February 25th, 2016

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First filibuster since 1969 in SK government aims to block anti-terrorism bill; records set

Minjoo Party member and labor activist-turned lawmaker Eun Soo-mi 8 hours and 30 minutes into her filibuster.

Partisan standoff peaks over antiterrorism bills
by Yeo Jun-suk of the Korean Herald
A partisan standoff over the controversial counterterrorism bill continued to surge on Wednesday as opposition lawmakers scrambled to filibuster the government-led legislation that they say will undermine civil liberty by expanding intelligence agencies’ surveillance power.

In a plenary session in which a filibuster rule was first applied since its abolishment in 1973 and reinstatement in 2012, liberal lawmakers from The Minjoo Party of Korea and other minor opposition parties have taken to the podium since Tuesday evening to block the bill from reaching the floor for a vote.

The move came after National Assembly speaker Rep. Chung Ui-hwa decided to invoke his authority to bring up the bill to a plenary vote without sending it for parliamentary committees’ approval. The speaker noted that failure to pass the bill constitutes a national crisis in which he can use his power.

While the Saenuri Party asserted that the bill is crucial to prevent potential terrorism, the main opposition countered that it would grant the National Intelligence greater authority to collect financial statements and phone records of those who the agency views as terror suspects, without a warrant signed by the court.

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Opposition lawmaker breaks record for longest filibuster

SEOUL, Feb. 24 (Yonhap) -- An opposition lawmaker set the record for the longest filibuster in Korean history Wednesday, delivering a 10 hour and 18 minute address on the parliamentary floor to block the passage of an anti-terrorism bill.

Rep. Eun Soo-mi of the Minjoo Party began giving her address before a largely empty National Assembly at 2:30 a.m. and got off the podium at 12:48 p.m., replacing the record set more than 40 years ago. The previous record was set by Park Han-sang in 1969, a then-opposition lawmaker, who gave a 10 hour and 15 minute address against the constitutional amendment drive by the Park Chung-hee government.

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the filibuster can be watched live here

source: the korea herald, yonhap news, @Mwamwa_ono, FactTV; picture from news1, tweet translation and caption by me

first post, i hope it's formatted ok! lots of support for the minjoo party on sns. the filibuster's become huge domestically, thought it might be interesting to share. 2 days down, 14 more to go.

Fiestar's Cao Lu to join MBC We Got Married with Jo Seho

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source: girlgroupzone twitter 1,2, TV Report via Naver, News1 via Daum

why this creep :((((((((
but yesss get that exposure lulu!
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[Trans] Exclusive Interview with Day6 by MusicMthai

Q1: Each member of day6 has a role in writing the lyrics and composing the songs in the album THE DAY. Was it hard to complete all songs in this album?

[Read More!]Sungjin: We co-wrote the songs with composer sunbaes (Idk if I use the correct word, it’s senpai in Japanese) we have learned so many things. For me, writing the lyrics is the hardest. To write the lyrics and capture people’s hearts is not easy. And also choosing and ordering the songs in this album, we discussed with the company and then done.

Jae: it’s pretty hard because we really have no idea what kind of songs that would be good enough for the company to choose one. We must try to make the songs in which are our styles and in which the company wants. We worked sooo hard with the company so that we can choose the best songs out of all the songs we’ve made.

Junhyeok: since we have trained for so long, it seemed like we don’t have that much time. When composing a song, we’ll have the member which suits that song be the leader and then the rest of members help him out.

YoungK: because we are the first band of JYP that compose all the songs ourselves, we are very nervous and we don’t know which way to go but I think this is a good opportunity that Day6 can grow up after we have been training for a long time. Each member is good in his own way. There was a time when we split the songs into different genres, parts and melodies for each member to work on it and then we mixed all the things together. We also co-wrote the lyrics and topic and that’s how this album was made.

Wonpil: besides writing the recently popular kind of songs ((sry I don’t know how to translate this, he’s talking about the genres that are popular these days), we also have to make the songs more perfect. That made us very nervous but I think this anxiety would contain more happiness in the future.

Dowoon: I think the results from what we discussed between members and the company turned out very well. I want to learn more about composing songs and develop myself more in the future.

Q2: we have known that each of you has different taste in music, what kind of music do you like? And the song in “The Day” that you like the most?

Sungjin: I don’t have any particular one. If it makes me feel good then I like it. I prefer the music which the songs stand out (I think he mean the overall of the song) than the instrument though. In this album I like ‘Congratulations’ the most. Never get bored of it.

