March 18th, 2015

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[Naver Music Exclusive] miss A the 7th project Teaser Images!

[The new pictures]

['Old' pictures but untagged]

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[Netizens being oddly supportive part 1]Article:'Comeback' miss A reveals 'Colors' teaser images.. "Lovely mature beauty"
Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+2,131, -99] I really hope this comeback brings miss A back to where they were, fighting!

2. [+1,478, -86] The teaser's great!! Good good

3. [+1,421, -79] They picked out some good teasers, it really matches with miss A's theme

4. [+1,261, -127] Fei is just crazy beautiful;

5. [+843, -64] Please do well this time!!!!!

6. [+765, -48] The teaser has such an energetic yet sexy feel, I like the concept

7. [+706, -82] They all got so much prettier

8. [+448, -37] Fei and Jia would've been so much more popular if they were Korean. Especially Fei

9. [+367, -32] Their clothes are actually decent considering that it's coming from JYP... ㅠㅠ I was scared that they'd dress them in weird stuff. I like the pink teaser~~ hit daebak!

10. [+317, -38] The teaser's so pretty and everyone's gotten so much prettier. Hopefully they hit daebak and do even better! Fighting

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[Netizens being oddly supportive part 2]» tv Report - Naver: miss A releases teaser images for 'Colour'... lovely mature ladies
1. [+1667, -82] I'm hope miss A uses this opportunity to get more recognition. Fighting!

2. [+1157, -73] These teaser photos are really nice!!!!!!

3. [+946, -104] Fei is insanely beautiful;

4. [+870, -63] Woa I really missed them ♥♥

5. [+703, -56] Do well!!!!!!!!!!

6. [+335, -30] If Fei and Jia were Koreans, they would've been more popular. Especially Fei

7. [+332, -34] So pretty ㅠㅠㅠ Please hit daebak!

8. [+142, -31] Saw Fei in 'Temptation' and thought she was a rookie actress. Her beauty and ambience are high class and didn't seem like an idol. She sings well too. I wanna see more articles about her on Naver since Suzy is the only one who's getting the spotlight.. I think it'll be fine if she decides to go into acting

9. [+69, -6] I couldn't recognize Min. She looks different....

10. [+60, -2] JYP, please promote miss A more this time...

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I may be Suzy biased, but damn the king is slaying me right now! And is it just me or is her hair a burgundy color? if yes I shall dye of happiness because it looks gorgeous on her!

[Pann] The existence of idols in each company

SM - Soo Man's flower garden

JYP - Our family

DSP - It's all about the artists

YG - "Long hiatuses because they're artists", Hyun Suk's treasure

FNC - Who are you

Cube - Promotion team

Star Empire - You do all the work

Jellyfish - Se Joon's penis garden (tn: full of guys)

Woollim - My babies, woo jjoo jjoo

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Sources: Pann via Nate, KPopKFans

omg I honked at "penis garden" wtf K-netz

Irene | Blonde

f(x)'s Amber caught smoking; Netizens defend her


A photo of f(x) Amber allegedly smoking has undergone the scrutiny of netizens as many question whether this will affect her image as a member of an idol girl group.

Originally posted on March 17th via community board Instiz, the title read “Amber with an electronic cigarette? ‘No problem’ vs ‘But she’s in a girl group,'” and proceeded to copy and paste the article originally published through Korean media site Bridge Economy.

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Source: Koreaboo + NetizenBuzz

Shit just got real: Clara releases shocking audio of Polaris CEO threatening to ruin her

Actress and model Clara has released audio files of conversations between her and Polaris Entertainment‘s CEO as their dispute over her contract continues.

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Sources: The Fact, Koreaboo, Channel A on youtube, (Channel A via Naver link doesn't seem to exist anymore), MyDaily via Nate, Netizenbuzz

Tracklist for FTISLAND's 5th album "I will" + individual teaser pics revealed!


01. INTRO: lyrics by Lee Hongki
02. PRAY (TITLE): composed by Choi Jonghun; lyrics by Choi Jonghun, Lee Hongki, Lee Jaejin, Song Seunghyun
03. BLACK CHOCOLATE: composed by Lee Hongki, Lee Jinho, Choi Jaeyeol; lyrics by Lee Hongki, Kenn Kato
04. BPM69: composed by Lee Jaejin, Ko Jinyoung, Park Hyunwoo; lyrics by Lee Hongki, Lee Jaejin
05. DO YOU KNOW WHY?: composed by Choi Jonghun, Jang Youngsoo; lyrics by Lee Hongki
06. HEY GIRL: composed by Choi Jonghun, Kim Jaeyang, Park Hyunwoo; lyrics by Choi Jonghun, Lee Jaejin
07. TO THE LIGHT: composed by Lee Jaejin, Lee Jinho, Choi Jaeyeol; lyrics by Lee Jaejin, Lee Hongki
08. TIME TO: composed by Lee Jaejin, Ko Jinyoung, Park Hyunwoo; lyrics by Lee Jaejin
09. SHADOW; composed by Lee Jaejin; lyrics by Lee Jaejin
10. PLEASE; composed by Choi Jonghun, Lee Jinho; lyrics by Choi Jonghun
11. LIGHT: composed by Lee Hongki; lyrics by Lee Hongki

[more handsome here~]

FNC_ENT, trans: DJ.Pri | naver music
put your red dress on, put your lipstick on

[FEI] miss A the 7th project Teaser Images!

