July 15th, 2015


Crush photoshoot + interview for Ceci

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“R&B Hip Hop’s Launch, Crush ‘You and I’”

Although he does not have a shoujo manga character’s stoic looks, Crush has sparkling eyes and and a bright smile. With his soulful and strongly addictive voice, there’s enough to fall for.

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Source: Kpopstarz, Ceci, kkot-mi-nam

EDIT: big thanks to nokcha_gongju for the full translation!
Yoohyeon Smile

Super Junior "Devil" Listening Post!

Individual videos in case Playlist doesn't work for some people
[Individual Videos]01. Devil

02. Simply Beautiful

03. 별이 뜬다 (Stars Appear…)

04. Good Love

05. We Can

06. Don’t Wake Me Up

07. 첫눈에 반했습니다 (Love at First Sight)

08. 每天 (Forever with You)

09. Rock’n Shine!

10. Alright

Full Album

Source: MumbleBeatMusic Channel 26
I did not realize how desperately I needed a Super Junior album until now.

“Mix and Match” Contestant Yang Hong Seok Becomes Cube Entertainment Trainee

An exclusive report by Ilgan Sports has reported that Yang Hong Seok, who was a contestant in YG Entertainment’s reality show “Mix and Match,” has signed a contract with Cube Entertainment.
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sources soompi, Ilgansports, netizenbuzz

YG's loss. I still can't believe they let him go when they needed a singer of his caliber in Ikon

Documents Submitted From Clinics to Kim Hyun Joong’s Rep Do Not Show Evidence of Pregnancy.

It was previously reported that Kim Hyun Joong’s legal rep requested medical records from five clinics regarding his ex-girlfriend’s alleged (first) pregnancy and miscarriage. Now local media source K Star is reporting on the status of those requests.
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soompi, nate, naver

If this is true, all hell will break loose.
jaechun, only one

Yoochun sings the fandom Anthem Chajatta #JYJfeels

[Fancam] Yoochun singing Chajatta [Found you] in Nagoya

[Park Yu Chun successfully finishes fan meetings in Nagoya]

Park Yu Chun successfully finished his fan meetings in Nagoya.

On July 13th, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment said, “On July 11th and 12th, JYJ’s Park Yu Chun held solo fan meetings in Nagoya, Japan under the title of ‘Park Yu Chun Fan Meeting Japan Tour ALL ABOUT YU’. Park Yu Chun made another unforgettable memory with his fans, showing much deeper parts of his character.”

Each fan meeting accommodated 18 thousand fans, and the fans made a standing ovation as Park Yu Chun opened the stage with a song called ‘Walking Spring With Her.’ The fans commenced shaking light sticks, and Park Yu Chun answered with a bright smile.

Afterwards, Park Yu Chun took time to watch a highlight video of the six dramas that he played in, and he talked about many different behind-the-scenes episodes and photos.

Park Yu Chun also became a charming chef for the fans, and demonstrated how to cook his favorite or specialty dishes. He invited randomly selected fans up to the stage for sampling, making another unforgettable memory for his fans.

Prior to finishing the fan meeting, Park Yu Chun said, “It was a great pleasure to visit Nagoya. I will not be able to get back to this wonderful city for a while, but I will count on the day that I will come back here. I hope to get back with my teammates next time [as JYJ], and I promise to keep doing my best to do so.”

As Park Yu Chun started singing the last song of the fan meeting, the fans stood up from their sits, and Park Yu Chun moved around the entire venue to distribute autographed balls. Many fans remained at their seats for a while even after the fan meeting was wrapped up, but they were also deeply touched by Park Yu Chun’s great care for them.

Meanwhile, Park Yu Chun will hold fan meetings in Yokohama on July 22nd and 23rd.

Source: 6002 Micky, photo from BNT News UK, article by StarN News.

The fans singing back to him "I love you" is so sweet, and LOL at him for forgetting the lyrics in the bridge, cute :D

MUTZINE Guide To: Summer Style

Hi Omona!

I teamed up with fashion illustration wonder-kid Ross Du to assemble some outfits based on what the kids from Korea are wearing this summer. The special thing about these coordinates is that they're at your reach because most items are available to order online! Enjoy :)

[Posting 1 out of 3]

#1. Fitting rooms make for great photo ops. There is no doubt that this is a couple if we go by their matching pink canvas sneakers. Although inspired by the grunge revival, they like to keep their aesthetic tidy. Their mixxmix jeans are cuffed and the artfully placed rips have minimal fraying or distress. Striped tees are a closet staple and she wears one well under a denim jacket, both from mixxmixx. Her boy is sporting an inquisitive tee and snappy choker from Dim. E. Cres. We love it!

