March 25th, 2015

Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora Confirmed for ′Warm and Cozy′

Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora have been confirmed to lead the new drama, Warm and Cozy (tentative English title).

Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora will act as a couple for the first time in MBC′s Warm and Cozy as Baek Geon Woo, the owner and chef of the restaurant ′Warm and Cozy,′ and clothing company employee of five years, Lee Jung Joo, respectively.

[Read More]Warm and Cozy was created based on the idea of the love between an angry ant and the love-deprived grasshopper. The drama takes place on the beautiful island of Jeju, where a restaurant called ′Warm and Cozy′ is located. The Korean title, Mendorong Ttottot means ′warm and cozy′ in the Jeju dialect, and just like the meaning, the two main characters will learn to love each together.

Known for his good looks, eloquent speaking style, and gentle manners, Yoo Yeon Seok will be taking the role of Baek Geon Woo. Although he is all about what he likes and what he enjoys, Baek Geon Woo is a character that is still liked despite his brutally honest personality. Despite being an intellgient man who knows exactly what is good about himself, Baek Geon Woo is also a romantist, moving all the way to Jejudo and setting up a restaurant for the sole reason that the girl he likes is there.

Kang Sora will act as the crooked and complaining ′ant,′ Lee Jung Joo, who receives more pain and suffering in comparison to all the effort she′s put into life. Although she acts as if she knows everything in the world to put up a shield, she actually holds a very weak and gentle heart. After living in Seoul and working her butt off for five years, Lee Jung Joo still loses her job and her boyfriend, ending up in Jejudo to start a new life not by choice.

Working back and forth from drama to movies, Yoo Yeon Seok appeared in films, Architecture 101, A Werewolf Boy, as well as dramas, General Hospital, Gu Family Book, and more, getting noticed by the public. He especially appeared in tvN′s Reply 1994 as baseball player Chilbong, receiving explosive popularity and acknowledgement as an actor.

Kang Sora has also appeared in various dramas and movies, always expressing herself 100 percent. In 2014, she shined brightly in the drama Doctor Stranger and Misaeng, receiving much love from the public for her flexible and strong acting performances.

With these actors carrying very unique acting styles, anticipation is on the rise to see how Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora will do when working together.

Warm and Cozy will bring back the ′Hong Sisters,′ writers Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran with Park Hong Gyun PD, who created The Greatest Love in 2011 with sweet heart flutters, electrifying fun, soaring ratings, and strong production value, creating a widespread trend in Korea. The synergy of the Hong Sister′s strong writing and Park Hong Gyun′s smooth directing is already being anticipated by the public.

The drama′s production company, Bon Factory, stated, "Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora not only have the visuals but also the natural atmosphere that is perfect for the characters Baek Geon Woo and Lee Jung Joo."

"Please look forward to the perfect harmony that will be created with the energetic actors, Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora, the Hong Sisters, and Park Hong Gyu PD."

Warm and Cozy will broadcast in May after Angry Mom.


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ps2: I love both of them, but this drama...
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C-JeS Entertainment reveals Jaejoong wishes for quiet enlistment


With less than a week left remaining until Jaejoong officially bids farewell to the public, C-JeS Entertainment has released a statement on the artist’s behalf regarding his enlistment.

According to the agency on March 25th, they revealed that the JYJ member had requested that there be no media coverage on his entrance into the army as he enlists next week. Similarly, Super Junior‘s Shindong, who enlisted on the 24th, had requested a quiet entrance as well.

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koreaboo, The Star Chosun

watch out!!! possible new talent for smtm!!! [update: new talent had a rap battle on twitter]

Also recommended by the great Tablo himself:

Trans: "If this friend could come on Show Me The Money… 🔥"

[he replied to the tweet~ he will prepare for smtm 4!]

