July 2nd, 2015

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Director who cancelled 2PM’s MV revealed to have produced BIGBANG’s “Sober” MV

The issue concerning the cancellation of the original filming production for 2PM’s comeback has resurfaced after the release of BIGBANG’s “Sober” music video.

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This is not about the artists. This is 1000000% about the director. This guy is an asshole. I hope he gets what he deserves. Because of the delay, 2PM's promotional period was cut down to one week. Their comeback stage was ALSO their goodbye stage.

Source: Koreaboo
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Weekly dose of D&E craziness: no Siwon in their subunit, no to dating SNSD, no to 'EunHae'

In a recent interview conducted in Hong Kong, Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk revealed the reason why they don’t want Siwon in their subunit.

[They believe Changmin is the better choice]

During the interview, the host asked, “D&E has had two members all along. If we were to add another member, who do you guys think should be added?” After both Donghae and Eunhyuk hesitated, the host suggested Siwon, prompting the two to sigh and immediately reject the suggestion.

Donghae and Eunhyuk then revealed, “No, he doesn’t match us well. First and foremost, we need someone who matches our height. Siwon is too tall.” However, they then suggested that they would like to add TVXQ’s Changmin, who is officially listed as taller than Siwon, to the group.

Check out this part of the interview at 3:25 below! (no subs)


[Eunhyuk shipping Donghae and Seohyun]

On the June 25th episode of 100% Entertainment, Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk revealed the Girls’ Generation members that they would like to get a confession from and possibly date.

During the episode, one of the hosts questioned Eunhyuk, “Who do you think is the prettiest member in Girls’ Generation…if she was to become your girlfriend?” After some hesitation, Eunhyuk responded, “If we’re talking about a girlfriend, I wouldn’t choose any of them. Because we’ve all known each other since we were young, [to me] they don’t have a feminine side.

Then, Donghae decided to change the question and asked, “If you were to be confessed to by one of them, who would you want to hear the confession from?

To this, Eunhyuk answered, “For [the sake of my future], I pick Sunny…because she is Lee Soo Man’s niece,” making everyone laugh as one of the hosts exclaimed, “Watch out, he might get the opportunity to make a solo debut [for picking this answer]!

When the hosts posed the same question to Donghae, he laughed and refused to answer. Then, Eunhyuk chimed in with his opinion, saying, “I think Donghae and Seohyun are a good match. From what I know, Seohyun doesn’t really know how to drink, and Donghae is really weak in that regard as well.” This prompted Donghae to respond, “I’m still not sure about this!


[They feel uncomfortable about fans thinking of them as a couple]

While fans have been loving the duo of Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk, the two best friends have revealed their thoughts of being considered as the “Eunhae couple.”

While guesting on Taiwan’s Idols of Asia, Donghae and Eunhyuk were requested to perform different tasks to show off just how close they are. After randomly selecting the task of jumping rope together 10 times, Donghae immediately refused, saying that this can only be done between lovers. Eunhyuk agreed.

The host then commented, “Actually, in Taiwan, the story of you two being a ‘couple’ is very popular,” after which Donghae and Eunhyuk exclaimed, “Don’t be like that! I don’t like it! Please don’t write about things like that.

Donghae also added, “I don’t know if I can say this, but in another country, people think we are gay…but it’s really not like that. Please don’t do this.” In the end, they awkwardly finished the task together.

The incident begins at 7:10 in the first video and continues in the second video below. (no subs)

Source: Koreaboo, Yik Ming Wu , Koreaboo, Koreaboo, MTV 我愛偶像 1, 2

They are pretty funny and so cute. Really. I love them so much. ;_; Pretty long articles, so... you've been warned. :3 Also, lol at kicking Siwon out for being tall, but wanting Changmin instead.

[They are cute and funny. Seriously!] (c)


Crush to collab with Zico on new single "Oasis"

It has just been announced that Crush has recruited Block B member Zico for his upcoming single, "Oasis".

