July 13th, 2015

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Baes looking Bae for comeback called "Flower Bud"!

GFRIEND Releases Teaser Image for Second Mini Album

Rookie girl group GFRIEND has finally released the teaser images for their upcoming second mini album “Flower Bud!”

The girl group, who debuted earlier this year with the hit “Glass Bead,” will once again returning with a mini album perfect for the summer season.

In the teaser images released, the members of GFRIEND are dressed in white summer dresses, enjoying a sunny day beside a river.

Although the exact comeback date has yet to be confirmed, it has been reported that the group is planning on releasing their album “Flower Bud” on July 27.

The exact comeback date for G-Friend is July 23.

[Check out the individual shots! + more]

Soompi & GFriend's Official Twitter

They are so pretty & I can't wait for their bop release since no one has graced me with such so far.

Lee Min-ji crowned Miss Korea + Korean-Brazilian Catharina Choi Nunes takes Miss World Brazil title

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Lee Min-ji crowned Miss Korea 2015
published on 10 July 2015 at The Korea Times

Lee Min-ji was declared the winner. (Newsis)

The 2015 Miss Korea crowned Lee Min-ji, 24, from Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, Friday. Collapse )

videos and pictures courtesy of: Yonhap News, 박수현, 핫스타셔틀, AllBeauty, nazaboyk11, cathchoi
article written by: The Korea Times (1, 2); Hankook Ilbo; The Great Pageant Community; Naver and Nate (1, 2, 3, 4) via NetizenBuzz; Global Beauties

Pretty ladies post!!!!
What do you guys think about beauty pageants? Does anyone follow them? Who are your nation's contestants for the next Miss Universe pageant? Did anyone watch the Miss USA pageant last night?

BTS announces Highlight 2015 tour in collaboration with Community 54

The boys of BTS haven't even finished The Red Bullet tour making its way through the US later this month, but they have already set their sights on the future. Teaming up with Collaboration 54, their 4-city North American fan meeting tour will take off in September and will offer more than meets the eye.

Community 54 is a unique lifestyle clothing brand based in Manhattan's Lower East Side. In addition to expanding their horizons with a second store in Toronto, Canada, the founders have also sought an unlikely partner in up-and-coming K-pop group BTS (Bangtan Boys). The collaboration will result in a limited edition streetwear line, to be called "F/W2015" and will be released along with its photo campaign at a later date.

To help promote this new line, BTS will be returning to North America for a promotional tour, deemed "Highlight 2015," presented by Community 54 and TGM Entertainment in September 2015. In addition to the group, each stop will also feature a local artist from the US or Canada.

[The lucky cities & ticketing info:]
San Francisco, CA - September 22nd

Houston, TX - September 24th

Atlanta, GA - September 26th

Toronto, Canada - September 27th

Ticketing is as unique as their collaboration! Instead of traditional tickets, you purchase a promotional t-shirt for the event which acts as your entry and gets you a hi-touch with BTS. Shirts are available for $70 via Tictail. Passes for autographs and group photograph sessions will also be available at a later day. More information about those opportunities with be available on TGM Entertainment's Facebook page.

Update: Toronto T-shirts are sold out!
According to TGM Events, it's "an event with performance and fashion vendors. BTS will be performing and doing fan interaction like hi-touch, autograph session and group photos." So it's not an actual concert.

Source: TGM Events Facebook Page, Dramafever, Tictail

I feel really sad because they aren't getting a break after their concert, but I couldn't get tickets to the concert..so I bought this on an impulse v__v I start school a day after the SF event sigh but whatever it's my bday present to myself
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Actress A claims sexual harassment: "Actor B ripped my clothes and touched me"

Trigger Warning: Sexual Harassment ahead!

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Sorry mods, hope it's okay now :)

Ugh, I hate when PDs and Actors do what they want without warning the actress, and then call the  "professional card" bullsh**
Hope he gets arrested. This reminds me of PSH and LMH kiss scene.

Source: News Nate via Hancinema, News Nate via Netizenbuzz
Gong Yoo | Reading

Song Ji Hyo Parts Ways Agency & Confirms Break Up with CEO Boyfriend


It is being reported that actress Song Ji Hyo has decided to part ways with her management agency, C-JeS Entertainment, following the expiration of her contract. Along with this news, it has also officially been confirmed that she is no longer with her former boyfriend, who is also the CEO of C-JeS Entertainment.

On the morning of July 10, it was made known that her exclusive contract with her agency has ended its run.

A representative of C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “After four years of being Song Ji Hyo’s management, we will no longer be working with her. Also, CEO [Baek Chang Joo] and Song Ji Hyo have maintained their manager-actor relations after parting ways as a couple two years ago.”

After publicly acknowledging her relationship with then-boyfriend Baek Chang Joo in 2012, the current status of their relationship was never confirmed until now.

The agency rep further shared, “We will cheer on Song Ji Hyo, who has been earning much popularity in Asia, to continue earning a lot of love through various promotions in the future. Furthermore, we will fully cooperate with her until she decides on a new agency.”

Naver & Soompi

I wish her the best as she finds a new agency! Also a big fat 'I TOLD YOU SO' to people who didn't believe me when I said that they had broken up 2 years ago based on how she and other cast members acted in Running Man. Sadly, I think she and Gary would have already happened if it were to be.

BTOB’s Minhyuk to Return as Rapper ‘Heota’ in First-Ever Featuring for Postmen

lee minhyuk 2 800x450

It has been revealed that BTOB’s Lee Minhyuk will be returning to his roots as rapper ‘Heota’ in his first-ever featuring since debut.

