April 14th, 2015


Why is T-ara so popular in China?

Local girl’s group, T-ara, has received the 3 highest honours in China. Their popularity in China is unlike the rest. In a key music award ceremony, The 3rd V Chart Awards, they won the highest popularity award, celebrity of the year award and member Jiyeon won the award for best female singer. Particularly for the highest popularity award, it was determined by the voting of fans. Being able to defeat the rest of the well-known artists to win this award has a deep significance. So what is the reason why T-ara is so popular in China?
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Chosen by tvN as the 6th daebak business star of 2015. She has about 40 stores across Asia recorded 10 million won in sales in just an hour at her pop-up store in Seoul last year. Across her 40 stories, she can just sell 10 a day and presumably makes 3 billion won in sales.

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i'm rlly proud of her, but i'm worried that she's going to end up like that other celeb that sold overpriced basic stuff....

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YG Reveals Why Jang Hana Was Chosen for Jinusean’s Comeback

Shortly after trainee Jang Hana was revealed to be the featured artist on Jinusean‘s comeback, YG Entertainment offered a reason behind the somewhat unlikely collaboration.

The former “K-Pop Star 3” and YG trainee Jang Hana will be featured on the hip hop duo’s comeback song “Tell Me One More Time,” which will be their first release together in 11 years. It is also a follow-up to their mega-hit “Tell Me” from the late 90′s, which featured the pop star Uhm Jung Hwa.
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Seyoung Camping

Park Se Young Signs with New Agency After Resolving Contract Dispute

Actress Park Se Young has found a new home at Hunus Entertainment after ending a contract dispute with her former agency, S.A.L.T. Entertainment.

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I am so excited for her to come back! Her dispute with S.A.L.T. was first reported in October. After 15 mediation meetings, they announced it was over about a month ago. I'm just glad to see an instance where a dispute goes through smoothly without anyone's reputation being tarnished. Looking forward to seeing her upcoming projects.

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jaechun, only one

‘JYJ bill’ could see JYJ return to television

Local broadcasters may soon face tougher regulations in preventing celebrities from appearing on their programs.

On Tuesday, Rep. Choi Min-hee of the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy proposed a revision to the Broadcasting Act toughening regulations against broadcasters’ unfair practices.

Dubbed the “JYJ bill,” the proposed revision would enable the Korea Communications Commission to intervene when a broadcaster bans someone without reasonable cause.

[Read more]Citing the case of JYJ, Choi said that there needed to be a means to intervene in a broadcaster’s decision to ban certain individuals.

JYJ was formed by Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu in 2010 when they broke away from TVXQ. Following the move, JYJ experienced friction with their former agency SM Entertainment, as a result of which they were prevented from appearing on terrestrial broadcasters’ music programs.

According to Choi, the Fair Trade Commission’s 2013 ruling in favor of JYJ has done little to enable the group to perform on television.


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Leeteuk Asks for Help in Gathering Evidence for Possible Legal Action against Malicious Comments

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk revealed that he will be responding to malicious comments and rumors seriously.

Leeteuk said on April 14 through his Twitter, “I’m collecting some material right now. I’m collecting everything from spread of false information, malicious comments, and continuous rumors, and especially malicious and derisive comments about my family. I would be grateful if you found me screenshots of IDs or the comments.”

He then gave his email address, saying, “Please send them over to special5170@naver.com”.

Recently, there have been controversies surrounding the leader of Super Junior due to malicious rumors and comments regarding his family, and Leeteuk seems to be responding to these seriously.

Meanwhile, Leeteuk continues to be active on a number of variety programs including SBS‘s “Star King.

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he's not a good guy or a bad guy,he's a little bit of both,arent we all?

[Pann] What is going on with EXO's Lay?

Pann: These are the facts and evidences regarding EXO Lay's withdrawal. Please read it.

'EXO Lay will not leave the group.'

For his own personal profit, Lay is currently promoting individually in China while still remaining as a member of EXO, basically earning both income through solo activities and with the group.

I will summarize the general sentiment among EXO fans and our communities in hopes that many will read this and judge whether EXO fans are being irrational in their criticism of Lay's actions. We are of the opinion that a fan should prioritize the group's promotions and we ask that you, as the third party (even if you don't like EXO), judge for yourself as well.

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Source: Netizenbuzz

I'm hoping that in the original thread, there were people who defended Lay and NB just didn't translate them like the selective person she is
because I'm literally so done with EXO-L(ice) being xenophobic asshats
and putting so much pressure on Lay and Tao to be "good Chinese" and to never "betray" EXO.

