June 7th, 2016

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"what the hell are boyfriend up to news" aka a glider era super post (≧∇≦)/

boyfriend recently had their 5 year anniversary and while they released a korean song called "to my best friend" to celebrate, they didn't promote it much because they were busy promoting their new song glider in japan!

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minwoo said in his instagram post today that glider promotions have officially ended and boyfriend will be returning to korea! ♥️

sources: kissent2010, BF_JPN, donghyun's instagram, minwoo's instagram, gif
Yamamoto Takeshi, KHR

Woohyun gets the highest viewing rating per minute on Sugar Man during his solo performance

[Solo performance under cut]

[Why people got emotional]

[Groupe performance]

Sources: JTBC entertainment (1, 2), naver, ahmin33, infiniteupdates, cervo0417, honey tree.

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spica gif


for real this time you guys!!!

[short summary and translation of video]

[+1 pic]
the original IG post has been deleted, but his caption "6월 컴백을 앞둔 스피카와 함께" = "With Spica, who have an upcoming June comeback!"

KKXX KVOXZZ, @manchareey, @Spica_Tweets

I'm not too keen on the styling (Tonight era was their peak tbh) and upbeat song (BALLAD PLEASE) but I know I'm going to love this anyway. the message seems like it's a cross between Tonight and I'll Be There :') #healingdols PLEASE SUPPORT THEIR COMEBACK EVEN THOUGH SIHYUN'S HAIR LOOKS LIKE A TERRIBLE WIG!!!

Gentle Nam To Release Collaboration With EDM Duo KOLAJ

Eric Nam will be releasing a new track in collaboration with EDM duo KOLAJ from the United States!

On June 7, his agency CJ E&M confirmed that Eric Nam co-produced and helped write lyrics to their new duet, “Into You.” It will be released on June 9 worldwide through music sites and other outlets such as iTunes and Spotify.
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9MUSES’s Kyungri speaks up against rumors claiming that she is a chain-smoker.

On June 6, Kyungri directly addressed the rumors on her personal Twitter, “I may drink, but I do not smoke. Do not spread rumors. No matter how sexy you may think I look… In contrast to how I look, I’m mild.”

In response to comments accusing her of antagonizing people who smoke, she posted a second tweet, “I don’t think badly of people who smoke. There are people around me who I like that smoke frequently. It’s your right, and it’s not my place to say do this or that.”

She continues, “All I wanted to say was that I am a milder person than you think since I was hearing all these rumors. I hope that no one misunderstands.”

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sources: soompi + insight

have you ever been accused of something based off your sexy appearance, omona?

BTS FESTA Bangtan Bomb Special Collection


tvN releases "The Good Wife" teasers and press photos

The first three character teasers are just tiny snippets of each of the main characters, but already it looks mysterious and stylish. Jeon Do-yeon’s teaser alludes to her suddenly being thrown in the public eye because of her husband’s scandal, and she says in voiceover: “I’m going to find it, not for you, but for me.” Yoo Ji-tae says, “Trust me. I’ve fallen into a trap.” And Yoon Kye-sang seems to be directing his voiceover at Jeon Do-yeon when he says, “I chose you, because you’ll do anything to win.” All three teasers end with the tagline: “His scandal, her story. The Good Wife.”

[Yoo Ji-tae]

[Yoon Kye-sang]

[First script reading]

[Press photos]1.jpg






source: dramabeans, tvn drama (1, 2, 3, 4), asdaze, lookafterschool (1, 2)



Trans: Thank you for all those who wished a happy 6th anniversary to SISTAR!

Message for Star1s:

[ot4 matching rings!❤]

soooo_you: thank you all 💋💋happy 6th anniversary❤️

[messages for star1s on sistar fancafe]

[other messages from instagram]

xhyolynx: 이런 센스쟁이들 #thank you star1
Trans: You guys have such good taste
#thank you star1

som0506: 씨스타 6주년 추카추카 ❤️😘 우리팬들 최고 ! 항상 고마워요 사랑해요
Trans: Happy happy 6th anniversary ❤️😘
STAR1s are the best ! Thank you, as always, I love you!

borabora_sugar: #다솜#보라 ❤️💜 #씨스타#6주년#SISTAR
Trans: #Dasom #Bora ❤️💜
#SISTAR #6thAnniversary

xhyolynx: Thank you support us for 6th years❤️ love you guys👐

[dinner with fans]they had a dinner with fans who attend music shows the most on their anniversary day!

source: sistar official twitter & instagram (1)(2), sistarspot (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6), xhyolynx (1)(2), borabora_sugar (x), soooo_you (x), som0506 (x), tinnayang (1)(2)(3)(4), junwoo9024 (1)(2)(3)(4), mrsbluth (x), SISTAR PLANET (2010~2016) (x)

Monsta X mega post to soothe your soul!!!!!!! 😍

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KPop Nerd Podcast: Episode 6

Our sixth episode of the podcast focuses on the solo debut of Jessica and the comebacks of MONSTA X, AOA, Jonghyun, and Baek A Yeon. Ploy, Casey, Leyla, and Manhattan all share their insights with the always hapless but well-intentioned host, Ian.

Remember to follow us on Twitter (@teamkpopnerd)! You can also reach Ian directly via Twitter (@ianchoe) or email (ian@kpopnerd.com). If you have a great idea for a podcast topic, want to be a part of a future recording, or just want to be a part of KPop Nerd, don't hesitate to reach out!

Huge thank you again to sayuridoll and cosmopudin for joining us for this episode! We're going to be chatting about EXID, EXO, among others this week if anyone is interested in joining!

