April 29th, 2015


Mino to be a contestant on "Show Me the Money 4"

YG Entertainment‘s boy group Winner‘s rapper Mino has applied to “Show Me the Money 4.”

A representative from Mnet told the media on April 29 that “Mino has applied as a contestant through the application.”

They further added, “He will compete on the show like everyone else. He will be judged fairly along with other competitors. We won’t prefer one contestant over another for being an idol or a famous rapper.”

YG’s Yang Hyun Suk commented, “Bobby and B.I participated in the show last year before their debut and Bobby even won. As Mino has already debuted as a singer, it will be a difficult challenge for him.”

He further continued, “I told him to compete from the bottom as a rapper, and not as a YG artist. He will be competing as the ‘rapper Song Mino,’ not the ‘Winner Song Mino.’”

“Show Me the Money 4″ will premiere in June.

Source: Soompi, Osen (kr)


Eunjung opens up about the depression she experienced during T-ara's scandal

T-ara Eunjung appeared as the main guest on Mnet’s “4 Things Show” aired on April 28, where she spoke about the past rumors about bullying on former member Hwayoung and conflict within the group.

Eunjung cries while discussing the depression she experienced, saying how she lost all motivation to get out of bed or do anything.  Member Hyomin says, “Eunjung had a lot of pride and confidence in her work. The saddest part was when I saw her lose that. [She would say,] ‘Could we do that? It won’t work, it won’t..’”

The interviewer mentions that what everyone wants is the truth about what happened. Eunjung responds, “The truth of something, from what you see.. there’s a lot that’s true, but there’s also a lot that’s not. For us, to say, refreshingly, what’s right is right and what’s not isn’t, and to apologize where it’s needed, really, that’s the right thing to do, and we definitely should have done more of that..”

The show cuts to different clip, where Eunjung says, “There’s a reason we can’t reveal it all, and when people ask us to tell them absolutely everything, we become unable to say any more, and we thought that we’d just have to continue taking the criticism.”

“I’m speechless when I see the videos edited by netizens. How would we would act like that in front of the camera? It doesn’t make sense,” she says.

“Though I think it is unfair, I believe that not mentioning it anymore is the right thing to do,” she adds. “Maybe, in 10 years from now, if we are able to talk about the issue candidly, people will be able to look at us in a better light.”

The members talk about how they’ve changed, and that if they had complained in the past when they were busy, they don’t have a single complaint nowadays, and that they’re thankful for the little things and everything they’re able to do.


Yuna: It's very competitive in YG

The Ark’s Yuna Kim Reveals Why She Left YG as a Trainee and What Got Her to Return to Music

In a recent interview with Star News, member of rookie girl group The Ark Yuna Kim reveals why she left YG Entertainment as a trainee and what got her to return to music.

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Good for her the group is still in the dungeon and it's 2015..and her group is actually good too

Source (1) Soompi , netizenbuzz

yennie pfp

Big Bang's Bae Bae to be 19+

BIGBANG’s new music video promises to be a shocking one that has never been shown by the group before.

On April 25 and 26, BIGBANG revealed two new songs “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” during the concert, “BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR ‘MADE’ IN SEOUL.” However, only the music video that was revealed was that for “LOSER,” inciting curiosity as to what that music video for “BAE BAE” would be like.

On April 29, YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed the reason why the music video for “BAE BAE” was not shown at the concert. He said, “The music video for “BAE BAE” was filmed explicitly to be 19+.” He said, “Until now, it’s true that BIGBANG had a lot of their freedom of expression taken away because of music video ratings and things.”

[More]He added, “Since the BIGBANG members are now in their mid- to late-20s, we made the video by just expressing the feeling of the song, the director, and the members with no censorship. After going through that process, a 19+ music video came out.”

He added, “It wasn’t a 19+ video just because we wanted to be sensationalist or sexual. It has quite a futuristic and four-dimensional feel, and as much as they were able to freely express themselves, you can anticipate (a high quality music video).”

