March 27th, 2016

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GOT7 in your face

[JJJ + Youngjae re-enacting DotS]

"Blocking your mouth with a very sexy way"

"What should I do now? Should I say sorry? Or should I confess to you?"

"Don't worry about your heart that I know because after all, I love you more than you like me"

"Since you already wrecked two cars, lets wreck your lipstick too"

[And then we have the... dab]

Not sure what these clips are for but enjoy! (Mark's is a bit cringey?)

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Actor 'Kim Joonmyun' Interview Master Post

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[‘Glory Day’ Kim Junmyeon “I’m ambitious over villain roles like Yoo Ah In’s Jo Tae Oh”]‘Glory Day’ Kim Junmyeon “I’m ambitious over villain roles like Yoo Ah In’s Jo Tae Oh”

“Villain transformation, should be shocking to fans” (laughs)

On top of starring a mass of prominent rookies like Ryu Junyeol, Jisoo, Kim Heechan etc., the movie ‘Glory Day’ is drawing attention as the debut work of Suho, a member of the most popular Hallyu group EXO. The reason is because it’s the piece where he, who used to melt the heart of fans with dazzling performances on stage, starts his acting career not under the stage name ‘Suho’ but his real name ‘Kim Junmyeon’.

On the 21st, at one café in Samcheongdong, we had a round interview with actor Kim Junmyeon, ahead of the premiere of 'Glory Day' (directing: Choi Junyeol, producing: Bori Pictures).

The movie starts as four 20-year-old friends goes on a 1 night 2 day trip to Pohang's beach, as a farewell gift to their friend Sangwoo (Kim Junmyeon) who is going to enlist in the marine. When they're chilling and drinking on the beach, they see a man beating a woman and rush out to save her. They manage to save the woman, but are chased by the police for assaulting the man, this is where they meet with an unexpected incident.

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In the movie, Kim Junmyeon acted as Sangwoo, who was about to enlist in the marine. He's the center of the core incident that leads the plot, and also is the important character that triggers the internal conflict of the rest of the group. The role of Sangwoo, who has grown up well-manneredly under his grandmather, fits well with Kim Junmyeon, the owner of a gentle smile and pale skin.

In the interview, Junmyeon expressed the ambition to show new sides, beside the extremely righteous and nice one just like Sangwoo. He said “I’m ambitious over villain roles too" and "I want to try acting out roles like delinquent too" while laughing.

A character that he recently watched with deep impression is Yoo Ah In’s Jo Tae Oh in ‘Veteran’. He said "I was moved by Jo Tae Oh’s character’" and expressed his expectation that “Because people can’t imagine such a character while looking at me, if I can lead them and pull it off well, it will certainly be a shock to fans, as well as a kind of reverse image for me to approach the audience with”.

Also, it is said that ‘Glory Day’’s director, Choi Jungyeol, had a small concern over casting Kim Junmyeon as Sangwoo because his looks were so close to a pretty boy image. Regarding this question, Kim Junmyeon replied brightly "He also told me the same thing, but I think he was just being humorous".

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He continued "My skin is on the paler side, but the director said at first the image of Sangwoo he had had in mind was a simple and honest country boy with dark skin and hardships, who in some way might have worked on the field and been under the sun a lot" and added "He said after seeing me, he thought the innocence I possessed was a good idea too." Kim Junmyeon revealed that he seriously considered getting a tan in order to get closer to the Sangwoo of the director's imagination.

He said "One week before the filming, I thought of getting a tan, so I asked the director, but he said it wasn't necessary." and "The desire to look like Sangwoo concerned me a lot at the time".

As he shared with us the reason why I chose 'Glory Day' as his debut work, he showed particularly deep interest in coming-of-age genre. Kim Junmyeon revealed "I enjoyed watching 'Once upon a time in a high school' as a middleschooler, I also loved 'Bleak night'" and "Although the detailed stories are different, I wanted to deliver the youth story of highschoolers".

Kim Junmyeon continued "Romance, love story, romcom are all good too, but I wanted to film a piece that can make the audience think for a day, a week, a month" and showed his ambition over acting that "If I can also act in such works in the future, I have no further wishes".

