November 4th, 2015

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Krystal is the New Model for Gap China

BTS of Shoot

Krystal of K-pop girl band f(x) will be the model for American clothing brand Gap in Chinese-speaking countries, Yonhap reported Tuesday.

She joins top Asian stars including Singaporean singer JJ Lin, Chinese actress Bai Baihe and Taiwanese actor Chang Chen in the “Let’s Gap Together” campaign. Krystal will appear in a duo with JJ Lin, the report said.

The advertising will be released Sunday in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Meanwhile, f(x) last week released its fourth album “4 Walls.”

SOURCE: mewsofia barros + thekoreatimes

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Pledis confirms SEVENTEEN's first solo concert to be held in December!!

Just six months into their idol career, SEVENTEEN is getting ready for their first domestic solo concert.

Newspim reported on November 4 that according to concert industry insiders, the 13-member group has launched preparations for their first-ever Korean concert to be held in December.

Although the venue will fit only up to 800 people, it is extremely rare for a rookie group to announce a solo concert within the first year after debut.

Pledis confirmed that preparations are underway, “Everything is still in the beginning stages, but we have been meeting up with the concert team. The venue, date, and other details have yet to be decided.”

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN has actively promoted their second mini album “Boys Be” for the past two months. The release earned them both domestic and international recognition, topping Billboard‘s World Album Chart and Gaon’s Social Chart for two consecutive weeks. The rookie group was the only K-pop act to make Billboard’s annual “21 Under 21,” and they are also nominated for Best New Male Artist at the 2015 MAMA.

source: newspim via soompi

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Korean reporter criticizes Jaejoong for wearing luxury watch to event

Although he’s currently in the military, JYJ‘s Jaejoong seems to be unable to stay away from being criticized.
After making a mistake while singing the national anthem of South Korea, and then wearing the flag upside down on his uniform, the JYJ member was spotted wearing a luxury watch worth about $160,000 USD to an event. A reporter expressed disapproval at Jaejoong, noting that he should not be wearing such a luxurious accessory while he’s serving at the lowest rank. The article has been very controversial, with netizens supporting both sides of the argument.

[+1335, – 455] He was wearing it during an event outside the army. How is that wrong? He bought that with his hard earned money. There are actual criminals out there living off of money earned illegally go after them not celebrities.

[+ 1124, – 333] He wears a cheap watch inside the army he’s only worn this once or twice.

[+ 1128, – 359] Look at the jealous fxxks here ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ who cares what watch he wears. Why don’t you go worry about more important issues like the changes they’re making to the history text books?

Koreaboo, Kukmin Daily

IU accused of sampling Britney Spear's song without permission

IU’s bonus track “Twenty-Three” from her latest album “Chat-shire” has been accused of illegally sampling from Britney Spears’ song.

The song in question is Britney Spears’ song “Gimme More” which was released in 2007. Britney Spears’ fans noticed a voice and various sounds that sound like Britney Spears in IU’s bonus track version of “Twenty-Three.”

For example, Britney’s voice saying “keep on rocking” can be heard in IU’s song. This is an issue because the song does not credit Britney Spears and it is unclear whether there was any permission given concerning sampling the track.

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Source: Soompi, naver (1, 2), kimjieun@youtube

Nate, Netizenbuzz

Yikes, I doubt queen britney will do anything, but this is nagl



Source: 1theK
I'm really loving everything about this and omg all the songs!! asñdlkas and also
They filmed this in Las Vegas for 5 days, Gain said the rest suffered a lot because of the rain, sand, etc.
They cried cause it made their body hurt 'cause of the weather, you can see them in the rain in the jacket shoot video in their channel.

the mv for warm hole is so cute with their outfits and the album is amaaaazing, I'll update the post whenever they upload it online or make a new one whatevers.

a shinee update post! (very image heavy!)

so, shinee's been pretty busy over the last week and a half with group activities (for the first time in almost a month before that): multiple fan events, multiple concert / festival performances, a shinee world concert, and personal schedules. everything winds down after the end of this week and they're moving into relax mode (thank god) minus taemin who's apparently maybe possibly the next comeback from sm, but i figured i'd throw together a post to get everyone up to speed of how they've been lately:

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source(s): kimkibumssi (i / ii) / eyes on you / can u smile / in taemin / bomiwa / no reason / hykey (i / ii / iii) / z ying / onewfigure / onewrang / itaem / cherish / keysnote / sweet sound / abeibei / guilty pleasure / linemusic_jp / inouesonoko / lmickey / bam / runn_85 / in your arms (i / ii)

i could direct to a ton of airport pictures as well but they've legitimately been at different ones a good six times over the last week so it'd take... a lot, lmao.

Hay Omona! Come and get to know Alexandra Reid, RaNia's new member

Agency DR Music has announced that the girl group RANIA has recruited a black member named Alexandra to group.