*mini* post to help you get ready for the ark's takeover of kpop

[Making of The Light (the song) feat. Yuna/Jane's ENGLISH]

[naver greeting]

[predebut practice time - warning: tears :(]


translation | original


translation | original


translation | original


translation | original


translation | original

[debut messages]

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[the ark with exo]

[instagram] WowㅠㅠㅠㅠWe got to meet EXO seniors yesterday after Inkigayo so we took a picture!!!!! We’re really thankful for the great advice they gave us and congrats for EXO 6th win!!!!!!!!!! #TheArkDebut #AfterFirstPerf #PictureWithEXO #ThankYou #ForgotATag #TheArk #TheLight #ListenToItAlot and #callmebaby too ♡

...which one of you wrote the hashtags for this.

[hong jinyoung's (MusicK's other artist) support message]

[instagram] Single debut of My junior #TheArk is out^^ Their song really good.keke..Totally touching me.Please listen!

[photos in which yuna kim makes very beautiful connections *hint - it's everyone's favorite rapper* (untranslated)]

instagram: 사진이 갑자기 많아서 놀라셔쬬!!! 가로수길에서 멋진 치타언니랑 데이트 했어용~^♡^!!!!! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 넘 신나 사진을 이거저거 마니 올리게 되었어요. 다시한번 좋은 조언해주신 언니에게 감사인사 전합니당^^♡
#치타언니와가로수길데이뚜 #치타 #유나킴 #사실유나킴은치타언니짱팬 #폭인스타끝

instagram: 많은 조언 해주신 치타언니에게 감사의 인사를 드립니다.^^♡


instagram: 치타언니와 가로수길에서 데이트♡

there are more on their official instagram. she also (at least presumably her) posted a screenshot of an MFBTY song, reminding us all of one of my favorite collaborations of all time.

[extra: netizens comments on their MV]
Article: "Emotional R&B", The Ark's debut track 'The Light' released

Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+12, -0] Ah... turned on the music video without thinking much and choked up with tears ㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+11, -1] I know this is random but Jo Min Soo ajumma is such a good actress. It was like watching my own mother.

3. [+9, -0] Honestly doesn't feel fit for a debut track but it's not like it's their title track and it's not bad to have such a song full of hope in a world as dark as ours today. The song itself is quite good too.

4. [+10, -1] Heard it for the first time and I liked it ^^

5. [+7, -0] I cried........ ㅠㅠ

6. [+7, -1] The music video is sad but the song's good ㅜㅜ Gives me strength ㅜㅜ

7. [+5, -0] What the, didn't expect anything when I played the music video and now I have tears in my eyes

8. [+5, -0] Makes me think of the Sewol Ferry. School trip... accident... Jo Min Soo's a great actress ㅠ

[extra2: MR version of The Light]

I am now amazed at everyone who makes these master posts - this took forever and I'm never doing it again. ^^

seems like korean netizens had as much the same reaction as us to the unexpected twist in the video haha...ha... *represses memories of that MV* Anyways, the girls are really cute and adorable, and just watching all their videos have made me fall for them even more. If all the data in this post scares you, the one thing i recommend you watch would be their 'making of the light' (second video) because ENGLISH, but everything is pretty much gold.

Also, this photo of the ark in an exo overdose pose is making me really excited for an overdose cover. like really really excited.

hope everything is okay now mods! I'm definitely not used to formatting stuff ^^. Also, can i ask for a 'the ark' tag? maybe a 'cheetah' one too? :)

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Former FT Island Member Oh Won Bin to Make His Movie Debut

Continuing his acting career after leaving FT Island, Oh Won Bin has recently been cast in a new movie.

Oh Won Bin has been recently cast in the movie titled Love at the End of the World (tentative), directed by Kim In Sik, who previously worked on Road Movie and Faceless Beauty.

So far, Han Eun Jung, Cho Dong Hyuk, Gong Ye Ji, and Oh Won Bin have been confirmed to appear in the movie about the extreme relationship between a stepfather and a daughter.

Oh Won Bin debuted in 2007 as a FT Island member, but left the band in 2009. He′s appeared in the MBC drama Heartstrings in 2011, the MBC drama You′re Here, You′re Here, You′re Really Here, and more. Love at the End of the World will be his first movie.

The movie is aiming to begin filming on April 20 and premiere at the latter half of 2015.

Source: Mwave

Hope this turns out well for him, seeing how FNC did him wrong (unsurprisingly) and how he did basically nothing during his time with the other company :(