July 20th, 2015

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Taeyeon Under Fire (Again) & to Take Action Against Malicious Comments

After Girls’ Generation’s stage on Inkigayo on Sunday, Taeyeon is under fire for allegedly showing attitude problems on stage.

Taeyeon has been the recent hot topic of discussion after allegedly showing attitude problems on stage as she performed with Girls’ Generation on Inkigayo last Sunday.

On July 19th, the group was nominated for first place and appeared on stage to perform their latest comeback track, “Party.” While on stage, however, Taeyeon was seen skipping their original choreography, solely doing other moves, portraying an insincere performance.

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Source: Koreaboo (1)(2) via Naver & Nate + Soompi via Naver SBSMusic1 + kimheenim
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4D cubed is back! 2015 JYJ Membership Week Video revealed

The Japanese Version

[The Korean Version]

JYJ: Hello! We are JYJ!
JJ: We are currently filming for the 2015 Membership Week
JS: You will come, right?
YC: We still have so much to show you
JS: Make sure to come! It's the fourth one!
JJ: The fourth one!
YC: The fourth one!
JYJ: The fourth one!

[The Article]
JYJ to Hold Membership Week and Fan Meeting in August

JYJ fan exhibition will happen again this year.

On the 30th, C-jes Entertainment announced that <2015 JYJ Membership Week> will take place at Seoul Art Museum in Jongro-gu from August 17 to 30. The event includes photo exhibitions of JYJ and a fan meeting of Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu to brush up the good times between fans and the group in the past.

This two-week long exhibition is held under the title of ‘Time… will have to keep going on’ displaying JYJ’s unreleased photos of drama filming scenes, album unreleased cuts and concert behind-the-scene photos.

Moreover, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu will have a special fan meeting which include games, talk shows, and songs. The fan meeting will take place at Jamsil Indoor Gymnastic Stadium on August 25.

JYJ exhibition commemorates its fourth event this year and it has received tremendous love since it first kicked off in 2012. On the first year, the exhibition recorded the largest number of foreigners visit in South Korea as a single event, and became the center of attention by attracting 20,000 fans for three consecutive years.

Source: JYJ JAPAN OFFICIAL WEBSITE, CJESJYJ, translated by @ohmyjunsu (with some changes done by me) via JYJ3, WiKi K-POP.

[BREAKING] Sunye and Sohee Withdraw from Wonder Girls

It has officially been announced that Sunye and Sohee will no longer be a part of the Wonder Girls.

While there were previously talks of the possibility of them rejoining the group, JYP Entertainment has formally announced through a press release on July 20: “Sunye and Sohee, who have promoted as members of the Wonder Girls, have withdrawn from the team. As a result, the Wonder Girls will be promoting as a four-member group (Yeeun, Yubin, Sunmi, and Hyelim).”

As for the reason for their withdrawal, JYPE explained, “In order for her to devote more to her family life, [Sunye] has withdrawn [from the group] as well as terminated her contract. Sohee has also decided to withdraw because she desires to focus on the work that she wants to do.”

The press release also states, “Even for this upcoming [Wonder Girls] album, Sunye and Sohee did not hold back their support for all the members. They will continue to encourage one another and remain good friends. Please show a lot of love and anticipation for the Wonder Girls’ future activities.”

As previously reported, the Wonder Girls will be making a comeback as a four-member band in August.

Soompi | Naver

The end of an era!

Do you think they'll be successful in their endeavors?
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

DSP introduces two members for their upcoming new girl group 'April'

it was then revealed that the group name, April doesn’t really refer to the month of April; rather, it was the combination of A (meaning best) and pril, which stands for lovely femininity. The logo, which features a partial heart, then represents the group’s incomplete heart that will be filled and completed by the fans’ love.

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source: fyeahapril, @APRIL_DSPmedia, DSPApril (1), (2)

BEAST teases title track 'YeY' with an image teaser + performs 'Gotta Go To Work' on Cultwo Show

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media sources: @cubeunited (1, 2); THEB2UTYNOTES
article sources: 일간스포츠 and TV Report via Soompi

BoA talks about her aversion to vegetables as a result of dieting trauma


Article: 'Please Take Care of My Fridge' BoA blames her diet trauma "I don't eat vegetables often because of it"

Source: TV Daily via Nate

"Into my late teens, my agency thought I was too overweight so they made me eat salads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or blended drinks. I lost a lot of weight that way but then they said I lost too much weight. Because of that negative experience, I don't eat vegetables much anymore."

[netizens comments]
1. [+291, -17] No wonder BoA never grew in height, all SM did was feed her salads at an age where she needs nutrients to grow tsk tsk. Greedy SM bastards.