“BAE BAE” and “LOSER” will be released on May 1, and until August 1, they will release a new single with one or more songs on the first of each month. On September 1, the album “MADE” will be released.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG gathered 26,000 fans in Seoul with this concert series. They will embark on a world tour through Asia, the Americas, and about 15 countries and 70 performances and plan to meet with 1,400,000 fans around the world.

Soompi & Naver

Jazzy Group to Bring Topp Dogg to Europe

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Annyeonghaseyo Kpop fans in Europe!

After establishing ourselves as one of the top event organizer in Asia as well as venturing into U.S., Jazzy Group is proud to announce it's first ever Kpop show in the Europe!

And the first act that we would like to proudly presents to you would be non-other-than the 12-member charismatic boy group, Topp Dogg!

We'll be having a series of showcases for Topp Dogg this September starting from London, U.K.!

We'll also be bringing Topp Dogg to Milan, Italy and Paris, France!

Ticket sales will begin soon in May!


Jazzy Group US Facebook

Removed the non-relevant parts about Jazzy's membership program. I went to TD's Atlanta showcase even though I wasn't a super fan, but they were really good!

Not sure how Jazzy's going to manage on three continents when they still routinely have problems with the shows they handle now though...
Wooyoung Blue

Wooyoung's R.O.S.E. Korean Version Listening Post

I can't believe I forgot to post this before. Here it is. I don't know if I like the Korean version or Japanese version better. Also, happy 26th/27th birthday, Jang Wooyoung! We love you lots, you weirdo. I would do a picspam but can't at the moment, will probably do it later... In the meantime, please feel free to post your favorite Wooyoung photo/gif in the comments!


FTISLAND lament over past rumours of Hongki leaving + less serious note: Hongki's butt boil surgery

[FTISLAND discusses past crisis on Coming Out]

The latest episode of FTISLAND‘s reality show “Coming Out: FTISLAND” features members of the group talking seriously and honestly about the rumors that Lee Hongki was leaving the band.

When asked if the group felt that they were in a crisis, the members respond honestly.

Choi Jonghoon says in his interview, “I do have some anxiety about the possibly that we might break apart.”

Song Seunghyun replies to the question, “It did feel a bit like we were in a crisis.”

Choi Minhwan says, “Even before ‘Pray’ came out, I wondered if we’d be able to continue as we have been.”

“Honestly, last year was a bit hard for me,” confesses Lee Hongki, talking about the rumors that he would be leaving the band. “Even though I had been struggling to protect our group, other people kept talking behind our backs saying these things. I really, really hated that.”

He adds, “The thing I hate the most is when other people say that the lead vocal will be leaving the band. I would never do that.”

Choi Jonghoon in reply says, “That was something we were worrying about too. We’re really grateful that you’re saying that, thank you.”

Lee Jaejin says to Lee Hongki, “Last year other people at our company were saying, ‘If Lee Hongki doesn’t continue, what are you going to do?’ so it was really hard for us too.”

He adds, “So that was the time when we thought the most that we have to be the best so that you don’t leave the group, so that as a team we can be the best.”

“Don’t think that,” says Lee Hongki, and Lee Jaejin interrupts him to say, “Of course not now, it’s all been settled.”

The group also takes the time to talk about some more fun and taboo topics, such as their private lives and their nightlife.

You can check out more on the April 28 episode of “Coming Out: FTISLAND” on SBS MTV.

[FTISLAND Hong Ki Had Surgery for a Boil on His Butt]
Always honest wherever he goes, FT Island′s Lee Hong Gi recently revealed that he received surgery on his butt to treat a boil.

Appearing on MBC every1′s Weekly Idol, the FT Island members were asked by MC Jung Hyung Don and Defconn to reveal secret about each other.

The members began spilling secrets, especially Song Seung Hyun, who said, "Hong Gi hyung had surgery on his butt."