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Her instagram if you're interested in more pretty

PICS: Alex Reid, Rania's new freaking beautiful African-American member
NETIZEN BUZZ: Rania declares comeback with their first black member (via NAVER 'Girl group Rania is the first Korean girl group with a black member')


Kasper talks candidly on survival shows in Korea


this is just a segment on the history of survival shows and what goes on behind the scenes
but imo throughout the whole thing she definitely shades idol rappers and show producers lol especially when she talks about mnets editing and has to hold herself back
also at the end she invites you to comment on the video if you want to ask her anything specific.....u know what to do >:)

Things just get even messier for IU: Zezé edition

You can choose to enjoy this special clip of her performing it before you read the rest, I guess

Lyrics of Zeze:
It’s amusing
Look at the tail of your lips rising
I can tell by your laugh
You’re definitely mischievous

Ah ah your name is really pretty
I want to keep calling it
The things I cannot say
Those bad thoughts are lovely

With your small fingers
You touch the sounds
With that ticklish voice
You sing those colors and landscapes yeah

Zeze hurry and come up the tree
Put your lips on the leaves
Don’t joke around
You can’t hurt the trees, you can’t
Zeze hurry and come up the tree
Take the youngest leaf here
Take away the one of a kind flower

Climb up me
Climb up me

Like a flower bloomed
Look at the two cheeks turned rosy
You’re really innocent
But you’re definitely cunning

You seem transparent like a little child
Something about you is dirty
There’s no way to find out
What it is living inside you

Right now, above your head
There may be a floating sun
But I vaguely see
Dark clouds filled inside you

Zeze hurry and come up the tree
Put your lips on the leaves
Don’t joke around
You can’t hurt the trees, you can’t
Zeze hurry and come up the tree
Take the youngest leaf here
Take away the one of a kind flower

Climb up me
Climb up me

I want to touch you one more time
I wait for you here everyday
Come and take everything
I want to call for you

I wait for you here everyday
You sneak away
But you’ll come to see me again tomorrow night

Zeze hurry and come up the tree
Put your lips on the leaves
Don’t joke around
You can’t hurt the trees, you can’t
Zeze hurry and come up the tree
Take the youngest leaf here
Take away the one of a kind flower

Climb up me

Climb up me

[Analysis of ~Lolicon concept~]
IU's interview: "Zeze in 'My Sweet Orange Tree' is a character of hypocrisy. At some points, he's described as "angelic kid, kid with a shining mind" but at other points, he's described as"I've never seen someone as evil as you. You're hopeless." He's innocent but also cruel. He makes people dislike him because he's too playful. The story makes sense because Zeze is young. Zeze as a character is full of hypocrisy, that's why I found it charming and sexy. I got caught between the kid's two sides but I kept cheering for him and loved him until the end of the book. I thought he was amazingly charming. The lyrics are about me talking to Zeze from Minginui's point of view. I considered a lot to write the lyrics. I wrote the song with a lot of possibilities of interpretations."
However, if you read the book, you cannot say that Zeze, an abused child, is cunning or sexy.
An amateur photographer also pointed out IU's lolicon concept:

The books behind her are "Leon, Delicate, Discipline"
Leon is a famous film with a lolicon concept. Delicate is used to describe a "weak girl who is easy to be tricked sexually" in lolicon context. Discipline means an adult man disciplining a girl sexually. The three words are infamous clichés of lolicon.

White dress and messy hair
The photographer says these two pictures are clearly lolicon concept
She sings, "I'm going to be a moist woman" and pours milk on a doll in the music video. In the film 'Leon', Mathilda tells Leon, "you need to feed me with water if you want me to grow." In this context, 'water' translates into 'cum'. "Raising a girl with water" is an infamous lolicon cliché meaning "giving cum".

[Netz speak]
Pann: IU definitely has to give a feedback to this
1. [+380, -56] Woah fuck, I'm getting goosebumps... Wow... so dirty... She's a bubble for sure ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Innocent, my fucking ass~ It wasn't too long ago when she sang songs written by other composers and shook her butt. I knew something was wrong when she suddenly started to act like an artist. Bullshit. I hope many people would read this post.
2. [+374, -20] Wow, it's my first time of seeing Zeze lyrics. Who the hell wrote them? The kid was abused extremely cruelly by his dad and the lack of affection made him rebel. She sees this as charming and sexy??
3. [+354, -18] It's not blowing up because it's IU. If it was an other artist, they would've became another Yewon.
4. [+174, -7] I've always sensed that she's sexual. I think she likes lolicon concept.
5. [+141, -10] I also heard about plagiarism accusations of Leon. I'm not sure if it's just me but it sounds really the same... You can sing the song with the background music. Labelle - Open Up Your Heart.
6. [+131, -5] "I'm going to be a moist woman" ㅋㅋㅋ What's wrong with her? Just do an obvious sexy concept like Hyuna and shoot a nude pictorial. Lolicon concept is disgusting.
7. [+128, -3] Did you guys know that Zeze is also accused of plagiarism? ㅋㅋㅋ Fuck
8. [+115, -0] Minginui is a tree who is Zeze's friend and knows Zeze's mind. How can the lyrics be from Minginui's perspective? And Zeze is only five, it's a bit wrong to call him sexy.
9. [+99, -1] This is from IU's album cover. This kid seems to be Zeze and he's wearing fish stockings and is posing like a pinup girl ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Obvious shotacon, isn't it? I don't understand what she intended when she wrote the lyrics. What she says is a complete misinterpretation ㅋㅋ Did she even read the book?