Trans: "Since you say that, I will prepare for Show Me The Money Season 4. Hyung, will you pick Lion JS?ㅋㅋㅋ"

[rapping to outsider's loner]

[impromptu rap battle w/ a good friend of his - doublej]
bornfreeonekiss: @1215thexiahtic 라이언JS! 쇼미더머니 가자!
[trans] LIONJS! Let’s go [on] Show Me The Money!
1215thexiahtic: @bornfreeonekiss a yo!!!what’s up
Chekchek let’s do this! Come on!
Im lion js!!!매번 변화를 도모해 A/S
랩하고싶어 kbs!! Yo yo
[trans] a yo!!!what’s up
Chekchek let’s do this! Come on!
Im lion js!!!Seek a change every time A/S
I want to rap kbs!! Yo yo
bornfreeonekiss: @1215thexiahtic 요~yo 시아 너는 랩을 꿈꾸라
니가 아는 뤠디온 꿈꾸라~꿈꾸라는 kbs 아뉘아뉘 꿈꾸라는 mbc c c c c ~에후엠 후오~~~~~유~
블로블로 톼블로우~예
[trans] Yo~yo XIA you dream to rap
The dreaming radio you know~dreaming is kbs nono dreaming is mbc c c c ~FM for~~~~~you~
Bloblo Tablo-oo~yeah
1215thexiahtic: @bornfreeonekiss 랩하고싶은 무대 kbs이랩을 쓰는 순간에도
먹고싶은 닭백숙맛있는거 먹으려면 일해야해 im not 백수..
Chek it
[trans] The stage where I want to rap is kbs
In this moment when I’m writing this, I want to eat chicken soup
To eat something delicious, I have to work hard im not a jobless person..
Chek it
bornfreeonekiss: @1215thexiahtic 요~kbs! JS!무대세워서!
랩을하면 좋을텐데 뭐 아쉬워서?
하지만 난 kbSpy출연해서 할말이
없네그르네그르네그르네그르네 난 할말이없네!
요! 요 JS! 일단 쇼우 뮈 더 뭐니!나가쓰면 조켔어!
어허어허 어~~~허
[trans] Yo~kbs! JS! Set up the stage!
It would be good to rap, what are you feeling sad about?
But I have no words because I filmed kbSpy
That’s right that’s right that’s right that’s right that’s right I have nothing to say! Yo! Yo JS! For now show me the money! [T/N: he’s changing the writing style to enunciate the words] I would like it if you went!
Uh huh uh huh uh~~~huh
1215thexiahtic: @bornfreeonekiss 맛있는거 먹을거면 일해야해 im not 백수
몇마리 먹는지 세지좀 마 갯수..
열심히했으니 받아도 돼 대우
너에게 받을 최소한의 예우.
Come on
[trans] If you’re going to eat something delicious, you have to work im not a jobless person
Don’t count how many you eat (number)..
Because I worked hard, I can receive it (treatment)
To be respectfully treated by you at the very least
Come on
bornfreeonekiss: @1215thexiahtic 요 오늘 공연도 수고했쓰
이와중에 너의 랩은 스바라시!
아리가또 아가리또 아라또또!
너의 의미 남미 뭥미 우리의 비미~~~~일
어여자야 내일또 노래하지 잘해 또!
스릉흔드스릉흔드 드릉드릉 잘자릉!
[trans] Yo today you’ve worked hard for the concert
Meanwhile your rap is subarashi (”awesome” in Japanese)
Arigatou arigatou arigatoutou!
What you stand for / South America / What is it? / our se~~~~cret
Go sleep [T/N: in satoori] since you’ll be singing tomorrow, do well again!
I wub you I wub you deureung deureung sleep well!
[T/N: he said I love you cutely]
1215thexiahtic: @bornfreeonekiss 재중유천준수
우리 인생 ing 달자
멋진 가수 멋진 한 남자로서 살기위해 밭갈자
팬들이 있으니 포기하지말고 이 갈자
오늘도 수고했어 재중이형 잘자!!
[trans] JaeJoong Yoochun Junsu
Lets put our lives (ing) at stake
To live as cool singer and cool man, let’s plow those fields
Since we have our fans, let’s not give up and grind our teeth
You worked hard today JaeJoongie hyung good night!!
bornfreeonekiss: @1215thexiahtic 우리 훌로우에는 영혼이 있다!
밭을 간다니ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅡㅜ우리가 예전에 했던 그 이야기ㅜㅜㅜㅡㅜㅜ잘자 나의 영혼 나의 소울 나의 타마시!
[trans] There is soul in our flow!
Plowing the fields ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅡㅜ the conversation we had back then ㅜㅜㅜㅡㅜㅜ Good night my soul [Korean] my soul [English] my soul [Japanese]

sources: ohmyjun, blobyblo, 1215thexiahtic, trans etc. via jyj3, XIAeverlasting, gidarimj

what are your thoughts on him omona? i'm sorry am i having too much fun with this -- it's probably lame af but it's so fun