'Glory Day' is set to premiere on the coming 24th.'

source: joy news

[I Wish to join Misaeng - Signal season 2]Kim Junmyeon "Wish to join 'Misaeng - Signal' season 2"

Kim Junmyeon showed his frank ambition as an actor.

Ahead of the premiere of the movie 'Glory Day' (directing: Choi Junyeol / producing: Bori Pictures), we had an interview with Kim Junmyeon (EXO Suho) on March 21st at a café in Samcheongdong, Seoul. When asked about his plan for the next project, he said "I haven't decided on anything yet."

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Kim Junmyeon said "But to honestly talk about my personal wish, I watched 'Misaeng' 2 times because of Yohanie hyung, and 'Signal' 2-3 times because senior Lee Jehoon is my college senior, and senior Jo Jinwoong is someone I utterly respect".

He emphasized "I heard both these two series might have a season 2. Since the main lead won't be changed, of course I can't aim for the main lead, but even as a small role, it's my wish to join these series to act together with the seniors for once. I'm sincere."

source: newsen

[Thanks to Junyeol hyungs consideration, I was the leader in the movie too]'Glory Day' Suho "Thanks to Junyeol hyung's consideration, I was the leader in the movie too"

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EXO Suho (Kim Junmyeon, 24) confessed that following EXO, he also became the 'leader' in 'Glory Day' without himself knowing, making everyone laugh.

On the 21st, at a cafe in Samcheongdong, Jongnogu, we carried out an interview with Suho, who made an appearance in the movie 'Glory Day' (director Choi Jungyeol).

As we started off by asking "Weren't you the leader in 'Glory Day', since you are the leader in EXO?", Suho said "Junyeol hyung is the oldest among us, but now he's now busy with other schedules, and has been sick recently too, so it's just me, Jisoo, Heechan, the three of us doing interviews or movie promotion. Hyung called me and said 'Junmyeon ah, you (step forward and) do it'. So it feels like I'm the leader in 'Glory Day' too", causing fits of laughter.

Even so, he added "Junyeol hyung is the style who takes care after others. He's a hyung I can rely on. So at the filming site too, he would say 'You're leader, aren't you? Then be the leader here too'. Maybe that's why Jisoo and Heechan came to my room very often. We talked over and over again about life. As for Jisoo, he really did come a lot."

'Glory Day' is a movie that stunningly tells the story of the day where time stops for 4 friends who go on the first trip of their 20 together. In the movie, Suho plays the role of Sangwoo, who encountered a chaotic situation he has never expected. Starring beside Suho is Ryu Junyeol, Jisoo, Kim Heechan. Premiere on 24th.

source: Ilgan Sports

[My 20 was fun and full of hope]'Glory Day' Suho "My 20 was fun and full of hope"

The twinkling 20 is beautiful to anyone. 20, which some have already passed, some are still passing, some are going to pass, is the age where we make our first step into the society as an imperfect adult. During that process, we experience the pain and ordeals unforgettable for a lifetime, and grow up into an adult that can face anything like it's nothing.

Suho remembered his 20 as "an opportunity given to me from the above". He who is turning 26 this year challenges himself in acting while undrawing the curtain to the 2nd stage of his celebrity life as an actor.

In the interview with OSEN in Palpandong, Jongnogu on the 21st, Kim Junmyeon recalled "When I was 20, the fact that I got accepted into college was happiness in itself. It was the moment I felt that I had achieved something by myself, for the first time in my life".
Suho used to attend Korea National University of Arts.

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"It's not an enormous thing to get admitted to college, but the thought that I had realized something gave me the feeling that it was 'a reward from the sky'. When I was at highschool, once my leg was injured as I was in the middle of preparing for debut. At the time I couldn't dance, could only sing. I also practiced still acting, so my character too kind of changed to be darker. I felt quite depressed amidst all that. The moment I got the admission letter when I was 19 years old, it felt like a streak of light."

