July 10th, 2015

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Han Ga In, Han Hyo Joo And Han Ji Min May Leave Lee Byung Hun's Agency

Actresses Han Ga In, Han Hyo Joo and Han Ji Min are currently represented by Lee Byung Hun's agency BH Entertainment. Although negotiations are underway to renew their contracts, some industry insiders have speculated that the actresses will leave when their contracts end in October.

Anonymous industry insiders voiced their opinion on whether the actresses will renew their contracts in an article that appeared in the Korean media outlet Naver TV.

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source: kdramastars


psa: black nut is problematic

so a lot of people, not necessarily here, have been jumping on the black nut train since he's entertaining on show me the money. however, a lot of stuff pre-smtm has been circulating on twitter and it's not cute.

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he also used the n-word on instagram
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and apparently he was/is? an ilbe user.

Sources: fyblacknut, showmethemoneyfour
translation by: @ssanghas and posted on lyricalmovement
lyrics from: 사택 @ youtube


Girl group, Mamamoo, revealed the reason that they can’t be seen often on variety programs.

Mamamoo participated in the soon-to-be-aired KBS2TV ‘Yoo Hee Yeol Sketchbook’ recording on the 9th.

Mamamoo showed a special stage of their title song, “Um Oh Ah Yeh” from their recently released mini-album, “Pink Funky” and received big applause from the audience.

On this day, Mamamoo performed a remix of their debut song, “Mr. Ambiguous”. The remix incorporated 15 recent songs from acts like Big Bang, Sistar, and IU, showing off their various charms.

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Translation by mamamoo-trans.com
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Girl's Day Does Damage Control on AfreecaTV

The members of Girl’s Day returned to AfreecaTV BJ Choi Kun‘s program to officially apologize for their behavior on the July 7 episode of his show.

Viewers have been criticizing the members for seeming to treat Choi Kun disrespectfully when they appeared on his program by only focusing on the food he bought for them and talking amongst themselves instead of responding to him. The controversy has continued even though Choi Kun released a statement to explain that the filming had been a lot of fun and that they had made up certain scenarios beforehand.

In order to personally apologize to viewers, Girl’s Day appeared on Choi Kun’s show on July 10 after filming their performance on “Music Bank.”

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Source: Friday 123 + Soompi

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Mad Clown and Monsta X's Jooheon Come Together as SupeXX and release "Get Low!"

Rapper Mad Clown and MONSTA X‘s Jooheon collaborated once again to bring fans their new single together, “Get Low“!

“Get Low” is produced by Ye-Yo!, bringing together the trap beat, Arabian Lead, and the EDM Trap sound to create something unique for the ears.

The album jacket for the single is the work of visual artist Mina Kwon, who has previously worked with Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown, Taeyang, Jay Park, and Zico.

Jooheon, who is currently a contestant in “Show Me the Money 4,” previously worked with Mad Clown for a 2014 release of “Kkaenggap.”

Listen to “Get Low” below:

[Get Low]

cr: monsta x's twitter // soompi // sportsworld // akbaro on YT
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GFRIEND to Make Comeback with "Me Gustas Tu"

Anticipate the global slayage GFRIEND is about to deliver with their Korean/Spanish title track "Me Gustas Tu" from their highly anticipated 2nd mini album "Flower Bud". Dropping worldwide July 27th on iTunes and Korean music sites.

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Source: GFRIEND Twitter + onehallyu for wording

Are you excited about a Spanish speaking GFRIEND?


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Friending Meme!!!!!!

queen bom

Highlights from today's SMTM4 unsubbed.

1:1 Highlights:
[Mino verse]

[Hanhae VS One]

[Black Nut VS Sumin]

[Basic VS Lil Boi]

[BeWhy VS Microdot]

[Jooheon VS Lee Hyun Joon]

[Song Minho VS Lee Yong-soo]

[Seochulgu VS In Chang]

I will add as more is released by mnet/other sources.

Sources: MNET, itaewonamja

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SEVENTEEN's Jun to feature in web drama

According to their official Facebook, SEVENTEEN's Jun will be playing a vampire in the Chinese web drama Intouchable, which will begin on July 16th and will air on Thursdays.

This will be his first drama appearance.  You can find a preview of the show here.

Ahhh, I didn't think it would be Jun first for this sort of thing, but I'm so happy, especially considering it took YEARS for some of my favorite groups to start getting acting gigs after they debuted.  I'm confused though because I'm seeing stuff about it from back in January already.