Suzy Will Answer Questions about Lee Min Ho during Showcase

Scandals and relationships are always a big obstacle for idols, especially for the females. While they can either face the issue or run away from it, miss A’s Suzy chose to be upfront about her relationship with Lee Min Ho. miss A’s showcase will still run on schedule and she will not be avoiding any questions regarding Lee Min Ho.

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Sources: Soompi, Netizenbuzz

MC Mong to Participate in ′Unpretty Rapstar′ as Producer with No Broadcast Appearance

With reports that MC Mong is returning to variety through Mnet′s Unpretty Rapstar, the staff has made an official statement.

The staff of Mnet′s Unpretty Rapstar stated on March 25, "It is true that MC Mong will be participating as the producer of the final track, but he will not be appearing on broadcast."

"MC Mong has also expressed that he will be donating all of the production cost."

One news outlet reported earlier in the day that MC Mong will be appearing on Unpretty Rapstar. As it would be his first appearance on a variety program since September of 2010 on KBS′ 1 Night 2 Days, the issue gathered much attention.

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Source: mwave

Do I want my fave to win this track or not?
Kota Ibushi

Leader Taewoon leaves SPEED + joins “Show Me the Money 4″


On March 25th, it was announced that the leader of SPEED, Taewoon, has left the group and is confirmed to join the upcoming season of Show Me the Money 4.

Taewoon was a talented underground rapper prior to his career as an idol as a part of COED SCHOOL which later split into two sub-groups: 5Dolls, which recently disbanded, and his group, SPEED. His time as the leader of SPEED showcased his charismatic charm and his impeccable rap skills. He also became known as Block B Zico’s older brother after Zico’s debut.

Because Taewoon has continued to express his desire to pursue his dream of a career as a solo hip hop artist, MBK Entertainment has decided, after much discussion, that they will support the rapper as he transitions from a member of SPEED into a solo artist.

MBK Entertainment also confirmed that the talented rapper would be participating in the upcoming season of the hit rap show Show Me the Money 4 in order to make his mark as a solo artist. Zico quickly shared his thoughts and tweeted, “Please support my brother in his new beginning.”

Following the announcement of his departure from SPEED, it was revealed that Taewoon has been preparing extensively for the last two months in anticipation of the upcoming competition. The rapper also released a solo mixtape early this year.

Meanwhile, SPEED will be joined by a new member as they prepare for their first comeback in 2015.

[Support Tweets]


"No matter what happens, my feelings for deeps and those who have loved me.. will stay the same and never change^^. I have loved just as much and was just as thankful. But! At the same time while I hope that you know my feelings will never change, please look forward to !!"

"speed friends’ promotions. these friends are practicing hard day and night for you all!(I’ve witnessed it all+_+) please pray so everything works out for speed and I, taewoon^^!! I love you"


"Hyung you’ve worked hard
You’re always speed’s leader, our leader in our hearts
So go out and destroy at Show me the money ㅋㅋ
Love you"


"Everything will be good everyone! Support both Taewoon and Speed as a family. As longtime friends we’re going to cheer and look out for each other so deeps don’t worry ^^ the weather is nice today have a good day~!!"


"I suspect that deeps and many people were surprised by the sudden article about Taewoon hyung’s leave. The company of course spoke with us too for a long time and then [we] decided to go our each way.
Please support Taewoon’s solo activities and
please support us Speed who are coming back soon^^
Let’s do this together"


"Our Taewoon hyung WooTaeng Woo Taewoon fighting!!!!! And Speed too fighting!!!!!! Please support us so everything can work out for both of us"


"Taewoonie hyung, Speed, Deeps, I love you"


"Please support our hyung's new start!!"