Momentarily caught off guard, Lee Hong Gi eventually gave up and shared that he had a painful boil on his butt, so he received two rounds of surgery to treat it.

"After that, the members call me ′Hong Gi Jong Gi (boil)."

The episode will air on April 29.

source: Soompi (original: Nate), Mwave (original: Naver)

[Pann] VIXX's N gets mistreated by Kangin

Pann: Just your average idol who calls his junior fuc*ing trash and wants to kill him

Q. So all of the members have a skit to play out with a beautiful woman, right? Maknae VIXX's Nsays tons of cheesy lines and the girl group judges always pick him as #1. Do you not find him cheesy?

Kangin: I want to kill him. I'm thinking of how to beat him up right now.


[click to
Jongmin: The rest of you be honest too.

Kangin: I pick Kang Hanna-ssi instead of a girl group. What about you, Seho hyung?

Seho: Nevermind for me.. I need to cut down on my words. I've been getting too much hate by just saying what's on my mind.

Kangin: Hyung, what's it matter whether you get 100 times worth of hate or 101 times.

Seho: It's honestly unfair. EXID's Hani picked me as #1 but I got all the hate. People saying like, "Who are you to to do this to our Hani..." I didn't do anything to Hani. Eunhyuk, what about you?

Eunhyuk: What're you so scared of? I already achieved my wish. I wanted girl group Lovelyz to come out and they did. Hakyeon, you?

N: I don't really know. I don't have a specific preference.

Kangin: Yeah, sure. You're always saying stuff like, "I don't have a specific preference". What a f*cking trash. Did your company tell you to say that?

[netizens comments]
1. [+90, -3] Even if you're close friends, don't you usually not call them f*cking trash? What did Hakyeon do so wrong that he has to put up with this treatment on set?

2. [+81, -1] What do you expect from someone who can't even attend his reserve training ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+73, -2] Must N be on this show? This trash show doesn't even help you get any more popular and instead gives you all this stress and humiliation. He's better off just focusing on his music promos. I'm so proud of VIXX for getting to where they are starting from nothing and I know it's going to be hard to get public recognition but music should be first... don't go on variety shows to earn that fame while going through this suffering. Just focus on VIXX's music until VIXX gets there.. I'm so upset as a fan.

4. [+39, -0] And what can Hakyeon do in that situation except just laugh? It's not like you can lash back at a senior.. As a fan, I wish they'd only hear good things. I'm so angry and upset.

5. [+27, -0] I watched every episode of this show and N whenever N gets praise or sets up romantic situations that get him good reactions, everyone always accuses him of a concept and yells at him for doing it.

6. [+24, -1] Not a fan of either but this is wrong. It made me angry just reading it, can't imagine VIXX fans;; I'd be so pissed if this was my own bias.

7. [+21, -0] What did this trash just say? Yeah, as if that's something you go around saying to the people you're close with.

8. [+18, -0] As an Elf of 10 years, I've already let go of Kangin. All he's ever done is bring harm to SuJu's image and he's honestly just frustrating now. Even after his scandals, his members always helped him out on broadcast only to be called disloyal by him in the end. Ridiculous ㅋㅋㅋ Please just wake up or leave the group because obviously the members aren't going to give up on you.

9. [+18, -0] What's wrong with Kangin;;;; he should be more considerate of the other's feelings... would he like it if he was called that?

10. [+18, -0] Kangin clearly has it out for him... poor N

11. [+16, -0] What the, not even a fan and this pisses me off ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

12. [+15, -0] Kangin meant to call himself that, right? Because it's more fitting for himself

13. [+13, -3] That fu*king has-been Kangin must be pissed that N is doing better than him now. A senior dissing a junior like that? Ridiculous. I never imagined Hakyeon to be getting this type of treatment. Please just leave and focus on your music promos.

Source: Netizenbuzz (nate)

Harvard Student Trending after Comfort Women Question to Japanese Prime Minister


A Korean-American Harvard University student is gaining attention in South Korea for a question he asked Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe regarding comfort women.