SEVENTEEN Official Facebook
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Sulli Spotted on Vacation Throughout Europe Following Withdrawal Reports

Following reports of Sulli’s withdrawal from girl group f(x), which were addressed with an inconclusive statement from agency SM Entertainment, her current whereabouts have been revealed.

Recently, a post titled ‘Sulli’s Recent State’ was uploaded onto an online community message board, which included photos, and started to gain attention, making its rounds online.

The photos show Sulli enjoying her time away from home while on vacation in Europe. In one of the photos, she can be seen posing with a friend in front of the Parthenon, a temple located in Athens, Greece.

According to reports, Sulli is currently vacationing with close acquaintances throughout Europe, making stops in Greece and Italy.

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source: nate via soompi
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150710 KBS Music Bank E794

Winners Announcement

[ Nominees & Point Categories ]

'Shake It'


'Heart Attack'

Digital Sales (디지덜 음원 점수) 5132 4055
Viewers Choice (시청자 전호도 점수) 907 869
Broadcast Score (방송 점수) 1534 1728
Physical Album Sales (음반 점수) 189 282
Final Total 7762 6934

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sources: KBSKpop, Skpb K-Music Live, ThanhnamKoreanKBS, Red Velvet KHJ


Dear Omona,

My good friend Ana was kind enough to take these photos in order to update me on what's trending fashion-wise in Hongdae. They're a great set so of course I have to share them!

And I do need help from more Seoul based photographers. So if you got the hookups, drop me a line at gissella@mutzine.me :)

There are two ways to know the styles that run Seoul: observing what the fashionable people walking down the streets are wearing or directing attention to the source and doing some window shopping. The Konglish term for window shopping is 'eye-shopping.' I bring you the fruits of my latest eye-shopping endeavor directly from the streets of Hongdae!

Hongdae is a neighborhood famous for the arts because of Hongik University’s famed Visual Communications department. Although you’ll usually find people dressed in muted colors on the streets of Korea, in Hongdae we find very colorful attire. Being a college district, the prices in Hongdae are accessible compared to other notable Seoul neighborhoods such as Garosu-gil in Sinsa. The top items on display here are crop tops, high waisted skirts, all things denim, jumpers and one-piece dresses. The silver sandals are everywhere too!

When eye-shopping, it’s hard to ignore the perfectly put together coordinates, with shoes, hats, and bags included. It can be very easy to buy the whole outfit without a second thought! However, if you’re looking for something different, apart from the mainstream style, Hongdae has the perk of being home to many secondhand clothing and handmade accessories stores. There you’ll find unique pieces to give your outfit an original touch!


For even more storefronts, check the source!

What do you think? Is this your style?
I love everything, especially the green tailored jumpsuit !! ;;
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former Bob Girls debut with Love-Us: 'Tickle' MV

Former Bob Girls members/vocalists Dahye (aka Migyo) & Danbi have debuted with new group "Love-Us" along with Hayang (rapper/dancer) and Euna (maknae/vocals)
"Tickle" is R&B flavored pop with a sexy concept.

They just had their first radio appearance, on Arirang's Super K-Pop:
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Vocals are solid, but I swear this company has even less money than early Chrome.

Sources: Creative Su youtube, asianjunkie, BobGirls wikipedia article, Sam Hong youtube

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Girls’ Generation’s Stylist Impersonator Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison


Lee (age 26, female) has been sentenced to three years in prison after she defrauded 487 million won (around 431,000 USD) out of a total of 14 people.

According to reports, Lee worked briefly as an assistant in a stylist’s office. After she lost her job, she was unemployed for a long period of time and become burdened with debt. She then pretended to be the stylist of Girls’ Generation and SHINee to her friends and family.

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One of her first instances of fraud was promising to put footage of a friend’s wedding in A Pink‘s music video and getting money out of that friend. She continued to defraud people by selling them high end goods she claimed were originally given to celebrities through sponsorship.

Starting from May of last year, she defrauded people out of tens of thousands of dollars by promising to help them get Girls’ Generation’s apartments in Jamsil and Seocho that the group got under sponsorship.

When people got suspicious, Lee set up a ghost company using her family’s name and created fake employees.

Starting from February of last year to April of this year, Lee defrauded 487 million won (around 431,ooo USD) out of a total of 14 people.

source: Soompi kmib
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Block B’s Zico Reportedly Involved in Car Accident Caused by Drunk Driving

According to an exclusive report by Newsen, Block B’s Zico was recently involved in a car accident caused by drunk driving.
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soompi / newsen

literally (and actually literally) in korea you can hire someone to come over where you are in less than ten minutes to drive you home, and all for like ten bucks. why the fuck are you driving or letting your friend drive why