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Suho shared that after his admission to K-ARTS, he spent his days busily going to school at day and practicing in the company in the evening. It was as busy as living a celebrity life. Suho revealed "But still, it was very fun and full of hope. Since I managed to get into college, I held the positive hope that I was capable of doing other things well too. It came to me that efforts wouldn't betray you. After that day, I believed in myself and could do anything".

In 'Glory Day' (director Choi Jungyeol), the movie that tells the growing-up story of 20 year-old youngsters who set their first step into the world, Suho acted as Sangwoo, who was about to enlist in the army. The role emphasized a calm image that couldn't remind you of his charismatic stage presence at all.

'Glory Day' tells the story of Jigong (Ryu Junyeol), Yongbi (Jisoo), Dooman (Kim Heechan) on a Pohang trip as a farewell gift to Sangwoo (Kim Junmyeon), who was about to enlist in the army, where they tried to save a woman in danger and got caught up in a fight that they ended up becoming the main culprit of the incident. They got disappointed at adults who preferred 'fact' over 'truth', and even their own hearts were shaken gradually into lethargy. The 4 friends struggling alone amplifies the pitifulness.

Suho added "I wanted to film a youth movie. I enjoyed watching 'Once upon a time in a high school' as a middleschooler, I also loved 'Bleak night'" and "Romance, love story, romcom are all good too, but I chose this piece from the thought that the message delivered in the movie would make people think, even for just a while, after the movie ended. If I can also act in such works in the future, I have no further wishes"

source: osen

[You call me selfless? Im a selfish person]'Glory Day' Kim Junmyeon "You call me selfless? I'm a selfish person"

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Kim Junmyeon(25) must be the most 'priceless one' among rookie actors. Because though he's a new face as an actor, he's already near the level of 'blockbuster' as a singer. He's leader Suho of EXO, the group that sold 1,000,000 copies of just one single album domestically, and has such high awareness overseas too. Not even that long after we had seen EXO Suho in their concert, we met Kim Junmyeon on the 24th at a cafe in Samcheongdong.

Sangwoo in 'Glory Day' (director Choi Junyeol) is a character that matches Kim Junmyeon so well, as if tailored for him. Though there wasn't much screentime, but it's not hard to find in Kim Junmyeon's pale and regular-featured face a Sangwoo who chose to enlist right after his highschool graduation for he didn't want to burden his grandmother, who had been bringing up all on her own. Regarding Sangwoo, who had to shoulder everything amidst his friends' wrong doings and adults' interest/benefit, Kim Junmyeon commented "At first I did feel resentment toward the characters in the movie, but after thinking about it, it's not anyone's fault". "It's just that it's not something that actually has happened in real life, but I think it totally can. An incident where we can't easily blame it on anyone - neither the friends, nor the investigator, the announcer, Jigong's mom. We are selfish people ourselves too, and as we live, there must be times we can feel the irresponsibility and selfishness of each other. The movie only lays bare that fact.”

It's a level-headed analysis. Then is actor Kim Junmyeon a selfish person too. Kim Junmyeon replied "There are many times I act selfish. Since I'm a human being too." But he couldn't give a specific example. From the moment EXO debuted till now, living as leader Suho, the majority of comments his surrounding made about him is 'a selfless person'. Regarding this, Kim Junmyeon insisted "I'm sure I have my selfish moments too" and refused to let go of selfishness (?) till the very end. He shared his thoughts instead that 'I tell myself not to become this kind of adult'. "I think one must feel responsible for what he's entrusted to, doing one's job while being irresponsible or not feeling attached at all isn't being a good adult to me. Taking care of EXO members and loving the fans is EXO leader's responsibility, and as actor Kim Junmyeon, acting the role of Sangwoo, taking interviews and doing cinema greetings, feeling the responsibility of a member of the cast, all of this will make me a good adult.”

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An average person would find it hard to just do well the role of EXO Suho.. But surprisingly enough, Kim Junmyeon, who is doing well both roles, is saying he wants to become a good adult. Then what about another Kim Junmyeon. When asked "How is Kim Junmyeon the human being, not EXO Suho nor actor Kim Junmyeon?", at first he brushed it off "But they (singer and actor) are all me. They are all Kim Junmyeon the human being", but then said "Of course when I hang out with my close friends in my personal time, a 3rd me appears".