Article via Koreaboo

Tweets from @bkgo123, @Togoo90, @yoosung90, @SUPREME_0729, @Speedsjk, @Taeha4, @ZICO92

Translations via FY! SPEED 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and @bontheblock

Sungmin is the only member who hasn't tweeted, but I'll add him in if he does.
Jin pointing

Start selling those spare organs now, there are 20 different versions of Exo's "EXODUS"!

Online music shop Synnara unveiled the contents of EXO‘s upcoming studio album EXODUS, sharing in detail that the group’s new album will be available in 20 different versions!

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How shady of them to make the Korean version gold and the Chinese version silver.

Which version(s) are you buying, Omona?

Synnara and Koreaboo
jaechun, only one

[Twitter Post] JaeSu's undying love and rap battles

[TRANS] My love Junsuㅜㅜ
[Time goes fast so use it carefully]

[Yo yo yo JaeSu Rap Contest]
[The Original Tweets]

[The Translation]
Now I’m going to appear on Radio-Dreaming Radio by Tablo[@blobyblo]
– Jaejoong just got connected on Tablo’s radio on air by phone & requested Junsu’s song Butterfly (via @JYJustus) –

Lion JS! Let’s go SHOW ME THE MONEY!

a yo!!!what’s up
Chekchek let’s do this! Come on!
I’m lion js!!! I aim to change every time I do A/S
I want to rap kbs!! Yo yo

Yo~yo Xia dream your rap
The radio that you knew is ‘Dreaming Radio’~ ‘Dreaming Radio’ is aired on kbs No, no.. ‘Dreaming Radio’ is aired on mbc c c c c ~ FM 4~~~~~U~
Bloblo Tablo~yeah

The stage that I wanna rap is kbs
I wanna eat dakbaeksook(Korean whole chicken soup) at the moment that I write this rap
But I have to work if I wanna eat something delicious
I’m not the jobless..
Chek it

Yo~kbs! JS! Standing on the stage!
If you could rap, it’ll be good.. But what do you lack?
But I have no words because I already appeared on KbSpy
Yesyesyesyes I have no words!
Yo! Yo JS! Above all, show me the money! I wanna you’ll go there!
Uhhuhuhhuh uh~~~huh

I have to work if I eat delicious thing
I’m not the one unemployed
Don’t count how many chicken I ate.. the number
As I worked hard, okay to accept it..treatment
A minimum respectful treatment that I receive from you.
Come on

Yo, good job in your concert today
Meanwhile, your rap is subarashi-excellent!
Arigato-thanks arigato-thanks aratoto-!
Your meaning, latin america, what is it, our secr~~~~et
Go to bed soon and you’ll sing well in your concert tomorrow I wish you’ll be doing good, again!
Loveu loveu loveu goodnight!

Jaejoong Yuchun Junsu
Our life ing *Let’s run?? or live?? I don’t know exactlyㅠㅠ*
Let’s plow a field(work hard) to live as a great singer and a great man
Let’s gnash our teeth(try to work harder) and never give up because we have our fans
You did a good job, too
Goodnight, Jaejoong-hyung!!

There are souls in our flow
You said ‘plow a field..’ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅡㅜ
The story that we told in the old daysㅜㅜㅜㅡㅜㅜGoodnight my 영혼-soul, my soul, my たまし-soul!

Source: @bornfreeonekiss, @1215thexiahtic
Translation: @theyoungestmin
Shared by: JYJ3, JYJ3

Heavens, I love them.

Shim-sama positively considering casting offer for "Scholar Who Walks the Night"

TVXQ‘s Changmin is considering an offer he got from MBC‘s new Wednesday-Thursday historical drama, “The Scholar Who Walks the Night.”

On March 25, Changmin’s management company, SM Entertainment, said to Newsen, “Changmin has recently been considering his casting in ‘The Scholar Who Walks the Night’ positively.”

Changmin has been offered the role of crown prince in the drama. If he accepts the offer, he would be returning to the small screens for the first time in a year and 4 months since his role as Han Min Woo in the Mnet drama “Mimi.” It would be his first historical drama.