The soulful R&B crooner released a new teaser (photo) today for his forthcoming comeback, listing Zico as a featuring artist on the new single.

"Oasis" will drop on July 9.

[+ an ig post]


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sources: moonrok, crush's instagram
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More Sulli Drama: Amber & Heechul unfollow her on Instagram?


Eagle-eyed fans have spotted that both f(x) member Amber and Super Junior member Heechul have stopped following f(x) Sulli on instagram.

Just a week ago, breaking news was reported in Korean media that f(x) Sulli would be leaving the group officially. However, soon afterwards SM Entertainment gave an official statement that nothing had been decided yet on the matter.

Now, actions of the Super Junior and f(x) member have fans wondering again whether or not she really is out of the group officially. Users have been sharing posts titled, “Heechul and Amber unfollowed Sulli’s Instagram”.

Amber was the only member of f(x) that followed Sulli on Instagram and Heechul was famous for treating Sulli like his little sister. The news of their unfollowing is giving strength to the previous reports that Sulli is officially out of f(x).

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Source: Koreaboo

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Girls' Generation new Reality Show Called, "Channel Girls' Generation"

Amidst a flurry of updates for the group’s upcoming comeback, Girls’ Generation has now announced the title of the group’s new reality program on OnStyle, “Channel Girls’ Generation”. The show will begin airing on July 21st at 9 PM KST and will include all eight members, who will plan and produce digital content on each of their own areas of interest. These videos that are created will be revealed prior to the broadcasts, and they will be competing to earn the highest number of views on them. The staff revealed, “During the prior meeting, as if they were waiting for it, the members poured out endless ideas, and I was surprised and thankful for their enthusiasm. With the members creating the content themselves, it will become a varietal program with bubbly charms and their individual lifestyles.”

Coinciding with the announcement, the members of Girls’ Generation began using Instagram to give a small look into their filming of the upcoming reality program.

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Victoria Will Miss SMTOWN Japan

SM Entertainment has announced that f(x)’s Victoria will not attend SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo, scheduled to be held on July 5th and 6th.

In the announcement released by the agency, Victoria’s health condition has been cited as the primary reason for the upcoming absence. However, no further details have been released in regards to the idol’s health.

With the uncertainty of Sulli’s status as a member of f(x) as well as this announcement, it is expected that f(x) will be performing at the concert with three members.

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Source: Koreaboo via SMTOWN + ajol_llama

I hope Vic feels better, soon. :(

U-KISS Soohyun Announces Plans For Debut Solo Album In Japan


U-KISS leader and main vocalist Soohyun will be making his solo debut in Japan.

According to OBS, a music industry affiliate announced that Soohyun will be the first member of U-KISS to begin solo activities in Japan. Though recently announced, Soohyun's Japanese solo debut is already receiving a lot of interest since the album will feature a cover of the song "Melody" by Koji Tamaki. Tamaki is the vocalist of the popular Japanese rock band Anzen Chitai. Many fans are already eager to see Soohyun's take on the track.

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OBS via KpopStarz

Thank you Japan for keeping U-KISS alive. Also, the pics of Jun and Soohyun with Jaehyo from their musical are so cute. Also, this happened.

Birthday prince Roy Kim to hold Facebook Q&A

At 6:30 p.m. KST July 3, Roy Kim will be answering fan questions live on his Facebook page. The instructions are a bit confusing (thanks, Bing translate!) but I assume they'll be clarified closer to the actual Q&A. From the Facebook post:

[Roy Kim's Facebook Live Q&A Session with Fans]
- Date: 2015. 07.03 6:30PM K.S.T. (apprx. 1hr duration)
- Instruction
On the event date (7/3), upload Q&A posts.
At 6:30PM, leave questions to Roy Kim as a comment.

Source: Roy Kim Facebook

I won't be participating because it's at 5:30 in the morning my time, but somebody ask him if he's working on a new album yet lol
jaechun, only one

Ladies and gents, I give you Kim Jaejoong in all his army glory!

