December 10th, 2015


It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left y'all without some Rania news!



happy thanksgiving 💕💕 #thanksgiving2015 dinner w/ @hyeme1222 @daraeda @thealexreid

배부른 그녀들 ㅋㅋ
전통적인 추수감사절 음식은 아니었지만 알렉스는 매우 좋았다구 해용-! 오늘 함께 한 친구들은 라니아의 리더 디 와 막내 혜미 💕

알렉스덕에 칠면조를다먹어봤네욘 #추수감사절 #thanksgiving2015
Thank you Alex😙


Girls night



Q. How was the remaining members think about the new members?
Di: I think they are very kind and are a kind of people who we can easily get along with.
Xia: I am very thankful to them because they are kind and respect the original members.
T-ae: I love them because they are very passionate about what they do.

Q. So much interest towards Rania after the comeback news released and of course about the first African-American member Alex joining the group. How do you feel about that?
Rania: We were very positive about the fact that Alex would be joining to our team because she’s not only talented but also she is actually very pretty. Alex is truly a good friend of ours.

Q. What does Rania want to achieve / biggest goal in the shortest time as a group and individual?
T-ae, Xia: We definitely want to become one of the greatest girl groups in the world. Also, we want to be on the top of Korean music program.
Alex: Just to make our fans proud and give them something to smile about!

Q. What is Rania’s future plans?
Hyeme: The first thing we have to do is to promote 'Demonstrate’. Secondly, we will probably be going out to other countries for promoting the album.


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#v앱 #10분전 #교복 #한림예고 #서공예 😂😂😂😂

집에가는길에! 어무니, 오빠와 함께 팬분이주신 비눗방울놀이!!💕헤헿 #비눗방울놀이 #동심 .. 얼마만이지😳🙊 #라니아 #슬지 #seulji #Rania

The glamourous side of #idollife




[🎇MTV THE SHOW PICS (08/12/15)🎇📸]🎇MTV THE SHOW PICS (08/12/15)🎇📸


They also performed for the military last week!



Nnnnn someone needs to send Alex a primer on the newest Kpop dances bless!



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You've waited 2 years for this!!!! Artpop: Frankenstein's monster edition~~~ [HARD MODE]

Story behind the pic: Nichkhun is a scientist, in an attempt to help Bom stop her addiction to corn he ends up turning her into one, she accuses him of doing it purposefully coz she thinks he hates her, this is taking place right when Nichkhun is trying to make Jackson stop being so hot. When will your k-dramas create award winning stories like that?

The last guessing game I made was over 2 years ago! Someone suggested I make a frankenstien sorta thing, so here we are.

Before entering this post, I need to ask you....can you handle #artpop?! can you handle MY artpop?!

You will have your mind and ideals challenged! You will question why Nichkhun Frankenstien created such a creature so beautiful, so much aegyo, the world can not handle it, so I ask you once again...CAN YOU HANDLE MY ARTPOP?!?!?!?!

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Sorry to keep you waiting, I look forward to claiming the 'comeback fo the year award' at this year's Omona awards show.

EXO With The Star Wast Cast Master Post

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[news pictures]Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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[star wars fanboy level: exo]Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[fansite pictures]Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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[fancams and news video]

[John Boyega wants to join EXO]

sources: newsen (1, 2, 3, 4), tenasia, newspim, wstar, tvdaily (1, 2, 3), sportsq, donga, overboard, yellow moon, iridescent boy, my black label, aiolos, kindly, XINAMINGx_x (1,2,3), sehunownsme, beagles_show, John Boyega (1,2), junmapanda.

nominations for the 30th golden disk awards are out!


award show season is still creeping up on us!! this time, nominations for the 30th golden disk awards (aka korea's "version" of the grammy awards) have been announced. (voting also started but you apparently have to pay $1 daily???? to vote so i won't even get into that. regardless: voting ends on january 10th.) the ceremony will take place on january 20th - 21st in shenzhen, china, with one day being dedicated to the digital sector and the other to the disk. noms are behind the cuts!

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source: golden disk awards (official website)

WJSN/Cosmic Girls reveal first unit: Wonder Unit

first, a general silhouette teaser (with rollerskates??):


next, if it weren't already obvious:

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now for the new members/unit:

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WJSN_Cosmic 1, 2, Girlgroupzone 1, naver via wjsndaily, wjsndaily 1, 2, 3, soompi

bona is so gorgeous!
im guessing there will be 4 units of 3 members each, and the next 3 will be J/S/N units?
i think wonder unit will be the cutesy/innocent unit because of the styling (and dayoung's age)

The artist formerly known as K of Wonder Boyz debuts as Owol with "Dream on You" M/V

Coming off the heels of Wonder Boyz' disbandment earlier this year, former member Kim Tae Hyun has signed to Chitwn Music and released his first single under the label, "Dream on You." It's a pretty solid R&B track with a trap beat and guitar hook, and BAP's Jongup and Zelo both promoted the track on Twitter.