KPop Nerd | Podcast Episode 6, MONSTA X, AOA, Jonghyun, Baek A Yeon
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Hot Soldier Jaejoong Photo Going Viral

A recently posted picture of Kim Jaejoong that shook everyone

The photo was posted 6 hours ago, and it is going viral among Korean "muggles" on Facebook with currently 29k likes and 2.9k comments

Everyone is talking about this because he’s seriously so handsome in this picture.
For your information, he didn’t even have make up on his face when this photo was taken.

[Hot Soldier Jaejoong spazzing]

Facebook Comments:
[Reaction by soldiers on FB] Jaejoong’s plan is turning every soldier into a squid. Kim Jaejoong please be discharged ASAP!!!

⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜

[Instiz Comments Part 1]Instiz Comments

-It’s not even a picture for musical show’s poster..


-He’s not even a humanㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-As expected from Kim Jaejoongㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-Whoa.. His skin is still perfect..ㅠㅠ

-I thought it was a picture taken for a musical show’s poster…

-..Pardon? N..No make up..? Is he even a human…ㅠㅠ

-No make up and no photoshop but the picture still came out that way.. He’s not a person…

-He’s…not a person… He’s my man…

-Is he a human?.. Is he a person for real? Daebak..

-What in the world…

-How could a person look like that…

-It’s a visual that doesn’t make any sense..

-He was born to be a celebrity..

-He’s.. really handsome…

-I thought it was just an edited photo….

⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜

Hot new ID photo of Kim Jaejoong creates sensation!

Seriously handsome! And this is with no makeup!

[Instiz Comments Part 2]
Instiz Comments:

Wow, no makeup? How?
Wow, it’s too much, too handsome
How can a human being look that handsome #김재중

God Jaejoong
Thought was a musical cast
Seriously, at heart attack level
Like a drama poster

Translator’s Note: Not translating usual comments like handsome …

[Reaction3] Looks like a fanart but no! You sure he is human? Who can look this good in ID photo? Album jacket? #김재중

[Reaction4] I’m another idol’s fan but want that photo Daebak! CG! Can be his album photo

Translator’s Note: So many comments; can’t translate all but are all praises for his out-of-this-world handsomeness/flawless skin #김재중

Source: Instiz translated by Pannative and @crystalmoon64 (1, 2, 3, 4) + joahyo FB via JYJ3
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Eli becomes a father


U-KISS’s Eli has become a father!

On June 7, an inside source revealed that Eli’s wife went into labor and gave birth to their son today.

The insider said, “The mother and child are both healthy. Eli is very happy.”

Eli previously revealed that he and his wife had registered their marriage in June 2014.

In an Instagram post, the U-KISS member opened up about having dated his wife for five years and that they were expecting a child.

Meanwhile, U-KISS recently made their comeback with their 11th mini-album “Stalker.”
Congratulations to Eli and his family!

A comeback and a baby in the same week, Good Lord, good luck! Health and happiness to the baby. How's AJ doing? Anyone know?

Soompi via Naver

More news about Wonder Girls Comeback: 70s band sound

The new song has a 70th band sound and there will be a limited edition of 7-inch pink colored vinyls with the song. The title track could be translated as 'To the Beautiful You'. (x/x)

Collapse )

Source: naver, sohee_ratio (2), HyeKari (2,3), WG_WF4ever, WonderGirls, miyayeah

Edit note: I want to clarify that there is some people saying this is a pre-release track and some other people that this is their comeback song.

BTS Festa My Self-Written Profiles (2016 ver.)

mx ♡ loml

EXOmentary personal V App broadcasts round up

[EP1 ⚡️ Sehun’s Please Take Care of My Puppy]
EP1 ⚡️ Sehun’s Please Take Care of My Puppy


[EP2 ⚡️ Suho is a pastry chef]
EP2 ⚡️ Suho is a pastry chef


[EP3 ⚡️ Kai, Deep in Thought...]
EP3 ⚡️ Kai, Deep in Thought...

FULL EP DOWNLOAD it's a TS file, download only. it doesn't work for me to see it/dld it, maybe it works for someone else

[EP4 ⚡️ Chanyeol’s Private Studio]
EP4 ⚡️ Chanyeol’s Private Studio

DOWNLOAD LINK it's a TS file, download only. it doesn't work for me to see it/dld it, maybe it works for someone else

[EP5 ⚡️ Brunch with Lay]
EP5 ⚡️ Brunch with Lay


[EP6 ⚡️ Home Cooking with D.O]
EP6 ⚡️ Home Cooking with D.O


[EP7 ⚡️ Fantastic Kim Brothers Karaoke]
EP7 ⚡️ Fantastic Kim Brothers Karaoke

password is XIUCHEN

XIUCHEN KARAOKE (PART 1) by myeonfinity

XIUCHEN KARAOKE (PART 2) by myeonfinity

XIUCHEN KARAOKE (PART 3) by myeonfinity

XIUCHEN KARAOKE (PART 4) by myeonfinity

XIUCHEN KARAOKE (PART 5) by myeonfinity


[EP8 ⚡️ Fantastic Kim Brothers Radio Show]
EP8 ⚡️ Fantastic Kim Brothers Radio Show


[EP9 ⚡️ Baekhyun’s LOLercoaster (feat. Xiumin)]
EP9 ⚡️ Baekhyun’s LOLercoaster (feat. Xiumin)


source: anki_manika 2 | myeonfinity
will try to keep these updated for the next few days in case anything gets taken down. my advice is to watch it as soon as you can lol

did you watch anything live? which was your favourite broadcast?

8/6 UPDATED WITH NEW LINKS (lay missing for now)