Omona, aren't these illustrations the best? You may view more and leave messages to the artist at the source!
Also, yes I'm still looking for contributors~ (writers, artists etc) contact me at gissella@mutzine.me

Chen Chen

Chanyeol & Sehun - more previews from their Ceci photoshoot

EXO's Chanyeol & Sehun will feature in the forthcoming August issue of CeCi Magazine Korea & China. Check out a preview of the editorial and teaser.

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Source: SBS PopAsia Blog

These look good! I hope it's alright I didn't include the video preview again (I made a post with it a few days ago). The photos made me feel a bit better (I've been trying for 30 minutes to call my doctor and I can't since I am too nervous).
mx ♡ loml

Lay for Cosmopolitan and Vogue China (August '15)

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Source: Cosmopolitan (1)(2) + namja1too4 | Vogue photoshoot (fashionmodels) interview trans by laymerence (1)(2) | ok! mag namja1too4

the vogue interview is pretty lengthy, but if you're interested and have some time to spare, it might be well worth the read. i bolded the key parts.
he's so precious! it's always a pleasure to hear his thoughts. this mindset of having to be successful to prove himself worthy to everyone is a pretty dangerous one tbh i hope he rests and takes good care of himself

the royal kitty

"I Remember You" EP. 5 - 8 Discussion Post

When a serial killer strikes women who all have a similar appearance, the police department’s Special Crime Investigation Team is stumped. While Cha Ji An (Jang Na Ra), an elite detective, and her fellow colleagues are assessing the latest crime scene, the mysterious Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) shows up and instantly assesses the trademark attributes of the killer. Hyun is a genius criminal profiler with a degree in criminal psychology who received an anonymous email that brought him to the crime scene all the way from the United States. The serial killer seems to be sending a personal message to Hyun with the clues he leaves behind, and Hyun wonders if it could be related to an escaped criminal “monster” from his childhood who killed his father and was responsible for the disappearance of his younger brother. Ji An has known Hyun since childhood and is ecstatic to see her childhood crush again, but Hyun doesn’t seem to remember her. With no leads to capture the serial killer, Ji An and her colleagues solicit Hyun’s help. Can Hyun and Ji An solve the case and find answers to their pasts? “I Remember You” is a 2015 South Korean drama series directed by No Sang Hoon.

Watch it here: viki

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cr.: seoingukie | viki | AllAbout JangNara 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 | Team EngGuk 1, 2

hmmmm....o.O ?


Exo's Chanyeol composes logo song for Lee Guk Ju's 'Youngstreet' Radio

All day’s just like one
There are a lot of things that make us tired
Though the things we want to do pile up
Reality is not similar to what our hearts want
When that happens, feel (*or move*) with me
Match the frequency (*on the radio*) baby
Now let your body move with the song
And follow me, say…
Youngstreet, youngstreet youngstreet
Youngstreet, youngstreet youngstreet
Youngstreet, youngstreet youngstreet
Lee Gukju’s Youngstreet
Lee Gukju’s Youngstreet

Source: supin2402, park-chanyeol info

Yoo Jae Suk Officially Signs with FNC Entertainment

It has been revealed that the nation’s MC, Yoo Jae Suk, has found his new home at FNC Entertainment!

On July 16, FNC Entertainment officially confirmed through a press release, “Yoo Jae Suk has signed an exclusive contract with FNC on July 16.”

On this decision, Yoo Jae Suk has expressed, “I’m very happy to be with my close colleagues at a good company.”

FNC Entertainment is also home to comedian Jung Hyung Don, and comediennes Song Eun Yi and Lee Gook Joo, as well as groups like CNBLUE, FTISLAND, AOA, and actors including Lee Dong Gun, Lee Da Hae, Jung Woo, and more.

Yoo Jae Suk previously promoted on his own after starting up his own one-man agency, JS Entertainment, and this is the first time in about five years that he has signed with another agency.

[Netizens Reaction]Article: Yoo Jae Suk signs exclusive contract with FNC... labelmates with Jung Hyung Don

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+1,326, -49] Why.....?

2. [+1,110, -43] I feel like he could've stuck with being a one man agency

3. [+1,039, -48] There are so many better companies..

4. [+1,004, -42] Huh????????

5. [+907, -34] Just why exactly...

6. [+279, -22] I hope FNC doesn't do package deals like a certain other company. You're going to tarnish his name...

7. [+266, -18] FNC has suddenly become a top tier agency

8. [+229, -15] They're going to package the deal crap out of him... ㅡㅡ

9. [+210, -9] Ugh... I hate it, they're going to throw in so many FNC kids in all of the shows Yoo Jae Suk and Jung Hyung Don are in

10. [+204, -9] His choice in agency is a bit....???