“I think it's true that you need to set an example as a public figure. Still I think it's necessary to make time to meet people on my free will, and I do meet my friend casually, plainly and unconfinedly from time to time." After spending such time, he comes back to pouring all out on the responsibility of EXO's leader on stage. "When we just debuted, everyone I met seemed difficult. After sometime in that condition, I started to stiffen and the thought that a leader was not allowed to make mistakes or do something wrong got stuck in my head. At that time, I would live while hiding the witty and interesting human being Kim Junmyeon was. I think from the moment I started thinking about acting seriously, I instinctively started to relax. As an idol, at first I might be able to establish a mysterious image, but as an actor, I wanted to show a human and intimate image. As I kept pondering over that, I started to think that even as an idol, simply showing the pure me might be just as charming too. My ideal is also a natural actor/an actor that shows his human side."

Source: Kuki News

[When I was injured and had my debut delayed I did think of a non-celebrity life]'Glory Day' Kim Junmyeon "When I was injured and had my debut delayed, I did think of a non-celebrity life"

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We naturally got curious as to what this person would do if he weren't a celebrity. If Kim Junmyeon the human being, not actor Kim Junmyeon, nor EXO Suho, never debuted, what would he be doing right now. When asked if he had ever thought of an 'ordinary Kim Junmyeon', he answered "I have", taking us aback.

“In the 3rd year of highschool, my leg was injured so my debut got delayed. In the end I prepared for the entrance exam, and even after entering college, I could still feel the after effect in my once injured leg, so I did worry. The belief in myself was always there, but there was no certainty, and I got a bit of a stress over my career decision. I thought a lot about my future career." Kim Junmyeon majored in acting at Korea National University of Arts. He said his thoughts naturally drifted to keeping up his acting education, getting a master degree and becoming a professor. Those thoughts stayed with him to the moment he debuted.

“Since I really was included in the debut countdown team, due to the school's policy of no celebrity activity allowed while in school, it came to a situation where I could choose to quit, my thoughts just got complicated again. I also thought about not debuting, not quitting school and becoming an actor, or not even becoming an actor, just living as an ordinary person. I thought 'Can I really move on, comforting myself that I don't have to be a celebrity?'”

If there's something Kim Junmyeon of the moment want to tell the Kim Junmyeon back then, who was full of concerns at the age of 20, what would it be? "I hope you pass the belief in yourself and move on to being certain. A tiny advice would be... live a bit more recklessly? Haha. Having injured my leg, I was extremely careful with my body. Because of that, I couldn't participate in the lessons at college more actively, it's a shame.”

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Though he's built a dream career as EXO, it's just his start now as an actor. When we asked about the next role he would like to take on, the answer that came back was "Youth but a bit brighter youth". Because if he takes on the role of a youngster who just enjoys the world without knowing a thing, he himself can enjoy it too. First step into acting, what Kim Junmyeon enjoys the most about it is the fact that he can pour out the emotions he can't normally without any adjustment. "Portraying someone not myself, and interacting with the audience via that character alone, seems to be a different experience from a singer's, and feels very appealing. Saying that, it's not that I want to quickly do something next. When choosing a piece, isn't it about being moved by the character given to me while reading the script, and thinking that I can interact with the audience through this character?”

When asked what he would ask for if he could own a power/ ability even by trading with devil, he chose 'height'. "In order to be able to fit more roles, I think it'd be great if I could be a bit taller than I am now. It's not something I'm dissatisfied with myself, but it seems you can choose from a wider variety of roles even if you are just as tall as 178cm. Ah, in order to get height from the devil, what do I have to give him in exchange? Even now, I'm a person who lacks so much, I have nothing to give him. I'm screwed. Haha."

Source: Kuki News

sources: LittleAriel13, Joy News, Newsen, Osen, kuki news

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good interviews <3 i bolded some things i found interesting
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Red Velvet achieve all-kill on music shows with #OneOfTheseNights5thWin on Inkigayo

[OOTN performance]

[Amber cheers on RV] #seulgitheteddybearcried #ireneisyoung #joyistall #wendysmilestoomuch #yeriistooenergetic

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hyung line

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

[Birthday countdown by Sophia Wang]


Baby Jackson 7 😘😘
Jackson's birthday in 8 days.