Jaejoong wows fans in military uniform

A photo of Jaejoong, a member of K-pop boy group JYJ, in his red military uniform was revealed Tuesday.

He was spotted at the carnival held in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province with a short haircut, still looking strong and confident.

He is currently serving in the military band in the 55th Bonghwa Division and is expected to complete his service on Dec. 30, 2016.

Source: KpopHerald


Get ready to laugh..or cry..or enjoy, IDK: EXP LUV/WRONG Columbia University MFA Thesis Performance

Source: EXP TV

OP's Note: I mean.....its like I got thrown back in time and its 2000 all over again. Or that in some weird experiment gone wrong a mad scientist was trying to create the ultimate boyband and took the most cheesy things from different groups, A little of 98 degrees, a bit of BSB, throw in a bit of Color Me Bad(yes I brought them up) and hell throw in some O-town while ya at it and you got....this.

I sometimes talk with a friend about how I miss the boyband era of the late 90s....but good lord did I forget how cheesy American Boybands can be and this is coming from a NSYNC fan girl!!

AOA′s Mina Talks About Her 17.9-Inch Waist

AOA′s Mina shared the backstory behind her tiny waist.

The AOA members appeared as guests on SBS Power FM′s Cultwo Show alongside Kim Hyung Joong on July 2.
[Trigger warning re: body image and questionable eating habits]
DJ Jung Chan Woo asked, "Is Mina′s waist really 17.9 inches?" to which Mina answered, "We had a competition on a show, and I really wanted to win, so I sucked in like crazy. It really came out to that."

The DJ then responded, "Then that′s smaller than our heads. The circumference of our heads is 61 cm. Our heads could even be bigger."

One listener also said, "Congratulations on being the top ant waist among girl groups," to which Mina said, "Thank you. I′m the type that binge-eats during the day and starves at night."

Jung Chan Woo added, "I heard it′s better not to eat at night."

Meanwhile, AOA is currently promoting new song Heart Attack.

source: mwave

FNC, just... what are you doing.

(dazed) shinee: the princes of the k-pop scene

The boy band are Korea’s oddest perfectionists, who love weirding up the mainstream, thriving in hardcore trainee programs, and being farther out than you.

Ask somebody not from South Korea to describe K-pop and you’re likely to hear something about technicolor visuals, choreography as coordinated as ballet, or wildly adventurous hit songs. You might also hear the name of SHINee (that’s “shiny”), a group that embodies the harmony of these qualities better than just about anyone. Grinding nonstop since 2008, this boys-to-men quintet has grown into some of pop’s best live vocalists and dancers worldwide – especially considering how they keep insisting on doing both at the same time.

New album Odd, SHINee’s fourth (not counting a slew of mini-albums and Japanese full-lengths), flexes the full gamut of their well-toned quirks. Songs like "Trigger" deliver on the group’s longstanding commitment to avant-garde modern pop, while lead single “View” reprises their knack for reinterpreting a recent dance music trend in an elegantly composed, breathtakingly choreographed, refreshingly vibrant pop package. (This time, it’s house music.) They’re also stand-out stylish in a field of stiff competition, constantly experimenting with new looks after having once brought the skinny jeans craze to Korea with what local media dubbed the “SHINee trend".

At the Seoul headquarters of their label, SM Entertainment, we met Jonghyun, the group’s 25-year-old songwriter and vocalist, as well as 21-year-old singer and dance god Taemin. Catching the guys in the middle of Korea’s famously hectic promotion cycle, you might understand if they had been a bit scatterbrained or short on time. But they had plenty to say, dishing on their recent sold-out two-night stay at the Tokyo Dome, their teenage decision to become popstar trainees, and what makes K-pop different.

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source: dazed

the interview is... obviously just with jonghyun and taemin but i thought it was pretty interesting / insightful, so!