Source: Nate

1. [+159, -1] He didn't even go with SM but to FNC... this is daebak

2. [+137, -3] Daebak!!!!!!! FNC just got so much bigger with Yoo Jae Suk joining

3. [+98, -6] Did not expect him to do that

4. [+17, -0] Jung Hyung Don and Yoo Jae Suk... FNC has it all

5. [+17, -2] FNC just hit jackpot ㅋㅋ from a nugu company to Yoo Jae Suk, their level just went up tenfold ㅋㅋ they better not do package deals with idols

Soompi / Netizen Buzz / Nate


Crush Accused of Plagiarizing Eric Bellinger’s “Awkward” in New Track “Oasis”


Crush‘s new song “Oasis” has been criticized as being overly similar to hip hop artist Eric Bellinger‘s “Awkward,” not only by netizens but also by one of Korea’s top hip hop music critics.

Crush’s “Oasis” was released on July 9 along with a music video that has now reached almost a million views on YouTube. On July 15, editor of the hip hop magazine “Rhythmer” Kang Il Kwon took to his Twitter to comment on what he sees as the similarities between Crush’s song and “Awkward” by Eric Bellinger.

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“Thanks to the ‘Show Me the Money’ lyrics controversy, it’s gone under the radar that Crush’s ‘Oasis’ copies American R&B musician Eric Bellinger’s ‘Awkward’ to the point that it’s practically a translated version of the song,” says Kang Il Kwon.

“I can’t use the term ‘plagiarism’ because there has not been a legal ruling made after a lawsuit from the original copyright holder,” he adds.

“Right now in the Korean popular music industry, there are too many musicians who are addicted to copying that is done under the mask of referencing,” he says. “There are even those who don’t know that this is wrong.”

Many netizens who listened to the two songs also agreed. They’ve posted comments such as, “It’s to the point that you could call it a translated song,” and “The two songs are similar down to their chord progression.” However, others have said “The feeling in the beginning is the only thing that’s the same, the rest is different,” and “Four bars have to be the same for it to be plagiarism, but they’re not in this case.”

On a video that compares the two songs, another netizen has written, “I’m very disappointed because it seems almost totally the same, from its BPM [Beats Per Minute] down to its chords.”

“Oasis” was composed and arranged by Crush and the production team Stay Tuned. The song also features Block B‘s Zico, who helped write the lyrics.

[netizens comments]
Article: [Exclusive] Crush's 'Oasis' under plagiarism suspicions "practically a remake"

Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Naver

with Eric Bellinger's Awkward

1. [+2,654, -72] Ehhh????? The song's plagiarized? If it's on par with a remake, that's too far

2. [+2,609, -64] If he copied it, he copied it. It doesn't matter to what extent.

3. [+2,400, -56] This has been in the buzz for a few days now but it's been kept quiet for some reason.. finally an article's up;; anyway, the plagiarism is undeniable

4. [+1,814, -55] I took a listen and even I suspected it of plagiarism

5. [+1,387, -868] Just a reminder that these are just suspicions for now, it hasn't been ruled as plagiarism yet

6. [+439, -13] tsk tsk.. Amoeba still hasn't woken up yet.. from Plagiarmary to Crush now?

7. [+424, -13] So embarrassed of plagiarizing composers... honestly an embarrassment to Korea. Can't there be a rule that kicks composers from releasing songs if they have three counts of plagiarism? Even if not a ban, at least a ban from releasing songs for a few years or a limit on how many they can release in a time period.

8. [+420, -10] I know nothing about music and it's undeniable to me. Crush needs to clarify this...

9. [+400, -9] There's a video of the two songs compared side by side and I didn't even know a new song had started because it flowed so naturally..

10. [+338, -9] It's totally the same ㅋㅋ better not call it an homage

source: Soompi naver & Netizenbuzz & Kim David
Seulgi | Eye Candy

Tasty Is Not Having Woolim's BS

Follow up to posts one and two.
Edit: Updated to include Woolim's response

Twin duo TASTY has responded to Woollim Entertainment‘s recent statement regarding the group about their supposed “disappearance.”

Soon after the Korean agency released their side regarding TASTY’s sudden and one-sided decision to withdraw from their Korean activities, posted through their Weibo, the brothers took to their Twitter account this time and responded in Korean:

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Source & Translations: Koreaboo (1) (2) via Starnews + Tasty Twitter (1)(2)

edit: mods, i edited bc literally 5 minutes ago woolim responded i hope that is ok!