July 25th, 2015



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★ Miss A's Fei mini post ★

[★ Fei for Marie Claire 5P★]Miss A's Fei for Marie Claire

Fei5 (1).jpg feielle2.jpg

[★Interview - Miss A’s Fei Discusses Her Acting, Ambitions, and Solo Debut With Marie Claire ★]Miss A’s Fei Discusses Her Acting, Ambitions, and Solo Debut With Marie Claire

Miss A’s Fei recently had an interview and pictorial with Marie Claire magazine. The singer is embarking upon acting with her role in a joint Korean and Chinese web drama called “Swan.” She will be acting as an intern in a plastic surgery clinic. Her character is described as a career woman who is bold and has great confidence.

Previously, the multi-talented star has impressed with her stage performances, culinary skills, and sports dance. Having had great success in her previous endeavors, it appears highly likely that she will succeed in acting as well.

In the accompanying interview the star answers questions about her current acting project. Even though filming hasn’t started yet, she is busy constantly reading and practicing her script. In order to prepare for the drama, the singer has been taking acting lessons.

When asked about whether she is trying to change anything about herself, she answers, “I’m usually very shy, so I am trying to be more bold. When acting you have to be able to suddenly blurt out, ‘I love you.’ With my old personality that would have been impossible. I also try to greet staff members. Since staff members move around for actors, I think I should talk to them first to make them feel more comfortable.”

Since the singer has taken on many challenges and appeared on a various variety shows, she discusses her ambitions and says, “I didn’t know, but I am a person with a lot of ambition. I’m a celebrity and there are many who look up to celebrities. But if I do something wrong then it is very embarrassing. I really can’t handle those kind of things.”

Then she is asked if there is anything else she wants to try besides acting. The budding actress replies, “Business! My dream is to become a boss,” as she laughs. She continues, “I don’t have any specific business ideas, but I want to try it before I die.”

The singer also shares some wise words and comments, “My friend told me that people always rise and fall. It is not possible for someone to only go up nor to only go down. Life can be separated into adolescence, middle age, and old age. Someone who studies hard and becomes class president when they are young will not always win victory after victory when they are older. Also, a middle-aged person could live a hard life, but live happily after their children become successful. Life always goes up and down like that. I believe that if I endure difficult times, good times will surely come. Since I am in charge of taking care of my family, I think about how I can’t fall [since others are depending on me]."

Proving to be a filial daughter, the mature singer reveals how similar she is to her mother. However, she also discloses that she cried recently after having a big fight with her mom. Fortunately, the fight is over as she made up with her mother. As for the last time she laughed, the miss A member talks about when she met her friends in China. Although she has become a famous K-Pop star, she was relieved to feel like nothing had changed between her and her old friends.

For the final question, she is asked about any regrets about being unable to do something. She candidly answers, “I wish we could do more promotions as miss A. We typically release one album in a year. I’m a bit sad about that. I think I shine the most when I’m on stage as miss A. If there is no miss A, there is no Fei. I also want to release a solo album someday. I haven’t made any plans regarding it, but I would like to do jazz music.”

Are you excited about her upcoming web drama and potential future solo debut?

[★ Elle Magazine 2P + BTS ★][Pictures + Video ] Elle Magazine

More pictures posted here.


[★ CF for IOPE ★]Miss A's Fei CF for IOPE

[★Video cut ~ Fei On Style Live★][Video cut] Fei On Style Live

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Great interview, Miss A fans should read ^^

Sources: Soompi via Marie Clarie Korea | YT ellemagazinekr 1, 2, | MissABrazil | YT IOPE 1, 2 |  OnStyle 1,2 | Laurelcastllo

shinee (minus minho) heading to smtown in osaka

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onew and key flew out late due to prior schedules. (onew was filming "descendant of the sun" and key had a stage for his edm collaboration at, like, 1am kst on the 25th. an update on minho too! he's apparently scheduled to mc that one festival in ulsan that is going to be airing in place of "music core" on august 1st and shinee are scheduled for an event on august 2nd and for the sokcho music festival / "inkigayo" on august 8th/9th.

source(s): mbn / bnt international / @onewsama_ / @realstory718 / @mr.shinee / @mintlips_0718 / @my_keybeom / @takemeout_jh / @jonghhhhyun / @imsorry_kjh, @onewheart1214, @cdn_xxx

movie news, song covers & swimsuit photoshoot - this Spica post has them all!

Girl Group SPICA is said to be in consideration for appearing in the Korean version of the movie “Begin Again.”

SPICA’s management agency B2M Entertainment said, “SPICA is in consideration for the movie musical. While it is not confirmed, we are hopeful that the negotiations will work out.” They added, “There is a possibility of having only a couple of members to all of the members appearing in the movie.”

The Korean version of “Begin Again” features a girl who works part-time at a convenience store. She hears a mysterious melody in her dreams, and sets out to find it. A producer of an online music program wants to help her.

2NE1′s Dara has been cast as the lead actress, and the movie is set to begin filming at the end of September.

