June 6th, 2016

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INFINITE’s Woohyun Records Highest Score By An Idol Singer On Immortal Song 2

On the June 4 broadcast of KBS2′s “Immortal Song 2,” INFINITE member Woohyun performs on the show for the first time in 3 4 years.

Woohyun is the sixth contestant to take the stage. “Although I’m the maknae (the youngest), I came out here to win,” Woohyun says. He then takes the stage and touches the crowd with an emotional and powerful rendition of Kim Jung Min’s “Last Promise.”

Singer-songwriter Jung Jae Hyung comments, “He’s so pure. He has a ballad sound that makes it easy to get immersed [into the song].”

Singer Lim Jeong Hee adds, “Woohyun has become a formidable contestant. I think Woohyun might win. I choked up [listening to him].”

“As you continue singing, you get tainted. In terms of sincerity, I think Woohyun has excelled even us,” Park Ji Hyun says.

Woohyun’s performance garnered 439 votes, the highest score that any idol singer has logged on the show.

Woohyun beat out Chung Dong Ha for the round, but the final winner was V.O.S.

[The performance and his stunned reaction]

[Netizens comments]
1. [+117, -0] It proves those that said Woohyun can't sing have bad ears

2. [+110, -1] I'm his fan but the other idol who had the highest score was considered in top 5 male idol vocalists. I didn't expect him to get the highest score. I'm so proud ㅠㅠ

3. [+108, -2] The class of Woohyun... He went there as a solo and got the highest score of idols...

4. [+32, -0] He got popular quite late considering his talent

5. [+31, -0] The song he sang was very famous but he also did really well

6. [+27, -0] Where are the haters that called his singing average and stiff? Where are those jerks?

7. [+26, -0] I didn't know he was this good at singing

8. [+25, -0] He was always good, only fans knew about it. He finally showcased his talent to other people. I'm proud of him.

9. [+24, -0] Now those that said he can't sing can come and comment!!!

10. [+18, -0] Where are the jerks that said he can't sing? Where are the people who criticized his Sugarman performance? Go ahead and prove that he can't sing ㅠㅠ

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1st among idols, 6th in overall. Lost in the final by two points, but his reaction was so precious. Don't know if he cried out of happiness, sadness or shock. Seems like mix of all three tbh.

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Jieun for bnt International

[+10 pictures]

OP Note: Didn't want to link to the translation from akp and I couldn't find the tumblr translation, so I used my rudimentary translation skills from the Naver page. Jieun says that she took a lot of acting advice for Sweet Home Sweet Honey from her fellow Secret members who'd acted before her (Hyosung and Sunhwa) and that she was super nervous through the audition process, but happy to be the leading lady in a TV show like this. Stuff about how she hopes her fellow actors will take care of her well.

[Jieun for Sure]

OP Note: The Naver Website which reported about this pictorial also mentions that in her interview, Jieun said her body comes from Pilates and lots of Yoga, and that she's also preparing for a solo comeback! Thereby destroying the rumours floating around in March that Hana might be preparing for a comeback by the copious videos of her singing/rapping/dancing/producing on her instagram :')

[Jieun Celebrates 26th Birthday with Fans]

@Vliveofficial: Jieun’s good deed of donation to celebrate her birthday plus dating with fans.

OP Note: Looks like she went to lunch with fans, took a whole bunch of pictures with them + ate meat and then made hefty donation to charity with her money/their money combined? No translated fanaccounts though.

[Hyosung to Star In New Drama <<Wanted>>]

Hyosung will play the role of Park Bo Yeon, a genius hacker. In the drama, Park Bo Yeon is currently just a assistant production personnel at a broadcasting station, but when she was in high school, she won first place for a nation-wide competition of high school student hackers and even developed a “virus vaccine.” Hyosung is known for having ranked third at her middle school f0r her grades and within in the top 10 during her high school years, easily matching the role of Park Bo Yeon.