On July 13, a representative of Cube Entertainment shared with Star News, “Lee Minhyuk has taken part in the rap featuring of the new song by Postmen, which will be released tomorrow (July 14), under the name ‘Heota.’”

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source: soompi, naver 1 2

yesss i love postmen i hope minhyuk stans will shut up about ilhoon being the only one promoted as rapper with featurings

Soompi's Top 10 Must-Have Innisfree Products


Welcome to the first article of our Top 10 series! Our Top 10 series will cover the best items from Korean cosmetics and skincare brands. We’ve got you covered as we reveal the best-sellers and cult favorites for popular Korean brands. The first brand we will spotlight is Innisfree. With the ever-gorgeous Girls’ Generation’s YoonA as their longtime spokesmodel, the brand has become increasingly popular with their nature-themed products. The natural brand draws much of its inspiration from Korea’s own Jeju Island. This list will incorporate statistics from Innisfree, popular opinion, and personal experiences to determine the top items. Without further ado, I introduce the Top 10 Must-Have Innisfree Products below!

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Soompi (product links provided in the article)

Seo Yuri Begs WINNER Fans to Stop Sending Her Threats for Alleged Statement About Mino


Broadcaster and voice actress Seo Yuri recently left a message on her personal SNS accounts begging fans of WINNER to stop leaving hateful comments and threats after allegedly making a statement about Mino’s lyric controversy.

On July 11, before the reports of Mino’s “Show Me the Money 4” controversy hit the media, Seo Yuri had posted on her personal Twitter account, “These days, it seems like there are people that think they were born from eggs on their own and not from their mothers…Oh, but I acknowledge Park Hyeokgeose.” [Park Hyeokgeose was the founding monarch of the Silla Kingdom, whose legend says he was born from an egg].

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However, after fans of WINNER got a hold of this situation, they began to send threats and leave hateful comments on all of Seo Yuri’s SNS accounts for seemingly attacking Mino for his rap lyrics.

She attempted to explain her intentions, sharing, “I understand that fans may feel upset. I did not write those words with the intention of targeting anyone from the start. I have no knowledge or understanding of hip-hop. However, I was shocked while watching the program ‘Show Me the Money.’ I just couldn’t help but think that [the show] crossed the line of common thinking and reasoning.” However, the insults and threats continued.

Then, on July 13, Seo Yuri wrote a post on her Facebook asking the fans to put a halt to the hate:
“I am sincerely asking this of ‘WINNER’ fans.

There is currently swears and attacks that I can’t even bear to repeat pouring in through all of my SNS channels from fans of WINNER, or even people pretending to be fans.

Not just from our country, but [fans] from America and China have come [to leave messages] as well.

From the beginning, I have never mentioned a WINNER member’s name or uploaded a photo on my SNS.
I think the fans know this very well.

Furthermore, during this time when WINNER’s Song Minho has personally released an apology, I think fans, or fan impersonators, know very well that this behavior will not be of any help to Song Minho.

I am extremely distressed right now.
All I can do is watch over my mother who is hurt and unable to say anything as she reads all [of these comments] with her own eyes.

I ask of you, please stop.
Please tell others around you that are acting in this way to stop.

I hope that you truly think about what is the best thing that you can do right now for the star that you love.

I do not wish for this situation to get any bigger.
Thank you for reading this.”

Meanwhile, Mino received criticism for his controversial rap and choice of lyrics on the latest broadcast of “Show Me the Money 4,” to which he responded by formally issuing an apology.

[netizens comments]
Article: Seo Yuri tweets criticism of Song Minho, fans react with hateful comments, Seo Yuri demands apology

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+2,456, -56] Disrespectful Song Minho fans ㅋ

2. [+2,297, -74] Song Minho's at fault, how dare these stupid fangirls mess with our Seo Yuri??

3. [+2,103, -49] Do you really want to shield your oppa like that... do they not realize that it makes them look so dumb ㅡㅡ wake up, kid

4. [+172, -3] Sounds like they're in junior high... they'll be dragged to the police station holding hands with their dads if you sue them

5. [+161, -2] How dare they call her a 'nugu third rate trash plastic surgery monster'... they're such low rates themselves.

6. [+145, -5] Seo Yuri was right though

7. [+127, -5] Don't mess with Seo Yuri unless you want all of the League of Legends players and voice actors on your ass

8. [+125, -6] I bet the majority of the public knows Seo Yuri but not Song Minho ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ how dare this stupid fangirl call her a nugu

Source: Soompi nspna yuri_voice facebook & Netizenbuzz nate
queen momo -

JYP Entertainment apologizes over controversial choosing of Twice members

JYP Entertainment has issued its second apology regarding the controversial choosing of its upcoming girl group Twice after the initial finale episode aired on July 7th.

The controversy arose after previously eliminated trainee Momo was unprecedentedly added to the final lineup of Twice by J.Y. Park.
After choosing its seven members, which many viewers understood the number to be the amount of members Twice would carry at the beginning of the SIXTEEN broadcast, the producer shockingly revealed during the airing that he was choosing an additional two members.

J.Y. Park chose Tzuyu as the 8th member of Twice, and shockingly chosen netizen-eliminated trainee Momo as the 9th.

JYP Entertainment issued its second statement reading:

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The final lineup is Nayeon, Jungyeon, Dahyun, Mina, Sana, Jihyo, Tzuyu, Chaeyoung, and Momo.

source: osen via koreaboo