Prior to signing with Chitwn, he released "I Know It" as Tae Hyun under Dream Perfect Regime and a couple other songs not really of note

[I Know It]

Chitwn Music artist page

Source: kt music, Chimp-U

Do you periodically remember that the Wonder Boyz existed, Omona?
Seyoung Laugh

Park Seyoung is Absolutely Gorgeous for BNT International

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I can't with the pretty. She is gorgeous. I'm happy to see her doing photoshoots and getting love for her role in 'My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol'. Hope to see her in more prime time dramas, soon. Please accept this as my extended campaign for her nomination in this year's OSWA.

ParkSeyoung Baidu Bar | parkseyoung.only | makeupmihyun


Welcome to our 3rd annual Holiday Gift Exchange!!!!!!!!!

From our very first year the Holiday Gift Exchange has been a success & the tradition continues <3

unnieclaus graciously hosted last years event, but this year it is I, jacksonfrost, who is pleased to oversee the festivities.

Comment down below for your secret santa to use as a guideline:

  • Username/Name

  • Favourite kpop/other groups/artists/actors

  • OTP(s)

  • K-dramas/TV shows

  • Favourite thing to do during the holidays

  • Other snippets you would like your secret santa to know

Please make sure you’re 100% sure you’ll be able to participate and commit before signing up.

I will be messaging each user with a username that they will be responsible for!

Your job will be to create anything (ie. an image, a card, poem,story) incorporating your username’s likes! Go crazy!!! Examples: 1, 2

[Important Dates]
Important Dates:
Sign up before: Dec. 14
Usernames will be given out before: Dec.15th
Exchanging of gifts on Dec. 23rd

PS: If you want to participate but are unable to post the gift yourself on the 23rd, please email me at & I will be able to post it for you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
JaeChun love

Another win for XIA Junsu - ‘Top Star Award’ at KOLSA 2015

XIA Junsu wins ‘Top Star Award’ at KOLSA 2015

JYJ member Kim Junsu, or XIA, was honored with the Top Star Award at the 2015 Korea Lifestyle Awards on Wednesday.

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Source: KPop Herald, Tenasia translated by Rilanna of JYJ3, Xiah kkyu

In his speech he also talked about how thankful he was to his two members, who were in the army, protecting the country. JYJ bromanceship is the best. <3
jimin run 1

Big Hit apologizes for the BTS manager incident: manager has been dismissed from position

Hello, this is BTS' company Big Hit Entertainment.

We sincerely apologize for having given the fans anxiety through the '2016 BTS Season's Greetings DVD Making' video. Big Hit Entertainment completely prohibits any coercive actions that may cause the company artists to be unable to freely exercise their capabilities and energies. However, we must take responsibility both for the problematic action that arose, and for the fact that such a scene was included in a video that had so much meaning for the fans.

The manager in question has acknowledged his mistake, and has been summarily dismissed from his position. The supervisors have also been asked to take responsibility.

To make sure that a problem like this never again arises, we will make efforts to strengthen the internal control system of the company. In addition to this issue, we will also check through all of the similar cases that have been revealed online. Additionally, in the future should this situation recur, we will take strong action without regard to the position of the person in question.

Big Hit Entertainment considers this to be a serious problem that has shaken the principles of the company.

With heavy hearts, we are looking backwards to ensure that we have not overlooked the reasons for which we do this work. We will use this as an occasion to strengthen our most important principle, which is 'respect for and faith in our artists.'

Once again, we deeply apologize to the fans who give BTS so much love.

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sources: Big Hit's original tweet | Translation by BTS0222 | NetizenBuzz | Naver

previous post about the incident.
im at a point where i dont how much of this statement should i believe. but them addressing it is a step in the right direction i guess.