Harvard student Joseph Choi put the Prime Minister on the spot during his April 27 visit to Harvard University’s Kennedy School when he asked him to clarify his position on the Japanese government’s involvement in coercing Korean women and girls into sexual slavery during World War II. Despite student protests prior to the event regarding the issue, the Prime Minister failed to mention comfort women during his opening speech. During the question and answer portion of the event, Joseph Choi brought up the subject of comfort women by first apologizing for bringing up such a sensitive issue.

[I apologize in advance if my question comes off as provocative..]
I apologize in advance if my question comes off as provocative, but it has to do with a topic that weighs heavily on my heart,” he said. “In the face of [much evidence], do you still deny the Japanese government’s explicit involvement in the subjugation of hundreds of thousands of women into coerced sexual slavery?

The Prime Minister avoided directly answering the question, however, saying only that, “When it comes to the comfort women issue, my heart aches when I think about those people who were victimized by human trafficking and were subject to immeasurable pain and suffering.” While not apologizing directly, he then noted that he had no intention of altering the 1993 Kono Statement, a document that expresses Japan’s remorse for its military’s involvement in the forcible taking of comfort women. Changing topics slightly, he then went on to outline Japan’s plan for reducing sexual violence toward women going forward.

In an interview with the Chosun Ilbo following the event, Joseph Choi expressed his disappointment in Prime Minister Abe’s response, saying, “I didn’t expect him to make a new apology for the past, but I was very disappointed when he pointed to Japan’s efforts to support women’s rights. How can he talk about increasing women’s rights while they continue to deny the past?

Source: Soompi (thecrimson) (huffingtonpost) (chosun)

"Who Are You -School 2015" EP 1-2 DISCUSSION POST

Lee Eun-bi lives at the orphanage Love's House in Tongyeong, South Gyeongsang Province, where younger residents look up to her as a mother figure. They don't know that she's friendless at her school and viciously bullied by a posse of mean girls led by Kang So-young, while teachers turn a blind eye.
On the other hand, Go Eun-byul is the most popular girl at Segang High School, the most prestigious private high school in Seoul's Gangnam District. Eun-byul's best friends are Cha Song-joo and Lee Shi-jin, and she shares a mutual attraction with Han Yi-an, the school's star swimmer. But Eun-byul has secrets, including one involving a girl named Jung Soo-in.
Eun-bi and Eun-byul look exactly alike, but only Eun-byul is aware of the other's existence.
One day, on a school field trip to Tongyeong, Eun-byul mysteriously disappears. At the same time, Eun-bi gets unjustly expelled from her school and transfers to Segang. Injured and amnesic, Eun-Bi is mistaken for her doppelgänger Eun-Byul, she starts living the latter's charmed life unaware of the secrets the prestigious school held.

Kim So-Hyun, Nam Ju-Hyuk, ¥ook $ungja€, Lee Pil-Mo, David Lee, Kim Hee-Jung, Lee Cho-Hee, Jo Soo-Hyang, Park Doo-Sik, Yoo Young, Jang In-Sub, Kim Bo-Ra, Jeon Mi-Sun, Kim Jung-Nan, Kim Se-A

watch here:

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source: natalie sio, Kpop Stream - KDrama OST, synopsis - wiki

tbh i'm watching it for $ungja€, his character really suits him :p
Seulgi | Eye Candy

#HeartATag Round-Up (Includes Ep 1)

EP 1
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Links have adfly because subber asked to not direct link and I wanted to respect their wishes. It says that you need to disable adblock to watch, but it let me go through without disabling it.

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This post actually took forever and I hope everything is okay and that it all works.
I thought they were really cute in the first ep and I hope everyone doesn't get annoyed by Tiffany talking about fashion considering it's a fashion show, lol. You can totally tell Jessi and Tiff wanna start speaking English throughout the whole thing.
Edit: I think I fixed the videos???