July 6th, 2015

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More Junsu Eye Candy and Death Note performances

Kim Jun-su features in theater arts magazine for ‘Death Note’

K-pop singer and musical actor Kim Jun-su, a member of trio JYJ, has been featured in cultural and theatrical arts magazine Scene Playbill.

Kim is currently cast in the musical “Death Note,” based on the cult Japanese manga and anime series of the same name.

[Article]Kim lays private detective L, who investigates a supernatural notebook that grants its user the ability to kill people by writing their names in the notebook.

“It wasn’t easy to act L at first because everything from the tone of his voice to his expression to his gait and bodily gestures are very unusual,” said Kim, a fan of the original manga series. “However, I’m acting by searching for the point where the original character and what I wish to feel and express meet.”

Kim is an award-winning musical actor, who won Best Musical Actor at the 18th Korea Musical Awards in 2012. He also won Most Popular Musical Actor at the event for four straight years between 2010 to 2013.

The 28-year-old star notably won plaudits for musicals “Mozart!” and “Elizabeth” in 2010.

“I was able to take on this musical because of the star-studded cast. Please particularly look forward to one duet that I sing with top musical actor, Hong Kwang-ho,” said Kim.

Kim’s costar Hong plays an evil high school student, Lighto, in the same “Death Note” production.

The “Death Note” manga series was published between 2003 and 2006, followed by a popular anime TV series. The Japanese-language musical adaptation ran earlier this year.

The Korean musical adaptation of “Death Note” lifted its curtains on June 20 and will be running until Aug. 9 at the Seongnam Arts Center Opera House, Seoul.

The full interview and photoshoot with Kim has been published in Scene Playbill’s July issue.

[Eye Candy by the dozen]

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Source: KPopHerald, TwinklingJ, CJeS Culture (1, 2).

Why am I not in the front row watching this amazing musical? /sobs/

Top 16 contestant list for Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 4″ leaked online

spoilers obviously.

[soompi article]
Having only aired two episodes so far, Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 4” is in a panic, as online communities are already circulating what looks to be the list of the show’s top 16.

The list contains four contestants for each team – Tablo-Jinusean, Zico-Paloalto, Verbal Jint-SanE, Jay Park-Loco. Some of the rappers on the list include WINNER’s Song Mino, 1PUNCH’s 1, Phantom’s Hanhae, Geeks’ Lil Boi, and others.

According to a report by Sports Daily, various affiliates have stated that what is circulating is, in fact, the top 16.

MyDaily, however, quotes a source from “Show Me the Money 4,” who states, “We’re currently looking into the matter. If the list is real, then we will have to track from where it was leaked.”

[netizens weigh in]

Article: 'Show Me the Money 4' Top 16 list spoilers online 'emergency'

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+5,396, -67] Putting it in the media like this will make people who didn't even know about it find out

2. [+2,531, -46] I don't think anyone's going to search up the spoilers but having it in the media like this will make people start spreading it around and people will be forced to read them... come on, let's not be like this journalists

3. [+1,819, -52] I hate spoilers ㅠㅠ

4. [+1,461, -41] People care a lot about spoilers nowadays, I doubt anyone will search it up themselves. I wonder who the traitor was that leaked it ㅋㅋ

5. [+205, -17] Is this a joke? I searched it up and got no results and only these news articles are talking about it. No one knew about the spoilers but thanks I guess for letting us know?

Article: 'Show Me the Money 4' reps, "We will be taking strong action against the spoilers"

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+1,439, -22] Honestly it's only the journalists running around talking about it

2. [+1,170, -21] Well I had no idea about the spoilers until thanks to you articles. Thank you, trash journalists.

3. [+843, -15] Shouldn't the journalists be held responsible for spreading it too?

4. [+619, -42] Do something about Vernon instead

5. [+57, -5] All of these spoilers are ruining the fun of shows like IC and Show Me... can't producers take legal action or something?

[The Leaked List]

  1. Tablo-Jinusean's team: New Champ, Innovator, Incredible, Superbee

  2. Zico-Paloalto's team: Ja Mezz, ONE, Andup, Song Mino

  3. Verbal Jint-SanE's team: Black Nut, Hanhae, Basick, Microdot

  4. Jay Park-Loco's team: SIK-K, Geegooin, Lil Boi, David Kim

Sources:Naver 1+2, Netizen's Buzz, Soompi, Instiz

SJ Variety Round Up: Heechul Says Byebye to AS4U and Hello To Travel Show 'MAPS'

sommie mwah

Goo Hara's 1st mini album #ALOHARA teaser and news!

Kara member Goo Hara′s solo debut date has been set.

According to DSP Media on July 6, Goo Hara will be releasing her solo track online on July 14, officially kicking off her solo activities.

Goo Hara and her agency reportedly went to great lengths to create a high quality song and performance, increasing anticipation for her solo album.

The Kara member will be joining the July battle, alongside Girls′ Generation (SNSD), Girl's Day, Apink and more, with her own musical color.

Meanwhile, limited edition versions of Goo Hara′s first mini album Alohara (Can You Feel It?) will be available to preorder via MelOn beginning on July 6.

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cr: KARA Facebook, mwave 1 2, nb via nate, nb via naver and nate
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is Tao working on a solo album?

Wang Yi News posted pictures of Tao on a dance studio and according to their sources he's being cooped up at the recording studio or the dance studio and he's preparing for an album in the U.S.

Exo fans are freaking out and some of them are accusing Tao of being the next Meryl Streep. Apparently he "faked" and "lied" about all of his injuries even though there's evidence and a record of his injuries in the last 3 years.

[Read the report here]

[📷 + 2]

[Tao no longer listed as an active member on EXO-M’s Facebook page]
Tao no longer listed as an active member on EXO-M’s Facebook page

It has come to our attention that SM Entertainment removed member Tao from EXO-M’s official Facebook page.

On July 6th, fans discovered that alteration on the page information section of their official Facebook page. It was spotted that only the remaining members Chen, Lay and Xiumin were listed under the group. However it was also found out that some of the information remained unchanged in the biogprahy section as it still includes Tao, along with other member, Luhan.

Since hinting on his possible departure from SM Entertainment back in May due to personal and health reasons, Tao is revealed to be still under negotiations with his agency. Meanwhile, he continues with his own activities in China through a number of endorsements and recording sessions in his own studio.

source: Wang Yi News x translation by audrey9292 and koreaboo