Hyosung joined the rest of the cast in their first script reading last week. “Wanted” is a thriller drama about Korea’s top actress whose son is kidnapped, and who must follow the kidnapper’s orders on live television to save her son. Kim Ah Joong, Uhm Tae Woong, and Ji Hyun Woo headline the drama.

“Wanted” premieres June 22 on SBS, airing every Wednesday and Thursday.

[Secret Perform At KMU Festival]

Songs Performed: I’m in Love, Shy Boy, Starlight Moonlight, Love Is Move, Encore & Madonna

[Sunhwa, Hana and Hyosung at Hera Seoul Fashion Week]

OP note: A little old, but nobody posted it, so.....

[Hana Showing off her Skills Hoping That TS Will Finally Promote Her]

A Cover of 2LSON'S "Hocus Pocus"

A Cover of BoA's "WHO ARE YOU"

Dancing with the PLAY team to Justin Bieber's 'What Do You mean'

Birthday Shenanigans

OP Note: Her fansite gifted her a trampoline. The audio's been glitching for me on and off, but in the bg, Hyosung keeps calling her cute.

Messing around with Jieun

[Random Hyosung Moments]

A fan brings a cat to Hyosung's Schedule and Hyosung can't...seem...to let go....

Duet Song Festival - Hyosung and Kim YongHee cover Lee Seuncheol's "Girls' Generation"

They got 352 points and came in last place (sorry Hyosung, but he was...a lot better than you)

Cosmopolitan in Bali - Teaser shots

[Hyosung @ Same Bed, Different Dreams]

Pick Me Cut

ENG SUB of Whole Episode
OP Note: It's bad quality, because the one on kshowonline has been taken down, only the subless version exist.

I couldn't find a legit source, but there was a link drifting around on facebook saying that Hyosung mentioned that Secret were initially planning on having a summer comeback, but decided against it, because they didn't like their songs that much and wanted to wait to get a better quality of songs. Considering that Sunhwa has been condemned to the basement since her remarks about Hana, and Hana has not been doing much either, what do you think about that?

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sakura mina

JYP Nation Group Song RPS Battles #5 and 6

Match #5: Yubin vs Jo Kwon vs Young K

Click on the image to watch the video

[Match #6: Chansung vs Min vs Youngjae]Match #6: Chansung vs Min vs Youngjae

JYPnation @ V LIVE (2)

Previous rounds
Match #1: Mark vs Chaeyoung vs Tzuyu [Winner]Mark
Match #2: Taecyeon vs Jackson [Winner]Jackson
Match #3: Yeeun vs JB vs Dowoon [Winner]Yeeun
Match #4: JYP vs Wooyoung vs Mina [Winner]Mina

Bada comeback news + BNT photoshoot

Former S.E.S Member Bada To Make Her Comeback This Month

Hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen: Bada is making her first comeback in seven years!

On June 6, Bada’s agency The Ocean Entertainment announced Bada will be releasing a new album and making her long-awaited full comeback on June 13.

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Super Junior Leeteuk’s Attempt To Call Out BtoB On Their Fandom Color Results In Epic Fail?

When it comes to fandom colors, K-pop artists and fans can get extremely sensitive and defensive.

For example, rookie group iKON came under fire last year after fans accused them of copying veteran group TVXQ‘s signature red color. And recently, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk called out junior group BtoB for using blue as their fandom color, suggesting that the group’s shade of blue could easily be mistaken for the SM Entertainment group’s sapphire blue.

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These color fandom wars are so stupid... The TVXQ one was hilarious though so many tumblr fail

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Yoo Hee Yeol Shares Thoughts About Music Charts Affecting Listeners’ Perceptions

During the June 3 episode of KBS2′s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” MC Yoo Hee Yeol explains what he believes is, and should be, the true essence of music.

During the broadcast, f(x)’s Luna, who was one of the guests, reveals that she worries a lot about how to continue happily making music. She confesses that she can’t understand why a singer, like herself, must get so stressed because of singing and music.