NOTE: there isn't an English article yet, but TV Report has confirmed that Spica will be in the movie (but no specifics mentioned).

seems like a good time to post this again ^^ Spica.S - Lost Stars cover (Begin Again OST)

[Bohyung song covers]Bohyung - Someday cover (Nina)

Bohyung - I Can't Make You Love Me cover (Bonnie Raitt)


[Jiwon InStyle swimsuit photoshoot]Jiwon's swimsuit photoshoot for InStyle (came out at the same time as her car accident news so I didn't post it then :/)

BONUS! Jiwon practising flying yoga (pics courtesy of the yoga studio Vespero)

looks impressive and painful af

sauces: soompi, SPICA YT, @bohyungkim, Turn Up Speaker YT 1 2, vespero.kr, Spica DC Gallery, Turn Up Speaker

me kissing goodbye to any remaining faint hopes of a 2015 comeback :)
moon x hoya

Nine Muses translated tenasia interview!

note: this tenasia interview was done back in February during Drama promotions. translation courtesy of @changseungyeons!

Preface: For this interview, the reporter went on Twitter and collected questions from Korean fans to ask Nine Muses. Hence, there may be some references that are slightly more specific to Korean fandom and not as well known to international fans; these points will be explained with notes.

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long but interesting and cute interview! Moon's thoughtful answers, their drinking/karaoke habits, fave nicknames... and I always love reading about their appreciation for MINEs :') 

Choi Woo Shik, Minah, Jackson, N, Hani and Kim Tae Woo for The Laws of the Jungle

Three weeks ago the producers announced Jackson and Hani as the first idols to join the Nicaragua edition of the show. Now, Kim Tae Woo, Choi Woo Shik, VIXX N and Girl's Day Minah are confirmed to be joining the newest season of The Laws of the Jungle.

The filming is planned for the end of July. Kim Byung Man and Ryu Dam will continue as clan leaders. New season is expected to air in September.

Are you excited for this season?

translation by me l star mt co kr l tv report

Attractive Women Paid to Work Out at Korean Gyms


New light is being cast on the employment of young, attractive women by health centers in Korea in order to attract male customers.

On July 16, a job advertisement titled “Work out two hours per day and earn money (female)” was uploaded by a large fitness center in Mapo-gu on job search website Albamon. Searching for three female employees, the listing’s qualifications were clear and simple: applicants should be born between 1986 and 1996 (between 20 to 30 years old), be taller than 165 centimeters (5.4 feet), and weigh less than 50 kilograms (110 pounds). In exchange for working out each day for two hours, the gym claims it will pay the women 10,000 won (9 USD) per hour.

[click to read more]
Meanwhile, a representative of the fitness center said, “This is a classic method in the industry,” and, “There have already been about ten inquiries in only half a day since uploading the ad.” They also added that “Out of 1,000 members, the gender ratio is only two women for every eight men, so we need to utilize top-level women in our marketing. It might not be ethically sound, but there is no problem from a legal perspective.”

The representative also added that the strategy is “nothing new” in the fitness industry. Many centers offer free membership or pay hourly wages to recruit celebrities, models, and even normal women to join their gyms.

However, many experts are concerned that the practice leads to a commodification of women’s bodies and encourages discrimination among women. Kim Moon Jo, a professor of sociology at Korea University, says, “To put it simply, by recruiting beautiful women these gyms intend to ‘beautify’ the gyms themselves.” He also pointed out, “It is not fair to differentiate based on physical standards.”

source: soompi mk
chanxing | ah yeah

150725 MBC MUSIC CORE E465

Winners Announcement

[ Nominees & Point Categories ]





'Comes and Goes'

Viewer Votes (시청자 위원회) 1383 1140 264
Music Video Chart (동영상) 561 900 144
Digital + Physical Sales (음원 + 음반) 4224 4823 5000
Final Total 6446 8363 5470

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sources: MBCkpop, Skpb K-Music Live

GFRIEND breaks the odds as a 'small agency' group Netizens Comments


1. [+1,220, -303] The power of media play and plagiarism!

2. [+1,064, -170] The best example of a group doing well despite being from a smaller agency is B1A4 and WM Entertainment

[More comments]3. [+1,092, -245] Too bad I don't want any of them as my girlfriend                           -they dont want you either bye

4. [+908, -193] So much media play from them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ worse than FNC...

5. [+762, -174] They need to be investigated for digital sajaegi, especially on Genie Music..                   -100000 tbh

6. [+223, -44] Nevermind their song, the outfit and make up concepts make them look like some dance and arts club straight out of North Korea

7. [+196, -51] They got their name out there fast because they copied SNSD's 'INTW'... well, find strength ^^

8. [+189, -56] It's so obvious that they're copying A Pink and SNSD, what's with all this media play from them..

9. [+122, -13] Girlfriend is not in any way from a smaller agency ㅋㅋㅋ A long time staff member of SM left to create Girlfriend ㅋㅋㅋ and SM reacted right away when the group started getting hate for copying SNSD by putting Sunny as their showcase MC ㅋㅋㅋ How else do you think a newly-debuted rookie group can randomly land a spot on 'Running Man' and feature in SM's music videos ㅋㅋㅋ They didn't work their way up as a smaller agency, they got popular through SM's help ㅋㅋ

10. [+136, -35] I don't want the middle four as my girlfriend, let's just be friends..

11. [+101, -12] Their agency might be "small" but they have a lot of strong networks

12. [+92, -13] Yeah, so why is that such a small agency that isn't even famous can get the girl group on search rankings since their debut? ㅋ

13. [+92, -21] Meanwhile Boyfriend is a failure...

14. [+75, -11] They have SM supporting them from behind..

15. [+60, -17] But isn't that Yoojoo member a good singer? I pissed my pants hearing her sing because she was so good

Source: netzienbuzz naver

Stay salty netz,make them relevant yas!!