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Source: Soompi

I hope he takes this omfg because my sageukshinki dreams will be fulfilled tbh. And crown prince Changmin omfg. Also, Changmin and Lee Junki in one drama, y/y?

AOA’s Choa to Replace Hong Jin Young As “We Got Married” Studio Panel


AOA‘s Choa is confirmed to be joining the cast of MBC reality program “We Got Married,” not as a part of a pretend couple but as a part of the studio panel.

The Hong Jin Young-Nam Goong Min couple has just recently ended their love story in the variety program, and with Hong Jin Young leaving the program, she left a vacant seat in the “We Got Married” studio, which will now be filled with AOA’s Choa. She used to be in the MBC Lunar New Year special show “My Little Television” where she showed her cute image in the variety show.

The AOA vocalist will be joining the panel together with Park Mi Sun, Heo Kyung Hwan and Eric Nam, all of whom will be voicing out their reactions over the current couples in the show.

[netizens comments]
Article: [Exclusive] AOA Choa to join 'WGM' as a panelist 'cutie talker'

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+488, -69] Their company is so dirty with their media play. When IU's scandal first blew up, they started media playing about Juniel as the second nation's little sister and got so much backlash... and now that Suzy's scandal exploded, I saw them yesterday trying to media play about Seolhyun being the second nation's first love ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're hopeless

2. [+421, -30] She's just the panelist, don't get excited

3. [+343, -35] I don't even get why WGM has panelists, they're useless

4. [+19, -8] She'll match ㅋㅋ She's so outgoing

5. [+14, -2] Why are MCs like Park Misun even needed?? Do the producers have extra money just laying around?? Why not donate that money to charity

6. [+11, -4] Obviously another 1+1 package deal by FNC with Jonghyun, so sick of it

7. [+7, -1] Looks like I need to watch WGM again for Choa, congrats

8. [+7, -3] She seriously looks like some character out of a fantasy anime ㅠㅠ

Source: soompi & netizenbuzz (nate)
lee soo hyuk, hong jong hyun, style log

OP Called it: Nam Joo Hyuk in talks for male lead in School 2015 Who Are You

The 21-year-old model has been making quite the splash on cable in the JTBC variety show I’m Going To School, along with a supporting role in the tvN drama Surplus Princess — both are debut projects for him, and he’s already in contention to star in Who Are You–School 2015.

The KBS Monday-Tuesday drama has finally secured a leading actress in Kim So-hyun (Reset), who recently confirmed the casting news. She’ll be playing a set of identical twins, and the series will be about one twin’s mysterious disappearance, while the other will transfer to her school and suddenly become the new It Girl in her place.

Nam Joo-hyuk is reportedly considering the role of the popular boy at school, which if you’ve ever seen him on I’m Going To School, is no stretch of the imagination. He’s much older than Kim So-hyun, but maybe it’s because he’s always dressed in a school uniform for that show that it doesn’t seem all that weird to cast him as a high-schooler.

Who Are You–School 2015 premieres April 27.

source: dramabeans

did i or did i not call it? to be fair there are really no other young enough up and coming actors to pick without straight up debuting newbies which is too much of a risk. i think this is a great idea and he's darling so i think it'll be wonderful. he's probably already confrimied seeing he dropped out of I'm Going To School. the whole point of the school series is to take newbies and make stars so i think he's ready enough, im just worried kim so hyun will dominate and a possible romance given she's a minor might be trouble.

Shinhwa’s Eric Lifts Marriage Ban and Tells Members to Start Setting Dates as They Wish

Addressing marriage again, Shinhwa’s leader, Eric lifted the marriage ban that he set earlier in 2015.

On March 26, SBS’ One Night of Entertainment visited Shinhwa at its 17th anniversary concert, where the marriage ban was mentioned.

Previously on SBS’ Healing Camp, Eric had told the members to not get married during the Sniper promotion period.

When asked if the marriage ban was necessary, Eric replied, “If someone had already gotten married, we wouldn’t have had to do this.”

But with 12th album activities wrapping up with much success, Eric added, “Now it’s okay. You can start setting up the dates as you wish.”

Source: mwave