Jae: I like songs that convey the feeling. I don’t stick to particular genre but I like listening to hip-hop and ballad. My fav song of this album is probably ‘Freely’. It’s the song that lifts up the mood in the concert every time we perform it.

Junhyeok: I like Gospel, Pop Ballad, Brit-Pop. My fav song in the album is ‘Congratulations’ and the second one is ‘Colors’

YoungK: I don’t have any particular one. I like it as long as it’s good but if I have to choose, it would be Hip-Hop. In this album I like ‘Congratulations’ because it contains a lot of feelings and I am totally into the song.

Wonpil: I don’t have particular genres. I listen to what I like. In this album I love “Like that sun” the most because it’s mixed up with EDM though we are a band.

Dowoon: I used to listen to Jazz a lot. I still love to listen to the songs that are similar to ‘waltz for debby’ by Bill Evans. Now I’m learning the style of the music band. For ‘The day’ I like ‘Habits’ the most. In the verse “널 만지던 내 손버릇 널 향한 손버릇…”, the instrument in that verse is like it’s exploding, that’s why I like it.

Q3: Besides the instrument you play now, any other instruments you can play?

Sungjin: Djembe and Cajon. Though I’m a guitarist, I’m better at Cajon.

Jae: I can play bass a little but not that good. And piano, just for the chords. Just that (laughed)

Junhyeok: I can play guitar

YoungK: Guitar. After Jae came in, I started to play bass.

Wonpil: Guitar

Dowoon: I was learning bass for 3 months but I totally forgot it. Now I can only play drums. I would want to learn piano if I had chance.

Q4: First impression on other members? And now you are bandmates, any changes?

Sungjin: YoungK, he’s so focused on practicing. I like playing along with practicing. Junhyeok is cute. He has a baby face that I can’t believe we’re at the same age. I’m so envy! Wonpil, he has his own space, in 4th dimension (Lol Sungjin plsss). Jae, he is Park Jaehyung from K-pop Star!! Dowoon is a cute and innocent little brother. Nothing changes much after we are a team.

Jae: I met other members while I was competing in K-pop Star. Everyone was so awesome. They looked scary though. At first I thought ‘or maybe they were cold fish’ but actually they are so nice.

Junhyeok: I thought everyone was not easy-going but it’s not like that when we are together. And it seems like we are always side by side.

YoungK: firs impression on Junhyeok is the mate that play music together, Sungjin is the one with diaclet. Wonpil, I can’t remember him that much (laugh), Jae is the one from K-pop Star! And Dowoon, who might look scary in some points but after we are bandmates, he’s totally different, he’s not scary at all and he’s super cute.

Wonpil: everyone was so nice when we first met. After we are bandmates, the one that changes the most is Dowoon! I thought he’s the kind of the person that doesn’t speak much and cold but he’s actually gentle and likes to be loved.

Dowoon: Sungjin hyung looked quiet, Junhyeok hyung looked like a gentleman, Jae hyung was nice, Wonpil hyung looked like someone that would enjoy the stage and YoungK hyung gave that superstar aura. After we are bandmates, I think I’ve learned more about them.

Q5: Remember your busking? Which one impressed you the most?

Sungjin: the first one. I never thought there would be so many people singing along with us.

Jae: Hmmm probably the first one. We were shooting an advertisement and there was a scene that we did busking. The people out there cooperated so well, they probably didn’t even know us. And though they were hired, that day was a lot of fun.

Junhyeok: the first one. (dude, speak more)

YoungK: the one that we performed in front of Konguk uni (sry if I misspelled the name) without using mics. It was so exciting and felt like we could talk to the fans.

Wonpil: the one at Konguk uni

Dowoon: the one at HongIk uni might be the dopest one.

Q6: Want to do busking in Thailand? Where?

Sungjin: Wherever, I just want to play music for those who love music.

Jae: I want us to walk around with two guitars and shaker. Wanna try that someday

Junhyeok: somewhere in BKK might be good

YoungK: anywhere is good. Especially night market, walking along with playing music, that is my dream.

Wonpil: Siam (he means the shopping area in BKK)

Dowoon: it doesn’t matter where, I want to do it everywhere.

Q7: before coming to Thailand, what do you think of Thailand, any difference from your thoughts when you’re here?

Sungjin: They like music band. The cheering from fans that came to our fanmeeting was more than I expected.

Jae: many people said Thailand is soooooooooo friggin hooooooooottttt so I just brought only t-shirts and shorts but it wasn’t that hot and also inside the building is so cold, we didn’t expect that and the best thing is Thai fans are soooo awesome!! (thx bro XD)

Junhyeok: I’ve heard that thai food is good and they are friendly to Korean and they actually are.