I can wink since I was a baby ~~


Baby Jackson 8 😘😘

Jackson's birthday in 7 days.

我由細就識rap 架啦 😂😂
我從小就會唱rap 噠 😂😂
I can rap since I was a baby 😂😂


Baby Jackson 9 😘😘
Jackson's birthday in 6 days.


I like to wear a hat since I was a baby 😜
And I can fly


Baby Jackson 10 😘😘
Jackson's birthday in 5 days.

嘩...咁大支可樂就嚟琴過晒我塊面啦!仲係好重添! 細細嗰果陣有飲過嘅,不過今日媽咪話可以俾我自己攞住嚟飲喎,犀唔犀利吖?好開心架!我真係大個仔啦!😂
哗...这么大一罐可乐就快把我的脸给盖住啦!好像还很沉呢,小时候有喝过,但是今天妈咪说可以让我自己拿着喝,厉害吧?好开心噢!因为我真的长大了唉! 😂
So big cola will be covered my face and it seems very heavy. I tasted it before , but today my mom said that I can drink it by myself. It's great... good idea! I am so happy now. because I am really really growing up. 😂


Baby Jackson 11😘😘 韓國時間0時24-03-2016
Jackson's birthday in 4 days.

啊...呀...!係唔係我飲得急得濟呢?點解有一股氣拱佐上我嗰鼻哥仔咁架?嘩...好似食咗啲 Wasabi 咁嘅感觉,有少少唔舒服喎,仲整濕晒件衫添,唔好意思媽咪!~ 喔...呕⋯!是不是我喝得太急了点儿呢?怎么有一股气直接冲上我的鼻子根儿啊?哗...好像吃了芥末那样的感觉,有一点点不太好受噢!还弄湿了我的衣服,对不起噢妈咪!~ whoops... drank it too fast~ now my nose is something wrong . it feels like I've eaten some wasabi . How uncomfortable it is !!! I even spilled it on my clothes, sorry mummy~



Baby Jackson 12 😘😘


Jackson's birthday in 3 days.

我由細就識得彈琴架 😂😂

我從小就會彈鋼琴噠 😂😂

I can play piano since I was a baby 😂😂


Baby Jackson 13 😘😘


Jackson's birthday in 2 days.

嘘......行埋來啲啦!費事俾人聽到好醜怪吖!我話俾你哋聽一個秘密,就係由細到大呢我媽咪都讚我似個小王子嘅,我都唔知係唔係?亦都唔肯定...不過呢有時我都覺得自己幾靚仔架😜同埋少少有型添...😜 唔好意思今日我實在忍唔住講咗出嚟,你哋唔好話我show off 喎,我從來都冇同人哋講過架, 只係今次話佐俾你哋聽嘅咋......

嘘......走近一点儿!給別人听见了不好意思嘛!我想告诉你们一个秘密,就是从小到大我妈咪都夸我长得像个小王子,我也不知道是不是?也不太肯定,不過呢有时候我也觉得自己長得还蛮好看的😜 也蛮有型的喔😜......不好意思我今天实在忍不住讲了出来,你们千万不要说我骄傲噢,我从来也没有告诉过别人,我只是今天才讲给你们听的噢。

Hush ...... please closer to me . someone will be heard what did I said ! I have a secret to tell you that my mom praise me - I looked like a little prince from I was a childhood ,even until now. I don't know and I am not sure, but sometimes I think I'm a little bit handsome 😜 and a little bit stylish 😜..... Sorry I could not refrained to tell you today. you don't blame me - showing off ...I never told anyone before. I just tell you guys now.



Baby Jackson 14 😘😘


Jackson's birthday in 1 day.

早晨!我而家準備去返學啦,遲啲見啦!~ ~

早上好!我現在準備去上學了,回頭見!~ ~

Good morning everybody!

It's time to go to school, see you later !~~

[The most beautiful of them all]

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