❄️🎄🎁 B1A4 blesses us with an early christmas present - 'It's Christmas'! 🎁🎄❄️

[Song translation]
Open your eyes darling
It’s Christmas
If you look outside
White snow is falling
Look at this white world
My heart beats faster without reason
I can’t control this feeling
Even if it’s just for a while
I want to feel the snow outside

I don’t want to see you today Kevin
I don’t want to be alone at home
How about putting what you’re doing on hold
And enjoying it
Time doesn’t wait for one
Everyone’s friends on Christmas right
I just wanna be a good friend
I just wanna be a good friend
Everyone’s together on Christmas right
I just wanna be a good friend

I don’t know what should I do
This upcoming dark night
Shall I quickly find someone
Or shall I watch TV
Instead of the warm floor at home
I’ve prepared a muffler
So please look for me
Ride a sled through the snow
The snow is piling up outside the window
I hear the bells ringing in my ear
Don’t be lonely even if you’re alone
I’ll be
I just wanna be a good friend
Let’s go to the crowded Myungdong street
I can hear the sounds of your heart
A day that everywhere shines beautifully
That’s today

I don’t want to see you today Kevin
I don’t want to be alone at home
How about putting what you’re doing on hold
And enjoying it
Time doesn’t wait for one
Everyone’s friends on Christmas right
I just wanna be a good friend
I just wanna be a good friend
Everyone’s together on Christmas right
I just wanna be a good friend

Open your eyes darling
It’s Christmas
If you look outside
White snow is falling
Look at this white world
Don’t be lonely because
An even better day will come soon

Everyone’s friends on Christmas right
I just wanna be a good friend
I just wanna be a good friend
Everyone’s together on Christmas right
I just wanna be a good friend

source: Minji Lee + Melon, trans by skipfire

"I don’t want to see you today Kevin, I don’t want to be alone at home" lmaooo the song is really cute!!!
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Oh My Girl Detained at Los Angeles Airport for Over 7 Hours, Returns to Korea

oh my girl 2

Rookie girl group Oh My Girl has reportedly been detained at an airport in Los Angeles.

A representative of their agency revealed on December 10, “The members of Oh My Girl departed for the U.S. on December 9 to prepare for their new album. But as far as we know, they have been detained at the airport for over seven hours.”

“The members of Oh My Girl and their staff successfully passed through immigration, but it appears that their filming equipment and outfits for the album jacket shoot have become a problem. Apparently there has been a misunderstanding during the customs inspection. We are trying to find out what exactly has happened.”

Meanwhile, Oh My Girl debuted in April and followed up in October with their second mini album and its title track “Closer.”

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source:, newsis, news.nate via soompi,

aww i feel bad for them, i wonder what happened. but i'm excited they're coming back soon!!!
Yamamoto Takeshi, KHR

Sunggyu: "we fought and didn't talk for 3 days". OP thinks he means 3 WEEKS [Showtime]

Idol group INFINITE will be appearing on their first reality program in two years through MBC Every1’s “Showtime.” At the press conference, the six members (Sungyeol was absent due to overseas schedules) promised to show a different side of INFINITE.

[rest of the press conference]
Leader Sunggyu said, “It feels good to be able to participate in ‘Showtime.’ It’s been a while since the last time we filmed a reality program with all the members. We worked hard so please anticipate the broadcast.

The PD for the show revealed, “We wanted to cast INFINITE because they had shown themselves to be talented in many reality programs before. Not only do we plan to show their ordinary daily lives, but we also plan to revisit the memories the members made together.”

“Through the broadcast we will show our daily lives, our daily interactions, and even our daily conflicts,” Woohyun said.

We’ve been together for six years, so there’s bound to be some conflict,” Sunggyu added. “Woohyun and I actually fought recently, but we resolved it over a bottle of soju. That kind of natural interaction will be seen through the broadcast. When I have a fight, I easily get over my angry feelings. We also all nicely tease each other. Its something that we can do because we’re close with each other. It is difficult for us to break our relationship easily, because we understand each other’s personalities so well.

[alternate translation I used for the title]

[Fight he is referring to in Showtime Episode 01]
Sunggyu: "Among us, there’s one member [Woohyun] who always brings laughter to other members. He talks a lot and very noisy. He’s well-known for his image of being always bright and cheerful. Actually, he used to be an introvert. Although everyone claims him as greasy, he’s the type who couldn’t sleep at night after making a small mistake. Recently, he was facing his biggest slump since our debut, he was tired due to the hectic schedules and various conditions on stage. There’re some fans who couldn’t accept the fact that he has changed from a joyful person to a recitent one. I was angry at his behaviour and we even had a quarrel. There’s one day when I saw him crying alone at the backstage, I regretted my action towards him. Woohyun-ah, I will take care of you more, hope that I can become a partner or friend who you can share everything with. And I have a request, can you stop playing soccer and have a talk with me?"

Youngest member Sungjong promised to show a more mature and manly side of INFINITE, while members L, Hoya, and Dongwoo said that they would show a side of themselves not often seen on broadcasts.