10. [+93, -3] Her idea on sexualization has a lot of problems. A normal 23-year-old woman can't have this kind of thinking.
11. [+86, -2] I wonder how she'll get away with it this time
12. [+84, -1] IU said in an interview that Zeze was her favorite track and that she expected it to be #2... IU wrote the song.
13. [+83, -1] I saw this and um...

(IU's album photo is similar to a scene in a lolicon film)
14. [+72, -1] Am I the only one who finds Zeze lyrics erotic? "Take the youngest leaf here" sounds like a lolicon line and a flower is commonly used to symbolize purity...

source: 1theK, kpopfans via pann, onehallyu

i would say it's one of the best songs off chat-shire

what's your take on this omona is it art or is it plain gross

iKON Update Post: New Digital Singles, Welcome Back Games, and Japanese Versions

iKON will come back with two digital singles on 11/16. The first single to be teased is the rapper subunit song 'Anthem' by Bobby and B.I.

[[ENG SUB] 3rd, 4th, and 5th Welcome Back Games]

[iKON for NEPA]

English Subbed version

[151102] Video of iKON on Nepa's Official Instagram! 😉👍 #NEPA #iKON

— Sally Kang (@KIMJ1WON) November 2, 2015

[Melon Monthly Chart: My Type is 5 and Rhythm Ta is 10]

[iKON iKONTACT in China Fan Meeting Tour]

[iKON Message for Inkigayo]

[iKON for Tale Runner]Tale Runner is doing a collaboration with YG and their muses are AkDong Musician, Byungjae, Youngmi, and iKON

[Fanmade Japanese Versions: My Type, Rhythm Ta, and Airplane]My Type

Rhythm Ta


I love the "Welcome Back' game series so much. I was waiting for the latest fan meeting behind the stage to come out but instead we got a teaser. YG groups do solos on their albums pretty often but subunits happen alot too. Brings back memories of We Belong Together and Please Don't Go. Interestingly enough in the 4th and 5th Welcome Back games most of iKON is complaining about being in pain because of recording.

Source: YG 1 Winner x iKON 1 Naver V Line 1 2
Sally Kang 1 NEPA 1 Hook Hustle 1
Smile Megaport 1 Naka Shun 1 2 3

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FTISLAND's Lee Hongki to release 1st solo Korean album mid-November

K-pop band F.T. Island’s main vocalist Lee Hong-ki will drop his first solo album in mid-November.

Although this is the 25-year-old’s first official solo EP in his 9-year musical career, he has already proved his singing prowess by participating in the background tracks for television dramas such as “You’re Beautiful (2009),” “The Heirs (2013),” “Bride of the Century (2014)” and “Modern Farmer (2014).”

In April, Lee surprised the judging panel of TV program “King of Mask Singer,” where a masked singer has to be identified by his or her singing and technique.

Lee’s group F.T. Island debuted as a quintet in 2007 and immediately rose to fame with hit-song “Lovesick.” They recently finalized their eight-city-thirteen-concerts Japanese tour with their latest album “Puppy.”

kpopherald, starin

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Mid-november... fnc where art thou

The Return of Superman Ep. 101

- Ep.101: [Changing Fear into Courage] The triplets are in the army! Ilkook is worried and he tries to sneak in by a disguise. The twins have become doctors! They wear the doctor's white coat, stethoscopes and even glasses! They also try some Indian food. Sarang tries to earn the yellow belt in taekwondo. Will she be able to get it? Jion is in love with eggs now after bananas. Taewoong and Haejin tell her to not break the egg. Will Jion be able to keep the promise? Seola and Sua have transformed! They have straight hair now and they even got their nails done! Look forward to the twin girls' makeover! And Daebak gets his first haircut ever!

KBS World TV

daebak is the most easy-going baby on the planet lol. the twins' segment was so intense, poor things. jion has really come out of her shell since the start of the show, i'm gonna miss her when she leaves
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Twice round-up : fandom name, individual 'special videos', Today's Room & Halloween

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[Bonus: Twice as Gryffindors (just because)]

They dressed as Gryffindors for the fanmeeting on 30 October 2015

Sources :
Fandom name: Soompi + Twice's Instagram
Special videos: JYP Youtube Channel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
V App Video: Jimeous Youtube Channel
Fanmeeting pics: Naver +
Zion.T Blue
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Dean Pairs Up with Zico for "Pour Up"

via Dean the Official on Youtube

Zico's part is very small in case you're wary. Also he dressed normally, lol—in case you're wary about that too. There is something kind of haunting about this song that I like. I really liked his past songs I listened to and am looking forward to his stuff going forward. Are you ready for Korea's newest crooner/song writer of your faves turned solo artist to come into your life?