Yoo Hee Yeol, after listening to her concerns, starts off by saying that while normally he sticks to emceeing, there are a few things he wants to address regarding this matter.

He says, “At some point, both the people involved in music and the public’s standards of criteria when talking about music has become more business-orientated.” He points out that after music charts started to have a significant influence, “there appears to be more people who think that if a song doesn’t place on the charts, that means that the song isn’t good enough, or even bad. This phenomenon seems to have gotten worse recently.”

The musician argues, “Of course, music is an industry, because it is a business. However, what’s more important is the fact that to some, music is a source of strength and encouragement and to others, is even a language in itself. It’s their story.”

He ends by encouraging Luna to not lose sight of her goals, explaining, “The process of figuring out why you make music is difficult. If you have doubt about the reasons why, that just means this is the start [for you]. There will be times when you lose sight of your path, but all you have to do is return.”

Soompi, Insight
Song Ji Hyo

Running Man Ep.302 with Yeo Jin Goo and Twice

Link to Episode 302

Dangerous Meal Race: Each team has to get the ingredients for the menu they choose.
The losing team has to taste a truly dangerous meal as penalty.

Note: Twice's cut has been taking down. If you are only interested in watching their part go to the minute 53:40 of the full episode

[Twice cut]
Twice only appears on the last twenty minutes of the episode. So in case you are only interested on them there is a cut of their part:

[ENG/HD] 160605 런닝맨 E434 트와이스 Full Cut por SoTo-Kpop

[“Running Man” PD Reveals Plans For A TWICE Special]

“Running Man” PD Reveals Plans For A TWICE Special

TWICE is confirmed to return to “Running Man”!

In an interview with local news outlet DongA, “Running Man” PD Jung Chul Min commented on TWICE’s brief appearance on the June 5 episode of “Running Man,” also guest starring Yeo Jin Goo. Following the broadcast, many viewers expressed how they wished to see more footage of TWICE, who only took part in the name tag battle.

“Time just flew by during the filming. TWICE’s schedule allowed them to only stop by in the evening, but we’re grateful they did their best. The ‘Running Man’ members also wished they could’ve spent more time with TWICE.”

The PD then revealed plans for an entire episode starring only TWICE. “TWICE told us that they’ll work hard if we invite them again, so we promised to put together a TWICE special with all nine members in the future.”

Source: kshowonline, sbs_runningman_sbs, Soto Kpop, soompi, news nate

Best part of the episode is Yeo Jin Goo's reaction to Twice fighting.

And Nayeon was so funny! <3

K-Makeup on K-Culture Elite

With the rising popularity of Korean music and TV, it's no surprise that many girls around the world find themselves wanting to look more Korean and follow the Korean-style makeup trends! Distinguished by dewy skin, straight brows and flushed cheeks, K-makeup is garnering much attention with 550 thousand related views on YouTube. This week, 3 contestants take on the elite makeup challenge to further spread the beauty of K-makeup. Who will be crowned the winner?

Kind of cringe at times, but isn't Arirang like that most times? I wish they would've talked about the products and techniques more. Beauty post? There's a new Nature Republic shop opening soon closer to me, and now I don't have to drive to KTown. Woo Hoo to free parking and fingers crossed for grand opening day discounts!

hank hill
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Star Empire's upcoming girl group busks with 9muses' songs!

“Produce 101″ trainees and future Star Empire’s new girl group members Han Hyeri, Kang Sihyun, and Kim Yoonji held a busking performance in the Hongdae area of Seoul.

The group started off with their Cinderella performance they did on the program “Produce 101.” After their first song the girls introduced themselves and thanked their fans for cheering them on despite the heat that day.

The girls also creatively combined 9MUSES songs “Drama” and “Dolls” to perform “Dradolls.”