[Gorgeous King Fei teaser pictures here]

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Damn. DAMN. Good lord. Fei Fei is truly a goddess walking on earth, isn't she? I found these pictures gorgeous, stunning even, but I am suspicious to talk about it. And it made me curious about the other girls, were it will be set, as Fei is in the kitchen, something that talks about her personality, I wonder if the others will also be the same.

Kpop's Beauty AND Brains Hani impresses with her genius on I Go To School

EXID‘s member Hani made an appearance on an JTBC I Go to School that aired on March 17th. Hani shows her brains as she excels in subjects like Chinese, English, and even calculus.

The episode featured veterans Kangnam and Nam Joo Hyuk, and new members Kang Gyusung, EXID Hani, Kang Yongseok, Eun Ji Won, and AOA Jimin dressed to fit Jun Hyun Moo‘s story.

Hani played the character of a Chinese foreign exchange student and revealed to cast members her fluency in the Chinese language.

In the mathematics course of the show, Hani was confident and very active in solving the problems. When Hani was called up to the front of the classroom to solve a math problem, she was quick and as she returned to her seat, the instructor said, “As expected, the answer’s correct.”

Hani was also calm when faced with difficultly and did not have an issue in the process of trying to remember the methods to solving certain problems.

In response to Hani’s ability to excel in Chinese, English, and calculus, Kangnam was jealous and made statements like, “I don’t like her,” and, “She’s too perfect.”

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cr: koreaboo, netizenbuzz, youtube: JTBC Entertainment 1 2 3

those upvotes! her english is so good!

Epik High pre-SXSW Billboard interview: "We're planning a U.S. tour"

[Link to the video because Billboard's embed function will not work no matter what I do]

Epik High is gearing up for their first U.S. show in years, making their stateside live comeback at SXSW 2015.

Ahead of their headlining showcase at K-Pop Night Out in Austin, Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz talked to Billboard about their upcoming showcase with their signature mix of humor and seriousness.
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Tablo is such a goofball lol, and I loved Mithra's "perfect English." I really hope the U.S. tour actually happens and that one of the dates is even remotely close to me because I would be there in a hot second.

Source: Billboard
Tammi Terrell

Not Your Average Netizens 3/13/15- Red Velvet Round Robin

We're back, with our first official episode of 2015! And we’ve certainly got things to talk about: EXO’s comeback, “Call Me Baby-Daddy”,the ongoing drama of Unpretty Rapstar, a well-known Korean record label has been shut down by the government, a crapload of girl group news, including the impending return of Mamamoooooo…and the not so impending return of Big Bang. Sorry VIPs. Timestamps after the cut (you'll need them)
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Listen at the source
dat ass

TVXQ, A-Pink, EXID to play the 2015 KTMF in LA


The Korean Music Festival key element of success is a result of the all-star casting of the artists whose fan base virtually covers all generations. In close cooperation with its broadcasting partners in Korea, the Korea Times has been able to invite artists that are reflective of all generations.

The Korean Music Festival’s patrons will enjoy the best ensemble of contemporary Korean music from traditional trot singers to teenage idol groups along with spectacular fireworks.The Korean Music Festival provides a night of harmony that is often difficult to achieve among generations. It is the perfect night to bring the family together for a night that the whole family can enjoy.

So far the lineup for the 2015 Korea Times Music Festival includes TVXQ, Oh Seung-geun, A-Pink, Im Tae-kyung, BADA, and EXID. I'm thinking they'll add more artists in the upcomming days, there was a total of 14 last year. Tickets start at $25, and go up to $300. Lots of tickets still available, including the cheap seats! The concert takes place on May 2nd at the Hollywood Bowl.

KTMF 1 & 2
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

SHINee to grace the stage of this week’s Mnet M! Countdown

SHINee’s Key teases fans with a special outtake from his upcoming role as an MC for Mnet’s M! Countdown as he poses alongside fellow MC, CNBLUE’s Jungshin.

Just a few hours prior to his launch as the latest MC for Mnet’s M! Countdown, Key updates his personal Instagram account with a photo with Jungshin, who will be joining him for today’s episode. The two were seen looking chic with their suits as they hold up the banner for the program.