YoungK: heard that there are a lot of good food and we’ve tried them! So tasty, much more than I expected.

Wonpil: I’ve heard that they are serious about the manners, and they actually are, everyone waii (thai way of greeting) to each other.

Dowoon: I thought people would ride elephants but it’s not like that. The view is very beautiful.

Q8: Sungjin has been in Thailand before, how was that?

Sungjin: the food wasn’t quite tasty at the time. I remembered I barely ate so I’ve been with that thought for thai food. But now I think thai food is tasty for me

Q9: Jae is talented in creating hashtags, pls create hashtags for each members

Sungjin #OnlyPersonEverToSeriouslyConsiderASaewookkangTattoo

Young K #JaeHyungParkIanReadyForTakeoff

Joonhyeok #DewTheDrewAndrewPadSeeYew

Wonpil #TheStopKissingJaeCampaign2016 #SaveALife

Dowoon #UuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHwaiting

Jae #IAlmostGotACarseatForChristmas….LongStory

(note: PadSeeYew is a thai dish, he plays with the rhymes)

Q10: What is Day6’s goal in 2016?

Day6: in 2016, we want to release new album and promote happily. Our goal is to release more albums than in 2015!

Sources: MusicMthai | Little Killer

This is from a while ago, but I am so Day6 deprived. They've been off social media for weeks now, and there's no news of anything from JYP. Even their Sukira appearance got canceled...

On the other hand, they're so adorable it hurts my heart.
Music // Jiu 1

Jessica Finishes Recording Solo Album

Jessica will be possibly making a comeback as a solo singer.

According to a February 25 report, Jessica has been in production since the end of last year for a new solo album. She reportedly finished recording all the songs, and is currently holding discussions for when to release the album. The specifics, nor the title song, have been decided at this point.

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source: soompi (naver 1, 2), sica's instagram

I'm so excited! I'm wondering what type of songs there will be on the album and I hope, we'll get at least one MV! *.*


160225 M! Countdown

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]
AOA Cream

'I'm Jelly Baby'



Digital Sales (음원 판매 점수) 2459 5000
Physical Album Sales (음반 판매 점수) 0 1500
Viewer Votes (선호도 점수) 756 1000
Social Media (소셜미디어 점수) 1500 395
Mnet Broadcast Points (엠넷 방송 점수) 884 1000
Final Total 6032 9895

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sources: Mnet, Skpb K-Music Live, KPOP IU, hkg4nia, lovely boys, 러브 링, HelloFlora

Epik High and Roy Kim to close Korean-American Students Conference in NYC

Sharing a common thread of being Korean artists who were or are students in the United States themselves, Epik High and Roy Kim are two of the acts performing at the closing concert of the Korean-American Students Conference in New York City. The conference is "the oldest and largest ethnic-specific student conference in the nation" and will host speakers on various career topics, including beauty, fashion, engineering, banking, culinary arts, and non-profit organizations.

You do not have to be a student or attend the conference in order to go to the concert. Per the Eventbrite page:

For those who are NOT students but would like to join us at the KASCON 27 Closing Ceremony, please purchase the Closing Ceremony Only tickets! The Closing Ceremony is open to the general public.
*IF you are a KASCON 27 Student Attendee, you DO NOT have to purchase a separate Closing Ceremony ticket!

The concert will be on March 19th at 8 p.m. and tickets can be purchased here (select the "Concert ONLY" option.)

Source: eventbrite, KASCON website 1, 2

If I were anywhere near New York I'd totally go to this. Are you a student, Omona? What's your major?
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Cheese in the Trap' conflicts between original webtoon writer + cast surface

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A number of issues regarding the drama have been exposed to the media. Sunkki, the original webtoon writer, revealed that she had asked the producers of the drama to make the ending differently from her own to avoid spoilers since her webtoon is still ongoing. The producers, however, did not listen and Sunkki found that the ending was far too similar to her own. Furthermore, a script was leaked that showed large chunks of Yoo Jung's lines completely cut from the original scenes, making people question why the drama is taking the direction it is.


Article: 'Cheese' original writer pleas, "Please avoid spoiling the original work"

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+4,613, -53] Is it right to treat the original writer as poorly as tvN is now?? If this is a dramatization of an original work, they should be working in cooperation with the original writer... how dare they do this to her? And even having the balls to spoil the ending of the original work too? So shameless

2. [+5,096, -507] At this point, the producers need to stop giving excuses and clarify what's going on. Why did the male lead change, why was Park Hae Jin never informed about the cast vacation, why was Seo Kang Joon given permission to change his lines however he wanted?