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During a “Roll the Dice” corner the girls got to interact with fans. When “personal talent” popped up, fans immediately shouted “zombie.” To the fans’ wishes Han Hyeri imitated a cute zombie for a few seconds.
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SE's new girl group is expected to debut sometime in July with these 3 plus ex Starship Trainee Shim Chaeun (and maybe more members?!?!).

sources: jjaga + soompi + naver + uekara mariko

Do you have any personal talents, omona?

✨ your daily dose of cute!kim jjong ✨


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Luna Reveals She Has Asked A Fellow Celebrity Out Before


On the June 6 broadcast of SBS’s LoveFM “Unni’s Radio” show, f(x)’s Luna came on as a guest to celebrate her recent solo debut.

During the program, Luna is asked, “Have you ever asked a fellow celebrity out before?”

To this, Luna says, “Yes,” surprising everyone with her honesty. She continues with a laugh, “This is the first time I’m being asked that question.”

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Source: Soompi via Naver

Zico? Jung Hyun Jin?

The only answer I'm willing to accept:

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U-kiss releases MV for Stalker

source: U-KISS

I guess I'll have to do like Teen Top's No More Perfume On You: ignore the MV, ignore the lyrics.

Tbh, I think U-kiss just doesn't give a fuck about being "proper" idols anymore, cause they know that no matter how much of a fucking bop it is, no matter how good their singing and choreo is, they'll never be relevant in Korea. Their last MV with the threesome didn't even provoke a scandal. lol Doesn't make it any less creepy but let's not kid ourselves, other boy groups' dark concept are also stalker-ish, but U-kiss are actually using the word for once. lol


Yoohyun, Yeonju, Mayu, Yeejin, and Jihee did not make the cut and the final number was reduced from 15 to 14.

THE iDOLM@STER.KR is a Korean drama based on the Japanese video game series where the player manages an idol company. The drama will air in September where the girls will play original characters at a Korean entertainment company.

Source: idolmaster_kr twitter

Treatment Of BTS’s Jungkook And Kim Min Suk On Live Variety Show By Cast Members Sparks Criticism

After the first episode of new variety show “Flower Crew,” viewers have criticized some of the cast for their comments and actions towards fellow cast members Jungkook of BTS and actor Kim Min Suk.

“Flower Crew” features a cast of six guys (Jungkook, Kim Min Suk, Jo Se Ho, Ahn Jung Hwan, Seo Jang Hoon, and Yoo Byung Jae) taking a trip together. The show is broadcast live, and viewers’ votes (through V app’s “hearts”) determine what kind of things the guys will be doing.

On June 6’s first episode, the cast is told that the member with the most “hearts” from viewers will become the team leader of the “flower path” team, who will choose two other members to stay with him in a luxury villa. The member with the fewest “hearts” will be the team leader of the “dirt path” team and choose members to stay with him in a small stone house.

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Sources: Soompi | Nate | Topstarnews | 암어 본씨걸 | 피아 류 | pann-choa | Pann Nate (1, 2) | bestofjikook | MIKTAEHYUNG

what a damn mess. the poor kid looked so uncomfortable and both jo seho & so janghoon were acting like assholes to the guests.

The Return of Superman Ep. 132

- Ep.132 : [Joint Babysitting Project, Babysitting is Fun] It's Seoeon and Seojun's third first pitch with Hwijae who loves baseball. They've grown over the past year and Seojun tries batting and Seoeon tries throwing the ball first time. Seola and Sua are given a mission! Protect Daebak! A stranger approaches them at the playground and says he wants to take Daebak away while giving them lollipops. SoDa Siblings travel to Jeju-do with their dad! They try walking the 4th Olle Trail, which is known to be pretty difficult. Taeyoung participates in a quiz contest regarding childcare! Since he's skilled in childcare, he's very confident. It's the three dads' joint babysitting. The three dads are hungry and they become conscious of who's going to make dinner. Then they play a game of chance.

KBS World TV