If viewership ratings top 2 percent, then Sungyeol will donate all of his appearance fees,” Sunggyu concluded. “I sent him a message about it but he’s still in the jungle. It’s okay because he’s the type to agree to anything.”

Woohyun joked, “Good things like that should be done together,” but Sunggyu firmly replied, “Just Sungyeol will do it.”

INFINITE is the sixth group to appear on “Showtime” following EXO, BEAST, A Pink, SISTAR, and EXID. The first episode will air on December 10 at 6 p.m KST.

Source: Naver (1, 2), soompi, nwh91_0208 (1, 2), slomotion0428, chandoo, lakkimi.

Inspirits, have you also felt the ice age, the storm of siberia, the freezing of the glaciers, the intersidereal blizzard, the ISS cold flames from the period Woohyun and Sunggyu were off for three weeks?

EXO's 'Sing For You' Topped Music Charts in Korea + #1 on Melon for 33 Hours Straight and Counting


As expected, EXO's winter single ‘Sing For You' is a chart-topper. The group released the winter special album just yesterday and it has already secured first place ranking in almost all the music charts in Korea.

The album features two title tracks and all the songs were released at midnight yesterday. The other title song is called 'Unfair' and it placed second to 'Sing For You.' The songs conquered the no. 1 and no. 2 spots in MelOn, Naver Music, Genie, Bugs and Soribada.

'On the Snow' and 'Girl x Friend' are on top of the charts as well so the group is very happy with the results.

On the other hand, it was reported that the Chinese version of Sing For You album was simultaneously unveiled in China and as usual, the real-time music chart Baidu King revealed EXO's winter album as first place.

Meanwhile, the members held their comeback stage earlier today at Lotte World in Jamsil. The event was called ‘EXO COMEBACK STAGE - Sing For You.' It was aired live via Naver V app so fans around the world definitely watched the show too.

Aside from singing the new songs, a segment for chatting with fans was part of the program as well. EXO is set to appear on MBC′s Music Core on Dec. 12 and SBS′ Inkigayo on Dec 13 to promote their album via comeback stages.

[#1 on Melon for 33 Hours and Counting]
exo chart.png

[Current screenshot of Melon&apos;s Top 10]

Source: kpopstarz

This is the strongest opening for an EXO single yet! And they're beating out competition like Psy, Zico Ft. Zion.T, the Reply 1988 OSTs, Brown Eyed Soul! Bb's been killing physical but now they're killing it digital as well!


EXO Sing For You Comeback Showcase Post

[LMR, On The Snow, Unfair]

[MV/Album BTS]

[Full Talk]

[Yixing crying :(]

[Kyungsoo & Suho&apos;s punishment]

[(Netizen Buzz) EXO sets records with Song For You on V App]Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Article: EXO's impressive 2015 year sets another record

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+3,041, -204] They broke 70 million hearts on V app... love you EXO

2. [+1,979, -149] Thank you for being together EXO, let's love

3. [+1,808, -130] Thank you for singing, love you

4. [+1,593, -110] EXO, love you ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+368, -13] They hit 1.38 million viewers and 74 million hearts right when their broadcast ended. Live was daebak too. Amazing EXO!!!


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Article: EXO Lay, "I'm sorry to the members, and I love them" tearful confession

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+1,778, -57] It must be hard for Lay. He's working so hard for both EXO and his Chinese promos... I want to tell him to find strength.

2. [+1,601, -47] I feel so bad for him... imagine the stress he must've been under after the other Chinese members left. And the way people must've looked at him...

3. [+1,428, -50] Lay really is so nice and works hard... I remember watching a VCR of him kneeling and choked up over it... here I am again choking up after watching this V app

4. [+1,142, -54] Lay ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+308, -9] Poor Lay... so many people hated him after the other Chinese members left ㅠㅠㅠ Broke my heart when he said he was the most unpopular member in his interview ㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+294, -8] Watched them for the first time today and their live was great, seems people are being too harsh on them for no reason

7. [+259, -5] It must be hard being the only Chinese member but I'm grateful that he's sticking it through ㅠㅠ

8. [+201, -3] Lay ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Find strength ㅠㅠㅠㅠ We may not know all that you're going through right now but we can feel it without you having to tell us ㅠㅠㅠ


sources: namja1to4 (1,2), exocrack (1,2), HOOKANG 'ㅅ', GirlsGenerationSNSD VEVO, netizenbuzz, naver (1,2), 러브링 (1,2)

smh at them for not performing girl x friend. also, sehun singing T_T i'm so proud of him, and yixing saying sorry and cried