3. [+1,095, -47] The funniest part is that the producers destroyed the original work by trying to fit all of the scenes onto one character but that character is even being rejected by fans of the original character. This has to be the most psycho decision making drama I've ever seen...


Article: [Exclusive] A comparison of the original script for 'Cheese' versus the broadcast 'cut cut'

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+1,357, -26] Park Hae Jin expressed his anger, the original writer expressed her anger... all we need is the scriptwriter to express her anger over why her own script was cut like this and the director is completely screwed ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1,009, -47] I didn't even think a 16 episode drama could fulfill the original webtoon considering how long it is... It needs to be cut into seasons for it to even fit all of the emotion in the original work.

3. [+833, -10] I will never understand why Park Hae Jin's scenes were cut out like this. All of the scenes cut from the script were all centered around the emotional issues between Yoo Jung and Hong Seol which are pivotal to the plot. Instead they were all given to Inho and furthermore, Park Hae Jin's recorded scenes were discarded for Seo Kang Joon to re-record and make his own. The producers then promised the original writer that they would do as she asked and then did the complete opposite by stealing her ending... no wonder viewers and fans of the original work are up in arms over this. tvN needs to clean this up properly.


Article: 'Cheese' gets lost in the mountains... producers + original writer + cast in turmoil

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+23,327, -996] I could not have been happier with the drama at first but starting from the middle, it was completely biased towards Inho's perspective and all of Yoo Jung's lines were changed and cut and given away and the drama has become a mess now. I'd like to praise Park Hae Jin for not running from this drama mid-shoot and recording everything until the end. I will never in my life watch another drama by Lee Yoon Jung again.

2. [+21,263, -616] Park Hae Jin turned down the role of Yoo Jung multiple times until the producers got him to accept it. Why did they make him take it if they were going to treat him like this? They cut his scenes down and even throw out the scenes he's already shot and turned his character into a complete psychopath and never even gave him notice of the cast's vacation trip at the end... Park Hae Jin does not deserve to be treated like this by a bunch of pathetic producers as them.

3. [+4,139, -77] Park Hae Jin promoted this drama all on his own only for it to get lost in the mountains like this ㅋㅋㅋ I will never watch another drama by Lee Yoon Jung PD ㅡㅡ

4. [+3,718, -66] I just don't understand why the PD would throw out the scenes already recorded by Park Hae Jin... ㅡㅡ I really wish I never started this drama, it's cancer

5. [+3,606, -72] I don't care about anything else anymore, I just want the producers to apologize to Park Hae Jin. He didn't even want to do this drama and rejected it but they made him do it.

Article: [Direct Interview] 'Cheese' Lee Yoon Jung PD, "Not now... I'll speak up later"

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+1,113, -35] How can a PD say that?

2. [+1,112, -39] The PD has to be Seo Kang Joon's fan... that's probably why she cut everything else but his scenes out

3. [+861, -26] Did she get the idea for Seol's hair from her own ㅋㅋ

4. [+175, -3] Park Hae Jin's agency said: "What we don't understand is why the producer felt the need to delete scenes that Park Hae Jin had already filmed. We noticed that none of Yoo Jung's most important scenes were included in the final episodes. We were strongly opposed to the current plot of the drama but they didn't accept our opposal at all. Park Hae Jin was forced to attend so many schedules for the drama from promotions to international events."

5. [+138, -1] This isn't the first time this PD has done something like this. In 'Triple', she suddenly got obsessed with the supporting male and screwed the lead male Lee Jung Jae over. All of the media play and promotions used Lee Jung Jae but the supporting character got all the screentime.

6. [+114, -1] So many useless scenes of Baek Inho. Baek Inho staring at Yoo Jung and Seol's couple scenes, Baek Inho doing push ups at home alone, Baek Inho getting a loan consultation at the bank when he doesn't even have a job, Baek Inho walking around Hongdae, Baek Inho doing the dishes, Baek Inho going out to throw the trash, a day in the life of Baek Inho... you could cut out half these scenes and still make room for the Yoo Jung scenes she deleted.

7. [+100, -1] This is so irresponsible of her...

8. [+88, -5] What a weird person...

9. [+84, -1] Maybe she never told Park Hae Jin about the cast's vacation trip so she could be with Seo Kang Joon all alone

10. [+83, -1] Park Hae Jin had to pull all the labor for this drama only for Seo Kang Joon to reap the glory of screentime... poor Seo Kang Joon, all he did was work hard according to what he was told but his character gets all this hate now..

lame gif usage

Source: Netizenbuzz, Soompi 1, 2