April 26th, 2015

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150425 MBC MUSIC CORE E453

Winners Announcement

[ Nominees & Point Categories ]

'Who's Your Mama?'


'Call Me Baby'


'Ah Yeah'

Viewer Votes (시청자 위원회) 231 1400 235
Music Video Chart (동영상) 930 829 926
Digital + Physical Sales (음원 + 음반) 5000 3809 3764
Final Total 6182 7538 5047

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sources: MBCkpop, Skpb K-Music Live, 미카엘류

Ladies Code move back in together + update on situation


Article: [Exclusive] 8 months after the car accident... Ladies Code dreams to return

Source: Star News via Nave

The members recently moved in to a dorm last month in Seoul and are back to their practice routine. "The members are living a normal life traveling to and from their dorm to their practice room. We're not preparing a comeback but they are still receiving vocal and choreography lessons."

The three are still receiving psychology treatments with their training along with follow-up treatments on the injuries sustained from the car accident.

"Juni and Sojung live far away and Ashley's from America so none of them have a lot of close friends in Seoul. On their off time, they spend time with the company staff or with each other in their dorm."

"Nothing confirmed on the comeback yet. We are not at the point where we have begun collecting songs or planning a concept yet. Discussions, albeit little, are ongoing It's hard to say whether there will be a comeback within the year."

source: Netizenbuzz (naver)

Let's Declare Bankruptcy Together: Shinee World 3 In Seoul DVD Is Out!

SHINee World III in Seoul DVD to be released on April 24!!!
- It will cost 34,400 won.
- Includes ‘making of’ (backstage, rehearsal and members’ interview)
- Comes with 100 pages photobook and poster.
- 2 DVD: Disc 1 (72min) & Disc 2 (123min). In total 195 minutes.

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Sources: FY-Taem | SquishyJinki for translations | Mods, I edited to add in places to buy!

Buy (places I heard were the best price/shipping wise): Kpopmart, Kpoptown, KTown4U

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. Fina-frickin-lly. #WhatTEAM? #BrokeAFTeam #GetchaHeadInTheGame

The Ark: Song Covers and Dance Covers

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Source: SPECTACLE : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

OP's Note:So I'm guessing they had a mini fanmeet, got to show off their skills with some dance covers and song covers. Its mostly focused on one member, I'm not sure of names yet so yeah. I'm just glad that my prayers for girl group with dance skills on the same levels as boy groups have finally been met. Still waiting on that million dollars and pony tho..

Mini Jiyeon post: various CFs, mentions T-ara China tour

[2 more plus subbed video]

subbed interview with iqiyi

[jiyeon for cb cosmetics]cb cosmetics (kind of continuation of the ceci photoshoot)

bts video

[jiyeon for shu uemura brows]jiyeon for shu uemura brows (subbed)

cr: T-ara World, tiara diadem, youtube: diadem subs 1, 2, youngsoo yang

jiyeon confirms a t-ara china tour in the iqiyi interview (first video)
*sips tea*

YG Reveals iKON Will Debut Before WINNER’s Comeback

YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, recently revealed the upcoming plans for the agency’s three boy groups—BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON. He has promised a new album for all three groups before the end of this year.

On April 26, BIGBANG’s 2015 world tour “MADE in Seoul” opened up at Seoul Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Stadium. After the concert, Yang Hyun Suk met up with TV Report and shared, “BIGBANG will release a single album one after another starting May 1. They are also planning to release a full-length album including all those songs.”

Many fans have been wondering who will come next after BIGBANG’s comeback and Yang Hyun Suk has answered: “After BIGBANG, iKON’s album will come out. These days, I have been holding meetings with iKON once every three days. For now, I think WINNER will be next following iKON’s debut album release. WINNER has already built up a fandom after debuting last year. They also won a rookie award. I think it’s only right to give iKON a debut opportunity first.”

Are you excited for a YG-filled year?

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Get Ready...SHOWTIME!

Source: Soompi Naver lil6bboyo


Can men with a sexy brain also be sexy in the way they handle a relationship? We submitted dating-related problems to the sexy brains of tvN “Sexy Brain Generation – Problematic Men”. Which solution will they find to these high-level problematic situations… We’ll reveal theirs answers now.

Q. I’m a man with a sexy brain. However, the woman I’m having a some relationship [t/n: like friends with benefits] with is more empty-headed than I thought. Should I keep dating her whose body is the only sexy thing about her?
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source thesunnytown, cosmopolitan