2. [+227, -11] Seriously, listening to the lengths BoA went to with her diets makes my diet pale in comparison ㅠ How can you live without carbs ㅜㅜㅜ It was really cute watching her let it all out on the show though ㅋㅋ

3. [+149, -9] Time flew by with this episode, BoA's so charming. I really liked how she judged each dish with such manners and pointed out the pros and cons. Cool on stage but respectful elsewhere.

4. [+29, -1] She was just chubby then.. can't imagine the stress she must've been under being told to lose weight and then being told she lost too much weight. She was just a kid back then.

5. [+24, -1] I remember when she was promoting 'No. 1' and 'Atlantis Princess', she wore crop tops that showed her stomach and people talked so much about her belly fat showing. She was right at the age where she should be growing too... and then she dropped a ton of weight for 'My Name' and came out with abs.

6. [+22, -4] I felt so bad for her ㅠㅠ but now she's so pretty and respectful ㅎㅎ fun episode today

7. [+17, -4] It's not too late to lose weight after you're done growing ㅠㅠㅠ Look at Sulli, she dropped all the weight after her height was done growing and now she's so pretty...

8. [+14, -0] SM was bad then but so were the hateful commenters who called her chubby and demanded that she lose weight. She was so young back then and wasn't even fat compared to the activities she had to complete with her promotions but people still told her to lose weight... So sad to see skinny stars being forced to diet.

9. [+12, -2] I remember reading that she only ate seaweed for her diet back then, and she was really young too

10. [+10, -0] BoA never grew in height probably because of her diets but also because she started doing hardcore dances at such a young age. She began break dancing and popping since elementary school... Isn't that why Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo never grew either.......

source: Netizenbuzz nate

who got eliminated from omona's fave female idol variety show Secret Weapon??

Secret Weapon Ep4 & 5 highlights
10 girl group members compete in weekly missions based on a celeb role model, judged by a panel of 10 'holic' fans.
The winner of each episode gets to be filmed by professional fancammers.
The overall winner of the show will appear on Weekly Idol with her group.
@mbcgirl2015 | @ScrtWeaponUpdt | streaming link (Fri 6pm KST)

[CAST]Clockwise from top left:
Sihyun (Spica)
Dahye (BESTie)
Solbin (Laboum)
Yerin (GFriend)
Minhee (Stellar)
Daye (Berry Good)
Alice (Hello Venus)
Jei (Fiestar)
Jisoo (TAHITI)
Daeun (2Eyes)

Episode 4 & 5's role model: CL

Unique fashion sense, multingualism, healthy body, rapping

I'm too lazy to save and reupload fantakens from the filming: smilewa 1 & 2 + The Studio

[Round 1: High fashion poses]
Episode 4

ROUND 1: High fashion poses

they had a 'high fashion' photoshoot, which meant that they took photos in weird positions and modelling school students voted for their fave.

Round 1 ranking:

1. Solbin (20 votes)

2. Jisoo (16)

3. Alice (14)

4. Minhee (12)

5. Jei (11)

6. Daye (9)

7. Yerin (6)

8. Dahye (5)

9. Sihyun (4)

10. Daeun (3)

[Round 2: Debate]ROUND 2: Debate

this role model trait was about CL's multilingualism and braininess, so they looked at the girls' academic records and other talents, and they had 3min 1v1 debates and solo speeches. (I won't translate their debates, but if anyone wants to know the gist of any argument just leave a comment!)


10 billion won to go solo
proposition: Jei
opposition: Yerin
WINNER: Jei (10 votes to 1)

if my contract is up, I will...
sign with a small but close-knit agency: Daeun
sign with a huge company: Solbin
WINNER: Daeun (8 votes to 2)

I would prefer to...
become a top star in one year and then retire: Alice
play second fiddle but have a 10-year career: Jisoo
WINNER: Alice (8 votes to 2)

Secret Weapon elimination format
proposition: Daye
opposition: Sihyun
WINNER: Sihyun (9 votes to 1)

secret relationship: Dahye
public relationship: Minhee
WINNER: Dahye (9 votes to 1)

1-MINUTE SPEECH (topic: are idol groups 'singers' or 'performers'?)

all of them chose 'singers'
Jei: 7 votes
Dahye: 7 votes
Sihyun: edited out
Daeun: edited out
Alice: 9 votes (WINNER)

Round 2 ranking:
1. Alice
2. Dahye, Jei
4. Daeun
5. Sihyun
6. Jisoo, Solbin
8. Minhee, Daye
10. Yerin

note: there was no 'winner' for ep4 since it was a two-parter

[Round 3: Body management tips]
Episode 5

ROUND 3: Body management tips

most of this segment was edited out for time, but it's similar to ep1 where the girls all filmed 3-minute videos, this time about how they stay healthy and fit (they're all basically cooking and working out lol). if the judges didn't like the videos or found them boring, they'd hit their red buttons and the video would be stopped. the longer their video gets to play, the higher their ranking.