Meanwhile, it was also confirmed that Key will be joined by SHINee for a special stage on the program.

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source: koreaboo, @MnetMcountdown & @almightykeybeom


MBLAQ to Comeback as Three Member Group in Late April or early May


For the first time since members Lee Joon and Thunder announced their departure from the group, boy band MBLAQ will be making a comeback!

On March 19, theCollapse )

I'm still reeling from the finale of Empire, but this just woke me up from the dead! I'm tentatively excited. But YAY more music from MBLAQ!!


SM trainees from the perspective of a former trainee

Pann: The truth about SM trainees

Post originally written by a former SM trainee: "SM trainees are put through monthly evaluations on team missions, personal traits (pronunciation, vocal skill), and character (number of stamps received for volunteer work). Trainees are then ranked from top to bottom and those ranked at the top will usually be sorted into a debut class to get ready with a team. Those that make it into the debut class are put through image making (character training) and any other things you need to make up for.

But of course, teams can be scrapped completely and sometimes trainees will stay behind while others, usually those ranked at the bottom, will naturally leave, no matter how pretty or handsome they are.

[click to
And the competition is extremely tough between trainees themselves considering how big of a company SM is. Trainees do compare you to others a lot but the trainees are harsher on one another. They all have the same goal in mind so it's inevitable. The ones still left in SM right now are absolute fiends when it comes to practice. The mini concert arena in the basement is practically their playing field and SM usually made us go home in the early morning for safety issues but kids will secretly stay behind and practice in the dark on the roof top, mini concert room, or the practice rooms. They'll then lie to one another saying they didn't practice at all.

There are a lot who fail to adjust and just give up. Everyone says they'll work hard as long as they get to be a trainee but it's actually brutal and half assing anything won't get you far, you'll end up walking out with your own two feet. A lot give up midway with school pressure and SM's rules coming down on them (SM doesn't let you date and manages your clothes).

With hundreds of trainees coming in after the success of SM's idol groups, the competition just gets tougher and tougher. You just end up watching other kids get eliminated and being anxious and nervous over your own position and rehearsing and rehearsing nonstop.

I'm sure other companies are like this and I myself gave up and quit midway but it's hard if you don't have the heart for it. Trainees eventually end up dropping out of school to focus entirely on singing and dancing.

[netizens comments]
1. [+271, -180] So how did EXO's Sehun debut then? Can't sing or rap...

2. [+247, -120] How did Baekhyun get cast if SM cares about character? And if the monthly evaluations are that tough, how did Sehun pass them all and debut?

3. [+164, -4] Instead of checking their school records, they should check their internet history. And more than anything, they should check how desperate they are to be singers.

4. [+69, -2] How did that auction site scammer Taeyong debut

5. [+62, -2] SM followed Minho and Sehun around until they gave up and agreed... SM doesn't care who you are as long as you have the face they're looking for, they'll give you a spot anywhere they can.

6. [+62, -7] None of that matters when SM will cast anyone with the visual they want no matter how lacking in talent they are

7. [+34, -18] I admit I thought of Sehun when I read this since he can't sing or rap but he originally couldn't dance either but after much practice, he got to where he is now and the company saw that ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ as for Baekhyun, yeah, I don't know how he got in either and can't defend that..

8. [+32, -2] Yeah some members are lacking in talents but I'm sure SM saw star potential in them. They all end up being super popular, don't they? You can be pretty and sing the best but you're nothing if you don't have star potential or don't fit your team's image.

9. [+30, -1] I think it's the other way around. If you're so pretty or handsome that SM doesn't want to throw you away, they'll do whatever they can to give you some type of talent and make you fit.

10. [+28, -8] People are so harsh to Sehun. If you're so curious about how he got in, go call SM yourself instead of trembling on here about it.

11. [+29, -7] Don't act like these people are godly just for becoming trainees or debuting under SM. Look at Taeyong or Sehun. They both lack in areas and only landed debuts because they happened to be handsome.

12. [+23, -8] I think SM saw star potential in Sehun. He's receiving public love and interest right now because SM knew that he'd make it in the end. Like the OP said, it doesn't matter how visually attractive you are because SM will drop you if you they don't need you. Sehun couldn't sing, rap, or even dance at first but he still got cast and is a star now. SM probably saw something in him and debuted him for that reason.

Source: Netizenbuzz (nate)

Misaeng Actors Reunite in “Missing Noir M” - Kang Ha Neul Plays Psychopath

Some actors from the cast of Misaeng will be meeting each other again in the new OCN thriller drama “Missing Noir M.”

Park Hae Joon and Son Jong Hak appear together in episodes 3 and 4 of the series. Park Hae Joon is playing a father whose child has been kidnapped, while Son Jong Hak’s character is a representative of the company where Park Hae Jun’s character works.

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source: soompi, ocn