. VIXX is a group that we honestly love and care for, so we implore you to listen to our request.

This is a plea to take action against portraying VIXX member N’s skin complexion in a negative manner by the members of VIXX. Please consider our following explanation for the reason of this request.

Starlights are always happy to see the fun-loving VIXX. We are pleased to see their good chemistry with each other. We do not want to change that. However, over the years, VIXX members have regularly teased N about his skin color. The jokes include drawing him as completely black, saying that he can’t be seen on camera because of his skin, puns involving his name, and more.

We know VIXX have no ill intentions with these jokes. We are aware of the difference in cultures that result in many points of view. However, we believe that this issue transcends cultures and borders. Despite the members’ light-hearted joking, these jokes are still very harmful to VIXX and Starlights.

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Source: redbeans (1)

see the original document in the link for the samples of comments that were added. i think this is a good thing and i hope it spreads awareness (if it even reaches the company/members). what do you think, omona?