July 12th, 2015

Group Intro Post: Meet Playback!

So this new group Playback just premiered last month, and I've decided to do an intro post so you all can get a feel for them and (hopefully) become fans of them (like I have! :P)

Let's start with their debut song, called Playback (which is amazing!):

[And live performances!]


The Show

[Member Profiles!]
(From left to right: Hayoung, Woolim, Soyun, Yena)

Playback (Korean: 플레이백) is a four member girl group. The members consist of Yena, Hayoung, Soyun and Woolim. They officially debuted with the release of their first digital single “Playback” on June 25th 2015; and held their debut stage on M! Countdown with their titletrack of the same name on the same day.


Birth Name: Lee Yoo Jin

Stage Name: Yena

Position: Lead Vocalist

Height: 161

Weight: 45kg

Birthday: April 4 1992

Blood Type: O

Nickname: Epitome Of Gracefulness, Yundi

Birth Name: Lee Ha Young

Stage Name: Hayoung

Position: Main Rapper

Height: 161cm

Weight: 44-45kg

Birthday: August 3, 1993

Blood Type: O

Nickname: Aegyo Swag

Birth Name: Seo Yoo Jin

Stage Name: Soyun

Position: Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist

Height: 165cm

Weight: 47kg

Birthday: June 18, 1994

Blood Type: AB

Education: Sungkyunkwan University

Birth Name: Hwang Woo Lim

Stage Name: Woolim

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Maknae

Height: 167cm

Weight: 48kg

Birthday: April 29 1996

Blood Type: O

[A Word About The Sasaeng Situation]An Ex-Sasaeng Fangirl of EXO Kicked Out of the Group : Ma Eunjin Profile

An entertainment agency Playback ‘s agency officially announced that Ma Eunjin,a member of the group, (rumored EXO, Block B sasaeng) left the group.

Ex-Sasaeng of EXO preparing to debut under a new girl group called “Playback”

Hello this is coming from Playback’s agency.

During the weekend, rumors of Ma Eunjin has spread rapidly fast all over the internet and it’s confirmed that part of the rumors are true.

Because of her parents and her self, she has left the group. But the rumors about her bulling people and being a sasaeng of a group is no confirmed.

Although she has left the group, she will be taking action towards the netizens that has added onto this situation.

Also we want to apologize about the rumors (came from the netizens) of our another member “Woolim,” stating things that she has never done before.

Thank you all the fans that has been watching over Playback and we are sorry for such an event happening before debut. Playback will be debuting under four members, please watch over us.

Thank you.

[OP's Note: I'm only posting the part of the article contaning the agency's (Clear Company) statement, but the link to the article is in the list of sources (second link!).]

Social Media:


Official (?) Instagram

[A Few Insta Posts :)]

Facebook Page


Source: Now Kpop, Kpop Map, Facebook, Instagram 1 2 3, Fancafe, Twitter, CJENMMUSIC Official, Skpb K-Music Live [SBS #1], Skpb K-Music Live

This is pretty much my first time doing a post like this. I really hope I did it well, and I apologize for any mistakes. :P

follow up! jjong converses with a fan about misogyny, ect. ect. (it's long)

no fancy picture or anything. but: this is a follow up to the post i made yesterday about jonghyun clarifying on accusations of him being misogynist. tl;dr: he basically had a fan (maybe? they may just be a fan of taemin though) of shinee take up on his offer to voice out their opinion on what had been said and he ended up following them / having a private conversation with them on twitter - which he okayed to be shared and she later did so. it’s a very, very long conversation and, because of that, i’m not going to be have photos of the screencapped conversation attached above to the post but you can find them here: i / ii / iii / iv. (note: jonghyun has unfollowed both now but you can find proof of the follows here.) the translation of the abridged conversation is behind the cut!

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source(s): @sullaem (i / ii), @quilliticy (i), @realjonghyun90 (i)

i think it’s kind of a breath of fresh air knowing that jonghyun was not only willing to open up the topic for discussion but actually held a discussion on it with a fan of shinee in order to be helped to understand why what he had said had offended her / to try and better himself and avoid conflict in the future in regards to the topic. like the dude doesn't deserve a pat on the back for being decent / opening up to learning but it's such a rare thing to see from an idol. also, mods! ignore the last post i made. i figured this one was better put together (maybe).
chanxing | ah yeah

150712 SBS INKIGAYO E823

Winners Announcement

[ Nominees & Point Categories ]

'Shake It'


'If You'



Score Before Live Votes (사전합게) 5581 5851 8189
Digital Sales (음원) 4149 5500 4689
Album Sales (음반) 14 0 0
SNS 1391 0 3500
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 27 351 0
Live Votes (생방송집계) 214 67 1000
Final Total 5795 5918 9189

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sources: SBSMusic1, Skpb K-Music Live, ThanhNamKorean

if videos are removed before i can replace them, please check SBSMusic1 or SKPB TEAM, thanks and sorry!
Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

“King of Mask Singer” Cleopatra Makes Surprise Appearance at Kim Yeon Woo’s Concert

The anonymous singer who is being referred to as Cleopatra on “King of Mask Singer” appeared as a guest on Kim Yeon Woo‘s concert.

On July 10, Cleopatra from MBC‘s variety show “King of Mask Singer” sang passionately at Kim Yeon Woo’s concert.

During the concert, Kim Yeon Woo said, “I brought a guest to this concert,” and disappeared backstage. Soon after, Cleopatra appeared, with his usual mask getup. He sang “Phantom of the Opera” with Bae Da Hae, and also sang the songs that he has sung on the hit show.

After his performance, he said, “I’m honored to be a guest for Kim Yeon Woo, who I respect very much,” and added, “I’m very nervous.”

Meanwhile, “King of Mask Singer” is a program where singers sing while wearing masks on stage, eliminating any bias. Cleopatra has won fourth times in a row so far, and there are speculations that he may be Kim Yeon Woo himself.

Naver | Soompi

For anyone who somehow still had doubts.
Watch all of his performances on the show here!