Round 3 ranking:

1. Jisoo

2. Alice

3. Sihyun

4: Solbin

5: Dahye

6. Daye

7. Minhee

8. Daeun

9. Jei

10: Yerin

[Round 4: Rap battle]ROUND 4: Rap battle

this round was pretty entertaining tbh.. I was pleasantly surprised by Minhee and Jisoo's rapping tones, and Alice's Nutella/Interstellar diss was SO bad and hilarious lol. (I won't be embedding the clips because they're unsubbed, but you can watch them on MBC Every1's channel here)


battle of the rappers

Dahye (15)
vs Sihyun (10)

battle of the maknaes

Solbin (26)
vs Yerin (6)

battle of the 'body-dols'

Minhee (28)
vs Alice (18)

battle of the 'gag-dols'

Daye (30)
vs Daeun (25)

battle of the rivals

Jisoo (29)
vs Jei (24)

the winners then did solo raps about themselves.

Round 4 rankings:
1. Solbin (28)
2. Jisoo (26)
3. Daye (22)
4. Dahye (21)

5. Minhee (11)

1. Jisoo!
2. Solbin
3. Alice
4. Dahye
5. Jei, Daye
7. Minhee
8. Sihyun
9. Daeun
10. Yerin


[DRUMROLL........]the original intention was to eliminate the bottom 5 based on their cumulative rankings from eps 1-5, but since there was a tie for 5th place, only 4 were to be eliminated and replaced by another member from their respective groups.

1. Dahye
2. Daeun
3. Jisoo, Alice
5. Sihyun, Solbin

BOTTOM FOUR: Yerin, Minhee, Daye, Jei

BUT PLOT TWIST! after filming ended, the bottom four's managers met individually with the show's PD and discussed possible member replacements. turns out the managers have the power to decide whether they want to switch out the girls with another member or keep them on the show, so...

FINAL DECISIONS: Jei and Daye will be replaced by other members from their respective groups, while Minhee and Yerin will remain on the show.

I'm glad that these two eps were more entertaining and didn't focus on their bodies for once, but what kind of pointless elimination concept... glad for Yerin and Minhee, but I'll miss Daye's explosive reactions and Jei's chipmunk face and faux-rivalry with Jisoo :( but oh well... both Berry Good and Fiestar get to have more member exposure, so that's the bright side I guess? not that this shitty show is helping any of the cast members anyway

ENGSUB EP1: kshowonline
raw eps: 4a 4b | 5a 5b
chisub eps: 4a 4b | 5

cuts: MBC Every1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
fancams: Spinel | smile -wA-
fantakens: smilewa 1 & 2 | The Studio
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#HelpLeeJungHee "3-Mother-Sons Case" Victims Kidnapped VS Police Statement "That isn't true"

Gyeonggi Province Police states that the mother and sons, victims of "3-Mother-Sons Case", are currently at a hospital in Gyeonggi.

On the noon of 17 July at about 6pm, NAVER cafe 'A body full of scars but still a beautiful woman' posted a message that the mother and sons of the 3-Mother-Sons case have been kidnapped. According to news in the cafe, the mother, Madam Lee (45 years old) 'was forced by family members to be taken to mental hospital' during the process of kidnap. This news spread quickly among the cafe members after it was posted, at the same time, there are people who provided Citizen Daily News with this information.

On 18 July, Gyeonggi Province Police on the request of Female & Youth Sexual Violence Special Search Team, posted the news that Madam Lee and her 2 sons are undergoing Mental Health Evaluation at a hospital in Gyeonggi, on the bulletin board of the Police Station main website. The police expressed that the news was announced to let the public know the truth, due to some netizens spreading untrue information with regards to the 3-Mother-Sons case.

The police expressed that the news regarding the police kidnapping the 3 mother-sons, and sending the mother, Madam Lee and 2 sons to be confined in the mental hospital is not true. On the 17 July, The police agent from Gyeonggi Children Protection Specialised Organisation, lawyer, Civic group in-charge & other related organisations etc participated in a Case Analysis meeting. After discussion, the conclusion was that it was better for the 3-Mother-Sons to receive consultation from a Mental Health Specialist.

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Original source of news:

Source translation : Francesca092391

Edit ->>>>

SOS Message sent by 2nd son
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Source : Help Lee Jung Hee